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Instafeet Review Is It Legit and Can You Make Money From It

Instafeet Review 2024: Is It Legit and Can You Make Money From It?

If you want to make money on Instafeet, you’ve come to the right place. Taking images of your feet is a novel approach. Despite its absurdity, it can be a reliable source of extra cash.

Instafeet it’s legal in the USA, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia, among other places. The website started in December 2018 and exclusively offered sale photographs of people’s feet. The site has plenty of demand for foot photos, and the platform doesn’t cap the asking price.

Being a stay-at-home mom and a freelance coach, I enjoy finding and sharing new methods to earn extra money. I enjoy writing. Therefore, this side business is flourishing just as it suits me. I learned of a woman that earns $70,000 a year from selling photographs of her feet.

Getting started on Instafeet is simple; you only need a decent camera to start making money. Learn more about Instafeet and some tips and tricks for maximising your earnings on the platform.

Is Instafeet a Good Way to Make Extra Money?

Instafeet Review Is It Legit and Can You Make Money From It

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You may make money by uploading and selling photos of your feet on Instafeet. The membership website is a great place to sell, buy, and trade pictures of feet. 

Know if Instafeet is real and how much money you can make from posting pictures of your feet before you sign up. People who are fascinated with viewing images of feet are the target audience for this website. 

If you want to make money from your foot photos, you’ll require a creator account on the Instafeet website. You will find exclusive services on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and its dedicated channels.

Who Are the Instafeet Content Creators?

Users must be 18 or older to join, but there’s no cost to sign up. Men aren’t permitted to share their feet on this site. Most users are women who either sell or buy images they took. (foot fetishism).

Female-targeted content buyers that openly distribute their work online to anyone curious in the market.

Direct bank deposits or credit cards are acceptable payment methods for subscription fees if you become a feet photo vendor.

Can One Trust Instafeet?

Instafeet Review Is It Legit and Can You Make Money From It

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You can trust Instafeet.com to sell your photos. The United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand permit it. Launched in December 2018, the website exclusively offers photographs of people’s feet for sale. 

The site has a high demand for foot photos, and the platform doesn’t cap the asking price. But you should sell your foot photos for as little as possible if you’re an artist. You can see how your prices stack up against the competition. 

Creating a seller account and deciding how much to charge for your photos is free. Only 10 per cent of candidates are accepted into Instafeet, and the company has zero tolerance for cyberbullying.

You can also remain anonymous when selling your foot photos on Instafeet because it is a private platform. Instafeet’s slow approval process and customer service are two of the company’s drawbacks. 

The good news is that anonymity is guaranteed with Instafeet. In addition, your subscription list is the only group to see your foot art.

Instafeet: Safe or Not?

Instafeet Review Is It Legit and Can You Make Money From It

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A lot of websites whose sole purpose is to make people’s lives miserable. You won’t find anything like it on Instafeet. 

Instead, it offers its customers a pleasant and secure environment by going above and above in terms of security and even enabling user anonymity using encryption techniques.

There are no public features on Instafeet. Your account is unique and invisible to anyone who hasn’t signed up for the service, so don’t give out your login information to anyone else.

Instagram has taken precautions against cyberbullying by allowing users to adjust their privacy settings and prevent strangers or possible predators from viewing their posts without their knowledge.

Are Pictures of Feet Legal to Sell?

Instafeet Review Is It Legit and Can You Make Money From It

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Selling photographs of feet is accepted and even promoted in some nations. In other contexts, it may prove a lucrative business model, with consumers willing to pay for high-quality material. 

The restriction is typically based on a country’s religious norms or minimum age requirement.

Still, those usually need to be clearer regarding the internet and online commerce.

To What End Does Instafeet Serve?

Instafeet Review Is It Legit and Can You Make Money From It

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Photos of your feet can be bought, sold, and traded on Instafeet. It’s a worldwide network of people who have a passion for this area of study and exchange information and ideas. Instafeet is open to anybody over 18 and requires no prior experience or skill.

To have a Creator Profile on the platform, users must produce unique material, such as photos or films of themselves, using our platform’s foot camera. When joining up, be sure to provide your real name and address.

The organisation does not favour any particular group and welcomes applications from everybody. However, just 10% of new users are accepted into this social network.

An administrator writes on the site’s FAQ page regarding filing applications to join this private site, “To boost chances at acceptance, you must submit a valid ID for authentication purposes.”

