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Paid Surveys Australia 15 Legit Survey Sites for Aussies

Paid Surveys Australia: 15 Legit Survey Sites for Aussies

Completing Australian paid surveys was a crucial component of my additional income strategy when trying to pay off debt.  I would complete internet surveys to supplement my income on the train ride back home.

I took many other measures to improve my income, but taking Australian internet surveys was the most straightforward option.

Opinion World, Pureprofile, and Octopus Group are Australia’s leading paid survey websites. Valued Opinions, Toluna, MyView, and a few smaller specialised businesses like Rewardia and LiveTribe are other trustworthy alternatives.

To help you make additional money and gift cards while having fun, I am sharing my curated list of the leading survey websites in Australia.

Australia’s Top 15 Paid Online Surveys

Australia offers various paid survey opportunities. Listed below are a few of the top-paying survey sites available in Australia.

  1. Opinion World Australia
  2. Octopus Group
  3. Pureprofile
  4. Swagbucks [$5 Sign-up Bonus]
  5. Toluna Influencers
  6. Ipsos MyView
  7. Survey Junkie
  8. Valued Opinions
  9. Rewardia
  10. LiveTribe
  11. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel
  12. YouGov
  13. Lifepoints Australia
  14. MyOpinions
  15. The Panel Station

1. Octopus Group

1. Octopus Group

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Octopus Group, a leading survey site in Australia, says it offers the highest payment in the field.

They claim to pay out $0.28 per minute, or $16.80 per hour, which is significantly more than other research agencies.

They claim to pay out $0.28 per minute, or $16.80 per hour, which is considerably more than other research agencies.

The majority of polls pay between $4 and $8.

Their friend-referral scheme is excellent. You will receive $1 for each person you suggest. Octopus Group continues to pay you $1 for each survey the friend you referred completes until a maximum of $20 for each friend.

That is far higher than the industry standard.

What we love about them: 

  • High earning potential
  • Incredible referral program.
  • Australian-owned and operated.


Octopus Group offers two payment options: discounted gift cards from stores like iTunes, Coles, JB Hifi, etc. (a $20 gift card costs just $19) and direct transfer into your bank account.

2. Opinion World Australia

Opinion World Australia, a worldwide market research company, supported by Survey Sampling International, provides a massive selection of surveys and top-notch incentives.

Opinion World is among Australia’s leading survey websites. Being one of Australia’s top-paying websites, it has established its name in the industry and has a sizable user base.

What we love about them: 

  • Their Signup form is straightforward
  • They have many surveys
  • They are reliable


The minimum requirements for an Opinion World payout are 500 points or $10 in Coles gift cards or iTunes.

Additionally, you may redeem 500 points for $10 to your PayPal.

Target, Woolworths, and Kmart gift cards for $20 and $50 are additional choices.

3. Swagbucks

3. Swagbucks

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Swagbucks is a huge GPT site with much more than simple surveys.

Along with the more conventional means of completing online surveys, you may earn SB points when changing your browser, playing games, watching videos, purchasing products online, receiving cashback, and more.

When you join Swagbucks, you’ll also receive $5 for free.

4. Toluna Influencers

Toluna Influencers

Image Source- Instagram

Toluna is a fun website with much more to offer than mere surveys. You may participate in sponsored surveys to earn more points and daily challenges that increase your chances of winning (disclaimer: some mirror the spin of pokie machines, which tend to be addictive). 

What we love about them

  • A lot more entertaining than standard surveys
  • Many actual surveys.
  • Opportunities for product testing
  • Community aspect


  • E-gift cards and physical gift cards.
  • Payment through PayPal.

Be aware that incentives may only sometimes be paid after the survey has concluded, which may take a few days or weeks after you finish the survey.

Although I’ve never experienced an issue getting the money, it’s a good idea to record everything.

5. Pureprofile


Image Source- Instagram

Pureprofile is among the best cash-paying Australian survey websites. 

Yes, one can earn vouchers, but the best way to pay off debt and save money is to make actual money.

What we love about them

  • A simple dashboard with enjoyable tasks and surveys
  • Mobile responsive.
  • Good pay.


$25 is the minimal cash redemption amount. You can redeem $25 to $50 in a single transaction into your bank account for cash payouts.

The least amount you may exchange for Pureprofile Rewards Cards when you redeem your points is $20.

