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Feetfinder Review Is It Legit, and Can You Make Money From It

Feetfinder Review 2024 Is It Legit, and Can You Make Money From It?

With many countries going through some of the most challenging economic conditions, mainly due to covid-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, most people are increasingly looking for innovative ways to make extra bucks.  

Although some side hustles like creating a blog or delivering tutoring services are two good sources of cash, selling feet photos is just as lucrative. Social media personalities and models have made a six-figure monthly income from selling pictures of their feet. 

FeetFinder is one option to examine if you want to learn more about the market for selling foot pictures, where you may make thousands.

FeetFinder is a popular and trustworthy marketplace for buying and selling feet pictures.

This FeetFinder Review will provide all the information you need to decide if this side business is for you.

You can make money by selling pictures of your feet, and this piece will show you the ropes on FeetFinder and how it all works.

Let’s get into it and see if FeetFinder works for your plans to get some more cash on the side.

What Is Feetfinder?

Feetfinder Review Is It Legit, and Can You Make Money From It

Image Source- Instagram

FeetFinder.com, established in 2019, is the most popular site for selling and buying photos of feet. The site offers an advantage over other marketplaces for selling your feet photos since it attracts a more specific audience.

 The business mainly offers services to people in Europe, the USA, Canada, and Australia; however, all users must be at least 18. Reviews from other sellers on Trustpilot have given this marketplace a 4.9 seller score as of this posting.

To sum up, if you’d like to sell your feet images as a creator, you only need to provide more content and promote it on the right platform.

Is FeetFinder Legit?

Feetfinder Review Is It Legit, and Can You Make Money From It

Image Source- Instagram

Yes, the FeetFinder business is legit in many countries like Australia. So, if you want to make money from selling feet photos, FeetFinder is the place to do it. According to the website,  in 2021, creators who used FeetFinder earned over $90,000. 

For all Aussies, or anyone not living in the USA, FeetFinder will use Paxum to make your payments;  Segpay handles the payouts in the US. The best part is that users of FeetFinder are safe from fraudulent chargebacks. If a customer chooses to dispute their purchase through a chargeback, they will be prevented from making any further purchases, even if they create a new account.

Chargebacks are among the most significant problems for producers on Onlyfans, Fansly, and virtually all other subscription sites. Fortunately, creators in FeetFinder don’t have to face these challenges. 

How Does it Work?

Feetfinder Review Is It Legit, and Can You Make Money From It

Image Source- Instagram

You only need at least five min to complete the sign-up procedure on the FeetFinder. For the creators, however, you’ll need to go through ID verification before they can list their pictures for sale. Thanks to the authentication process, every content made available to customers will have been created by actual people.

Afterwards, buyers can buy the pictures or videos they like from participating vendors. The seller has the option of agreeing to the buyer’s offer or declining it.

FeetFinder’s technology automatically blurs photographs of creators’ feet but nevertheless shows previews of the images to potential purchasers. Using this strategy, both parties can rest assured that you will meet their financial obligations.

They partner with reliable online payment solutions like Paxum and Segpay to guarantee the safety of all user transactions. Segpay will be used to pay US-based vendors, while you will use Paxum to pay overseas sellers.

Who is FeetFinder For?

Feetfinder Review Is It Legit, and Can You Make Money From It

Image Source- Instagram

The FeetFinder website is for people looking to buy or sell feet pictures. This service is available internationally; however, at the moment, it only allows users from the United States, Australia,  Canada, and the United Kingdom to register.

Refrain from fretting if you do not originate from the listed countries. Online payment options are plentiful.

While you can still trade here even if you’re not from the mentioned countries, you might face many barriers, especially regarding payments.  

Talking to customers worldwide can increase your business’s revenue. Yet, if you enjoy chatting with others and making new connections, you can now do so while being compensated.

Potential customers may even contact you directly to request a specific foot photo. You can negotiate and turn this situation into a profitable one.

Who Buys Feet Pics On FeetFinder?

