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When is Father’s Day in Australia

In Australia, Father’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of September. Outside the country, a short Google will tell you right away when the day is celebrated in your location. 

Other countries around the world celebrate Father’s Day on different days, such as Canada and America who celebrate on the third Sunday in June. Both New Zealand and Fiji and Papua New Guinea celebrate on the Australian date, though a good majority of countries have copied the United States’ June celebration date.

If you’re wondering when the day began, we have some insight for you! The celebration is traced back to the 1930s in a newspaper headline touting that Father’s Day would begin to be celebrated given the popularity of Mother’s Day. Here in Oz though, it is likely to have been adopted almost entirely from the American national holiday. 

Father’s Day Around the World

For those who have relatives living overseas, or who would just like to know a little more about the special day, we have some information on Father’s Day celebrations around the world. 

The Third Sunday of June

A majority of countries celebrate Father’s Day in June, which includes the US, Canada, South Africa, the UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Greece, India, and even Saudi Arabia. However, a few countries do celebrate on different days in June. The French also celebrate Mother’s Day quite close, on the first Sunday. 

The Second Sunday of June

There are also a number of countries who have reserved the second Sunday of June for Father’s Day celebrations, such as Austria and Belgium. 

Other Days Entirely

A variety of countries have now moved their Father’s Day national holidays from the traditional 20th century days typically in September and June, to their own dates entirely to match with local customs. In Brazil, the country moved the day to the second Sunday in August to celebrate alongside Saint Joachim.

In the Nordic nations, the date of Father’s Day is moved to the second Sunday in November. You’ll find the day is celebrated in November in Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Estonia.

Rather untraditional date placements can be found in Bulgaria, with the day placed on Boxing Day and in the United Arab Emirates on the date of the Summer Solstice. 

The History of Father’s Day

The celebration of Father’s Day is primarily linked to fatherhood, a father’s birthday or a way to show respect to the father in Catholic circles. Historians have the day pushed all the way to 1503, making it one of the oldest holidays still celebrated today, in line with Easter, New Year and Christmas, of course. 

In the United States, more modern Father’s Day celebrations began in July 1908 in Spokane, West Virginia thanks to Sonora Smart Dodd. The day soon spread throughout the country, reaching the far West in Washington State in 1911. As the daughter of a Civil War veteran, she was adamant on developing a day to celebrate her father and all father’s of the time. President at the time, Woodrow Wilson attempted to pass the day into law, though to no avail. 

Lydon Johnson, the US President in the 60s made the day a celebration in June, though it was not yet signed into law. In 1972, President Richard Nixon firmly solidified Father’s Day into American culture by making the day a routine holiday celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

Some historians also believe that Grace Golden Clayton paved the way for Father’s Day in 1907 after the death of her father in the Monongah mining disaster. 

In Australia, as we mentioned above, Father’s Day was rather a replica of the American holiday that soon became part of the Aussie culture. 

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