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40 Things To Sell On Etsy To Make Money In 2024

40 Things To Sell On Etsy To Make Money In 2024

Etsy is a great location to sell your wares online and make some extra cash from the comfort of your home. Opening an Etsy shop is relatively easy and can assist you in marketing your goods to customers quickly, and you should do so when you are starting.

Nevertheless, many people, including Etsy’s Chief exec, think now is a great time to invest money into advertising.

However, most people still determine the products that sell most on Etsy.  You’ve come to the correct place if you are one of them. This post will share the results of the extensive studies conducted by individuals who opened an Etsy store and learned what products sell best there. 

The time is right to launch a global product marketing campaign. But before starting, you should explore  Etsy in-depth and learn learning about its features and what products do well there. This post discusses the best things to sell on Etsy and tips on using the site in 2023.

The piece will give you the ultimate guide on what to sell 0and how to sell anything on Etsy, but first, let’s find out what Etsy means. 

What Is Etsy?

Etsy, launched in 2005, is an online marketplace for buying and selling arts and crafts materials. These goods can be classified as cosmetics, collectibles, arts, clothing, handbags, interior decorating, etc. This explains why over 4.3 million people are currently registered on this website.

This platform allows artists and entrepreneurs to sell their wares and generate income swiftly. Many active Etsy users are a boon to your store. If you want to create a dropshipping store, Etsy collaborates with print-on-demand firms like Printify and Wip. That’s why Etsy is perfect for setting up a shop and earning passive revenue.

Is Selling on Etsy Worth It?

One of the most effective ways to disseminate one’s wares to the general public is by selling them on Etsy as second-hand items. 

Even if they charge fees, online marketplaces can still be a more cost-effective way to sell things in the beginning stages of your business. Etsy might be an incredible opportunity for someone just starting to create additional income.

This post will help you get started on the right foot if you are still determining what sells well on Etsy and are looking for guidance on what to deal with.

40 Best Things To Sell on Etsy To Make Money

Over 60 million items in dozens of groups and sub-groups are currently for sale on Etsy.

And while these figures are too high, it’s simple to learn which products are the most popular on Etsy. As a first step, check out the best-selling now and “Editors’ Choice” categories on Etsy.com.

You should also consider using a system called Erank; it’s pretty simple.

Create an account for free and see an overview of Etsy’s best-selling items. You may then upgrade your membership to explore further Erank’s analytics on the most frequently searched phrases and keywords (the basic plan is $5.99, and the pro plan is $9.99).

Nevertheless, if all that is a great deal of work, the list below will help you know the top 40 products you sell the most on Etsy to earn cash.

1. Seasonal Gifts

1. Seasonal Gifts

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Innovative retailers know the periodic events calendar; it starts during the New Year and continues through Christmas. This calendar runs from January 1st to December 25th.

Mother’s Days are jammed in the middle of Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween, among other holidays.

Creating items that may be given away as presents during these times of year is sure to be profitable.

When operating a store that sells presents appropriately with one or even more distinct seasons, you need to consider how you will handle the unavoidable peaks and valleys in customer demand.

2. Stickers

2. Stickers

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These are among the most popular items you may sell on Etsy. They are a fantastic option to explore if you want products to sell on Etsy. Stickers can be purchased in large quantities, increasing their marketability.

3. T-Shirts

Selling T-shirts on Etsy can be a profitable idea. This merchandise ranks among Etsy’s best things to offer because it requires little effort to start selling it. You can make and sell t-shirts instantly on Etsy by partnering with a drop-shipping service such as Printify, which will assist you.

Having a store on Etsy is a beautiful way to bring in some additional cash, and if you look through the T-shirt options on Etsy, you may get some ideas about what kinds of items are selling well on the site.

4. Printables

4. Printables

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Printables are among the most favourite items to purchase on Etsy, and they are also one of the simplest things to transform into products you can sell online. It is also among the most successful products people have sold on Etsy.

Canva allows you to quickly and easily create a set of printables on a budget. Printable patterns for all aspects of life, including cooking, finance, and existence, sell well on Etsy. If you are interested in creating printables to offer on Etsy, doing so has the potential to be a very lucrative side venture.

5. Craft Supplies

5. Craft Supplies

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Etsy is a fantastic place to sell various items, including craft supplies. The sale of goods like cotton crochet thread and handbag charms is very profitable on Etsy. Hence, if you are skilled in producing various art supplies, open a shop on Etsy and market such goods there.

6. Baby Items

6. Baby Items

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Most parents go to Etsy and spend significant time exploring precious baby items for their children. “Home clothing” for babies and matching ensembles for twins are two of the most popular categories on Etsy, and with good reason. This product is one of the greatest ones to offer on Etsy, as there’s a lot of competition.

7. Wedding Decorations

7. Wedding Decorations

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Decorations should be among the top options when searching for items to offer on the Etsy platform. Wedding decorations, in particular, are often the best alternative because people get married throughout the year. For this reason, Etsy is an excellent place to sell wedding decorations.

Etsy is a great place to sell anything related to a wedding, such as wedding lights, wedding neon lights, cake decorations, and much more.