Feetfinder Review Is It Legit, and Can You Make Money From It

Image Source- Instagram

A new Men’s Health survey found that 14%–15% of people obsess about having sensual feet.

Psexymore shocking is that over 5% of heterosexual females and almost 18% of heterosexual males have foot desires, respectively. These stats should dismiss any worries about getting market for your foot pictures and videos.

Below are a few examples of people who might purchase images of your feet from FeetFinder, to be more specific:

  • Picture collectors: Some folks are enthusiastic about gathering various images and keeping them as possessions.
  • Bloggers: Writers constantly require photos to support their writing, as long as the images are relevant. So, you’ll sell feet photos to bloggers in this industry. This helps promote the pictures of your feet.
  • Advertisers: These companies will pay you to use your photos and videos in their marketing materials. You might use this to advertise anything, including makeup, shoes, jewellery, etc.
  • Feet fetishists: Some individuals indulge their arousal cravings by glancing at photographs of their feet. These demographics represent some of your most promising customers.
  • Feet model agencies: Photos of exceptionally high quality are preferred by modelling agencies since they can better represent their clients. If they go with your photos, you can have a good chance of making a sale.
  • Newspaper/magazine publishers: They pay for photos of people’s feet to use as covers or visual cues to draw attention to related articles.
  • Stock Photo Websites: One of the many types of pictures offered on these platforms is a fetish foot picture. In this part, they can place bids on your photos.

Can I use FeetFinder for Free?

Feetfinder Review Is It Legit, and Can You Make Money From It

Image Source- Instagram

FeetFinder is currently available at no cost to purchasers. There is a subscription fee of $4.99 per month or $14.99 per year for vendors. Those costs include advertising campaigns, new product development, and other company expenditures.

How Can I Keep My Feetfinder Profile Safe?

Feetfinder Review Is It Legit, and Can You Make Money From It

You can trust this website as it has a Trustpilot rating of 4.9 stars out of five. 

FeetFinder also provides additional security measures for its users for peace of mind. The identification step is necessary for the security of your data.

The site takes numerous measures to guarantee its users the highest level of security. Your information and credit card information is obscured and protected behind a cryptographic server, Pin count protection, and a 3rd-party firewall.

You are hiding your identity and location from potential buyers. Your moniker, profile pictures, bio, race, and shoe size are all that users will see when they visit your profile.

You are not obligated to respond to users who request private information via direct message. You need only change the subject to the preferred photographic subject.

The site understands that your safety is paramount; therefore, it advises that you shouldn’t reveal any personal information even if you “recognise” this person from extensive messaging or sales of your photos.

Ensure your photos don’t reveal any private information about you. If you must snap photographs outdoors, avoid doing so in front of prominent landmarks. It’s also possible that your house’s background doesn’t reveal anything.

The Steps of Getting Started With FeetFinder

Feetfinder Review Is It Legit, and Can You Make Money From It

Image Source- Instagram

Step 1: Create an Account

Choose a username, enter your email address, make up a password, and enter a referral code if you have one. Referring a friend to join FeetFinder will earn you both extra cash. 

However, you’ll need to pay either $4.99 per month or $14.99 per year to sell your pictures on FootFinder. While it may seem disappointing at first glance (since you want to earn extra cash), this has worked well for many.

The nominal fee prevents many people who need to be more serious about selling from signing up and saturating the market. The vast numbers would otherwise make the platform’s overall quality suffer, and fewer customers would use it.

Fewer competitors and sellers will be on an excellent platform because only genuine merchants will use it. Invest one month to learn the platform and determine your target audience’s requirements. Paying for the entire year at once is the most economical.

Step 2: Verification of ID 

FeetFinder managers try to confirm that you’re a mature adult (18 years or older). They verify the faces match by requesting images of both sides (front and back) of your ID and you carrying it. This also reduces the number of bogus accounts, which is necessary to maintain the system’s high standards.

Moreover, after verifying your mobile number, the company will send you a code to enter into your phone. Doing this may make you confident that your ID and country code match.

Although they claim the verification process can take some time, most applications are approved within 24 hours.