Pureprofile recently eliminated the revenue ceiling and sixty-day redemption limit.  This implies that as long as your account balance is at least $20, you may redeem as often as you like.

6. Survey Junkie

6. Survey Junkie

Image Source- Instagram

Without Survey Junkie, this updated overview of Australian paid surveys would fall short.

While Survey Junkie is headquartered in the US, it also accepts users from Australia and Canada and is well-known in those nations as one of the best alternatives for paid surveys. This is because of its high payments of up to $50.

An easy-to-use survey platform and a concentration on surveys make things straightforward.

You may withdraw money quickly because their minimum payout is only $10.

7. Ipsos MyView

7. Ipsos MyView

Image Source- Instagram

Register in the Ipsos MyView Panel to participate in surveys to earn Rewards Points.

Ipsos is a multinational market research firm owned and run by experts in the field.

Ipsos conducts interviews in over 100 countries with over 70 million people each year.

What we love about them:

  • There are many fascinating surveys
  • Regular worldwide surveys
  • They are trustworthy


  • Gift cards for well-known retailers, including Dan Murphy’s, Coles, and JB Hifi.
  • Money as $20 EFTPOS vouchers

8. Rewardia

Rewardia is a Bondi Junction-based Get Paid To (GPT) website.

To be completely honest, their surveys could pay better. However, if you enjoy playing online games like memory games, solitaire, spot the difference,  Wordsearch, and blocks, to name a few, you’ll love Rewardia because you can accumulate points by playing games while also earning a small income.

What we love about them

  • Numerous enjoyable games
  • Great prizes, including cash payouts and gift cards
  • Enticing referral program

9. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions

Image Source- Instagram

Valued Opinions has consistently been named one of Trustpilot’s top Australian survey websites for a legitimate reason.

They employ a straightforward monetary system so you can predict your earnings to the actual dollar (their maximum reward per survey is $5; mine often range from $2 to $4).

Valued Opinions only offers gift certificates as a form of payment, which may not be to your taste, but if you can live with it, they’re worth considering.

The Valued Opinions incentives are ideal for stockpiling gift cards for the holidays.

My experience has shown that you can earn $20 monthly with them, and you might make more if you work hard, contributing to a sizable Christmas budget.

What we love about them

  • They just conduct surveys. Therefore, there are no interruptions on the interface—simple, straightforward UI.
  • Pay is excellent, with a cap of $5 per survey.


Only $20 for gift cards, including those to Cole, Woolworths, Myer, Dymocks, JB Hifi, Bunnings, Supercheap Auto, Xbox, and iTunes.

10. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Technically speaking, the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel isn’t a survey website. Even while there may be the occasional payments after taking a survey, you’ll mostly get paid by doing nothing.

You read that correctly; free money!

To monitor how individuals like you and I use our devices, Nielsen needs your aid in anticipating future internet developments. They want people to download software on their computers or mobile apps to achieve this.

It truly is that easy. You must have the program installed for at least 14 days to earn.

11. LiveTribe

11. LiveTribe

Image Source- Instagram

The finest online survey provider in Australia, LiveTribe also keeps its users interested by providing forums, online games, and contests.

What we love about them

  • Incredible rewards
  • Members compete monthly to win $100 cash and a quarterly draw of $5,000.
  • An entertaining website with more than just questionnaires


The incentives from LiveTribe are excellent. Choices include cash in two formats—PayPal or through an EFTPOS gift card, Qantas and Deals Direct,  iTunes, Amazon, and oo.com.au vouchers, and online travel vouchers from Flight Centre.

(Note: We will update this list of the ten best-paid surveys available in Australia as regularly as we can, so if you see any updates that we still need to notice, please notify us.

12. Lifepoints Australia

12. Lifepoints Australia.

Image Source- Instagram

One of the best survey websites in the nation, MySurvey Australia, has a presence worldwide.

They are rebranded as LifePoints worldwide, and the same is true for their Australian survey platform.

They have many devoted customers and pay promptly and competently.

Use them if you want to complete surveys for money throughout Australia.

What we love about them

  • All of the surveys appear to fill up as slowly as others.
  • Many different ways to receive payments.


Lifepoints provide cash through PayPal or gift cards from stores like iTunes, Coles,  Myer, JB Hifi, and more.