Members assist one another in making money by sharing photographs taken under certain conditions, such as increasing the frequency with which photographs are posted or commenting with descriptive remarks.

The key to success on Instafeet is to charge a fair amount for a monthly subscription. Price points are between $5 and $10 monthly, with the lower end being preferable if you’re serious about making money off your account.

Once everything is set up, instafeet will provide you with a personal email address and a shareable link via platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Paying customers can access their favourite photos and movies from any computer, anytime, anywhere globally.

How Much Money Can You Earn Using Instafeet?

Instafeet Review Is It Legit and Can You Make Money From It

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Driving traffic and encouraging subscriptions are two quick ways to generate income. After purchasing Instafeet, you’ll need a few photographs to be sent to your inbox immediately. 

Within 24 hours, they will be reinstated in circulation if sufficient demand is met. (giving another chance at earning).

It’s time for YOU to start crushing this game, too!; why don’t we peek around and see how the top earners are doing it?

Starting your photo pricing on Instafeet from $5 to $100 per image is recommended, as there is a chance that one of your four subscribers may be willing to pay $70 for a single photo.

If you’re an Insta feet worker, you’ll get paid twice a month, on the 1st and the 15th. After deducting their fee, the remainder of your earnings will be deposited into your account immediately.

How Your Money Will Be Disbursed

Instafeet Review Is It Legit and Can You Make Money From It

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To get paid by Instafeet, you’ll need a PayPal account. They will see to it that you are compensated expeditiously for your efforts. There is no need to send bills or packages through the mail because everything is handled digitally.

How to Make Money with Instafeet by Posting Foot Photos

  1. Register a seller profile. Sign up for a vendor account by completing the form provided. You must provide personal information (such as your name and email address) and confirm that you agree to their terms of service and privacy statement.
  2. Next, submit your application and wait for the approval. The application process is time-consuming. It’s only possible to accept some applications.
  3. Create a Profile and Login. Upon acceptance, you must create and log in with a profile. If then, you’re all set to go.
  4. Putting up content is the fourth step; now is the chance to strut your stuff. As soon as you’ve signed up and been confirmed, share photos from 5-10 feet with your followers.
  5. Decide on a price. Do not price it so high that you turn away potential customers. A cost of around $10 would be reasonable.
  6. Select A Personalized Link. Sharing your exclusive link on other platforms will increase exposure to your work.
  7. Advertise Yourself.  Sharing your content on other platforms can help you get exposure and subscribers, boosting your revenue.

How Do I Start a Business on Instafeet?

Instafeet Review Is It Legit and Can You Make Money From It

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To make money from your foot photos, you must sign up for Instafeet. Keep in mind that application submission is mandatory but does not guarantee acceptance. A photograph of your identification document is also required. 

To set prices, new users must upload at least five-foot photos. This is a proven strategy. Vendors start with a $5 to $10 asking price. Increase your prices as you upload high-quality photos. 

Is Instafeet Open to All Vendors?

Anyone above the age of 18 can list items for sale on Instafeet. You can join the platform at no cost if your application is accepted. Approval usually occurs within a few weeks. If accepted, the seller account information will be emailed to you.

When Will I Be Paid, and How?

Instafeet Review Is It Legit and Can You Make Money From It

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Instafeet releases funds on the first and fifteenth of every month. Like any other small business owner, you must report such income on your taxes.

If you want to pay for something outside of Instafeet, you can use Venmo, PayPal, cash App, etc.  Make sure it is a different account from your main account. And if someone asks you to transfer funds between accounts, cut ties immediately; they’re probably trying to defraud you.

Accept Gift Cards as Payment

If you prefer to avoid using mobile payment apps, gift cards are a simple alternative. A Mastercard or prepaid Visa is your best option. Amazon gift cards are also an excellent option because practically everybody owns an Amazon account.

How Does it Work?:

Instafeet Review Is It Legit and Can You Make Money From It

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A customer contacts you about purchasing unique photographs; you request an Amazon gift card in exchange. The customer sends you the gift card’s unique code; you use it to buy another gift card, and finally, you send the customer photographs of their feet. 

This strategy will prevent them from reversing the payment after you’ve already submitted the photos.

PayPal is another option (most people these days have an account). Don’t use your regular one; obtain a new one just for this business. While at it, check out the entertaining methods for generating free PayPal funds.

