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Swyftx Referral Code 

Did you know you can get a $20 free Bitcoin bonus when you sign up using Swyftx’s referral code? This is probably the best sign-up bonus Swyftx has ever had, and the best of all is that it’s super straightforward to get. This post will walk you through exactly how to sign up on Swyftx and get the free $20 Bitcoin bonus. 

How To Get The Swyftx Referral Code

Step 1: Activate

Use this link to activate your referral code. The link should redirect you to SwyftX’s official sign-up page. 

Step 2: Sign Up for an Account 

Now it’s time to enter your details and ensure that the code you applied reads “Extras” 


Step 4: Verify

You’ll be required to verify your identity, so go through the process because all accounts must be verified before you can trade on the platform. 

Step 5: Complete

And there you are! Congrats on creating your account and winning your Swyftx referral code. You’ll receive a $20 Bitcoin once your identity is verified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can The Referral Code Still Work Even When I Already Have An Account?

No, the referral code is only for new Swyftx customers, so it won’t go through. 

What Should I Do When My Free $20 Doesn’t Reflect

What Should I Do When My Free $20 Doesn’t Reflect? 

If you realise that your $20 wasn’t added, then there is a likelihood that you didn’t activate your referral code using this link, and so you need to do so. 

Could This Be The Best Sign Up Bonus Swyftx Has Ever Had

Could This Be The Best Sign Up Bonus Swyftx Has Ever Had? 

At the moment, yes, but stay tuned as Swyftx usually updates its website with the latest offers. 

Is This Referral Code Sharable On Social Media? 

Yes, you’re free to share the referral code with friends and relatives on social media. You must copy and paste the link on any social media platform of your choice.


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