Step 3: Create a Profile

Your profile is significant on FeetFinder. It’s what buyers look at first to determine if their Profile is one of the most critical aspects of FeetFinder. Buyers use it as their entry point when deciding whether or not to purchase content from you.

Ensure your page contains all the required info before offering. For instance, your username, profile pics, description, race, and foot measurement should be up-to-date and accurate. Always remember that you are attempting to sell your photos, so be informative and use language that will make someone want to visit your profile.

Here is a perfect example of a good profile: 

I’m Grace, 26 years old, with gorgeous feet! They are size 8! I’m an outgoing adult, so there’s no need to be shy; let’s chat and figure out if you can have a picture of your dream feet! Ask anything you would like to know.

In this bio, Grace welcomes requests and highlights the size of her feet, which is quite friendly. In addition to your profile picture, you can also upload a banner image. Some people utilise the standard banner; only some people do this. When there is a chance to make your account stand out, take it!

Step 4: Upload Content

Feetfinder Review Is It Legit, and Can You Make Money From It

When creating your profile, you should have five or more pictures of your beautiful feet available when completing your profile; remember, more always wins. 

You should add a few fundamental images to The Collection, a free gallery. Buyers visit this to explore profiles and view pictures.

When you’re ready to add your fresh photographs, select “My Content” from the menu bar. Next, add 5–15 pictures or a single video to each collection. This will, however, depend on the account level – premium or basic.

You should offer the album a catchy title and summary. Come up with vivid terms that compel readers to click the Buy button! Be playful, lively, flirtatious, and detailed. Go over all selections because you can apply multiple tags.

  • Poor  description: “Red pedicure and stilettos.”
  • Perfect description: “Only for you, a brand-new pedicure!” Yeah, and with these sky-high shoes, my cherry-red nails are terrific. Stop and glance; they may be the perfect object to satisfy your secret fancy.

Include your group tags last because purchasers use them to find the pictures they wish to buy. Including: 

  • Arches
  • Bed
  • Stockings
  • High heels
  • Painted nails

Then, you may upload and submit it right away or plan to publish it later.

How to Safely Sell Your Feet Pics on FeetFinder?

Feetfinder Review Is It Legit, and Can You Make Money From It

Below are a few tips for avoiding fraudsters on several websites that sell foot pictures.

Pick the Legit Transaction Methods

Avoid direct payment plans, like directly into the bank accounts. Creators’ profiles on social media have occasionally been hacked, and some have suffered identity fraud. So, it is best to keep your bank account information private.

Choose one of the more dedicated apps from the list below and then pay in place of the others. But, if you currently have reliable payment sources, you’re still advised against trying a new technique. Maintain that.

1. PayPal

PayPal solutions are some of the top mobile wallets with end-to-end security. All payments are confidential, thanks to two-factor verification.

For consistent payments, you can enter your PayPal information on the page. PayPal, nevertheless, takes $0.99 to $4.99 for fees outside of the United States.

2. Venmo

Only Americans can use Venmo, owned by  PayPal firm. In case of any fraud, you can quickly request to receive your reimbursements through Venmo.

3. Wise

Wise allows you to set up upcoming transfers. It is the most sophisticated and secure method of receiving payments from anywhere globally. Moreover, the company is relatively cheap and straightforward to use.

Selling Feet Pics Through Feetfinder

Feetfinder Review Is It Legit, and Can You Make Money From It

You can offer your feet pictures for good returns on FeetFinder, which is the best website for doing so for most people.

You may earn money off of your feet photos on FeetFinder in two main methods: by offering your feet picture collections, which anyone can purchase multiple times, and by offering memberships to your followers, who will pay on a monthly charge in exchange for access to your material and any new content you post in the future.

Creators benefit significantly from the visibility and exposure provided by FeetFinder. There are more than 350,000 contributors and 500,000 monthly active users. Sign up to contribute content to FeetFinder.

Don’t Share Personal Information With everyone. 

Don’t allow con artists an opening to steal your identity. Don’t share private data such as your mobile number, home address, work email, or details about your bank account.

