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Is Your Old iPod Worth Any Money?

Is Your Old iPod Worth Any Money

Is it a brilliant idea to sell your old iPod now that Apple has declared it will no longer make the device?


The original iPod was released by Apple in 2001, altering the way people listen to music. Remarkably, Apple devices retain their value over time. Here is the value of your old iPod, from Apple’s antique original to the last 7th generation iPod Touch.

What Is the Price of an iPod?

The model, age, quality, and storage of your iPod will affect its worth. At the other end of the spectrum are iPods with severe aesthetic issues and iPods in good shape, sometimes with substantial storage capacity.


The iPod models are Mini, Classic, Shuffle, Nano, and Touch. If you need assistance recognising your iPod model, visit Apple’s support website.


Based on information gathered as of the date of publication, the projected costs are liable to change. The selling prices are determined by looking at sold and finished listings from auction websites and shopping sites like Amazon and eBay.


The projected value of a damaged iPod should be much cheaper.

iPod Classic

  1. iPod Classic

Cost: $30 to $1,000


The original first model, a component of Apple’s heritage, and the latest two versions are the most significant iPod classics. If any of them are still in their original boxes, they still sell exceptionally well.


Throughout its existence, Apple launched the iPod Classic in six different iterations, with the last one being introduced in 2007 and being phased out in 2014.


Generation Condition and Packaging Cost
1st Good to excellent $200 to $500
1st Original packaging $1,000
2nd Good condition At least $150
2nd Perfect condition with all the accessories $300
3rd Good condition $50 to $100
4th Good condition $36 to $60
5th and 6th Good to like new $60 to $180

  1. iPod Mini

Cost: $20 to $150


The iPod Mini is a popular, compact iPod from Apple that features the renowned Click Wheel. You’ll get a reasonable price if you are selling your iPod Mini in perfect condition in its original box.


Generation Condition and Packaging Cost
All Good condition $20 to $60
All Original box, excellent condition As high as $150

  1. iPod Nano 

Cost: $20 to $350


The Apple iPod Nano, which had lower solid-state flash storage, was the predecessor of the iPod Mini. Throughout its seven incarnations, from 2005 to 2017, the iPod Nano underwent a dramatic change in appearance.


The Nano evolved from a click wheel to a touch screen over time. If an iPod Nano from the first generation is still brand-new and packed in its box, it is valued as a novelty item.


Generation Condition and Packaging Cost
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Sealed, new in box Up to $350
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Used $20 to $60
4th and 5th Good condition $30 to $100
6th and 7th Good condition Starting at $25
6th and 7th Sealed in original boxes Up to $250

  1. iPod Shuffle

Cost: $10 to $160


The absence of a screen on the iPod Shuffle, which was created as a less expensive solution, forced users to resort to a shuffle mode that played songs randomly. Six separate versions stretched from 2005 to 2010.


The most expensive Shuffles are still in their original packaging.


Generation Condition and Packaging Cost
1st Original box $50 to $160
1st No box $10 to $25
2nd Good to sealed $15 to $70
3rd Good to sealed $15 to $80
4th Good $30
4th New, in-box Up to $150

iPod Touch

  1. iPod Touch

Cost: $20 to $600


The iPod Touch was released in 2007 and is still in production as of 2022. The most recent iteration, which was manufactured, had Apple’s A10 Hybrid Processor and up to 256 GB of storage. Depending on the condition, storage capacity, and age of the iPod, prices might vary significantly.


Provided supplies remain, Apple will continue to offer the seventh-generation iPod Touch for up to $400, but this may not last long.


iPod Touch


Generation Condition and Packaging Cost
1st Good condition with original box and all accessories $20 to $50
1st New, in box Up to $600
2nd Good condition $20 to $50
3rd Good condition $20 to $50
4th Good condition $25 to $80
5th New in box, larger capacity Up to $100
6th Good condition $30 to $120
7th Used, good condition $130 to $330

Where Should I Sell My iPod?

Consider an online marketplace like Facebook or the OfferUp program for Android or iOS if you’re trying to sell your used iPods.


They don’t charge you any money, and you may carry out free advertisements. You’ll be responsible for paying any relevant fees and the shipping costs, provided you don’t charge your customer if you designate the iPod as shippable.


Additionally, you may also sell it on eBay. Although it costs, you’ll have to be charged some fee, you’ll reach a large audience when selling your product. Take sharp pictures and market your iPod for a reasonable price.


Find out how much similar iPod models in the same condition and storage capacity are fetching to increase your chances of making a sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an old iPod worth anything?

Depending on its type, condition, age, and storage space, an old iPod’s value can range from $10 to $1,000.

What is an iPod Touch worth?

Depending on the version, the cost of an iPod Touch can range from $20 to $600. One of the first generations may be purchased brand-new and in-box for up to $600, while other versions only manage to make enough money to pay their shipping costs.

What iPods have the highest value?

A sealed first-generation iPod from 2005 has the highest value. 


In good condition, it can be sold for about $1,000. For $600, you can get a brand-new, sealed iPod Touch, while $350 will get you a brand-new, sealed iPod Nano.

But I heard “this” iPod is worth thousands?

Rare versions have been gone for thousands of dollars. Since several of these iPods were first introduced, the marketplace has generally altered.



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