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Free Samples Australia 50+ Freebies and Samples Up for Grabs!

Free Samples Australia: 50+ Freebies and Samples Up for Grabs!

Most people dislike checking out their mailboxes because they’re often filled with advertisements and bills. But this is not the same for people who have signed up for freebies and samples from different sites in 2023.

Despite prices of household commodities skyrocketing, you can still get free treats from different brands. Companies still need customers to test their goods before deciding to buy them.

Experts have scoured the companies offering the best free samples to Aussies. These freebies range from foodstuff to beauty products.

Review sites frequently seek out users willing to try new products and give genuine opinions in return. As a result, you’ll receive free samples of fantastic products. However, you’re advised to do more research about the websites.

50+ Places to Get Free Samples in Australia

Here’s a list of places to request free samples of products before committing to a purchase. You won’t have to worry about spending money on something that might not work out, and you can just sit back and wait for the letter carrier to deliver your freebies.

Although the items on this page are free, you may be asked to pay for handling and shipping when you submit your application.

Free Trials

1. Amazon Prime

1. Amazon Prime

Image Source- Instagram

Amazon Prime offers a free 30-day trial for its new members.

In addition to Prime Video (currently the best streaming platform), you can also access Prime Reading, Amazon Music, and free two-day shipping on all orders. You are free to end your subscription at any time.  

Health and Beauty Free Samples

2. Chemist Direct

2. Chemist Direct

Image Source- Instagram

Chemist Direct is one of the leading companies that give gifts to Aussies. This company includes up to ten sachets or mini bottles of random goods with every order to offset the shipping cost. 

These freebies are included with your shopping. Some common commodities in their goodie bags are samples of Curash, eczema cream, and foot balm. You can get free samples of Australian products when you make a purchase online.

3. GAIA Skin Naturals

3. GAIA Skin Naturals

Image Source- Instagram

GAIA Skin offers free infant product samples from popular brands in Australia. 

Only Australian addresses are eligible for this promotion, and each participant can only get one sample set.

To obtain a free set of baby care products from GAIA, complete the request form and send it to the company. Include a signed, self-addressed mail. So, sign up today to grab some free baby stuff.

4. Molton Brown

4. Molton Brown

Image Source- Instagram

Molton offers toiletries, including scents and presents, for both sexes. Every online order comes with a free monthly sample of a different product line.

5. Andalou – Face Mask

5. Andalou – Face Mask

Image Source- Instagram

After signing up, this site allows you to select from one (of four) freebies of high-end cosmetics in Australia. The free samples include creams designed to revitalise, soothe, and heal. Even better, shipping is on the house for all Australian orders over $50. 

6. Sephora

6. Sephora

Image Source- Instagram

Like Adore Beauty site, Sephora throws in freebies with every purchase.

You can get a free sample with your order if you put it on while checking out. Presently, there are four goods from which to choose. Sephora reserves the right to provide you with a similar sample if they run out of the one you requested. 

7. Kiehl’s

7. Kiehl’s

Image Source- Instagram

Get your hands on three free samples from Kiehl’s anywhere in Australia. The goodies are available whether you’re looking to buy a men’s or women’s grooming or health item. Pick whichever appeals to you most. If your order is over $35, delivery is free! 

8. Bulk Nutrients

8. Bulk Nutrients

Image Source- Instagram

This site has many free protein products for Australian. For the moment, Bulk Nutrients can only ship to Australian addresses. New Zealand customers must use an Australian mailing address to grab some freebies.

9. Natralus

9. Natralus

Image Source- Instagram

By paying the $2 shipping and handling fee, Natralus can send free samples of their best products to your doorstep. Natralus packages come with all sorts of delights from the Hand and Skin Shield line.

10. Black Box

Australians living in New South Wales, Victoria, and Canberra can now enjoy gifts from Black Box Australia.

To join this site, simply complete a profile, and if you’re a good fit for a particular product, you may get a black mystery box. The goods and services offered may include anything from food and beverages to medicine and cosmetics.

11. BASIX Skin Repair

11. BASIX Skin Repair

Image Source- Instagram

You may acquire a free sample of Basix’s best-selling Skin Repair lotion by filling out a short online form, which takes just minutes. 

12. Fanola

12. Fanola

Image Source- Instagram

Fanola is an innovative Italian haircare company that creates cruelty-free, sulphate-, paraben-free, and silicone haircare products for both men and women. It is available at Adore Beauty, one of the top picks for online beauty retailers in Australia. If you sign up for the Fanola email, you’ll get a freebie of their shampoo and masks.

Free Baby Product Samples

13. Little Organics

For just $1, Little Organics allows Australians to get their hands on free baby product samples like creams, sachets, baby formula, starter kits, or AromaBaby Barrier Balm. The dollar is the postage fee.

14. Oli6  

Oli6 is a famous Australia-based company that manufactures dairy goat milk for babies. Through its “refer a friend” initiative, the company sends freebies to kids under one year. 

