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The Sunrise Cash Cow

How to Enter. The Code Word. And what to say.

Todays Word — SWEEP

Here at Extras we love to give our readers the chance to save big and win big and the Sunrise Cash Cow is an incredible chance to win big over your first cup of coffee.

If you’ve ever wondered what to say or what would happen if you’re called by the Sunrise team and worried you might bungle your chance at a $10,000 cheque early in the morning, then you’ve come to the right place.

Extras has a great info-sheet and a cheat sheet for you below. You’ll know how to enter, what to say and be ready to win if called in the early hours of the morning!

How to Enter the Sunrise Cash Cow

And the cost of entry.

To enter the Sunrise Cash Chow all you’ll need to do is be sure you’re watching the show and wait for the code word that one of Seven’s hosts announce. Once you’ve got your code, send it as an SMS to 19 777 077 with your Full Name and Address.

This code and your name will make sure that you’re able to be identified by the team should you win — as well as give the hosts a name to call of course.

The Cost of Entry

Unlike a traditional entry fee to a raffle for example, you’ll simply be charged the premium rate for your SMS. A 160 character SMS costs $0.55 per message, so if you exceed this 160 character limit you’ll be charged that $0.55 fee twice.

Sunrise has stated that: ’Characters’ refers to text only. Images, emojis and/or special characters may exceed this character limit and generate additional charges. If you wish to be called on your home phone if you win, include this in your SMS entry.

There is the option of entry via the online option through Channel 7’s online website at https://enter7.tv/sunrise which will save you up to 18 per cent of the entry cost.

Entering via your smartphone will cost between $0.55, $1.05, $2.50, $7.00 or $9.00, including GST.

Both Vodafone and Telstra customers, however, can’t use the smartphone online option.

Once you’ve entered, you’re all set! The winner is called the following day and if that’s you, you’ll need to answer within three rings and say the code word at the top of this page.

When The Winner of Sunrise Cash Cow is Chosen

Winners of the Cash Cow are drawn from all of the entries from across the country at 4:40pm local time in Sydney and announced and called the following morning during Sunrise.

The winner must answer the phone personally, within three rings and announce the code word to be awarded the prize money.

Stay Up to Date on Extras

On Extras, we’ll be sure to keep you updated with the Cash Cow from Sunrise and all of the latest information you need to know.

Check back each day for our updated code word so you don’t miss your chance to win the draw!


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