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Netflix Alternatives Australia

If you’re like us, then sitting down to binge-watch ten of fifteen episodes of a TV show is the pinnacle of relaxation on weekends or weeknights.

However, with Netflix being so packed with content, it can be hard to find a show to watch or a movie for that matter – and that leaves us scrolling for quite literally hours or more. On top of this, Netflix does only have the rights to so many films and TV shows, and once you run out of your favourites, it’s time to move on.

That said, we have a list below of all the Netflix alternatives in Australia that should certainly land on your smartphone or smartTV this summer! Rest assured, everything’s online, it’s affordable and includes everything from movies, sport, TV shows and documentaries.

Take a look at the best Australian Netflix alternatives below.


Landing at the top spot on our list is the Aussie-based Stan.

If you’ve travelled your local CBD you’ll likely have spotted a hundred billboards touting all of Stans excellent new Originals — and these are why Stan hits number one on our list.

The streaming platform might only be new and costs from just $10 a month, though no one holds a candle to Stan’s Originals. Of course, there’s the Exclusives like Better Call Saul as well as Twin Peaks and Billions, though Stan Originals such as The Gloaming are what make the platform incredible.

On top of this, Stan does have binge-worthy content and sitcoms that you’ll be able to watch for hours on end like Parks and Recreation, The Office and even Seinfeld to name a few.

Netflix can’t boast many of these sitcoms and long-running series as the service primarily focuses on less comedic titles and more on series like Shameless.

In all, with 4K and an affordable price tag, Stan is our top Netflix alternative for Australia.


One of the newest platforms to land in Australia, HBO’s Binge has hit the ground running.

The service comes with a tonne of the most popular TV shows and movies from the US and you’re no longer left waiting days or weeks for them to land on Foxtel.

A few of the more popular titles on Binge that will surely get your attention include Young Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS and much more. On Binge you’re also getting access to real-time access to The Undoing and other wildly popular drama and crime series — again, with no wait time for the series to land on Foxtel.

Coming to Australia in May, Binge is already one of the most popular platforms out there, and this is testament to the great content you’ll find on the service.


Taking a big chunk out of Netflix’s content library for the launch of its own service, Disney has launched Disney+ for Australians, and that means everything from Disney Studios is in one place.

You’ll find Disney+ landing on just about all devices, including AppleTV and the AppleTV App on iOS. There’s support for SmartTVs and of course gaming consoles and tablets too, so you’re likely primed and ready for Disney+.

Essentially, the entire Disney+ service offers up the Disney Classics and all the latest Marvel and National Geographic series that you can handle. The platform is the ultimate service for Disney lovers as you’re getting everything Disney has on offer, all the way back to the 30s.

Disney did only launch their platform in November of 2019, so there isn’t too much on offer when it comes to Disney+ Originals, though all of the content is made by Disney and you can’t find it anywhere else.

To end, it’s one of the most affordable streaming services on the market today, coming in at just $8.99 a month or $89.99 for the whole year. 

Amazon Prime Video

Seemingly flying under a lot of Aussie’s radars, the Prime Video service is another winner in our book, and does come with a tonne of exclusive programming and Prime Originals.

You’ll find some of the binge-worthy titles on this service, like Parks and Recreation and The Office, though only on a routine basis. Prime and Stan seem to share rights to these programs which overlap, so only periodically you’ll find these on one service or the other.

The Originals we spoke of include the Al Pacino TV series and the smash hit Hunters, which is a fan favourite in circles online. You’ll find that there’s the Top Gear spin off, the Grand Tour here too, so there’s plenty of content for the drama lovers, auto junkies and much more.

One standout feature from Prime Video is that the service is bundled into Amazon’s services, so if you’re Prime customer, you’re getting Amazon Music, Prime along with Prime Video.

It’s just $6.99 a month on its own too, which makes it the one of most affordable streaming services in Australia to date.

Kayo Sports

For the sports coverage, nothing comes close to Kayo. If you’re into sports, then Kayo is the be all end all for you.

Developed by Foxtel’s team, Kayo offers up more sport than just about any other service out there. You’ll find all the league games, championship matches and just about every other niche sporting event on the Kayo Sports’ service.

One area the service does lack, though possibly not for much longer, is in the NBA or basketball arena. There aren’t real-time streams just yet, however, with Kayo being steadily improved, it shouldn’t be too long until we see plenty more features and supported sporting events.

The only true downside to the platform is the cost. It does cost more than three times what other streaming services are price at, however, as we’re sure you’ll know — sporting coverage is a little more expensive. And without a doubt, $35 a month remains a steal.


The streaming service that takes quality to a whole new level is the service from Apple.

Coming out of the largest company on the planet, we all expected big things from AppleTV+ and we’re certainly not disappointed. The service is an Originals-only platform, which means only Apple’s content is landing on TV+ and that’s good news.

You’ll find award-winning titles like Morning Wars, Greyhound and Dickinson to name a few, and all of these have been awarded or nominated for countless awards. A good sign for a new streaming service.

Directors such as Steven Spielberg are landing on the platform too, showing that TV+ is really focusing on top-notch content over fast and loose like Netflix.

To end, TV+ is only $7.99 a month, though if you buy a new iPhone or iPad, the service is entirely free for a whole year.

10 All Access

Our final Netflix alternative for Australia is the CBS All Access spinoff, 10 All Access.

Created for the Aussie market, the 10 All Access platform is a winner if you’re a Good Wife-obsessed viewer. This platform is where you’ll find the Good Wife and spinoff series The Good Fight.

There are also a tonne of other CBS titles landing on All Access too, which include Survivor, NCIS and Hawaii Five-0. The Bachelor series also lives on 10 All Access too, so if you don’t have Catch Up or simply want to binge-watch all of your favourite episodes, then All Access is the way to go.

When it comes to pricing, the 10 All Access platform is priced similarly to the other services, at $9.99 a month for their only pricing tier.


With all of those Netflix alternatives above, we’re sure you’ll have no shortage of TV shows and movies to binge this year. Remember, Netflix only have a small portion of the streaming market’s content, and there are a tonne of your other favourite shows spread across Stan, Prime Video and All Access.

A short Google search might also let you know which streaming platform has your favourite show in the result card on the right of the screen.

That said, those are your best Australian alternatives to Netflix!


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