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Sites like Airtasker

As you might already know, Airtasker is Australia’s central hub for outsourcing everything from business-related work tasks, to household cleaning and more.

Whether you’re on your laptop, desktop or smartphone, you can delegate and hire in just a few minutes and have a specialist local or Australian-based service provider get to work on whatever task you need some help with.

You can hire for anything from office admin tasks, trades and manual labour assistance and essentially everything in between. Just post a job on Airtasker and wait for your bids to roll in!

That said, if you have tried Airtasker and the service isn’t for you, we have a list of all the sites like Airtasker below.


One of the world’s most popular freelance platforms, Fiverr, is our top alternative to Airtasker for Australians. This service offers bid-based ads and you’re able to find or post ads based on the services you offer.

Unlike Airtasker, which is primarily local, Fiverr is a global platform, which means you’re reaching a much larger audience with your ads or your job search. You’ll be able to hire or work within fields such as graphic design, marketing, coding and software development and more.


  • Payment Protection
  • Used by Google, Netflix, Facebook and PayPal
  • No Hourly Pricing, Full Project Pricing Only
  • Customer Support Available 24/7


To the Aussie-based employment and freelance website, the Oneflare platform is another great Airtasker alternative. This marketplace is primarily based in the home renovation or improvement space — rather than the business and admin sector.

All you’ll need to do to get started on Oneflare is answer some of the task-related questions and you’re on your way to knowing a little more about the task at hand. You’ll then be able to offer up, or receive quotes depending on whether you’re looking for a task, or posting one.

There’s reviews and comparison options built into Oneflare too, so you’re always seeing what’s out there and who’s best to trust with your task.


  • An On-time Assurance Service
  • A multi-step Verification Step for Business Listings
  • The app enables on-the-go management of listings


Back to the global platforms, the DesignCrowd website is the hub for all of those looking for, or interested in offering up design services. Mainly graphic design tasks live here, and that said, if you’re interested in anything from graphics for logos, t-shirts, wall art or anything else, DesignCrowd is the service for you.

It’s well-vetted and has a great reputation too, which means you’re not running the risk of being scammed or ripped off here.


  • Money-back Guarantee
  • A Global Reach, Ensuring Someone is Always Online
  • A Focus on Quality Output


Another global platform is Gumtree, with their online marketplace of task-based contracts you’ll be able to post or find work here without any issue at all.

Like Airtasker, Gumtree isn’t only limited to all-digital workflows and you’re able to hire anyone from a designer through to a handyman or even find things like apartments and part-time employment.

This is essentially your main hub for buying, selling, offering services or finding a new rental home. It’s a fantastic wide-reaching Airtasker alternative.


  • Ad-listing is Entirely Free
  • A Tonne of Job and Product Categories
  • Easily Monitor Account Activity from the Mobile App


A second designer-based Airtasker substitute is the 99Designs platform.

This is where you’ll be able to find freelancers with backgrounds in design to work with on your graphic projects. You’ll be able to find everything here from artists, designers and marketing professionals to help create curated designs that are better aimed at customers. 

Keep in mind that everyone on the platform is a freelancer under the 99Designs umbrella, so there’s no commitment nor the need to hire. You simply work within the contract guidelines and you’re all good to go.


  • Designed to be Easy to Use
  • There’s Multiple Design Packages to Suit Your Budget; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum
  • Easily Choose a Direct Freelancer or Write up a Contest


To the world’s biggest Airtasker alternatives, Upwork is the planet’s hub for digital work.

Simply speaking, if something can be completed digitally or on a laptop, it can be outsourced through Upwork. The platform has hundreds of thousands of freelancers, a rock-solid review platform and a contract setup that ensures you have a tonne of wiggle room when making a listing.

There’s ongoing contracts, short-term ones and long-term options to make sure you’re able to get going on any job, no matter how long it’s expected to take.


  • Offers a Myriad of Payment Methods from PayPal, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer and More
  • A Worldwide Marketplace Means a Tonne of Freelancer Options
  • A Million Reviews Can’t Be Wrong


As the name suggests, Freelancer is another freelancer-backed platform.

This site works best for those all-digital jobs, and is most effective for computer-only tasks, which is fine for businesses looking to outsource admin services. There’s a task-size option here too, which means you can choose between large and small jobs to narrow down your search.

For this service, you’ll post a job and receive quotes or bids from freelancers based on their ability to complete the task. You just peek at the bids and choose someone you trust the most for the job.


  • Payment Security Built-in
  • Supported by Facebook, Amazon and NASA
  • Customer Support and Live Chat is Offered 24/7


Our final Airtasker alternative is the Guru platform.

It is a great option for those standard admin tasks as well as the business and creative ones too — however, there are a tonne of expert freelancers here with technical skills that might make those complicated tasks a lot easier.

The platform here works best for freelancers and businesses looking to advertise on a skill-relevant basis. There are a tonne of pre-set skills to choose from, and this makes it easier for everyone to find the tasks they’re best suited to.


  • Customer Satisfaction Rate of 99 Per cent
  • Customer Support Offered 24/7
  • A Few Payment Systems to Choose From


And there you have it!

Our list of all the sites like Airtasker that you can trust to delegate your complicated, simple or plain mundane admin tasks.

All of these services are trusted on a global scale and are poised to give you the chance to either create an ad for a task you need completing, or to work online for businesses looking for a little extra help.

Make sure to check back on our website for our latest updates to Airtasker alternatives.


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