After accepting your trial request, Oli6 promises to ship out toddler trial packs within five days. When filling out the registration form, please indicate any special delivery requirements. The company will send one freebie pack to each Australian household. 

All you have to do is pay the $2 cost of sending it.

15. Huggies

Huggies delivers free diapers and pull-ups to families who join their site. The company had put on hold while Covid-19 was going on, but they are back to business. Sign up today and stand a chance of getting free baby stuff.

16. BabyLove

Free trial products from BabyLove are now available to all Australians. The website makes it easy to select the appropriate size of diapers, pull-ups, and other baby care goods. When you click on the product of your choice, you will receive a questionnaire to input your details. 

Sample shipping times from this company might range from 5-20 working days. The freebies from BabyLove are only for Aussies. 

17. Blackmores Toddler Milk Drink

A free sample pack from Blackmores Toddler is available to anyone registered on their website. Blackmores buys milk from Australian farmers, so you can trust that their products are healthy.

18. Natures Child

Nature’s Child will send free products to any Australian who sends requests when they order. Each month brings a new batch of free samples to try, which may or may not include baby skincare products. 

19. Bounty Bags

A Bounty Bag may be necessary if you are expecting a child. You can receive these fantastic bags from your doctor or other medical staff supervising your pregnancy. You can also sign up with Bounty Bag and request to taste their products. 

20. Little Shoppers

Australians can now receive a Trial Eco pack with 80 pieces of biodegradable diapers or pull-ups. You only need to sign up and request a sample. Shipping and handling will cost you about $19, but you’ll get your hands on a significant gift.

21. Cherub Baby

Cherub Baby has a wide selection of baby goods. The company also offers free goodies for all Australian customers who spend over $20 on their products; you’ll receive a complimentary bath toy.

Personal products

22. Poise

Poise sells pads, among other personal products, for women with light to medium incontinence. You can select from a variety of free products based on your requirements. This company also offers free samples to buyers signed up on their site. 

23. My Comfort

My Comfort company specialises in selling products to help people with incontinence. You can choose free products of liners, pads, and pants from their wide range. 

24. U by Kotex

This site offers some of the most popular brands of feminine care. Sign on to their website to stand a chance of getting free samples. The pack gives away free products in the Kotex liners for people to try them out and figure out which ones work best. 

25. Sasmar

Get a freebie of Classic lube and Original Silicone from Sasmar by signing up on their website and requesting the samples. Applicants must be 18 years or older. 

26. Depend

Australians can choose two product samples from women’s or men’s incontinence categories. The best part is that you can remain anonymous when requesting these freebies.

27. TENA

TENA, a company that makes adult diapers and liners, gives out three free samples to all member families monthly. And like Depend, you can anonymously request the samples.

Free Women’s Products

28. Boobie Bikkies

Lactating Moms can benefit from eating biscuits from Boobies Bikkies, which are made with nutritious ingredients. All of them are natural and free of any additives.  

You can sign up with this site to get three free products (vanilla, orange and cinnamon flavoured). You only need to pay $7.50 for shipping.

Free Food and Drink Samples

29. Valley Green Tea

This Chinese tea shop is devoted to researching its customers. It boasts its beverage is superior to Sendresamples; send a signed, self-addressed envelope to receive your three complimentary samples. Offer is only applicable to first-time Australian customers. 

30. Nuts

Nuts are one of the best sites to sign up for a free food sample. Based on what’s available, Australians can pay for shipping to get sample packs with either Nut, Caribbean Nuts and Fruit, Sprout Mix, or Bird Sachets.

31. Guava Tea

Australians can get a taste of the perks of Guava Tea without spending a dime by signing up and requesting these freebies. Most participants appreciated this natural, delicious, and healthy product. 

Leaves of the Guava Tea plant are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds, antioxidants, anti-bacterial compounds, and health-promoting tannins. 

32. Tea Blossoms

Tea Blossoms allow Australians to taste different samples of their tea products. Sign up with them and check out their long list of teas, including 

  • English Breakfast, 
  • Green Jasmine, 
  • Special Earl Grey, 
  • Chamomile Lavender, 
  • Peppermint Green, 
  • Lemon Grass Ginger 
  • Fairytale
  • Sencha  

33. Kona coffee 

You may get a free taste of Kona Coffee anywhere in Australia by ordering a sample from their website. You just need to complete a short online form, and you’re set. Consumers can find this company’s free sample program in many countries, but they prioritise people from the US, Australia, the UK, Canada, and the EU.

34. Yirgacheffe 

The beans used to make Yirgacheffe coffee ()Ethiopian are a mix of several rare heirloom varieties and Arabica beans. The coffee can be brewed in any device, from espresso makers to manual pots. You can fill out the form to receive a sample of these coffee beans, one free sample for a person/household/address. 

35. Coffee Fusion

This subscription business provides freshly roasted coffee beans; the free trial includes enough products for up to 15 cups. You’ll only add $5 to cover shipping costs.

Free Pet Food Samples

36. Artemis Pet Food

Artemis offers Aussies up to five free dog or cat-free food samples, varying from kitten to senior formulas. You will be required to pay $5 for postage.