You should discuss only the client’s needs and your bid or offer during the deal.

Be Anonymous And Just Sell Feet Pics

Avoid displaying your face more often on the website. Most individuals working in this industry prefer to remain anonymous. You can choose to stay secret and keep your fan base small, or you can choose to go public and make way more than $500.

In this line of work, protecting your anonymity, building a fan base, and making money are interconnected. Find out how much money OnlyFans users with lots of followers make.

On the flip side, though, they have little personal space in this field. In addition, several fell prey to blackmail schemes.

Will Remaining Anonymous Reduce Your Earnings?

Yes. You can’t maintain anonymity by communicating with your followers via a different social network. Less popularity equals less money because of fewer subscribers.

To maintain your anonymity, you should approach this line of work as a side gig. It will keep outsiders from interfering with your private life.

You should protect your identity while sharing foot photos online to avoid getting scammed or exploited. source

Avoid Replying to Personal Comments

Some people visiting these sites are solely interested in spamming them.

Talking to them is a complete waste of time. It’s best not to engage with them or any other offensive posts. Don’t be disheartened by their cruel remarks.

Must You Put a Pic Your Face on FeetFinder?

You are not obligated to provide a photo ID or personal information when using FeetFinder; it encourages anonymity. Although using your face in marketing photos of your feet on the site is optional, many sellers do so because doing so boosts sales.

Remember that FeetFinder requires all vendors to post a valid ID photo during registration for verification purposes to increase safety and security for all users. However, the ID photo is optional for selling on the system, and the site does not disclose your ID picture to buyers or sellers.

Making Money on Feetfinder

You may earn money on this site by selling images of your feet to customers.

FeetFinder pays its foot models 80% of the proceeds from each sale, with the remaining 20% going toward processing and data protection.

The affiliate program allows you to earn 10% of the purchaser’s content revenues when new users sign up through your referral code. Sellers who join via your referral code will keep 100% of their earnings because the 10% you receive derives from FeetFinder’s charge.

Tips For Selling Content On Feetfinder

Upload High-Quality Pictures and Videos 

Having high-quality photographs and videos can also increase sales. You can explore various YouTube tutorials that teach you how to make professional-looking movies and photographs.

Add Picture and Videos With In-Depth Descriptions

Ensure you upload high-quality photos and provide an in-depth overview of yourself while creating an account.

Use keywords to improve your content’s visibility on the site. You could caption a picture of yourself with polished toenails, “glossy nail feet.” Be as specific as you can when describing your photographs of the foot by using relevant keywords.

Your uploaded photos will seem blurry. You may rest assured that your content will be safe from piracy if you take this precaution. In addition, the total size of all photographs should be at most 1GB, and the entire length of all films should be at most ten minutes.

Upgrade Your Account

FeetFinder also has a premium version that unlocks the site’s full potential for producing money. You can spend $14.99 monthly or $29.99 annually to subscribe to these services.

How Much Do Creators on Feetfinder Make?

Many people make a respectable income off this side gig, but a significant portion of your earnings on FeetFinder will depend on the following items.

Quality of the Content  

Remember to shoot high-quality photographs that aren’t fuzzy or difficult to view to boost your chances of making a sale on the feet pictures. You may take photos using either your iPhone or an Android smartphone, which are excellent for taking images and videos of excellent quality.


Posting to the network regularly, such as pictures and videos of your feet, is an additional vital way to make money using the platform. This is particularly essential if you want to earn sales through the forum that you’re using.

Marketing Campaigns 

The amount of money you may make on the platform is directly related to how well you advertise your content. Though FeetFinder performs a good deal of advertising and promotion for you, you have better chances of selling even more pictures by making them your promotion campaigns.

FeetFinder recommends reaching out to the site’s purchasers directly to increase sales. When selling images of feet, it’s crucial to let the buyer know what they’re looking for.

How Much Doe Feet Pics Go For?

