Buying Bitcoin Using an ANZ Bank Account


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If you’re the owner of an ANZ Bank Account and looking to invest in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, then you’re in luck. There’s a good chance you’re considering all avenues to invest in crypto — and we have the simplest way below.

The ANZ Bank has made it a whole lot easier to invest in crypto without their standalone investment platform, ANZ Share Investing, and has worked to partner and support transactions through various cryptocurrency trading platforms such as Independent Reserve.

To keep things simple, you’ll be able to use your ANZ Bank Account, connected with Independent Reserve, to buy Bitcoin and other various crypto assets supported by the investment platform. This means — more than 25 cryptocurrencies are at your fingertips.

With that said, we suggest you consider investing through Independent Reserve.

Buying Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin with Independent Reserve

For Australians with an ANZ Bank Account, all you’ll need to do is connect this account to your profile with Independent Reserve and use the platform to invest in Bitcoin and other assets.

Since its founding in 2013, Independent Reserve has fast become one of the most simple ways to buy Bitcoin with ANZ Bank Accounts, and with AUD support, you’re able to get into investing in Bitcoin a whole lot faster — with ultra-low fees to boot.

Here’s How

With Independent Reserve being one of the most popular and trusted crypto exchanges out there, you can rely on more than 25 cryptocurrencies being on offer, all supported by your ANZ Bank Account through a fast funds transfer.

You’re able to quickly make transfers in AUD for buying Bitcoin and other assets with Independent Reserve, and this means lower fees and a faster investment procedure.

All of that in mind, you can make an account with Independent Reserve by following our steps below and start buying Bitcoin with your ANZ Bank Account.

Buying Bitcoin in Australia with ANZ Bank Using Independent Reserve

Below we have the simple steps that you need to follow to buy Bitcoin with an ANZ bank account by setting up a trading profile on Independent Reserve. Take a look at the steps to create, verify and trade with your IR account below.

  1. Set up an Account with Independent Reserve
  2. Activate the 2FA or Two-factor Authentication Process
  3. Verify and Confirm Your Details and Select Either Personal, SMSF, Company or OTC
  4. Move AUD Funds from an ANZ Bank Account to Independent Reserve
  5. Select the Trade Panel
  6. Choose ‘Buy Bitcoin’
  7. Make an Order and Confirm
  8. Buy a Selected Amount of Bitcoin

Using those eight simple steps to buy Bitcoin with an ANZ Bank Account you’ll be on track to investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with no trouble at all. Independent Reserve remains one of the simplest investment platforms for crypto when it comes to ANZ Bank Accounts.

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