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The Best Co-Working Spaces in Sydney

The Best Co-Working Spaces in Sydney

If you’re a business owner or looking to get into launching your own business, there isn’t too much better than having your own workspace — even if it is shared by other entrepreneurs.

With Sydney being a hub for Australian business development, you’ll find a tonne of co-working spaces here that are designed to offer an incredible experience that fosters creativity and puts you within reach of some of the best amenities and facilities that the city has on offer.

For our entrepreneurs and business-owner readers looking for a workspace or space to hold client meetings, take a look at our list of the best co-working spaces in Sydney below.

The WeWork Offices

The WeWork Offices

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What would a list of co-working spaces be without the holy grail WeWork Spaces.

You’ll find these offices have space across the globe all of which are offering excellent workspaces that have been designed to be the ultimate in privacy, tranquility and to push your productivity to new heights.

These offices are dotted all across Sydney and you’ll be able to book a space without too much of an issue at all.

One of our favourite perks of booking a co-working space with WeWork is the brand’s inclusions. You’ll have access to benefits like reduced pricing on software, have access to programs like Slack and hosting services like GoDaddy without needing to pay full price.

You’ll find WeWork at:

  • 5 Martin Place, Sydney
  • 333 George Street, Level 13, Sydney
  • 50 Miller Street, Sydney
  • 64 York Street, Sydney
  • 320 Pitt Street, Sydney
  • 1 Sussex Street, Barangaroo, Sydney
  • 161 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
  • 383 George Street, Sydney

Cost of the WeWork Spaces

You’ll be able to book a WeWork space from $450 a month for a Hot Desk and $850 a month for a private office.

The Le Porte Spaces

The Le Porte Spaces

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When it comes to an office space that looks like it’s right out of a Parisian film, the Le Porte spaces are unbeaten.

You’ll find everything here from retail spaces, a cafe, a triad of event spaces and plenty of studios here to make product and clothing photography a breeze. There are also 30 fitted-out offices here too, so getting your work done in a luxurious and work-focused space isn’t too much of an issue at all.

You’ll find Le Porte at 87-103 Epsom Road, Roseberry.

Paramount by The Office Space

Paramount by The Office Space

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For the entrepreneurs looking for a space that’s been slowly created into the ‘ultimate’ workspace, then The Office Space is one of our top choices for you.

There’s another secluded and luxurious feel here like the one you’ll find at Le Porte, and that means you’re kept in ‘the zone’ and not feeling as though you’re going to have to move for a rowdy group of office patrons.

The design of the interiors here is quite elegant, with a 1950s Manhattan Style to them, which means when it comes to social media posts for our retail brands, or to invite clients for meetings, you’re keeping things professional, classy and inviting.

You’ll find Paramount by The Office Space at 6/69 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills.

The Common Room

The Common Room

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Launched back in 2012, the Common Room is one of Sydney’s earlier start-up shared co-working spaces, and that means you’re getting the assurance that the Common Room has had plenty of time to perfect their office spaces.

You’ll be happy to know that even the iconic BuzzFeed Australia team worked out of the Common Room while the brand was at its peak, and we’re confident in saying that if these spaces worked well for BuzzFeed, then they’ll certainly offer a good experience for you and your entrepreneurial endeavours.

You’ll find the Common Room at 235-239 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills.

Berrins Manly

Berrins Manly

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For a more elegant and client-focused space, Berrins Manly might be the best bet for you.

The space has been designed to be ultra-professional and is the ideal co-working zone for those who need a more secluded, relaxed and client-friendly workspace for meetings and other business-related communications.

An interesting perk with Berrins Manly is the retail space that’s also rentable from the company. You’ll find a 72sqm retail pop-up zone by the Manly Wharf for those who would like to test selling a product to consumers in the area.

You’ll find Berrins Manly at 2/40 E Esplanade, Manly.

The Treehouse, Sun Studios

The Treehouse, Sun Studios

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For those of our readers interested in a secluded, tropical and warm-toned wooden office space, then this is the one for you.

The spaces are quiet and open-plan, keeping things breezy and airy, plus; being located in an Alexandria woodshed means you’re getting a rather unique and inspiring workspace to get your projects completed.

It can be a little busy here, though, everyone who enters remains professional and there are quiet zones here too, so you’ll be able to find some peace and quiet should media teams and creators be a little too rambunctious among the palms for your liking.

There are different membership types on offer here too, which means you can choose between daily fees, monthly or longer.

You’ll find The Treehouse at 42 Maddox Street, Alexandria.

We Co.

At We Co. you’ll be getting access to an office space focused on offering value and flexibility.

There’s a 3-day trial here to give you the chance to test that the workspace is going to work best for you, and from there, there aren’t any lock-in contracts or memberships that require you to stay at the space for a year or more.

The design of the offices is inviting and rather minimal.

You’ll find the We Co. offices at 2/100 New South Head Road in Sydney.

The Commune

The Commune

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One of the more inspiring and directly motivational co-workspaces in Sydney is the Commune.

You’ll immediately sense a lick of efficiency and productivity in the atmosphere here, and with the co-working space focusing heavily on the letter ‘C’ and what it means in business, you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason not to work hard in here.

Look around and you’ll see everything from Creativity, Collaboration and Community listed and outline on walls and merchandise to keep you going when things do get a little tough from time to time.

There are plenty of pricing tiers available here too, with plans for daily offices to the long-term space renters who need an area to work without a full-time office.

You’ll find the Commune at 32-38 King St Newtown.

The Porter

The Porter

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At the centre of Sydney’s CBD, the Porter is quite possibly one of the best co-work spaces in all of Australia.

Sitting in the 1 O’Connell Building, this co-work space is about as central as you’ll get, and it’s been reinvented from the inside to be one of the most elegant and professional workspaces in Sydney.

