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Buy Bitcoin with BPAY

BPAY View is a simple method to have your invoices delivered straight to your online banking account—offered by many banks and billers. Depending on your bank, you can receive an SMS, email, or bank message reminding you to pay your bill. Its secure online access makes it simple to pay your bills on time using BPAY View.

Bitcoin Exchanges Accepting BPAY

1. Swyftx  (Recommended) 

Swyftx is the top Australian cryptocurrency exchange, with a user-friendly interface that is both straightforward and advanced, making it ideal for beginners and intermediate investors. The platform is packed with unique features that make bitcoin investment affordable and clear. 


This Aussie crypto exchange is a fantastic alternative because it supports local deposit options, has cheap trading fees of 0.6 percent on each trade, is a world-class mobile app, and is highly responsive to round-the-clock customer care.


Swyftx was established in response to a lack of liquidity in international cryptocurrency trading marketplaces and a lack of services that interact with the complex Australian cryptocurrency legislation and tax structure.


Furthermore, Swyftx offers extensive brokerage services in addition to a simplified, advanced cryptocurrency trading platform, making it perfect for beginner traders, expert traders, and corporate entities.


Swyftx’s most outstanding service is a dedicated cryptocurrency self-managed super fund, which presently has no counterpart in the Australian cryptocurrency exchange industry. It has allowed investors to rapidly and simply construct super compliant funds that exploit the crypto market.

2. Coinspot

CoinSpot is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that first started in 2013 and acquired market share by being one of the industry’s early participants. Their dominance remained despite the emergence of Swyftx, Digital Surge, and other prominent Australian crypto exchanges.


CoinSpot provides fast crypto exchanges, allowing you to purchase Bitcoin or any other 290+ currencies by just clicking the Buy button. Unlike P2P exchanges, you do not have to wait for another trader or e-commerce rival to negotiate a price before you can buy the cryptocurrency you desire. Even more, CoinSpot already holds cryptocurrency and can hence trade assets on its own.


Furthermore, the basic and simple interface of CoinSpot allows novices to explore the world of cryptocurrencies easily. For experienced cryptocurrency traders, the platform includes an extra price chart window that can be opened from the Dashboard at any moment to undertake technical analysis, and both the CoinSpot app and the desktop version have this option.

3. Coinjar

CoinJar, founded in 2013 in Melbourne, Australia, provides an easy method to buy, sell, or exchange Bitcoin in Australian dollars. Bitcoin can be purchased with Australian dollars, New Zealand dollars, or US dollars. PayID, BPAY, and Blueshyft are among the transfer methods that are supported. 


Individuals are the only ones who can acquire Bitcoin; SMSFs, companies, and trusts are not permitted. Using their smartphone app, you can simply acquire Bitcoin. 


Coinjar operates in the same way as most cryptocurrency exchanges. If you live in Australia, you can fund your account using your local bank account. If not, you’ll need to make a bitcoin deposit, and after you’ve financed your account, you’ll be able to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies.


In addition to typical brokerage services, the Coinjar platform allows you to trade crypto-to-crypto pairings. After purchasing crypto, you can store your selected cryptocurrency in the Coinjar wallet or withdraw it to private Bitcoin wallets of your choice. Coinjar also generates money by collecting transaction fees on every trade. This contains various real-time technical charts that can help you make decisions.


When trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at Coinjar, you can use it for a longer time. This means that you can’t bet on the market falling in value, and if you wish to accomplish this, you will need to use a platform such as Coinbase.


What is BPAY? 

Bill Payments, formally known as BPAY, is an internet service that allows businesses to arrange payments clearly and simply. It’s Australia’s well-known payment facilitation service because of its outstanding efficiency.


It enables clients to transfer cash straight from their bank account to another business’s pre-identified bank account. BPAY has been in the Australian market for over two decades and has worked with over 45,000 Australian companies.


They have a good grasp of how Aussies prefer to pay. Furthermore, BPAY is designed with customers in mind as they have the option to pay their invoices with their savings account, cheque account, or even credit card.


However, because some businesses do not take credit cards and there are additional costs associated with using a credit card, most customers choose to pay using their daily savings account.

How Does BPAY Work?

If you are thinking about adopting BPAY as a payment option for your business, you should be aware of the consumer experience it delivers. To pay an invoice using BPAY, a client must:


  • Log in to their online banking platform and follow the on-screen instructions to make a BPAY payment.
  • Input their invoice’s biller code, reference number and the amount they wish to pay.
  • The payment will be validated, and the customer’s banking institution will give the client a receipt.
  • The funds are deposited the next day into your company banking account.

Why Should I Choose BPAY? 

BPAY has many advantages that make it highly popular in today’s corporate world. For instance, it improves your company’s cash flow because money is processed within one working day.


Furthermore, the BPAY customer reference number (CRN), unique to each client, also helps in reconciliation. This means that you can quickly determine which customers have paid their invoices by using the CRN.


BPAY has also collaborated with the majority of Australia’s banks and credit unions. They now provide more innovative billing with the addition of the BPAY view. Invoices are transmitted straight into your clients’ internet banking platforms as a result.

Bottom Line 

It is essential to keep a few things in mind when using BPAY. Invoices should always be double-checked before being sent. Human mistakes can influence payments, such as incorrectly inputting data similarly to the Biller Code or the CRN. This can cause consumer’s money to be misallocated. Also, the cash may need to be transferred back to their account before settling the account with the appropriate firm.


Furthermore, in some cases, companies do not recognise BPAY clients who seek to settle their bills using their credit cards. If they do, they are frequently charged exorbitant costs. Overall, BPAY is a fantastic online tool that has helped improve the way everyday transactions occur worldwide by simplifying the invoicing process and making payments more effective and safer thanks to its multi-step verification method.


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