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How to buy Cryptocurrency bitcoin with Westpac Bank Account?

The recommended way to buy bitcoin in Australia is: Swyftx

The team at Extras will show you how to buy a bitcoin or other crypto currency with a Westpac bank account in Australia. Westpac being the second largest bank in the Australian market many customers are looking to buy Crypto. 

If you are a current customer of Westpac you are lucky because you have several options when buying Bitcoin in Australia. 

Banks such as Westpac allow customers to purchase cryptocurrency via their accounts and make it easy for customers to do so. 

In the Australian market the exchange to buy crypto with is Swyftx. It is an established Australian exchage based in business with a great reputation for security and transparency. 

Swyftx has very low fees compared to competitors such as Coinspot who charge far higher rates.

Here are the simple steps to buying Bitcoin with Swyftx. The process should take no longer than a few minutes, and it will only take up to a day to process your verification request, though this can typically happen instantly.

  1. Create and Register an Account with Swyftx.com.au
  2. Set up 2FA or your Two-factor Authentication
  3. Verify All of Your Personal (or Business) Details with Swyftx
  4. Deposit an AUD Amount into Your Swyftx Account with Westpac
  5. Navigate to the Trade Page
  6. Choose Bitcoin
  7. Choose Your AUD Amount to Buy Bitcoin
  8. Confirm Your Order and Commit to Buy Bitcoin


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