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Sites like Gumtree

When it comes to buying, swapping, selling and everything from finding a part-time job or even a new home, there’s nothing that comes close to Gumtree.

In Australia, and across the globe, Gumtree is fast becoming a central hub for anyone looking to sell or buy items and advertise goods and services to the masses without the hassle of setting up ads on Facebook.

However, we know that sometimes Gumtree isn’t the best option for a specific item or if you simply don’t trust the service. That in mind, we have a tonne of websites just like Gumtree below for you to use on your buying or selling endeavours.

Craigslist — Free to Use

Hitting the stop spot on our list for being so well-known and trusted is Craigslist.

The service is global and you can find essentially anything you want, in any country around the globe. However, for a more localised advertisement or search you can set your location quite easily.

Although the Craigslist platform is global, the service is focused on being more local from here on out, which means it’s a safe and worthy competitor to Gumtree that we would highly suggest you use.

There’s an application and mobile website that is easy to use here for both management of listings and browsing listings too, so when you’re on the go you can still check up on how things are doing.

Wallapop — Like a Flea Market

One of the more toned down and relaxed reselling and marketplaces is Wallapop.

This site like Gumtree is essentially a flea market, though an all-digital version. That said, it’s primarily limited to local sellers and buyers only, which is good if you’re looking to keep buying and selling simple — there’s no international or shipping hassles.

The good news is, although this is a flea market, it does run 24 hours a day, so if you’re looking to continue posting and selling your items without even needing to leave the house, you can do that.

Like Gumtree, the posting process is super simple, and all you’ll need is a photo and a price in mind. Post the photo of the item, choose a price and you’re all set. Wallapop takes care of the location.

When you want to buy something, all you’ll do is make a search and contact the seller personally and talk about a price. Unlike eBay, you can actively discuss pricing. Once you choose a price, you can meet in real life and buy it! Just like the old days.

One thing to note is that since the Wallapop is a local service, the number of buyers and sellers in your location will depend entirely on the population or number of users in the area. If you’re in a small town, you might not see too many people on the app at all.

We love the design of the website and UX on the Wallapop app and website, and because of this it’s getting top marks from us. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use platform like Gumtree that’s localised and safe, you’re in good hands.

eBay — Pricing Tiers

A lot of people who use eBay tend to use its global features, however, eBay does have a tonne of specialised local search settings too.

As you’ll already know, eBay is a wildly popular global marketplace for selling and buyings products. Not too much of eBay is dedicated to selling services, apartments or employment, though for everything else it is a winner for us.

The eBay platform allows you to bid for products based on a set base price, or Buy it Now with a price that’s been set by the seller.

You’ll find a highly-optimised mobile application and website here which makes managing your posts on eBay a breeze and you can even set up an account and make listings entirely from your smartphone.

When it comes to directly competing with localised search on Gumtree, eBay has a suite of location features that you can make use of to narrow things down to your local area. That means you can buy and sell to locals in your town or city, and offer pickup and drop off services — fantastic for businesses.

To end; eBay does have pricing tiers and offers eBay Plus for those who would like extra features, shipping perks and more.

Etsy — Business Focused

Primarily for the business focused users, Etsy is your hub for selling vintage or classical items along with handmade products.

If you’re a business owner that offers anything and everything from wall art, t-shirts, shoes and basically anything else, then Etsy is a great option for you. Like Gumtree, there’s the control and support for posting anything you’d like and selling to all users, though there’s a far larger base of customers here.

There are a couple of rules here, however, and Etsy does require vintage items to be at least 20 years old — and these items can be anything from jewellery, housewares, clothing and costumes.

One of our favourite parts of Etsy that beats out Gumtree is the sites custom website feature. If you’re a seller, you’ll be able to design and publish your own website with all of your items. That means you can easily brand and advertise in a way customers will remember.

For payment and pricing, there are a few small fees per sale. To compare with eBay, these are a tonne cheaper. You’ll be charged a 20 cent fee per item and then a 3 per cent sales fee based on the price of the item.

To set up an account and a store on Etsy, all you’ll need to do is make an account through the site’s homepage and then choose a few of the items you’d like to sell. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be syphoned into a product category with similar items and be able to begin photographing your items and listing them.

To buy on Etsy, all you’ll have to do is run a search and find the items you’re looking for, mostly vintage and custom items you’ll find here.

Classified Ads.com — Old School Ads

To end our list of sites like Gumtree, we stand by the Classified Ads portal.

As you’ll know, the classifieds are some of the best ways to get the news out about anything from a product, service, new apartment or just about anything else. You’re free to post here and you won’t have to go through too much of complicated set up process.

For buyers, everything is laid out simply and you just scroll though what you’d like to find and often this means finding an ultra-discounted price.

The classifiedads.com website is also designed by a team of marketing and seller-focused professionals, which means you’re getting an experience that’s been created to help you sell and buy faster.

You can advertise anything on here and the website is broken into categories which include pets, rents, sale, vehicles and personals. That in mind, if you don’t know what to search for and just want to browse, the Classifieds website has a similar page to Gumtree’s explore page.

One thing to keep in mind is you will need to sign up, though this doesn’t take too long, just have an email and address ready and you’re good to go.


With all of our Gumtree alternatives out of the way, we’re sure you’ll have a website or a platform to use to buy and sell to both local and international markets.

Be sure to check back on our website for our updated list of sites like Gumtree above.


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