The average prices for still images and videos are $22 and $19, respectively. The official FeetFinder site also claims that the platform’s foot presenters have made over $30,000 from selling pictures of their bare feet.

FeetFinder recommends frequently changing the prices of your foot photos and videos to increase sales.

What are the Payout Methods at FeetFinder?

The amount of money you can make via FeetFinder will change based on where you live. FeetFinder handles and processes all payments to and from US users using the third-party service Segpay.

Users in countries other than the United States can get their money from FeetFinder by signing up for the safe payments system Paxum.

FeetFinder allows all sellers to keep tabs on their business and get paid quickly and easily. Segpay and Paxum companies offer reputable and secure online payment processors.

What is the FeetFinder Minimum Payout Amount?

When your FeetFinder balance reaches the threshold of $30, you are eligible to receive rewards every week. The payment will be made via Segpay or Paxum, based on your location.

Keep in mind that FeetFinder deducts 20% from every one of your income from the site to cover its costs.

Are FeetFinder Incomes Taxable?

All USA residents earning more than $600 annually are required by law to disclose their sources of income. You are required to file for taxes every tax year and submit a 1099 form that will be sent to you by Segpay.

Remember that failing to pay taxes on your earnings could result in an extremely high tax liability at the year’s closing.

Suppose you are currently located outside of the United States. In that case, you must adhere to the tax regulations of your home country to reduce the likelihood of receiving a hefty tax bill after the year.

Benefits and Downsides of FeetFinder

Benefits of FeetFinder

  • Two-week trial period for creators: If you live outside the United States and want to avoid a hefty tax payment at the year’s conclusion, comply with your country’s tax regulations.
  • Reliable Reviews: The feedback that has been provided regarding FeetFinder up to this point has been overwhelmingly positive. They boast a high rating of 4.9 out of five stars on Trustpilot.
  • Incomparable customer service: The feedback provided on Trustpilot shows that the customer support is of very high quality and excellent assistance. The customer care team can assist purchasers and vendors with their needs.
  • Close your account anytime: If you no longer want access to your account, you can do it without any difficulty.

Downsides of FeetFinder 

  • Monthly subscription and fees: FeetFinder deducts 20% of any earnings made through its platform in addition to the $4.99 subscription service charge required to use the service.
  • It doesn’t have an App: Those who would like a mobile app for sharing pictures of their feet on the move must do so via a computer. The FeetFinder mobile application is not yet available.
  • ID Verification: Some people would prefer to use a new service that requires them to submit their official ID. While this may bother some users, it ensures that the persons doing business on the site are who they claim to be.

Feetfinder Fees and Pricing

To be eligible for sales on this site, you must become a subscriber. (There is some free stuff for buyers to view, but paid images are blocked out).

Here are the plans: 


  • Premium subscription – $14.99 monthly, $29.99 annually, and just $80 for a lifelong membership 
  • Basic plan – Monthly subscriptions are $4.99, yearly subscriptions are $14.99, and a lifetime membership costs $40.

Sellers are entitled to keep 80% of the profits, and FeetFinder retains a 20% cut of each transaction, used to pay for operational costs and generate a profit. They claim that they invest money into online security, marketing, new features, and other areas to guarantee that Feetfinder will continue to advance.

FF asserts that a significant amount of the one-time fees and the ongoing membership prices are allocated to marketing. However, the company needs to explain what this entails exactly. 

Many sellers have voiced dissatisfaction with this platform aspect, stating they need help indicating how their accounts are being promoted to potential buyers. This is a valid worry, but the customer support representatives at FeetFinder rarely address it.

Feetfinder Premium Membership?

The paid version is an increased level of service that comes with additional advantages:

  • More uploading capability; you may now upload 15 photographs to each album instead of just Five with the basic plan. (This is a beneficial aspect of the deal.)
  • Direct correspondence: you can connect directly with potential purchasers and receive individualised offers.
  • Automatic security of the content; no one can take it because it will be blurred. Yet, they also stated that this is a safety measure for all, which is even more puzzling.
  • Increased uploading speeds; this goal is undefined and mostly beyond their influence.
  • A customised profile with access to online profiles Yet, isn’t the purpose of using social media to build a following and then direct that audience to FF so they can make a purchase there? This “advantage” appears to be completely meaningless.
  • Additional promotion; is a benefit that could be clearer, and many sellers are still determining how or if this is occurring.
  • Premium customer assistance is a nebulous concept.  

