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All the Australian Grants for Small Business for Your Industry

When it comes to business-focused rebates and grant programs, the Australian government is quite helpful and comfortable with funding projects for growth-focused brands. If you’re a business owner in just about any industry, there’s something out there for you and we’ve got all of the Australian Small Business Grants listed below.

Whether you need subsidised assistance for advertising, a reduced tax rate for taking on new workers or just about anything else, we will help you find it.

Take a look below at the Aussie grants for small business.

The Main Industries We’ll Go Over

As the Australian Small Business Grant program is split into industry sectors and locations, this is how we’ll separate our article. We’ll take a look over the state and territories and the grants available for businesses in these locations.

You’ll find the types of grants which are available to businesses outlined to below:

  • Technology Startup Grants
  • Sustainability-focused Grants
  • Grants for Regional Businesses
  • Grants for Indigenous-run Businesses
  • Industry and Manufacturing Grants
  • Microcredits
  • Recovery Grants for Disaster Events
  • Innovation Grants to Support Research and Development
  • Export and Trade Grants for Industry

With those out of the way, let’s take a look at the grants below.

The Export Industry and Trade Industry Grants

These grants are listed under the EMDG or Export Market Development Grant which is designed as a rebate that can be paid out in cash to businesses in Australia that work in the export and trade industries.

The grant is designed to encourage more Australian businesses to focus on exporting goods and services to international trade partners and as a result, small businesses can have up to 50 per cent of their global marketing expenses offset by the grant.

These marketing expenses must fall under the following categories:

  • Search Engine and Social Advertising (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Influencer Marketing, Instagram)
    • IP or Trademarking Overseas
    • Attending Trade Fairs
    • Offering Free Samples
    • Employing Overseas Representation for a Business
    • Overseas Travel and Transport
    • Marketing Agency Fees

All of the above are supported workflows that are covered by the EMDG grant and mean you’re able to funnel investments in overseas marketing and campaigning for your products without a high risk in the event there are low returns.

Business Eligibility

The businesses eligible for this grant are essentially all Australian businesses in which the businesses goods and services are offered overseas. The business owner can either be planning on releasing products overseas or simply be doing so already for this grant.

To add, this is not a competitive or limited grant and as such, all eligible businesses will receive the rebate from this grant.

The Grant’s Value

Up to a total value of $150,000.

NSW’s Government Export Assistance Grants

For businesses in NSW, you’re able to apply for the Export Assistance Grant if you’re a small business that requires a return for marketing activities and business development-related tasks. All of these activities will need to have been undertaken in 2020 and there is a cap on returns maxing out at $10,000.

There is a reimbursement size of 50 per cent on these marketing activities up to the $10,000 maximum we outlined above.

Business Eligibility

To be eligible, businesses will need to have registered their company by the 1st of August 2019 and have been exporting goods to overseas customers and/or business partners before the COVID-19 pandemic begun to affect Australia.

All businesses will need to have at least three employees hired full-time.

To end, these businesses will also need to provide invoices or proof that the goods being provided to their customer bases are owned by the business itself and all business activities are able to be proven by either invoicing or other means.

The Grant’s Value

All overseas marketing expenses are eligible for the grant of up to 50 per cent off each expense for a total value of $10,000.

The Northern Territory’s Regional Economic Development Fund and Trade Support Scheme

For businesses based out of the Northern Territory, this rebate is designed to provide up to 50 per cent off of eligible business activities related to either the development of a local area or marketing expenses for overseas endeavours.

The grant is offered as a fund for marketing activities in which the government will pay for up to 50 per cent of the cost of a marketing pursuit for gaining international attention for a product that is made in the NT.

It’s important to note that this grant is contingent on what the government sees as ‘practical’ rather than simply any marketing project. All marketing activities must be designed in such a way that either the business or the local area and its community will benefit from this activity.

Business Eligibility

All businesses based out of the NT are eligible so long as there is a ‘practical’ and measurable outcome expected from the marketing activities planned.

The Grant’s Value

Up to 50 per cent of the value of a marketing endeavour covered.

The TechVouchers Grant for NSW

For businesses in NSW in the technology field, this grant has been developed by the NSW Government to foster and encourage partnerships and business development and collaboration between technology-focused businesses within NSW.

This grant is offered to small businesses in NSW as a complementary grant in line with the Boosting Business Innovation Program.

Business Eligibility

To be eligible for this grant, a business must be based in NSW and be employing less than 200 staff members and have an annual turnover of below $30 million.

It’s also important to note that these businesses will also need to have been in operation for more than 12 months in order to be eligible.

The Grant’s Value

Up to $15,000 in vouchers for technology-related assets to help better collaborate alongside business partners.

The NSW-only Building Partnerships Grant

This grant is on offer for businesses looking for assistance to pay off pilot projects or to kickstart new ones which are focused on marketing and advertising endeavours.

