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Sites like Afterpay

Whether you’re an avid online shopper or a business owner looking to make use of, or integrate payment instalment solutions on your website, there’s nothing as more well-known as Afterpay.

However, as the buy-now and pay-later boom continues, there are more and more sites like Afterpay coming online, and that’s fantastic news for everyone. You’re no longer required to rely on credit cards and other costly forms of payment, and can continue to support local business even when you’re a little low on cash.

That said, let’s take a look below at sites like Afterpay and which ones are the best for you.


Hitting the top spot on our list is Sezzle, down to the fact that it’s ultra-fast and simple to use the service.

Of course, most instalment platforms are quick and easy to use, however, Sezzle has been developed to be an even faster interest-free payment platform. You’re able to buy or sell with little issue here and there aren’t any slowdowns coming into play like on other platforms.

To end, the fees for the service are very low and the fast processing means customers or users can shop more seamlessly.


Coming out of Stockholm, the Klarna platform is our top choice for those online shoppers and online stores. As you might already know, Afterpay did primarily focus on physical stores — though this is changing in 2020.

Klarna on the other hand, has worked to develop a payment platform that is designed to work online only and is incredibly seamless at doing so. You do most of the work through the smartphone application, which means you browse and shop with retailers inside of the Klarna service.

As you’d expect, this makes things a lot easier for everyone, and payment is also conducted through the app too. There’s no need to set up or find additional services, you simply stick to the app.

Payments are broken into four instalments like Afterpay, which keeps costs down, and you’re able to use the Klarna ‘Ghost Card’ for your shopping. That means this card is your main purchasing card, and it is then used to charge your real credit card those four times we mentioned.

Once you’ve paid your instalments, the card expires and you start over for your next product.

PayPal Credit

Offered up by PayPal, the PayPal Credit solution means you’re likely in the best of hands out there.

PayPal Credit supports thousands of stores and products, in fact, just about every store you’ll ever need has some sort of support for PayPal Credit. The purchasing process is also quite easy and all you’ll need to do is buy items valued at over $99 and you’ll receive a 6 month payment period.

There’s no interest here like the other platforms and you’re able to use your existing PayPal account for this service — so set up is easy and you’ve likely already done it.

Zip Pay

Climbing the popularity ladder and landing in most stores online and offline, Zip Pay is another great site like Afterpay. There’s an app here and a website which makes it easy to find a list of websites and products supported by Zip Pay.

There’s an approval process here, like many other platforms, though it’s rather seamless and quick. Once you’ve been approved, you can then move forward purchasing everything and anything you’d like from the Zip website or application.

When it comes to the payment instalments, like Afterpay, Zip will email you a statement of the balance you’re expected to pay off at the start of each month.

You do have a little more flexibility here too, which means you can choose to pay off within four instalments, or over a period of time that you’re able to choose.


One of the payment platforms that you might not have heard of just yet is Quadpay. However, the platform’s simplicity and payment timeframe is going to change that quite quickly.

The “any store, split in four” tagline is a winner in our book, and means you’re able to make a purchase and simply pay it off in four payments as opposed to all up front. A six-week window is offered here for those four payments, so you’ll certainly have time to pay off whatever you’re investing in.

The good news, or a perk rather, is the fact that there is a six-week window rather than two or four. This means Quadpay is our best Afterpay alternative when it comes to cutting back on your weekly or bi-monthly expenses.

To end, there is a Visa Digital Credit Card solution here too. That means you’re able to make use of Quadpay in stores at retailers. The amount you spend will be moved to your Quadpay balance online and slotted into that same four-payment six-week window we mentioned.


To one of the Afterpay alternatives on our list that does feature interest, Affirm is your best bet for those ultra-long payment instalments.

You’re able to make purchases here much like all the other payment services, however, you’ll need to pay interest as the payment time period is up to 12 and 18 months. That said, this option might be better for those very costly purchases or one-off expenses that are a little too much for the family budget.

When it comes to buying online or in store, you can simply check out as normal, however, select the Affirm payment method when you’re paying for your items. This will then set up an Affirm account for you and you’ll be able to move your payments into the Affirm service for your chosen number of months.

Again, there is interest here and that means the final cost will be a little more than the item you’re buying. However for big expenses, or for business owners selling furniture for example, Affirm is a winner.


Another newcomer to the scene is Fingerhut, however, this payment method is designed to help you improve or set up a credit score through instalments.

Like the other platforms on the list, you can purchase and pay later, though the Fingerhut platform will look after you even if you have a poor credit score or don’t have a credit score at all.

Once you start your account with Fingerhut and begin making purchases, you’ll be then able to pay off the item in monthly instalments that are far low enough to stomach. There isn’t a delay in shipping here either, which means you’re able to get your hands on the products right away.

To end, the platform is fast becoming a popular service, which means you’re likely to see this platform supported in more and more places as we go forward. A great perk when it comes to finding a site like Afterpay.


Another one of our great sites like Afterpay is Splitit because of the service’s easy set up and checkout process. Like Afterpay, all you’ll need to do is select Splitit as your payment method and then you’ll be prompted to log into the service.

You’ll have the product/price added to your Splitit account and then you’re able to pay off whatever you’ve spent over the course of a time period you choose. This is great for those who’d like more control of the time to pay.

You can select anything from a few large instalments or even push all the way to an incredible 24 payment instalments. That said, you’re more in control here than with just about every other payment platform out there.

Again, the payment method is interest free, so you’re not increasing the cost of the items you’re purchasing, and there’s no chance of building up fees if you’re taking a little too long to pay — such as choosing the 24 instalment option.

To end, Splitit does come with an intuitive website and a purchasing and checkout process that’s relatively simple when compared to a lot of other solutions out there. That means if you’re new to buying now and paying later, Splitit might be a good place to start.

Future Pay

For our readers who almost exclusively shop online, FuturePay is certainly looking like a winner for you.

This payment solution is our top choice if you’re looking to a payment solution that gives you the chance to pay in instalments without the issue of terms and fees for the service, like some other instalment solutions charge.

There’s a lot more flexibility here too, in that you can pay off your bill in full before the final invoice is sent out. For most customers, however, the minimum $25 per month solution is fine, and that means you won’t make a dent in your bank account with FuturePay on your side.

There’s an option here to extend payments too, which means you can pay a small $1.50 fee and extend your balance or ‘Due’ amount forward a month. You’ll have to make sure that the owing balance is at least $50 though.

Our favourite part of FuturePay is that there’s almost nothing hidden at all. The website is so clear and everything you need to know about your payments and fees. That ensures peace of mind and makes it less stressful to use FuturePay.


With all of those sites like AfterPay out of the way, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a solution that suits your budget and shopping habits the best.

There’s a solution for all shoppers here, and of course, you’re getting the chance to choose your repayment terms on some of these services. That said, if you need a payment solution that works best for you, you’ll find it above.

For our business-owner readers, the sites like AfterPay above for businesses are a great option to give your customers another way to pay for your products.

Make sure to check back on our website for all of our updated sites like AfterPay.


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