Making Cash Referral Program by Feetfinder

On the FeetFinder platform, creators can make a buck by encouraging their peers to become vendors. You, as the vendor, will consequently be provided with a referral link. 

The next phase involves forwarding the affiliate links to friends — you will earn money if they hit it and then register using your code.  

It is essential to remember that the only people who can make money through recommendations are brand-new users of the FeetFinder platform. Those who have visited your site do not count as new recommendations to you.

  • Your friend must click on your link and have a cookie placed on their computer before they can register.
  • They are using the promo link you provided.
  • You, who referred them, will receive 10% of the new vendor’s revenue (this share comes from FF’s 20% of the profits; the individual you referred will not receive any of it).

User A refers to User B by sending them a unique URL. To join, User B follows User A’s signup link. A sale of $100 is made by User B. Earnings for User B are $80 (80%) and $10 ( 10%) for User A.

What is the Competition Level on Feetfinder?

FeetFinder boasts many potential buyers visiting their site, making this a challenging proposition. Yet, vendors have griped that they have yet to close many deals. Thus, that doesn’t accord.

Although FeetFinder may register many customers, they must disclose how many are interested in purchasing. They might have 5 million purchasers sign up, and only 200,000 make monthly purchases. The remaining 4.8 million buyers might not return for another six months. 

Best Way to Take a Pic of Your Feet 

Taking good care of your legs is the number one thing you can do to improve your foot photography. This entails keeping your feet neat, cutting your nails regularly, striking interesting stances, and possibly employing props.

Pedicures are enjoyable, but they’re not required. Nonetheless, the most popular among buyers tend to be the sexier shots.

Be creative with your photos by changing your angle, light, and backdrop, and always shoot at a high resolution.

Best Foot and Leg Poses

Most people need to be aware of ideal stances. At first, you might need help understanding this, but if you look hard enough, you can find all the information.  

The Pose is one of foot fetish history’s most well-known and well-liked stances. The feet can be in various positions, such as crossing or untangled, side-by-side, one up and one down, soles upward, crumpled, toes splayed, etc.

The Invisible Tightrope: Like you’re taking your initial step on a rope, shared folder your feet and place each foot ahead of the other. Although it may initially seem a little uncomfortable, doing this can lengthen the front foot’s foot, ankle, and leg while giving you the appearance of moving.

The Bow Leg: With the back leg somewhat bent and the other fully upright, move the feet inside and apart by approximately an inch.

Place your feet close to the camera and shoot from a frontal or slightly off-centre perspective.

Things You Need to Make a Good Feet Pic?

The good thing is that you only require a few different kinds of equipment. Here’s everything else you need:

  • Camera –You can use a point-and-shoot or a DSLR, depending on your needs. You can also use your iPhone, yet you should spend considerable time with the many available filters and features.
  • Some soft lighting – Because it reveals more detail in the photographs, sun daylight is ideal for taking pictures of feet. If you do not have access to natural light, you might look on Amazon for an affordable ring light instead.
  • A way to snap pics without hands – Attempting to control the phone while getting specific photos is nearly challenging when you’re doing it yourself. Hence, you will either need a friend who is a photographer to take the pictures for you, or you will need to purchase a ring light combo package that includes a tripod and a distant shutter. 

You can cheaply purchase the Sensyne 10″ Ring Lights with Telescoping Tripod Support (smartphone holder and controlled shutter). It has received 4.6 reviews on Amazon and has more than 55,000 ratings.  

FeetFinder Reviews 

Almost two thousand customers have weighed in on FeetFinder and the quality of their service on Trustpilot.According to numerous reviews on Trustpilot, the customer service level is far above what is expected. Check out the reviews that some of the new merchants have left below.