Can I Make Money Without Spending Any Money on Promoting My Feet Photos?

Instafeet Review Is It Legit and Can You Make Money From It

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You will need to spend some money, though a little. However, things might rapidly escalate.

What would be the cost of maintaining your beautiful feet? Would it entail expenses such as weekly pedicures, refreshing the polish every week, henna art decoration on the ankle, foot peel treatment, ankle bangles, or stylish footwear to accentuate your assets?

These items are what you need to keep your feet and toes in shape so you can start opening your pocketbook.

  • With over 39,000 reviews, Baby Foot has earned a perfect 5-star rating.
  • Nail Polish Set – 15 Glossy and Trendy Colors Conair Waterfall Foot Pedicure Spa Electric Foot Callus Remover
  • Stunning sandals and jewellery to use barefoot.

Should you invest in a high-quality camera, video editing software, and supplementary lighting for the commercial component of your project? If you still need a proven customer base, it’s best to start small and build from there.

Initially, an excellent camera is optional; a phone will serve just fine. But if you enter this field and succeed, you should spend some of your earnings on a beginner digital single-lens reflex camera. 

The Canon Cameras is one of the top picks for first-time photographers, according to TechRadar. Check it out at Amazon, or see if you can buy it for less at Walmart.

A phone tripod with a ring light, a timer, and a good backdrop like a faux fur blanket may make things much more manageable.

Who Exactly Is Purchasing Instafeet Material? 

There is considerable interest in obtaining pictures of my toes. Furthermore, regional preferences may depend on where you reside and your work.

Among such customers are: 

1. Online Stock Photography Agencies

Some of your most lucrative markets for feet photos are stock photography websites. The websites publish images for personal and commercial projects, for instance, brochures, by placing an order through the site’s image library.

The publisher may purchase the rights to specific images you submit so that they can be used prominently throughout all these pages with minimal copyright infringement worries and easy access if these stock photos are needed.

2. Feet Lovers

According to the available data, males are far more likely to have a foot fetish or sexual interest involving feet. However, a sizable subset of people, primarily women, have a passion for your feet and enjoy looking at them.

In addition, affluent customers make up a sizable portion of the feet market. If they can figure out how to keep their clients pleased, it’s easy to imagine them making hundreds of dollars daily in tips.

3. Foot Modeling Agencies

Agencies representing models hunt for photos of attractive feet. When seeking new models or advertising their current roster, they show off their imagination using photo magazines. Consequently, they constitute a sizable portion of the photography market of feet.

Instafeet: How Much Money Can I Make?

Your earnings on Instafeet will be proportional to your subscribers and the pricing you set. The more people who sign up, the more earnings you will make. If you’re just starting, you can charge $5 per image. Ten new subscribers equal $50 in your pocket. 

You can gradually raise your prices by earning more followers and uploading more photos. Members of Instafeet can demand as high as $100 for a photo of their feet. Purchasing a high-quality camera will enhance your work and allow you to charge more. 

Instafeet collects money from subscribers and pays the vendor. The first and fifteenth of every month are set aside for payments. In addition, 10% of all profits are taken as a commission. 

There are better ways to go than undercharging to make a living as a photographer. A modest budget will suffice for your initial efforts in this approach. 

Can You Make Money on Instafeet by Posting Pictures of Your Feet?

It doesn’t cost anything to sign up for Instafeet or share content with the community. Creators are unlimited in the number of foot photos they can upload. Subscription costs apply when you see other users’ profiles. 

To subscribe to a user’s feed, click the “Subscribe” button on their profile.

Your sales of foot photos will generate a cut for Instafeet. They take 10% of your income, which is standard for foot-selling websites. The website clarifies that the fee is for handling credit card transactions and keeping customer accounts active. 

How Much of Your Instafeet Pay Is Taxable?

You should report any money you make through Instafeet to the IRS like any other small business. Keep your funds and your payment account completely separate. 


The IRS will treat you as a business owner and force you to pay self-employment tax. Earnings from selling foot photos on Instafeet won’t qualify as W-2 wages but rather as business revenue. 

Is Instafeet a Reliable and Secure Option?

All Instafeet accounts are secure and can only be viewed by paying users. There is no requirement to post photos of yourself or reveal any other private details.

 If you plan on making money off your feet photos on Instafeet or any other site, keeping your identity a secret is in your best interest.

