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Does The Good Guys’ Price Match?

Does The Good Guys’ Price Match

The Good Guys’ reputation as a leading Australian electronic retail store has only grown since it opened.


They still use their catchphrase, “Pay cash, and we’ll slash the prices,” to entice customers to shop with them.  However, are The Good Guys’ prices ever as competitive as they claim, and if not, will they beat their rivals’ pricing?


Yes, they will! The Good Guys can price-match every product. You can call them or visit their stores with acceptable proof of a prior purchase.


If the rival retailer marketed the item within thirty days of your purchase, you might also be eligible for store credit reimbursements. The item must be from an approved competitor of The Good Guys.


If this occurs, you will receive a price difference worth 120% if it exceeds $5. Your purchase must include the Gold Service Extras to access this feature.

How to Get Price Matching at The Good Guys

How to Get Price Matching at The Good Guys

You can negotiate pre-purchase price matching by calling 1300 942 765 before purchasing from The Good Guys. You can also visit the local store and learn the phone number to contact here.


You will probably be granted a price match immediately if you have proof from a genuine rival store.

Is There a Price Adjustment Policy at The Good Guys

Is There a Price Adjustment Policy at The Good Guys?

Yes, they do. However, it’s essential to remember that the promotion is only valid for customers who purchase using the Concierge Gold Service Extras.


Keep an eye out for any price reductions that may occur within thirty days of your purchase. Keep any receipts or other proof of purchases, as you might need them to qualify for the promotion.


You may submit a claim to the store once you see a price reduction of $5 or more. You submit the claim on their website and must include proof of the lower price and purchase documentation.


The Good Guys will refund 120% of the price difference if your claim is validated and accepted. You may obtain this through either a Payless EFTPOS card (issued within 21 days) or shop credit (within two days).


Verify that The Good Guys recognise the retailer where you noticed the lower pricing. The top brands will all be accepted.


Myer, JB-HiFi, Harvey Norman, Officeworks, Bing Lee, Big W, Retravision, Target, Appliances Online, David Jones, and Joyce Maine are permitted rivals. For additional details about approved stores, see their website.

Below Is A Brief Rundown Of What Must Be Done For The Good Guys’ 30-Day Low Price Policy To Go Into Effect:

  • It is necessary to use the Concierge Gold Service Extras to make purchases.
  • You will have to present proof of purchase as well as proof of the less expensive item.
  • The offer only applies to rivals that The Good Guys have approved.
  • The deal is only applicable for a 30-day window following the date of purchase.
  • There cannot be a price difference of less than $5.
  • You must make purchases at the Good Guys Store.
  • Online claim submission is required.

Additional Savings Options at The Good Guys Store

There are numerous other strategies you may employ in addition to price matching at The Good Guys stores to guarantee that you always pay the best prices.


Getting an exclusive Concierge membership is among the best methods to save money while shopping at The Good Guys. You’ll see that we previously discussed this in the price matching portion.


You gain access to member-only discounts on a variety of their products and discounts on extras such as cinema tickets and gift cards, in addition to the price match benefit.


Always keeping an eye out for deals, discounts, and extras that the retailer may be providing is another approach to saving money. Simply ask the store staff if there are any deals and special offers each time you visit to make your shopping an enjoyable experience.


Additionally, you can save more money with every purchase you make by using coupons from websites like Cashrewards and Shopback.


Not to mention their famous “Pay cash, and we’ll slash the prices” catchphrase. Ask if purchasing pricey items outright will result in any savings.


If you want things shipped to you, keep an eye out for price reductions in the delivery fee.


Delivery fees from The Good Guy are frequently variable and occasionally even free, subject to various criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does The Good Guys Offer Price Matching With Amazon?

No, The Good Guys does not price match Amazon. The Good Guys stores will only match prices if the lower-priced retailer is on their list of authorised competitors.


They do not include online stores in their list of authorised Australian retailers.

Does The Good Guys Offer Price Matching With Kogan?

 No, Kogan isn’t on the approved list of  The Good Guy’s rivals. Before making any purchases, you must always compare the two to ascertain which one is the less expensive option.

How Should You Request a Price Match?

Request a manager’s attention, present the manager with the cheaper pricing from the competitor, and express that you are aware that the store cannot match it but that you would like to purchase the item from them rather than the rival. You might get a manager’s discount.

How Does Price Matching Work?

Some businesses have a policy known as price matching, sometimes known as a price guarantee, which states that if you discover an identical item for less money, they’ll beat or match the price. Price guarantees can be requested in-person or online before making the purchase.

Can I Price Match Products I Already Bought?

The shop will often refund the price difference if you purchased the product within 14 days (the duration can vary based on the store). You might even get store credits if the reimbursements are denied.

Does The Good Guys Offer Price Matching With Harvey Norman?

Yes, they do! Online claims can be filed, together with supporting documentation of the lower price. You must do the transaction through a recognised rival, which might be any retail giant like Binge Lee, Big W, Big W, JB Hi-Fi, Big W, Officeworks, Target, and Myer.

What Is The Good Guy Discount?

It involves requesting a discount solely because “I’m a good man, you’re a kind guy, so please give me a bargain.” Barf. American Life recently discussed the good guy discount, and I appreciated that it didn’t turn out as I had anticipated.

Does Harvey Norman own the Good Guys?

No, Harvey Norman doesn’t own The Good Guys. JB Hi-Fi purchased The Good Guys in 2016 after concluding that the brand was an excellent strategic match. Under the direction of Group CEO Richard Murray, JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys merged to form JB Hi-Fi Limited, a new power in Australian retailing.



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