13. YouGov

13. YouGov

Image Source- Instagram

YouGov has probably been discussed in the news. Your viewpoint might influence the news because YouGov’s data is frequently covered on media spectrums and disseminated on social media.

Amazing, huh? They’ll notify you when that happens.

What we love about them

  • They frequently have polls on important topics so you may earn money and make a difference.


Gift cards to different retailers, cash sent into your PayPal account and prepaid cards, mobile credits, and donations to charities

14. The Panel Station

14. The Panel Station

Image Source- Instagram

The Panel Station receives good remarks compared to other paid polls in Australia. Global survey platforms always have a wide selection of surveys.

What we love about them

  • The longer you work there, the more money you make.
  • A fantastic smartphone app!
  • Simple value translation from earned points
  • You will be included in a quarterly drawing once you are screened out.


The Panel Station provides a variety of payment methods, including cash through Paypal and Coles gift cards. You may redeem after obtaining 3000 points.

The value of your prize will be put on their dashboard once the survey has ended, so there may be a delay. Even though that is only sometimes the case, this might cause any delays you encounter.

15. MyOpinions

MyOpinions is a branch of Survey Sampling International, a major research firm with several brands, including the previously mentioned Opinion World.

This indicates that they are reliable and frequently have surveys accessible.

What we love about them

  • Gain more rewards by referring your friends.
  • Each survey entry wins a chance to win $5000 in the quarterly drawing.
  • When you take more surveys, your loyalty status allows you to earn more.


  • Gift vouchers
  • Cash via Paypal


A little remark is provided below since I’ve seen many people searching for reviews of Aussie Paid Surveys end up here.

Instead of providing surveys directly, Aussie Paid Surveys registers you for several survey sites like the ones above.

Opinion World, YouGov, LiveTribe, Toluna Influencers, MyOpinions, Lifepoints, Pureprofile, Your Opinion, Valued Opinions, and Rewardia were among the alternatives at the time of our most recent review.

The answer to the question, “Is Aussie Paid Surveys Legit?” truly varies based on what you are searching for.

From what I can tell, this is not a hoax but a firm getting paid to recommend you to survey organisations that then give you surveys directly. Of course, you could easily join the research sites directly without dealing with their emails.

Join up individually with the survey companies that best meet your needs, such as the ones mentioned above.

How to get paid surveys to work for you

Use these brief guidelines to ensure you get the most out of your survey participation.

  1. Complete your profile; a full profile receives more survey invitations.
  2. Be truthful; Most paid survey sites will require you to repeat important facts repeatedly to qualify for surveys. This won’t be a problem if you’re sincere.
  3. Be realistic; earning money via surveys is a nice side income you can get from home. In no way can it take the place of your regular income. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Which Australian Paid Survey Sites Are Credible?

The websites for Australian paid surveys that are featured in this post are all trustworthy. Trustpilot, looking for a formal profile on social media sites, finding contact information on the survey website, and more methods are available to verify the integrity of a survey site.

A few Australian survey firms are mentioned as members on ResearchSociety.com.au, although many reliable survey sites (like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie) are headquartered abroad and aren’t members.

Which Online Survey Sites Pay You?

All of the survey websites mentioned above pay. Before receiving your incentives, ensure you have met your site’s payment requirement. We advise cashing out your money immediately if the chance arises.

How Much Money Can You Earn By Taking Online Surveys?

Survey revenue cannot be used to replace a regular salary. It’s a side job that will earn enough cash to cover presents or other little expenses. Making $25 to $50 a month by doing internet surveys several times per week is doable.

Which Online Survey Site Has The Best Pay?

The Octopus Group promises to be the best-paying platform, which could be the case.

They pay up to $16 each hour, which is more than most sites offer, but other firms offer more surveys. We discovered that Opinion World, Pureprofile, and MyView all provide competitive remuneration.

How Can I Get More Surveys?

You may obtain additional surveys in one of two methods. The first step is ensuring you’ve answered the profile questions completely.

When you first join a new survey site, spending the time required to set up your profile might result in receiving more surveys. Doing more surveys is the second approach to acquiring more requests for surveys.

The surveys will start as soon as you establish yourself as a valuable participant. Of course, your shopping habits, demographic, and survey history—all factors controlled by your profile—determine how this works out for you.


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