Instafeet collects payments from buyers and disperses them to merchants. Users are safe on the site since it prevents fraud. 

However, Instafeet will retain your financial and personal information. It is recommended that payments be made from a dedicated business checking account. 

Never give up your financial or social media account information. Start using a pen name on social media to advertise your Instafeet account.

Instafeet’s Ground Regulations

Instafeet’s website lays out the criteria in detail:


  • Apply lotion to your toes and feet.
  • Get rid of unwanted hair by plucking.
  • Do some colouring and a pedicure.
  • Include both headshots and photos of your feet.
  • Add rings and bracelets.


  • Two artists can use one profile.
  • Create several accounts.
  • Put up stock photos or photos of low quality.
  • Include only images of your face or your feet.

Does Instafeet Require Me to Post a Photo of My Face?

Although Instafeet’s policy does not require it, most customers want to see a photo of the person behind the foot.

 As a result, Instafeet allows you to go faceless if you desire. This policy is optional, although there may be benefits to flaunting it. Understandably, many shoppers prefer to know exactly whose foot they’re buying.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine if being completely open with prospective clients or consumers will yield positive results in the long run.

Instructions for Reaching Instafeet’s Help Desk

You can contact Instafeet whenever you need assistance. They have prompt responses for all consumers so nobody is left in the lurch when they need help. In addition, if you have any issues after utilising our service, please email [email protected] to contact our support team.

Advantages of Instafeet

Instafeet is a popular photo-selling platform, and its emphasis on user anonymity is a big reason why. People who have used or purchased images from the site have nothing but good things to say about it.

Payments made with PayPal are instant and hassle-free; you can specify the recipient’s nationality to streamline international wire transfers.

This site’s high Alexa ranking is a definite plus. Even though it only gets a few visitors since it’s such a niche, the fact that it’s one of the only places where people can purchase and sell images of their feet makes it well worth checking out.

Problems with Instafeet

The concern is natural in response to the introduction of a brand-new platform. Some users have complained about the platform. Since its inception in 2018, however, few reports of widespread deception have existed.

One possible explanation is that, unlike competing platforms, this allows users to become part of an invitation-only private community that facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers. This reduces the potential for loss in case of a problem with your purchase. 

Several users have complained about the service speed. All reports indicate, however, that they have things under control, except for these rare but annoying occurrences.

What Should I Do to Protect My Instafeet Account?

  1. Maintain an air of professionalism when dealing with potential buyers. The internet is rife with stalkers and other kinds of creeps. Since you don’t know much about your subscribers, keeping private information private is best. Take pictures of your feet in a setting that won’t leave your location.
  2. Create a profile with a random name. Although Instafeet is a secure platform, maintaining your anonymity is a priority. Numerous identity theft and fraud cases have been reported; users should exercise caution.
  3. Don’t take cash gift cards at this time. Pay for your Instafeet subscription with PayPal, Cash App, or our other trusted payment partners. 
  4. Only reveal your real face if you feel safe doing so. Some of your followers may be interested in seeing your face even though it’s not required on Instafeet. The highest-paid professionals post selfies.

Is An Instafeet Profile Pic Or Face Required?

Without revealing your identity, you may make money off Instafeet by selling photos of your feet. Instafeet’s anonymity features make it ideal for selling pictures of one’s foot. There is a market for faceless foot photos. 

However, putting on a brave front might pay dividends. Since you can’t know the buyer’s intentions, you choose an anonymous sale of your feet photos. Many people feel uneasy when they are forced to reveal their identity. 

Besides your feet, Instafeet is not the place to share photos of any other areas of your body. The most remarkable thing about Instafeet is that you are paid without revealing your identity. 

After all, if you want to get signed with a modelling agency or a publishing company, they will only care about your feet. 

Top Mobile and Web Resources for Marketing Footshots

The market for feet pics is booming. And it’s not like people suddenly become obsessed with feet. We’ve discovered new ways to exchange them and make our evenings.

If you think other people will appreciate your feet as much as you do, you may be standing on a passive revenue source.

In what stores can I find a buyer for my foot photos? Is it to a friend or acquaintance who shares your interest in feet photos, a business that could benefit from them, or to one of the many online marketplaces where purchasers are always waiting?

In this article, I will describe some of the most significant websites and applications to sell feet images and how each one operates.