37. Chemist Warehouse

The Chemist Warehouse offers freebies to all Australians who buy any of their goods worth over $30. You can get free samples of Neutrogena and Sukin, but these brands and others could switch off their offers anytime.

38. Petzyo

Petzyo pet food products have a low GI and no grain, making them one of the ideal picks for pet owners in Australia. You get your four-legged friend a free treat by signing up on their site. Please click the “Add to Box” button on their site to receive this item at no cost. The company will mail a free trial pack right to your home. 

39. Sylk

You can get a free sample of the popular lube Sylk by simply filling out the online form on their site. Upon entering your information and verifying that you’re above 18, they’ll give you a 3.5g packet.

40. Review Crew

Review Crew site is popular among people who want to try out and provide feedback on free cosmetic goods. If you apply and aren’t accepted the first time, keep trying.

41. Sinchies

Sinchies are great since they are recyclable pouches that can help you be more environmentally responsible without breaking the bank. You can try one if you’re willing to pay the $5 shipping.

42. The Wall Sticker Company

This company offers fantastic wall decals to spruce up your living quarters.


If you sign up for their email list, they’ll offer you a free sample of their wall stickers so you may evaluate them before making a purchase.

43. Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose company supplies eco-friendly and effective cosmetics all over Australia. You can try out a facial soap, shampoo,  and an “all-rounder” by registering on their site and requesting a freebie pack.

44. Aussie Hand Warmers

This product is for anyone who needs to warm up their hands. They are used by athletes and people who like to be outside. To get your freebies, go to their homepage and sign up for their email list.

45. Happy Skincare

This company manufactures natural, chemical-free skincare made with delicate skin in mind; test it risk-free with a two-week supply by ordering a sample set. You will also receive a voucher for less than $10 on your subsequent purchase and free delivery.

46. Lemon Myrtle Natural

At just $2 plus $2 for shipping and handling, this company offers you a chance to experience the famous and distinctively Australian perfume of lemon myrtle in a soap bar.

47. Pipan Mo Milk Probiotic

Pipan strives to create tasty probiotics to encourage kids to eat healthily. you can sample all four flavours for the low price of $4.95, including shipping.

48. Nuvia

Nuvia manufactures sugar-free and low-sugar items by extracting the stevia plant’s sweetness. If you register for the Nuvia Digest, they will keep you posted about their latest models and even deliver your freebies to try.

Free textile, tile and carpet samples

49. Plush Sofas

Order a package of free fabrics and item cards from Plush Couches to help you find the best leisure chairs and sofas. 

50. Drape Co

This company offers its Australian customers up to ten swatches of free samples if they order goods.

51. Bremworth  

You can get up to ten free flooring samples by going to the product catalogue, clicking “checkout,” filling out the information, and clicking “purchase.” The samples will be shipped to you anywhere in Australia within a few days.

52. LucyandLoo

LucyandLoo Wear will send you free samples made of Italian microfibre. This is to help you choose the fabric that will work for you.  

53. iSeekblinds

You can get free fabrics in the mail from iSeekblinds. Before placing your order, you should get samples to taste first. It also comes with a postage-paid envelope so you can send the samples back after using them.  

Great Alternatives of Free Samples  

54. Mystery Shopping

There is quite a bit of coverage in the media about mystery shopping. Besides, who wouldn’t enjoy going shopping and getting paid for it? Although it’s more challenging than it seems, making friends from a variety of backgrounds makes mystery shopping rewarding and enjoyable.

55. Product Testing

You can find product testing opportunities through a wide variety of websites since they cost nothing and is easy to join. You must go online and fill out a short form to show interest in numerous services or products. You might have to answer qualifying questions and supply basic personal information.

If you sign up with multiple sites, you’ll quickly have products to review and report on.

56. Paid Surveys

Getting extra cash in Australia is easy if you participate in market research at different sites. Jobs might last a few minutes to hours and are appropriately compensated. Thanks to the mobile-friendly checklists offered by most survey websites, you can earn extra money wherever you are.

If you’re interested in making extra cash, taking paid surveys to share your thoughts on various products and services could be right up your alley. Your actions or purchasing habits will determine the kinds of chances you’ll have to succeed.

57. Focus groups

Qualitative studies often utilise focus groups to gather data for their market studies. This enables them to collect information about companies looking for product feedback. Australian marketing expert firms commonly use focus groups.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is The Top Site for Free Samples?

MumsMoney Australia is the best free sample site in Australia. It regularly maintains its database of free samples available in Australia by checking URLs and confirming that deals are still available.

How Can I Score Free Baby Samples in Australia?

The most common place to get free samples of kids’ products in Australia is BabyLove. By joining different companies, you may acquire free diapers, formula, cream, and more samples.

Where Can I Get Free Cosmetic Product Samples?

Free samples of beauty products are frequently only available with purchases over a specific threshold or with the payment of delivery. Sign up with top companies like GAIA Skin Naturals to stand a chance of winning freebies. 


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