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Does EB Games Price Match?

The leading video game retailer in Australia, EB Games, is up against fierce competition from multi-niche retailers like Big W and JB HiFi. Even while EB Games might not always have the best deals, it begs the question: Does EB Games price match?

Price Matching: EB Games does, in fact, provide a price matching service. Should a consumer find a product at a rival physical store for less money, EB Games is prepared to match that price. But there are some restrictions.

Requirements for Price Matching:

Stores that compete with EB Games must be nearby or within a reasonable travel time.
Products have to be available when claiming a price match in both stores.
While what constitutes a reasonable distance varies from store to store, generally speaking, it should not exceed one hour’s drive time.
The same shopping center’s stores are covered by the price match policy.
Online retailers are not covered by this policy; it only applies to items that are available in real retail shops.
The colour, size, brand, and model of the products being compared must all be the same.
Hardware such as consoles is not covered by the price match promise.
Closing sales or liquidation sales are examples of exclusive pricing bargains that shouldn’t have led to the reduced price.
Verification of the cheaper pricing is necessary.
Price Adjustment Policy: EB Games has stated on Twitter that they may change prices in-store if a rival provides a lower price on a pre-order when the product is picked up, even if there isn’t a formal price adjustment policy in place.

Additional Opportunities to Save:

Trade-In Service: Customers can receive discounts on newer purchases by trading in their old video games and systems.
Membership Deals: Access to special member discounts is provided by enrolling in EB Games’ membership programme.
Cashback on Gift Cards: Cashrewards is offering 2.5% cashback on EB Games gift cards, which is a modest but valuable savings potential.
Comparing prices with particular retailers:

Kmart: If the local Kmart satisfies the requirements, EB Games will price match Kmart.
Amazon: EB Games does not match prices at online retailers such as Amazon; instead, it only matches prices at rival physical locations.
In summary, although EB Games does not have strict guidelines, its price matching policy usually covers items from neighbouring stores, however specific store policies may differ. Notably, the price match promise does not apply to goods like video game consoles.


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