1) Instafeet

Sellers on Instafeet do not pay a monthly fee, but purchasers do. This factor is its main differentiation from Feetfinder, which requires a seller subscription.

You can sign up for Instafeet by creating a profile and uploading photos of your feet. You can expect to receive 90% of your earnings each month.

Reviews have stated that you can make up to $500 daily. However, this process takes some time and data uploading.

You’d need a seriously effective marketing strategy and to make full use of the site’s earning potential to make that kind of money right away after signing up.

2) Feetify

When discussing places online to buy images of people’s feet, Feetify must inevitably come up. Feetify’s singular focus is, unsurprisingly, on selling photographs of feet.

It may have fewer users than Instafeet or Feetfinder, but it’s a legitimate option.

You’ll appreciate it because you can upload pictures of both male and female feet. There are e-commerce platforms like Instafeet that cater only to women vendors.

Over 150,000 people are currently using Feetify. Optimise your experience by making a captivating profile, adding some good photos of your foot, and paying for the premium membership.

3. Foap

It has come to light that big app shops would not accept feet pic apps onto their platforms because they encourage or specifically target fetishism.

At least, that’s what the app Feetfinder says. Foap, which can be downloaded from both the App Store and the Google Play Store, is an exception.

The Foap app makes sharing photos of your feet from your mobile device easy. Once your photographs become online on the marketplace, they are immediately available for purchase, and you can resell them to multiple buyers.

Foap missions are periodic picture challenges set up by well-known companies like Nivea and MasterCard and are available within the app.

While it’s doubtful that you’ll get feet pic challenges consistently, the app’s random nature suggests you consider it only partially.

Photos cost $10 each. The business deducts $5 and credits your Foap account with the rest. The funds will automatically be transferred to your account on PayPal.

4. OnlyFans

Despite claims to the contrary, have you heard how much Tyler Posey, Liz Cambage, Erica Mena, Amber Rose, etc., are making through OnlyFans?

For selling feet photos, I recommend the website OnlyFans because it allows you to build a dedicated following. These followers contribute regular funds in exchange for access to your material. Good work can earn you up to $100 in tips per piece of content.

Visit the OnlyFans webpage and sign up to get started. Free and quick. Gaining an audience is the most challenging aspect. That’s probably why so many people think poorly of it.

Building a sizable fan base on social media and search engines takes time and money. Once you begin to accumulate wealth, there is no turning back.


Compared to other feet image platforms, Feetpics.com goes above and beyond simply being a marketplace for selling pictures of your precious possessions. Members can enhance their photography and promotional abilities through the Feetpics Academy.

The site requires a monthly subscription charge to use its features. The highly informative Feetpics eBooks are available at a reasonable price of $29 each

Nothing but the law of supply and demand can restrict your salary choices. And there are several ways to get that cash, including bank wires, Amazon gift cards, Bitcoin, and PayPal.

Before establishing your prices, research how other merchants set them.

6. Dollarfeet

Dollar Feet is more of a client service than an online marketplace compared to competitors like Instafeet, Feetfinder, and Feetpics. It’s a straight sale from you to them. Even though the site’s requirements for photo quality are laughable, it does pay foot models.

So, how are the photographs utilised? To be sure, you can resell them. I found that wantfeet.com is Dollar Feet’s preferred online marketplace for used sales.

You have to be a woman to join Dollar Feet. Second, you need to have stunning foot beauty. Finally, you’ll need to be comfortable sending videos of your feet showing your face.

The average pay for a 10-minute video on the platform is between $10 and $15. Membership is not necessary.

7. WikiFeet

Just like many other websites, wikiFeet had humble beginnings. The website has evolved from a simple gallery for discussing and ranking celebrity feet to a full-blown marketplace to browse, buy, and sell pictures of your feet.

According to ratings and comments left by buyers and sellers, it’s possible to earn several hundred dollars every month by simply starting each day by photographing one’s foot, discarding any undesirable shots, and posting the best ones.

The site’s three million monthly visitors should be enough incentive to compensate for the absence of onboard communication and escrow services capabilities.

The site acts as a meeting place for buyers and vendors. WikiFeet is not responsible for their future interactions. If you’re trying to boost views on your feet photo listings elsewhere, this is a fantastic way.

8. Zazzle

Many people in the foot modelling industry use Zazzle, a print-on-demand website, to boost their revenue.