8. Pet Supplies

Pet owners typically purchase various adorable products for their animal companions. Younger owners of dogs, in particular, can’t get enough of the cute tiny clothes they may acquire for their animals.

In addition to the clothing items for pets that you offer on Etsy, you might also explore selling pet houses, bedding, tags, and a great deal more.

9. Home Decor

9. Home Decor

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Etsy is the go-to destination for most homeowners as they pursue their never-ending quest to find the perfect home decor for their abodes. Décors such as wall art, vases, frames, and household knit comforters are excellent on the Etsy marketplace.

10. Handmade Jewelry

10. Handmade Jewelry

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This category of items is a hot commodity on Etsy, and sellers have a lot of room to maneuver when offering one-of-a-kind pieces.

Making jewellery is a talent that may be picked up even by someone who has never done it before. There s a wide range of readily available handicraft supplies. Even novices may create beautiful jewellery in minutes by following instructions in a library or on Pinterest.

Putting together jewellery to sell on Etsy is sometimes as easy as attaching charm or beads to the preexisting necklaces, bracelets, or earring clips.

All the “results” may be purchased with little effort from places like Etsy, Amazon Artisan, and eBay.

For example, selling wedding-related things customised to match the event’s colour palette or the bride and groom’s initials can be profitable.

Swarovski gems are perfect for this since they come in various colours, styles, and sizes, making them suitable for any design.

11. Personalized Clothing

11. Personalized Clothing

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Consider selling a customised cloth item on Etsy when seeking some of the top available products. Making personalised apparel such as t-shirts is a popular and profitable activity on Etsy. You can make wedding shirts with customised names for wedding ceremonies or clothes for newborns with their words. 

12. Invitations

Many individuals look to Etsy for invitation cards when planning special occasions like birthdays. The people responsible for organising the event can select a layout, and then the designer will fill it out with the appropriate information. Once the creators are done, they can send the invitation as a digital download.

13. Party Decorations

13. Party Decorations

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It’s common knowledge that celebrations tend to be high-spending. These shoppers are putting more and more of their disposable income on Etsy.

There, they can find one-of-a-kind decorations, gifts, accessories, invites, party favours, and games for their upcoming celebrations. Of course, we’re discussing the usual suspects here: birthdays, graduations, baby showers, and weddings; however, the good news is that pretty much any party-related item you could imagine is available on Etsy.

14. Mugs

14. Mugs

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Most people appreciate mugs, and for them, discovering new and fantastic mugs is almost always a tremendous victory. Mugs are another item that sells profitably on Etsy and is considered one of the most critical items to sell on the website. You can also personalise the mug or tumbler to increase your sales through the site.

15. Bags and Purses

Most buyers on Etsy always present a strong demand for well-crafted handbags and purses. Whether the bags and purses are made of healthy cotton for the environment, quality leather items, or even one-of-a-kind hand-crafted diaper carriers, people will want to buy. 

Because of the universal requirement for a container to keep one’s belongings, you have many options when stocking your Etsy shop with handbags and purses.

16. T-Shirt Mock-up Templates

Mock-ups are pictures used by cloth designers, particularly t-shirt designers, to market and sell brand photos on the shirts they create. This might be an additional source of revenue for you on Etsy, particularly if you have experience in photography. 

One of the first things you should do when opening an Etsy account for selling clothes is to purchase a few mockups to help you quickly sell the shirts online.

T-shirt mock-ups are a valuable tool for making your goods look more professional. Mock-ups are also helpful in increasing the number of sales of your merchandise.  

17. Craft Kits.

You may, of course, sell a wide variety of supplies on Etsy; however, offering entire craft kits is among the most effective strategies to increase the amount of money you generate from your Etsy shop.

These constitute one of the most sought-after items for sale on Etsy, and even a cursory look at the Pinterest site is enough to demonstrate how widespread the practice of creating one’s own is.

Including high-quality images that are easier to spot is likely of utmost significance in this regard. Customers will want to understand the project’s complexity and the degree to which it will be within their capabilities to complete it.

One of the most successful products people sell on Etsy is ready-made kits. These kits include everything kids or grown-ups need to create something unique.

18. Handmade Cards

Handmade greeting cards have a high potential return on investment and sell well on Etsy.

These can also be constructed extremely fast if you can access the necessary materials, such as stamps and other decorations.

One of the best-selling categories on Etsy is personalised greeting cards, especially those related to weddings and parties.

Once again, you can manufacture these items by hand and sell them on your website because they are inexpensive, simple, and quick to assemble.

They are easy to store and transport because of their small footprint.

It’s easy to see why Etsy merchants are so enthusiastic about providing one-of-a-kind greeting cards to buyers.

19. Personalized cards

Invitation cards to hand-prepared events are among Etsy’s most popular items. Yet, the need for personalised cards extends much beyond that.

Many people spend a lot of time in the postcard aisle of a convenience shop seeking the ideal card for a particular event, person, or anniversary. Often they end up settling for something satisfactory but not exceptional.

Etsy solves this issue by providing a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind options that add a personal touch. As a result, many Etsy creators have succeeded by offering unique greeting cards, official release cards, and even card numbers that utilise famous memes.

