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Does Rebel Sport Price Match? (Price Match and Adjustment Policy)

Does Rebel Sport Price Match (Price Match and Adjustment Policy)

Rebel Stores is among the leading retail stores in Australia, with over 160 outlets spread across the country. Even with their numerous outlets’ what most consumers want to know before they step into their stores is whether the retail giant offers price matching. You’ll be pleased to know that the retailer has a price match policy that applies to all identical products sold at select retail stores. 

The Rebel Sport Store Price Match Policy 

Before a customer can claim a price match, they must meet several conditions to ascertain their claim’s validity. You must ensure that an Australian retailer sells the product and it’s available online or in-store. 


The product must also be identical—the brand, model, size, and colour. Another condition to qualify for a price match is that the product must be available for purchase and delivery within seven days; therefore, you can’t claim a product sold out on other retail companies.  


Rebel stores don’t price match products from stores that offer wholesale prices, liquidation sales, closing down sales, or commercial quantities. Other expenses related to a product’s delivery, like taxes, handling costs, service and delivery fees, are also included in the final price. 


Like other price match policies, Rebel Stores requires that a customer produces evidence of a competitor’s lower price, which has to be in Australian dollars.  


Here’s a quick rundown of the company’s terms of agreement of the price match policy: 


  • The product should be identical in model, brand, size, and colour. 
  • The product should be available for delivery and purchase in seven days. 
  • Additional costs like taxes, handling, delivery and service fees are included in the total cost. 
  • A price match claim is invalid if the lower product cost is due to liquidation sales, commercial quantities, wholesale offers, or closing down sales.
  • Customers must bring proof of lower price. 
  • The policy only applies to products that are in Australian stores. 


Once you’re certain you meet all the conditions listed above, you can contact the company using their 1300 654 502 number or visit their physical store. 

How Customers Can Save At Rebel Sports

How Customers Can Save At Rebel Sports

Like most retail outlets, the simplest way customers save is by signing up for the store’s membership. This gives you access to exclusive deals that will reduce your spending costs. 


Rebel Sports members have access to lower prices on various goods. In addition, members also have access to VIP events, exclusive giveaways, and competitions. 


If you’re not a member, worry not; there are other ways to save on costs. You can use discount codes on various web pages to get discounts on products like weights, bikes, shoes, roller skates, etc. A great tip to use when shopping in-store is to ask their employees if there are any product promotions. 

Rebel Sport’s Refund Policy

Rebel Sport’s Refund Policy

The company has a return policy that allows users to return a product if it’s different from what was described, wrongly described, or damaged.  


Nevertheless, the store doesn’t allow customers to return their purchases just because they had a change of heart. The return period varies depending on the product; therefore, ensure you carry evidence of purchase. 

Does Rebel Sport Offer a Cost Adjustment Policy?

No, the store doesn’t have a post-sale cost adjustment on its goods to complement its complete price match policy. While there’s no documentation highlighting this, their hotline says so. 

Does Rebel Sports Price Match Nike and Adidas?

No, because these two brands aren’t Australian—Rebel store’s policy only applies to authorised Aussie companies. The policy holds if an Aussie dealer sells an Adidas or Nike product. 

Does Rebel Sports Offer The Beat The Price Policy in New Zealand?

Yes, if customers can find an identical product at a lower price in a competitor’s store, the company offers a 10% price reduction.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s A Price Match Policy?

Also called a price guarantee, price matching refers to a policy that some retailers set that stipulates if customers find an identical product in a competitor’s store. It has a lower price; they’ll match the price. 


Customers can request a price match in-store or online depending on the retailer. Customers usually request a price match before making a purchase. 

Can One  Request For A Price Match After Buying A Product?

In most cases, retailers refund the difference between what a customer paid and the sales price if the purchase was made within a specific duration, usually 14 days. If the company cannot refund the original payment form, they issue the customer with store credit. 

What’s a Price Match Refund?

This refers to retailers offering a refund on the difference between their high product cost and a competitor’s lower cost for an identical item. 

Does Price Beating Keep Customers’ Prices Higher Or Lower?

Price beating lowers the customers’ costs and is among the most common pricing approaches used in competitive markets where low prices appeal to customers. When there’s no price matching, retailers usually retain their prices as they don’t have to reduce a product’s cost to match a competitor’s price. 

How Many Price Adjustment Strategies Are There?

Seven include; international pricing, dynamic pricing, geographical pricing, promotional pricing, psychological pricing, segmented pricing, allowance and discount pricing. 

Is It Illegal For A Retailer Not To Offer Price Matching?

No. Price matching usually occurs in competitive markets; every retailer is free to set their prices, and they may price a product like their competitors as long as it’s not based on coordination or agreement with the competitor. 

Is Price Matching An Effective Strategy?

Retailers use the price-matching approach to enhance their company operations and appeal to more clients. The price matching policy is an excellent way to boost brand loyalty as it focuses on beating a competitor’s price for an identical product.



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