Its unique design and functionality set it apart from other sites and apps that sell pictures of feet, making it popular among a subset of feet lovers.

Models don’t deal with individual photo buyers. They upload the images to the internet and then charge customers who want to buy merchandise using those images, such as coffee mugs and t-shirts.

The upside of this strategy is that it allows you to make money for the duration as your image is in demand and Zazzle remains around. In contrast to Foap, the website does not set rates for your photos. You have complete control over pricing.

When someone buys a product featuring your feet photo, Zazzle will send you a royalty check. If your balance is $50 or more, you can request a PayPal withdrawal; if it’s $100 or more, you can request a check payment.

9. Instagram

Whenever you open Instagram, mayhem ensues in your feed. The entirety of the app consists of a never-ending stream of media from random people you may or may not know. The question this raises is, how can you make money off of Instagram photos of feet?

Creating a specific Instagram account, uploading photographs, and directing viewers to your website or listing is the quickest and easiest method.

Since anybody can download the photographs, it’s not a good idea to post ones you won’t use. While keeping your best photos under wraps is essential, it’s also vital to ensure the images you share on Instagram accurately reflect your work

10. Printify

Like Zazzle, Printify allows you to create personalised photos. Photos and designs are printed on tote bags, clothing, and home goods and sold to the public for profit.

It’s a print-on-demand service that lets you submit any image. You must conform to the site’s quality requirements, influencing buyers’ choices.

Like any other artist on Printify, foot models get to decide which goods their work is printed on.

They may see the final product’s appearance and edit the colours before selling it with a built-in Mockup Generator.

Both the free and premium versions of Printify allow for seamless connection with popular marketplaces like Etsy, Shopify, and eBay.

11. Personal Website

If you want to make money from pictures of people’s feet, your best bet is to host them on your website. The time and energy required to build and maintain a website discourage many people from pursuing this option.


They need to see that websites provide them independence and make them look like experts in their field. You can post several images whenever you like without dealing with arbitrary constraints.

It’s also unlikely that you’ll lose money selling feet pictures on your website for a year compared to using a membership service.

That isn’t to say that going it alone will be a bed of roses, though. There will be no need to split profits or comply with outside regulations, but substantial marketing expenditures will be necessary to see any success.

12. Etsy

Etsy is an online shop where you can buy and sell unique, handmade stuff. There are over 80 million customers, some of whom would be tempted to buy a professionally shot picture of feet.

It will cost you $0.20 to upload a single picture of your feet. If the photo sells, Etsy will take 5% of the proceeds. There are no additional fees of any kind.

My favourite feature is Etsy’s ability to boost your product’s ranking in search results. If you use the proper keywords in an organic search, your image might appear on the top page of Google’s search results in no time.

I also enjoy that there are several other ways to pay on the site, like credit cards, gift cards, and Etsy credit.

13. Craigslist

Regarding online marketplaces, Craigslist ranks as one of the first. More than 250 million people visit the site every month and spend an average of 14 minutes there.

You can still post and sell feet photos on Craigslist, even though the site’s personal classifieds area has been gone for a decade.

If a buyer and seller have a dispute, Craigslist will not get involved. Only a little is decided for you automatically, except whether or not to use PayPal or a bank transfer to fund your account.

Please be aware that you must pay a minimum fee of $3  for each post you create.

14. TikTok 

TikTok is an excellent platform for selling your feet pictures, as it is accessible in over 150 countries to everyone over 13.

It’s up to you to determine how to make the most of the site’s 50 million plus daily users, even though it lacks a picture marketplace or any marketplace.

Using trending hashtags is a simple strategy that can increase your reach. For example, “Feet r us” has been seen more than 7.5 billion times. There are a plethora of other hashtags you may use.

Unfortunately, the massive platform will not process your funds, leaving you vulnerable to crooks. TikTok is a free marketing platform that may be the missing piece of the puzzle if you can drive traffic to your listings in actual marketplaces elsewhere.

Criticisms of Instafeet

In the same way that other websites selling pictures of feet online have garnered both favourable and lousy feedback, so has Instafeet. With only a 2.2 rating out of 5, Instafeet doesn’t look like much of a service. 

Roughly eighty-five per cent of new users are sceptical because they see it as a “novice photo industry.” The site’s need for Better Business Bureau accreditation further hurts its reputation among users hoping to make a buck from their foot photos.