The space is dimly lit, though with all-timber finishes and furniture you’re getting a feel that is more inspiring than just about anything else on the list.

There are lounges, tables, stools and other seating and workspace arrangements to suit just about everyone and that means you’re able to find something that works best for you, whether it’s a client meeting or just getting some light work done.

You’ll find the Porter at 1 O’Connell Street in the CBD.

Desk Space

Desk Space

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Another co-work space that’s operated in Sydney for over a decade is Desk Space, and there’s a reason for the space’s success.

It’s located in Darlinghurst and offers easy access to all major transport networks and comes with an industrial, loft-style design that screams start-up a lot louder than just about anything else out there.

You’ll be right at home here with like-minded business owners and those working hard on achieving their business’s goals and getting work done throughout the day.

The co-work space is also home to plenty of events, so you’ll have the chance to network without issue here.

You’ll find Desk Space at Level 1-3, 85 William St. Darlinghurst.

Your Desk

One of the co-work spaces on our list that was developed by a family, the Your Desk co-work space brand knows exactly what it takes, and what’s needed to get your brand up and running. And they have developed a workspace to offer exactly that.

The Your Desk space has been in operation since 2012, so it’s one of the more seasoned spaces in the city offering a few locations and amenities.

There are a few different pricing tiers here too, and with that said, there’s an affordable option for small businesses, freelancer patrons and more.

You’ll find 220 desks here as well as multiple meeting rooms and a few locations across Sydney, so pick and choose whichever is closest to you and make your way down to Your Desk for a day’s work.

You’ll find Your Desk at 1-3/204 Clarence Street, the CBD or at 5/104 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills.

Tank Stream Labs

To the CBD-based Tank Stream Labs co-work space; this is the location for you if you’re looking for the ultimate in work hard, play hard.

There’s plenty of work space and desk spaces here, however, there’s also plenty of activities in the office to let you blow off a little steam with a friend before getting back to the grind.

In fact, this workspace did win the Fin Tech best co-work space in 2017 making it a fan favourite for more than just us.

There are a few pricing tiers here too, making it an affordable option for small businesses looking for office space.

You’ll find Tank Stream Labs at Level 4 17-19 Bridge Street or Level 8 11-17 York Street.

Stone & Chalk

Stone & Chalk

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Another excellent co-working space in the city is the Stone & Chalk office spaces on York Street.

For our readers who are after some outstanding partners included through your plan with the co-working brand, these guys are your top pick. Working with the likes of Optus, Westpac and American Express, you can be sure that you’re getting an office space in here that’s good enough for some of Australia’s biggest companies.

It’s ideally located in the CBD and you’re going to be surrounded by start-ups in the fin-tech field and other tech-based startups.

You’ll find Stone & Chalk at Level 4, 11 York Street in the CBD.

Vibe Wire

With a Skills Gym and an unmatched focus on keeping their desk-space-renters motivated and happy to move on with the day’s work, the Vibe Wire co-working space is one of Sydney’s best for those who thrive in hands-on training and experiential up-skilling.

At Vibe Wire, you’ll find the office spaces designed for the young entrepreneurs and priced as low as $15 for a casual pass to the office.

You’ll find Vibe Wire on 525 Harris Street, Ultimo in Sydney


Another global brand making their way to Sydney is Spaces.

Sitting in Surry Hills, spaces is another outstanding co-working space for those entrepreneurs who need a relaxed, modern and productivity-focused workspace for getting a tonne of work done.

There’s more than 200 desks here so you’re certainly going to find a space here to get a lot of work done throughout the day.

The design of the work space is relatively industrial and very start-up looking, which is ideal for those looking for the typical start-up business vibe.

The price of the Spaces in Surry Hills can be a little costly, as can the second space at Martin Place, however, with the inspiring atmosphere and great amenities we’re sure you’ll be getting a return on your investment.

You’ll find Spaces at 111 Flinders Street, Ground Floor, Surry Hills or at 60 Martin Place, Level 1, 2, & 3 in the CBD.



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For our readers who need a co-working space with no exit fees or terms, then Hub is the ideal option for you.

There’s just about everything here that you’ll need to run a business and keep on top of your own wellbeing with cleaning taken care of, along with equipment, utilities and even refreshments being included in the price of your space.

It’s good to note that you’ll find Hub to be up to 30 per cent more affordable than a similar sized leased spaces since all of your fees are taken care of.

To end, the Hub workspaces in Sydney are connected to the global network of Hub locations, so you’re able to step inside a Hub co-working space in any of the other Hub cities across the world.

You’ll find Hub space at HUB Hyde Park 223 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst or at HUB Customs HOUSE on Level 3 and 4, 31 Alfred Street in the CBD.


Our technology entrepreneurs will be right at home at Fishburner’s with the co-working spaces being designed explicitly for clients in this field.

The Fishburner’s workspace has enabled success for a tonne of tech-focused brands around the world, and with global connections to other offices and partners, you’ll have a good network to start off with from the get-go.

It’s also one of the co-work spaces offering day-to-day rates, giving you the option to choose when it’s time to head into the office, or when to grind from the home office.

You’ll find a Fishburner’s at Level 2, 11 York Street in the CBD.

The Works

Another fantastic and affordable co-working space in Sydney rests in a fitted-out loft in the city’s old factory spaces.

The Works is one of the more eccentric and ‘edgy’ work spaces in the city, and you’ll find a tonne of hard-working co-workers in these spaces that keep you motivated to succeed throughout the day.

One thing to keep in mind is that the office hours at The Works are quite sporadic and are short on Sundays.

You’ll find The Works at 62 Glebe Point Road, Glebe.


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