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Stan vs Netflix Australia

Whether you’re debating between either Stan or Netflix, or simply want to know the difference between the two services, then we have a great article for you.

As you might already know, Stan is an Aussie-based video streaming service and Netflix is its global, far-reaching competitor. Both have an array of their own content; aptly named Netflix Originals and Stan Originals, though both also have a huge library of content from other film studios.

Although both are supported by a number of devices from iPhone, Android to SmartTV and more — the viewing experience can be a little different with regards to video quality, audio support and more.

All that said, let’s have a look below at Stan vs Netflix Australia and why you might want to choose one over the other.

Stan vs Netflix Pricing Tiers

As you may already know, both Stan and Netflix have pricing plans based on the services you’d like to use.

That said, there’s three tiers that both services offer and those are generally Basic, Standard and the Premium or UHD plan. These plans don’t include any extra content or features other than the ability to watch more streams at the same time on different devices and also to view in higher image quality.

The Base plan on Netflix, for example, only offers SD or Standard Definition video, as does Stan’s. Going to the premium tier, both services offer 4K video streaming.

Stan and Netflix both start at $10 and $10.99 per month and cost up to $17 and $19.99 per month for the premium tier.

Stan vs Netflix Viewing on Multiple Devices

When it comes to watching Netflix or Stan on all of your devices or with friends and family, there are a few limitations depending on the plans you’ve chosen above.

On Netflix, you’re limited to only one stream at a time on the Basic plan which means you can’t watch a TV show or movie at the same time a family member is watching something on their device. On Stan, you’re also limited to one stream at a time on the Basic plan.

On the Stan and Netflix standard account, you can stream on up to three devices at a time which is generally ideal for most families. A stream can be running on the TV for the adults or parents, and the kids can be watching their own TV shows and movies in their bedrooms.

On the top tier Premium plans, you can watch up to four concurrent streams at once, again, adding a little more flexibility when it comes to watching content on your own when others are on their devices.

Stan vs Netflix Video Quality

As we mentioned above, both streaming services do offer their content in up to Ultra High Definition when supported. However, this relies on you having a plan that supports this content — and a high-speed internet connection too.

On the Basic or Base plans for both Stan and Netflix you’re only getting SD or Standard Definition Video, which is quite poor by today’s standards. It might be bearable on smaller smartphone screens, for example, however jumping to a tablet, laptop or the living room TV will be giving you a pixilated mess.

On the Standard tier plans, you’ll be getting access to the old-gold-standard of HD or 1080p which is a whole lot better than SD. It’s fine for mobile, tablet and laptop devices, however, larger TVs will still output a rather blurry experience with a HD video stream.

On the Premium tier plans, you’re getting the top-notch 4K or 2160p video stream which will get you that crystal clear and sharp image you’re looking for. All devices will offer a great experience with a 4K video stream, however, you’ll need an internet connection of at least 25mbps for this to load correctly without buffering.

In all, we would suggest opting for either the Standard Plans or the Premium offering depending on how many simultaneous streams you need.

The Content Library on Stan vs Netflix

Unlike the video quality on both streaming services, the content library is exceedingly different. This is where you’ll need to work to weigh up whether Netflix is better than Stan and whether you’re going to enjoy the content on one service above the other.

To kick things off, we will say that both services have a tonne of content in 2020 and there’s no shortage of things to watch on either Stan or Netflix.

As of writing, Netflix boasts more than 1,839 different TV shows and more than 3,600 movies to choose from. Stan, on the other hand, had 499 TV shows to choose from, and over 1,700 movies available.

However, that said, Netflix and Stan both have different focuses on their content, with Netflix catering to offering a tonne of B and C list titles and Stan more heavily focused on the more well-known and famous titles.

Choosing a Library

To help you choose a content library from Stan or Netflix, we have a few things outlined below to make the process a little easier.

Of course, content preferences will depending on the content you like to watch and what types of TV shows and movies you find most enjoyable. Both Stan and Netflix do have libraries big enough for you to watch content for hours on end without worrying about hitting a wall, so that’s a good place to start.

When it comes to unique content, and viewer-curated viewing, Netflix does take the cake here. They have a lot more on offer in their Originals than Stan does, however, some of this content is hit or miss.

When it comes to getting your hands on sitcoms and series, Stan does shine through here. You’re able to see famous bingeable content like The Office, Parks and Recreation as well as Seinfeld. So if you’re into these types of shows, Stan is certainly a winner for you.

Back to Originals, Stan does also offer a few excellent originals too, however, as there are fewer to choose from and there aren’t as many in development as there are on Netflix, you might be out of luck when you finish a series.

Losing Content

It’s important to note that Netflix has been in the firing line of content licenses recently, due to the company’s leading place in the streaming world. Media corporations like Disney, for example, have started their own service with Disney+ and have stripped Netflix of all Disney content.

It’s looking as though other platforms are gearing up for this too, which means over the coming months and years you might not see much left on Netflix aside from Originals.