Cons of Instafeet

  1. It’s not open to just anyone. Before you become a member of Instafeet, you must send an email requesting permission from the administrator. Your request could be processed in as little as a week and as much as three. 

The company claims that only 10% of people who apply to Instafeet have their applications accepted. 

  1. Security of data issues: Most new users are wary about giving away their private information because of negative reviews. Several reviewers have mentioned that to use Instafeet, you must provide photos of yourself, including your face, driver’s license, and ID. 

They are disappointed that they did not hear anything further from Instafeet after finishing the registration process — instafeet stores financial and personal details. 

  1. Some users worry that the personal information collected by Instafeet could fall into the hands of cybercriminals who operate scam websites.

Negative comments of a similar nature can be seen on websites like Quora and Reddit. 

  • Users’ biggest gripe about websites is that they frequently experience technical difficulties. 
  • They have frequent issues with slow loading times, glitches, and unhelpful support staff. 
  • There is no toll-free number listed for customers to call to get in touch with Instafeet’s support staff. It has terrible customer service and no “About Us” or “Contact form” pages. 
  1. Members’ profiles on Instafeet are constantly under scrutiny. Instafeet may terminate your account if it detects inactivity.
  2. I am not nearly a social media user. Another drawback is that Instafeet needs a social media following. In addition, most of their messages are restricted to regulating the registration process.

The company only has ten tweets to their name after joining in April 2022. The entire series of ten tweets occurred on a single day. 

The Plus of Using Instafeet

There are some drawbacks to Instafeet, but overall, it’s a great platform. 

  1. Instafeet has zero entry fees. Members are not required to pay any money to join the group other than the time it takes to fill out the required information forms. 
  2. Anyone is welcome to sign up for Instafeet. The marketplace is open to users worldwide. To prevent being dismissed throughout the reviewing process, provide truthful information. Since there is little to stop you from getting started making money on Instafeet, doing so is simple.
  3. A sizable group of purchasers and vendors is regularly in the marketplace. 

The service is secure and legitimate. Your information will never be sold or given out by Instafeet. 

  1. Instafeet is a great side hustle if you’re trying to supplement your income. There are no minimum payout requirements, and members can set their timetables.


Can You Make a Living by Selling Pictures of Your Feet Online?

Even though selling pictures of people’s feet won’t make you rich, it is a reliable way to supplement your income. 

You can use the extra cash to pay for minor costs. One legitimate use of free time is to sell pictures of one’s feet online. Most importantly, having a quality camera increases your odds of earning a sustainable living wage. 

On average, you can expect to make about $5–$100 per foot. Making more money is simple if you’re willing to think outside the box.

How Do You Collect Your Instafeet Payout?

Payments to Instafeet members are made twice monthly. Monthly payments begin on the first and continue on the fifteenth. Instafeet deducts commissions from your earnings before sending the payment to your account. 

You can also choose to be paid by alternatives to your Instafeet account, such as Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, and others. If you don’t want to or can’t use one of these services, you can still be paid: using gift cards.

Is There a Market for Hand Photographs on Instafeet?

You can only sell photographs of feet on Instafeet. Posting foot videos is another great way to boost your income. 

However, authors cannot monetise images of other bodily parts under company policies. Since Instafeet is a legitimate business, it does not tolerate sexually explicit posts.

How Do I Sell on Instafeet? What Are the Guidelines?

On Instafeet, creators can buy and sell foot photos under the same account. Pictures of your face and your feet should both be clear and genuine.

Sellers should clip any hairs from between their toes and moisturise their feet before submitting photos of their feet. Nail polish and foot jewellery are acceptable. A government-issued photo ID is required for vendor registration.

Conclusions and Recommendations for Instafeet

Anyone wishing to supplement their income might consider using Instafeet. It’s completely free to join, and all we ask for in return is a couple of photos of your feet. 

If you’re a woman over 18, you should check it out. Just make sure you abide by the site’s stated guidelines.

The website’s customer base includes individuals interested in feet as well as those in related industries such as shoe manufacturing and fine art. Producing high-quality photos can enhance your profile and, subsequently, draw in more followers.

You can sell pictures of your feet on other websites if Instafeet doesn’t accept you. When making money online, have you considered selling pictures of your feet? Where do you recommend posting foot photos to make the most money? 


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