With the partnerships section of this grant in mind, it’s important to note that businesses will need to be actively working on networking and marketing partnerships with other NSW-based small businesses.

Business Eligibility

For a business to be eligible for this grant, they will need to be based in NSW and have the complete rights or ownership of the technology used in-house. This will be down to the fact the grant requires these businesses to be able to commercialise and profit off this technology.

With this eligibility requirement cleared, you can expect the grant to assist in covering these marketing partnership costs.

The Grant’s Value

These grants offer up to $100,000 covered on project costs.

The NSW-only Minimum Viable Product Grant

For the innovative and development businesses, this grant is the key to softening the cost of testing a product on consumers. You’re able to use this grant to develop a product and consumer-test its viability and move forward with a concept for developing the product to completion.

Business Eligibility

All businesses will need to be pre-revenue to be eligible for this grant and have an already-developed proof-of-concept prepared to show and test for the grant to be approved.

In line with this, at least 80 per cent of the evolution of the product must occur in NSW from a financial standpoint.

The Grant’s Value

Offering up to $25,000 off of development costs.

The Victorian LaunchVic Grant

Designed for the tech-focused Victorian-based businesses, the LaunchVic grant is developed for those brands who need assistance in developing products and services for Victorians.

The total value of the scheme was $60 million in 2015 and has since been almost entirely drawn upon by local businesses.

Primarily developed for the startup, this fund is put out in ‘rounds’ which focus on different industries and sectors in the Victorian business world.

The Grant’s Value

Differs based upon a businesses eligibility and requirements.

The Australian Matched Funding for Startups for CSIRO Support

For small businesses looking to gather enough funding to access the expertise and knowledge base of the CSIRO this grant is designed to kick-start research and development for businesses that cannot afford this stage in their launch.

All businesses eligible for this grant will be allowed to research and develop a commercial-focused product or service with the expertise of the CSIRO. The grant also includes funding for product improvements, development and testing.

Business Eligibility

To be eligible, businesses must have an ACN or Australian Company Number, be registered for GST as well as have a turn over of less than $1.5 million annually.

The company must also have been registered for less than three years.

The Grant’s Value

Funding is matched up to $10,000 and $50,000.

The Queensland Business Development Fund

For Queensland-based businesses, this grant offers a somewhat standard grant whereby businesses can simply apply for funding of between $125,000 and $2.5 million for developing a service or product for use either in Queensland or across the country.

The product or service must be planned or projected to be commercially viable.

Business Eligibility

In order for a business to make use of this grant, there will need to be a co-investor in this planned project and the investor must be able to match the funds provided by the Australian Government.

The Queensland-based business must also be prepared to relinquish a small portion of the business to both shareholders to be a recipient of the grant.

The Grant’s Value

Valued between $125,000 and $2.5 million.

The Victorian Future Industries Manufacturing Program

Designed for the businesses in Victoria looking to develop and advance manufacturing tech in the state, this grant offers a large lump sum fund that is required to be matched to a point by the business or an investor.

You’ll need to ensure your projected development in manufacturing is tangible and going to offer a quantifiable change in the sector.

Business Eligibility

For businesses to make use of this grant, the company must be able to prove or outline that the development project will result in hiring more staff, increasing growth of the sector and increasing productivity to boot.

All businesses will need to have the capital to go along with the grant as there is a requirement of businesses to match every $3 in the grant with $1 of their own funding.

The Grant’s Value

Up to $500,000.

The Tasmania Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Growth Scheme

This grant is another old-school style of grant or scheme that’s been developed by the Tasmanian Government to spur development in the advanced manufacturing industry. The scheme is looking for businesses who are working on disruptive manufacturing technologies with a focus on new-age design and quality assurance.

Business Eligibility

In order to be eligible, businesses must be based in Tasmania and have an operational turnover of between $20,000 and $20 million and are required to fund at least half of the project on their own.

The primary focus of the business must also be on innovation, market expansion and manufacturing for this grant to apply.

The Grant’s Value

The voucher-style grant is valued up to $15,000.

The Northern Territory’s Indigenous Business Development Program

Offered by the NT Government to spur growth in the indigenous-run business sector, businesses operating in the NT and working to grow, develop products or to continue current growth can receive a grant to support this.

Business Eligibility

For a business to be eligible for this grant, you must provide information on your aboriginality along with proof your business is located in the NT.

The Grant’s Value

Valued up to $30,000.

The Victorian Regional Jobs Fund and Stronger Regional Communities Plan

As part of Victoria’s focus on strengthening regional businesses and supporting sustainable business practices in the region, this grant is developed for those businesses who need just a little more funding to kickstart employment growth and to better innovate for products and services.

Businesses can also make use of this grant for improving market access and the development of skills for their staff and contractors.

Business Eligibility

For businesses to be eligible there is a case assessment undertaken as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach to this grant.

That said, businesses can request to be assessed and have the grant funding directly after successful assessment. There is also no requirement of funding needing to be matched by the recipient.

