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The Today Show Mega Cash Giveaway

How to Enter. The Code Word. And what to say.

The Today Show’s Mega Cash Giveaway is now closed. Check back on Extras for any updates on the segment’s return. For other morning show cash draws take a look on the Extras website.

Each Monday on the Today Show you could be in the chance to win up to $50,000 just by watching the show! With Extras on your side, and our team working to make sure you have everything you need to know, like how to enter and which code word to say.

For those wondering what to say or how to win the Today Show’s Mega Cash Giveaway, we have all of the answers for you below. Don’t miss that Monday call and don’t worry about saying the wrong thing!

Take a peek below at Extra’s great info-sheet or cheat sheet and you’ll be a little closer to entering and winning the Mega Cash Giveaway!

How to Enter the Today Show’s Mega Cash Giveaway

And the cost of entry.

Entering the Today Show’s Mega Cash Giveaway is easy, and all you’ll need to do is be watching the show to know the weekly code word. Once you know this code word, or have checked on Extras during your morning coffee — you’ll know exactly what to say.

Thankfully the Today Show gives you an entire week to learn the code word and to enter, running from Monday to Monday.

How to Enter

To enter the draw for the Mega Cash Giveaway all you’ll need to do is SMS your Full Name, the code word and your address to 199 55 901. If you’re on a smartphone, you can also enter by heading over to enter9.tv/today.

The code provided, and the one you can find on our website, is valid for a week up until 5:29am on the Monday of the draw.

The Cost of Entry

Like most entry fees, the cost of entry is simply priced as a premium SMS which depends on your plan, though is generally $0.55 flat fee.

Some cellular carriers charge between: $0.55, $1.05, $2.50, $4.50 or $9.99. You’re also able to enter as many times as you like.

Through the Channel Nine website the cost is reduced and you’re also able to enter as many times as you like without sending an SMS but rather paying the fee through the online app.

You will however need to access the website via a cellular plan rather than a wifi network.

Now that you’ve entered the draw, you’re all set. If you get a call, make sure to answer within those three rings and announce ‘I Wake Up with Today’ and you’re on the road to being $50,000 richer.

Stay Up to Date on Extras

On Extras, we’re here to help keep you up to date on the Today Show’s Mega Cash Giveaway so you have everything you need to win big!

Check back on our website before the draw on Mondays to be sure you’ve submitted your entry with the right code word and know exactly how to answer your call! “I wake up with today!”


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