The review demonstrates that the website is legitimate and that you can earn money by selling images of your foot on the platform.

So, although FeetFinder receives a high rating, the following evaluations have voiced concerns, like the inability to sell the feet photographs as quickly and the site’s use needs to be easier to travel through. Despite this, FeetFinder has received a high rating.

That said, consider the following things while considering whether you should sell feet pictures on this site.

Alternative Sites for FeetFinder

  • Instafeet: This is another website that allows you to sell images of your feet and allows you to set up a profile, and add content. Before becoming a member, you must submit a request and go through the approval process.
  • Feetitfy: You can sell pictures of your feet online and make money with the help of the tools and resources provided by this website. One of the appealing aspects of this website is that you will receive 100% of your earnings rather than the standard 80% on most other sites of a similar nature.

FAQs on FeetFinder 

What Are the Easy-to-Start Side Hustles You Can Start to Earn Money?

Creating and monetising a weblog, working as a digital assistant, editing, teaching, or becoming a freelancer are some of the finest ways to generate additional income on the sideline. If you are interested in legitimate ways to generate money on the side, FeetFinder.com is another good way to start.

Is it legal to sell feet pics? 

The purchase and sale of photographs of feet are not illegal. If you wish to be able to sell feet pictures, you should be at least 18 years old, and you should conceal your name if you want other people to know that you are offering the images.

How much is a FeetFinder premium subscription?

Currently, a monthly subscription to FeetFinder Premium costs $14.99, while you may purchase an annual subscription for $29.99. A monthly subscription to the basic plan costs $4.99, while a yearly membership costs $14.99.

Is Feetfinder suitable for creators? 

Several reviews claim that selling on the FeetFinder site is tricky if you still need to get a reputation, even though FeetFinder can be a webshop. If you are still keen on putting it to the trial, consider taking advantage of the 14-day free trial to determine whether it benefits you.

How much is a Feet Picture?

How much one should be paid for a feet image will differ from person to person. On the other hand, most users on Feetfinder pay an average of $22 for feet photos and $19 for feet films.  Do whatever is convenient for them and whatever seems appropriate at the moment.

Is Feetfinder a Scam?

There is no catch with FeetFinder! Some real people generate income on the site by selling pictures of their feet. Remember that earning money through any freelance side business can take some time. 

Promoting your company on different kinds of social media is an essential component of selling on marketplaces such as FeetFinder. Learn more about Feetfinder by reading the rest of this review.

Does FeetFinder Have a Refund Policy?

FeetFinder will only refund the amount of the payment you can prove to have been fraudulent in some way. The transaction is considered complete once the money has been forwarded to the seller by the purchaser. 

If a purchaser on FeetFinder attempts to initiate a chargeback, one‘s account will be promptly removed from the platform, meaning they’ll no longer use the website.

How to Avoid Being Scammed on Feetfinder 

While it’s perfectly legal for most people to generate money by selling images of their feet online, you must be looking for scammers in the industry. Maintaining your anonymity and setting up a business email address dedicated solely to your new company is vital to avoid being taken advantage of by con artists.

Always remember that you should steer clear of any individual who asks for your private details or requests that you transfer money to them.

Final Thought 

Making some additional cash by selling pictures of your foot is easy. Nonetheless, this is common knowledge, creating intense levels of rivalry. To maximise your chances of being discovered on FeetFinder. Either you have a lot of followers because you are a brilliant editor, have a specialty (like dirty feet), or work hard at social media.

If you want to make some extra cash by selling images and videos of your feet, then FeetFinder is the place to do it. It’s a safe and simple way to bring in money monthly, the subscription costs are reasonable, and there are no contracts to sign.

Remember that you’re up against the competition; it could be a while before you make significant gains. The short answer is “yes,” but the longer answer is that making money on FeetFinder isn’t as simple as most people would like to believe.

With this newfound knowledge, you can finally take the plunge and start making money from your adorable feet by posting them on FF. In seconds, you might be on your way to earning money online. In that case, why delay any longer?


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