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Prefer Night time Work Here Are 12 Jobs for Night Owls

Prefer Night time Work? Here Are 12 Jobs for Night Owls

Many of us are just built to perform more efficiently in the evening, despite what those morning folks with their early morning alarms, a 1 hour Crossfit session, and a handmade breakfast would have you believe.

However, applying your best night owl qualities in a profession might be challenging. Nevertheless, you can find employment suited for night owls if you are keen. We have several suggestions to get you going; most don’t even call for a college diploma.

12 Best Night Shift Jobs for Night Owls

1. Nanny

Prefer Night time Work Here Are 12 Jobs for Night Owls

Working as a nanny has been increasingly rewarding for adults in the past few years. Additionally, you are free to choose the hours you wish to work since you are self-employed. This means that you can just accept evening shift jobs, or you can even be an overnight babysitter for other night shift workers.

According to Care.com, the average hourly wage for a nanny is slightly above $15. You might make more as a night shift nanny.

2. Bartender

Prefer Night time Work Here Are 12 Jobs for Night Owls

Another profession where you can succeed without a bachelor’s degree is bartending, provided you work in the correct setting and are given the appropriate shifts. The good news for night owls is that the night shift yields higher tips. If you currently work throughout the week, bartending might be a terrific part-time second career because weekends are often more productive than weekdays.

What do bartenders truly get paid? It depends on who you ask, but that’s a great question. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, bartenders make only about $20,000 annually on average.

But The Real Barman claims it isn’t even close to the truth because it ignores the bartender’s takeaway from cash tips. According to his poll, bartenders typically make around $46,000 annually, and even that figure is a bit conservative.

All in all, bartending is an excellent way for night owls to support themselves financially.

3. Mail Sorter

Prefer Night time Work Here Are 12 Jobs for Night Owls

The United States Postal Service (USPS) recruits for part-time and full-time roles, including several night-shift jobs, such as mail sorter.

The Post Office recruits scores of seasonal workers each fall in preparation for the busy holiday season for delivery and shipments. Mail sorting is a simple task that pays well and doesn’t call for any prior experience. At 11 p.m., nighttime shifts begin and stop when you finish sorting the mail, which is often between 5 and 7 in the morning.

Typically, these jobs come with no benefits. Therefore, it is an excellent method to supplement your income while working the night shifts; it’s not a career.

4. Registered Nurse

Prefer Night time Work Here Are 12 Jobs for Night Owls

Nursing may be the ideal career for you if you enjoy providing support to people who are dealing with serious health challenges. Hospitals are always open, so working the night shift is always a possibility.

It requires years of dedication and education to acquire your degree, so this is not a profession you want to breeze into. But nursing also pays decently if that’s your passion. Nursing License Map says the average yearly pay for registered nurses in 2019 was $77,460.

5. Limo Driver

Prefer Night time Work Here Are 12 Jobs for Night Owls

Limo driving could be your go-to job if you enjoy driving expensive limousines and can dress up a bit. You must have a flexible work schedule that, in most circumstances, includes working the night shifts and having a clean driving record.

Zip Recruiter says the average salary for a limo driver is $39,000 per year.

6. Air Traffic Controller

Prefer Night time Work Here Are 12 Jobs for Night Owls

Among night shift jobs, this one offers some of the highest wages. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that air traffic controllers make an average yearly salary of $127,920.

The Federal Aviation Administration website says a college degree is unnecessary when becoming an air traffic controller. However, you do need to attend the FAA Academy. The academy costs anywhere between $10,000 and $30,000, depending on your area of residence.

7. Security Guard

Security positions for night shifts are usually pleasant, and some even provide employees time off to engage in non-work-related activities. However, the salary is a drawback.

The typical yearly salary for security guards is only $35,830. They point out that about 10% of security guards earn more than $50,000, so keep an eye out for those higher-paying night positions. You can also gradually work your way up.

8. Firefighter

Prefer Night time Work Here Are 12 Jobs for Night Owls

Firefighters make an average of $55,290 annually, with 25% earning more than $65,980.

The ideal jobs are in locations where you can work lengthy nighttime hours and remain at the fire station until an emergency call comes in. You’re usually free to read, work out, and watch TV on long and slow nights.

Even though firefighters do not view themselves as heroes, they unquestionably are. Without question, we adore our first responders.

9. Pizza Delivery Driver

Prefer Night time Work Here Are 12 Jobs for Night Owls

According to Indeed, the hourly wage for a pizza delivery driver is $16.40. Most establishments only pay the federally mandated minimum wage of $2.13 an hour for tipped employees, so everything is about getting tips.

Nevertheless, working as a pizza delivery driver might earn a decent side income, mainly if you work weekends throughout the night when the tips are higher. Additionally, it is advantageous if your work offers a car or contributes more to your car expenditures.

10. Merchandise Stocker

Prefer Night time Work Here Are 12 Jobs for Night Owls

Every supermarket and big-box retailer employs these uncelebrated heroes of the retailing industry. Thus, there are many openings for these positions. Dozens of jobs connected to merchandise stockers are presently available on Zip Recruiter, with mean annual salaries of around $28,000.

No, working the night shift won’t make you rich, but it can give you a nice little side income while satisfying your need to stay up late.

11. Baker

Prefer Night time Work Here Are 12 Jobs for Night Owls

The steady aroma of freshly made bread and tranquillity. Is there anything nicer than that?

You might require extra education to acquire a job in baking, depending on where you apply. Culinary degrees could be necessary to work as a pastry chef at a fancy restaurant. But if you go to a grocery store or a more regional establishment, you generally won’t need it.

Again, becoming a baker won’t make you wealthy, but if you love doing it, go for it.

12. Freelance Writer

Prefer Night time Work Here Are 12 Jobs for Night Owls

Since you may write whenever you’re at your best, freelance writing is a natural choice to put on our list, even if it can be a profession or a business.  It is well known that renowned authors such as George Orwell, Vladimir Nabokov, and Franz Kafka wrote at night.

Your ability to acquire quality clients and your efficiency level will determine how much money you can expect to make in this vocation.


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