The Grant’s Value

Valued up to $50,000 with a total value pool of $500 million.

Queensland’s Back to Work South East Queensland Grant

Released to kick-start South East Queensland’s job market, this grant is designed to encourage businesses to employ the unemployed, elderly or young people.

All businesses in the region who employ staff in this demographic are able to receive their grants as a ‘reward’ and work to up-skill and keep these team members in the workforce in South East Queensland.

Business Eligibility

All businesses in specified Queensland areas, primarily rural, are eligible for this grant so long as they work on employing the young, elderly or long-term unemployed people in the region.

To add, the employment of these staff members must be long-term and focused on keeping them employed for more than a short period.

The Grant’s Value

The grant is valued up to $20,000.

The South Australian Small Business Bushfire Recovery Grant

Coming off the great bushfires, this grant is released to small businesses in affected areas of Kangaroo Island, Cudlee Creek, Yorketown and Keilira.

The grant is offering financial assistance to businesses which need help to clean up and restore their operations to pre-bushfire standards or levels.

Business Eligibility

In order to be eligible for this grant, small businesses will need to be located in the areas specified above, be able to prove there was direct damage to their operations or premises and have at less than 20 people employed at the time.

The business must be registered and there needs to be proof that there is a plan in place that will grow the business.

The Grant’s Value

Valued at up to $50,000.

Melbourne’s Small Business Transformation Grants

For the businesses running in the metro areas of Melbourne, such as the CBD, Docklands, Southbank and World Trade Centre, this grant is on offer to counteract the impacts of COVID-19 on operations.

Offered by the city of Melbourne, this grant is developed to kick-start the rebound of businesses in the area and offset much of the funding required to move staff out of the office during the pandemic.

Business Eligibility

All small businesses in the above areas are eligible if foot traffic had decreased.

Businesses must also have no more than 50 FTE or full-time employees and are required to be part of the JobKeeper Scheme.

Each small business will also be required to have a physical presence within the City of Melbourne.

The Grant’s Value

At up to $5,000.

Victoria’s Business Support Fund Expansion

A second grant designed for businesses in Victoria affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Business Support Fund is on offer for brands looking to seek help for business operational costs along with obtaining business advice and developmental planning.

A majority of business and growth-focused schemes and plans are supported by this fund in Melbourne.

Business Eligibility

To be eligible for this grant, businesses will need to be located in Victoria and be enrolled under the JobKeeper Scheme.

All businesses will need to have an annual turnover of under $3 million through 2019-20.

To add, businesses receiving benefits from the Government Economic Survival Package are also able to apply for this grant.

The Grant’s Value

Within metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, businesses can receive up to $10,000.

Within the regional Victorian zone, businesses can apply for $5,000.

Melbourne’s CBD Small Hospitality Grant

The Small Hospitality Grant is designed to support the SME’s within Melbourne’s CBD and in the hospitality industry.

All businesses affected by the fourth stage of COVID-19 restrictions can receive benefits from the Victorian Government to counteract and repair financial damage caused by the outbreak.

Business Eligibility

All hospitality businesses within the Melbourne CBD along with Southbank, the World Trade Centre the Docklands with seating of more than 11 can receive this grant.

All businesses would also need to have been a recipient of the Business Support Fund.

The Grant’s Value

Valued at between $5,000 and $15,000 depending on how large the seating capacity is.

The New South Wales Bin Trim Program

The Bin Trim grant has been developed by the New South Wales’ Government to improve and push for more workplace recycling and offers rebates designed to reduce the initial cost of equipment for such recycling to take place. 

Small businesses and small-scale recycling companies in the NSW region can make use of this grant for assistance with the recycling of products and waste when utilising a local business to do so.

Business Eligibility

Small and medium sized businesses based in NSW are eligible for this grant so long are there are less than 399 employees staffed at the workplace.

The value of the grant is based upon businesses looking to outsource recycling or invest in on-site equipment for recycling in-house.

The Grant’s Value

Valued at up to $50,000 with no requirement to match the amount.

The ACT’s Microcredit Loan Program

This grant is developed for small businesses and aspiring business owners looking to take out loans of up to $10,000 with the primary focus on using this loan to develop and enhance the business and its primary operations.

The microcredit loan program covers costs of standard business growth practices as well as the purchase of new equipment which is required for the expansion of the small business.

Business Eligibility

All businesses which are semi-established or are projected to be started in the near future are eligible so long as the family income of the business owner is below $75,000 annually.

All businesses must also be based and run from the ACT.

The Grant’s Value

Up to $10,000 with no requirement to match.

Grant Changes

A lot of the grants and business focused schemes offered by the Australian Government change based upon current financial conditions and natural disasters as well as the coronavirus pandemic.

To stay updated check back on our website for the latest Australian small business grants that have been designed to encourage and promote innovation in the Australian workforce and business landscape.


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