Back to Stan Originals, you’ll find a tonne of joy in the service’s Wolf Creek, the Commons and Bloom too. There’s also a tonne of new Originals making their way to the platform like the Ned Kelly exposé and the latest Brave New World exclusives too.

Stan is also our winner for classic content when compared to Netflix. If you’re looking for older titles and classics, there’s a good chance Stan has a better offering than Netflix.

You’ll also see Stan getting content from the US a whole lot faster than Netflix, which means if you’re looking to follow TV shows and movies from the United States without waiting and avoiding spoilers, then Stan is our top choice for you. For example, Will & Grace and Better Call Saul hit Stan almost immediately when compared to Netflix.

To end our content comparison, Netflix is our top choice if you’re looking for a tonne of Originals that have been curated to viewer preferences. Netflix is also our winner if you’re looking for the largest content library and you’re not too fussed on what to watch and simply want to watch something.

When it comes to getting your hands on bingeable titles like sitcoms, Stan is by far our winner here. You’ll also get a little more enjoyment out of Stan’s Originals in that they’re often better reviewed than a lot of Netflix’s rather rushed titles.

Content for the Kids on Stan and Netflix

If you’re looking to invest in Stan or Netflix to share with the little ones, then there’s a little more of a clear direction to turn to.

Of course, both Stan and Netflix have incredible kid-focused libraries and dedicated kid’s viewing sections, though one of these platforms has a little more content on offer than the other for the young ones.

Netflix comes in clutch here by offering content directly from Dreamworks, which means you’re getting access to a tonne of the kid’s favourite movies and TV show spin offs such as Trollhunters and the How to Train Your Dragon spin off series, Riders of Berk.

You’ll also find specific features built into Netflix which allow it to be locked to a specific age range and content selection to make sure the kids aren’t making their way into the adult section of the service.

On Stan, you’re still getting a great range of shows and movies through the Nickelodeon partnership. This sees content like the iCarly TV series, and Octonauts landing on the service, as well as Bob the Builder and Thomas and Friends for the younger ones. However, the content library is rather restricted for those kids who enjoy content coming out of Dreamworks and Disney.

Stan does have a child lock-like feature too, which means there’s no chance of anyone accidentally watching something rated for viewers much older.

With all of that said, you’re good to go for the kids on both platforms, however, on Netflix you’ll be getting a far wider-reaching content experience for the kids who enjoy their movies and spin off series. Stan is a little lacklustre here, though for the younger ones who simply need something age appropriate to watch, Stan will certainly make do.

In all, for the kids, we might suggest heading to Disney+ instead of Netflix or Stan.

Stan vs Netflix Supported Devices

When it comes to getting a new streaming service, we’ll know that you want to be able to make use of it on as many of your devices as possible.

We’re happy to say that Stan and Netflix both support almost all the devices you can think of, and that includes smartphones, tablets, TVs and gaming consoles to name a few.

One area that Netflix can stand on top of Stan, however, is in the branded partnerships that the service has. Of course, as we said, most devices are supported, though there are some products that explicitly lock out competing services like the Foxtel iQ box. Netflix can boast a partnership with Foxtel here, in that the company will land on the set top boxes coming from Foxtel.

In all, Netflix is our winner here if you do pay for TV and want a more integrated content-watching experience at home. You won’t need to switch from the set top box to another device or the smart TV itself.

Which Video Quality is Clearer

If you’re a bit of a pixel-peeper and looking to find a streaming service that will make best use of a Retina HD display or a new 4K TV, then we have a quick little summary for you below.

As you’ll already know, both Stan and Netflix adapt their video quality based on your internet connection. That said, you’re getting a quality dependant on your web speed. However, if you do have an ultra-fast NBN connection, Netflix and Stan will both jump to the 4K option if you’re on the Premium plan.

Some reviewers have touted, however, that Netflix’s video quality does seem to a little better than Stan’s, though you might not notice too much of a difference.

When it comes to HDR and HDR 10 support, only Netflix currently supports this feature as of writing.

Added Features on Stan vs Netflix

Generally speaking, both services do come with great user interfaces and great mobile-supported applications to make viewing online and on-the-go easy.

You’re getting a great library of content and a downloadable titles that can live on an iPad or iPhone if you’re away from your WiFi connection, though there isn’t too much else.

Google Home does offer some support when it comes to enabling things such as subtitles, though there aren’t too many value-adding added features for one service over the other.

Choosing Between Stan or Netflix

With our comparison of Netflix and Stan out of the way, you’ll know that both of these services are incredible when it comes to finding a library of content that you’ll be entertained by, for months on end.

Of course, a few differences do exist that might make one of the services a little better than the other, and these include: direct from the US content, a larger library of content, better Originals and throwback sitcoms.

That said, we would suggest Stan for the Aussies who love their sitcoms and titles you can watch countless times and never get bored. And for those who like their blockbusters and the latest hyped up content, Netflix is the option for you.

In all, these services are incredibly affordable for what you get, so you could always give it a go with both and choose your favourite from there.


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