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Fiverr Review Is it Worth It

Fiverr Review Is it Worth It

If you’re a business owner looking to expand your workforce, but don’t have the revenue to hire new full-time employees, then you’ve likely heard of Fiverr. 

The service is an online gig-based platform that enables businesses to outsource some of their smaller tasks to users on the platform. And while there are a tonne of qualified, degree-holding users on Fiverr, there are also a lot who aren’t. 

That said, here on Extras we’re here to answer your questions about whether Fiverr is safe, or if it’s a fraudulent platform and whether it’s worth using. 

So, What is Fiverr

Fiverr Review Is it Worth It

To kick things off, let’s have a little look into what Fiverr actually is and how the platform works. 

Keeping things simple, Fiverr is essentially a large marketplace or hub for freelances to set up an account and work on task-based jobs. Rather than being employed by your business, you simply contract these workers for one specific task, pay them for that task and all is complete. 

There is no need to hire and deal with the process of setting up accounts and other paperwork, you simply hand all of this process off to the Fiverr platform. 

It’s good to note that the company has been around for over a decade now and that’s great news for anyone in business looking for a safe and dependable freelancer network. 

What Kinds of Jobs Can You Post

Fiverr Review Is it Worth It

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Getting into what you can do on Fiverr, you’re able to set up an account and post jobs in just about every industry. So long as these tasks can be done online or at least completed in a digital sense, there’s a place for them on Fiverr. 

Whether you’re in the marketing field, cryptocurrency, design, animation, film, architecture or anything else, you’ll have no trouble finding a freelancer for these tasks on Fiverr. 

If you’d like to compare Fiverr with some similar market places, you can take a look at the following:





There are a few more of these platforms out there, but these are by far the largest and most reputable to date. 

How Does the Job-assigning Process Work

Fiverr Review Is it Worth It

Unlike some other freelancer platforms out there, Fiverr gives their freelancers the ability to advertise their services. Rather than you posting a task, you’ll be able to find a freelancer advertising a skill or service that matches what you’re looking to have them do. 

For example, some users may list something like, ‘I will work on your architectural drafting,’ and you’ll see a dollar amount. 

If you like the look of this freelancer and their reviews, you can click on their ad and make an offer and share your details of the project at hand. 

It’s good to note that there isn’t a comprehensive vetting or screening process on Fiverr, which means you’ll have to go by what each freelancer says. There is a good review and rating system set up though, and you’ll be able to rely on this for most of your own screening activities. 

As a general rule of thumb, its good to choose your freelancers based on a 4.5 star or more rating. 

One final thing to note is pricing is generally reflective of the work output you’ll be getting; however, there are some instances of low fees being used to get a freelancer a lot of work, and thus more reviews. That said, a low price doesn’t always mean poor work quality. 

The Experience with Gigs

Fiverr Review Is it Worth It

To bring you this review of Fiverr we’ve worked alongside a few freelancers to see how the process went based on the gig offer. 

Thankfully, all of the gigs we selected worked out well and resulted in good quality of work and no over-promising. 

Web Traffic Growth

Fiverr Review Is it Worth It

Image Source- Instagram

Based on a freelancer with a rating of 5 stars and a price of roughly $40. 

With a gig promise of increasing website traffic for a month, the freelancer worked on the project and the website saw an increase of around 200 to 300 new visitors each day, although interactions and website clicks were minimal. 

Each of the users only remained on the website for around 30 seconds each, which isn’t ideal, though session times weren’t outlined in the original post so we can’t really complain or judge based on this time. 

To end, if you’re interested in a traffic-only growth without too much of a focus on sales, link clicks or anything else, then you’re in good hands. 

Influencer Campaigns

Fiverr Review Is it Worth It

Based on a freelancer with a rating of 4.9 stars and a price of roughly $40. 

With this gig, the main selling point was to have a product advertised to around 500,000 people with the end of goal of increasing exposure and having the product either interacted with, or purchased. 

We’re glad to say that, again, this gig went quite well and there were more than 700 click-throughs on the chosen product. 

When it comes to influencer campaigns, or campaigns in general, the success will be dependant on your own requirements, however, we saw a 2 per cent conversion rate which ultimately resulted in a profit of around $180. 

Graphic Design 

Fiverr Review Is it Worth It

Image Source- Instagram

Based on a freelancer with a rating of 5 stars and a price of roughly $40. 

When it comes to affordable graphic design, you often do get what you pay for, however on Fiverr things seem to work a little differently — in a good way. 

The project was to design a logo, ideally an all-new and original logo that looked enticing and was of a high quality. 

Our resulting logo was original, designed quite well and also met all of the requirements we had set out for the freelancer, which is great news when it comes to our readers looking for the best outcome for as little investment as possible. 

Although the logo wasn’t the most amazing out there, we would suggest you use this service for at least conceptualising logos or brainstorming ideas. 

Final Thoughts on the Experience

Fiverr Review Is it Worth It

As you could probably tell, here at Extras our experience with Fiverr was fantastic in that all of the gigs we signed with gave us the results we were looking for and there weren’t any broken promises. 

Especially surprising was the low budget resulting in such a good outcome each time we chose a gig. 

Other Gig Ideas

If you’re still not sure if Fiverr is for you, or if you have other tasks in mind, take a look at our other ideas below. All of these tasks we’d suggest you use Fiverr for. 

In all, basically any low-cost job can be offloaded to freelancers on Fiverr. 

Proofreading or Editing

Fiverr Review Is it Worth It

For documents and other files, you can have a proofreader zip through these if you’re short on time and just need someone to make sure none of your work has spelling mistakes and errors. 

A lot of these tasks can be completed for just $5 a pop. Incredible value for last-minute editing tasks. 

Quick Video Edits

Fiverr Review Is it Worth It

If you’re in need of a quick ad for an Instagram story or any other social platform, Fiverr is likely the way to go. All these cost around $50 normally and will give your product a great spotlight and an enticing video for your followers to lap up. 

Other All-digital Tasks

Generally, almost anything that is all-digital can be done on Fiverr, just be sure it’s not a task of vital importance or with a sharp deadline. You might not be able to rely on the freelancers to come though with last second content or projects for you. 


Fiverr Review Is it Worth It

Ending our review of Fiverr, we’re glad to say that the service as a whole is incredibly trustworthy and reliable — you’ll just have to be a little wary of who you work with. 

Our final tips include:

  • Choosing a freelancer with reviews above 4.5 stars
  • Keep your work and projects to small tasks valued at around $100 or less
  • Don’t rely on gig work for tasks with harsh deadlines or ultra-high-quality output
  • Be sure to have as much info handy as possible when outsourcing a project

With all of that said, Extras stands by the Fiverr experience and its ability to save businesses money when it comes to getting work done by professionals without needing to hire full-time or part-time staff to get the job done. 


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