20. Photography

Everyone skilled with a camera has the potential to make a significant amount of money by selling the prints they create in an Etsy store.

These are amongst the products that are the least difficult to sell because it is simple to print them out and send them off when necessary.

After printing them onto high grade photographic paper, you can put the photographs up for sale on Etsy in their current form.

Or, you may use affordable store-bought or bulk-purchased frames to spruce them up.

Photographs can also be reproduced onto various merchandise, such as t-shirts, notebooks, mugs, and anything else you want to sell.

21. Digital Art

If you are unwilling to sell cards or want to offer more than cards, other visual products like wall art are a good option.

The artwork you design, quotes from poetry or songs that make you laugh, think, or both are all innovative ideas.

Customised graphic artworks that convey a narrative, like those bought as gifts for newborns or marriages, are also quite famous.

If you wish, you can buy prints, framed or unframed pieces. Making a sizeable profit on the frames is possible if they are purchased in bulk.

22. Printable Planners

These items get a lot of interest online, so you can start generating money if you have the right design.

After your printable planner is finished and available for purchase, you can relax while the money comes in. Sweet!

Meal, exercise, financial, professional, familial, and timetable planners are among the most recommended products.

Pinterest is another option if you’re looking for ideas.

You should also consider where the purchaser will put the planner. They are easy to hang on the wall, set on their desk, or attach to the refrigerator.

23. Journals & Notepads

Those who value organisation or have a penchant for stationery also tend to choose journals and notebooks.

Etsy is an easy method for anyone to start making money by selling their wares online. They are already designed for wholesale purchase, or you may create your own in Canva or another graphics program.

A thoughtful, vintage-style, or beautiful journal or notepad is among the most preferred office accessories; therefore, offering them on Etsy might be a lucrative side business.

24. Party Supplies

Etsy merchants and consumers are going crazy for party materials, and it doesn’t matter what kind of celebration it is: a kid’s birthday bash, Wedding anniversary, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or a grown-milestone celebration.

You may find items like invitations, banners, decorations, party bags, cake toppers, and many more in these categories on Etsy.

Wedding parties are the most significant celebration that many individuals will ever throw in their whole lives; there is a significant opportunity to sell wedding products to Etsy customers with plenty of disposable income.

25. Wedding Dresses

If you aren’t an experienced tailor or dressmaker, you could skip over this area altogether.  

Etsy vendors can sell unique, hand-made bridal gowns they have created or purchased to resell.

You can purchase them at second-hand stores or through local purchasing and selling groups on social media platforms like IG and Facebook.

One of the most successful types of shops on Etsy is those that sell items related to weddings.

You might also give clothing for the bridesmaid and other guests of the bridal party if you are skilled with a thread and needle and have the necessary handiness.

26. Handmade Clothing

You can profit by selling products on Etsy if you have a deft skill for stitching up fantastic items produced from textiles or yarn.

Like most handmade items, hand-crafted clothes also sell well on Etsy. Some examples include scarves or sweaters for newborn infants, a crochet scarf to offer as a handy and simple gift, or a minidress from a pattern specified by the buyer.

As a customer peruses your Etsy shop, they will be thrilled to find truly unique products that nobody else will have and won’t be able to buy anywhere else.

27. Handcrafted Accessories

The demand for handcrafted accessories is almost as high as for handmade clothing. Going around Etsy, you’ll find some warm accessories, such as knitted scarves, hats, and socks.

If you plan to sell them on Etsy, it is crucial to take high-quality photos that do justice to your unique wares. While trying to persuade others to appreciate your art, a dash of originality never hurts.

The success of mega-seller 3BN (ThreeBirdNest) on Etsy can be an example worth studying. The proprietor of this wildly successful California company made close to a million dollars in 2015.

Several factors contributed to 3BN’s success, including the use of Pinterest for marketing strategy, adherence to Etsy’s guidelines, the use of breathtaking visuals, and the use of brand names that people search for.

This company now has its e-commerce platform.

28. Homemade Beauty Products

Homemade cosmetics are a great sale on Etsy. Customers swarm to Lush, a company established in Poole, United Kingdom, to purchase scented bath fizzers, detergents, and potions packed with fresh and organic components.

The Body Shop has been around for longer than that, and its beginnings can be traced back to the sleepy beach community of Littlehampton in southern England.

There has never been a time in history when natural and homemade cosmetics have been sought more, and Etsy vendors that specialise in these categories bring in a healthy income.

To maximise the positive environmental impact of your Etsy business, it would be fantastic if you could sell food made from ingredients obtained in the immediate area and containers made from recyclable materials.

29. Self-Care Items 

There has never been a time when self-care gift sets have been more fashionable than they are now; They are among the most popular items for sale on Etsy.

These gift baskets might have a specific theme, like a beauty and personal care box. Alternatively, they may contain various goods intended to make the recipient feel pampered, such as scented teas, aromatherapy, chocolate treats, perfumes, gas masks, or even nail polish.

These sell well on Etsy and are among the finest ideas for profit. The choices are infinite; as with any gift goods, these do not just sell well on Etsy.

30. Foodie Gift Boxes

You can expand on the concept of self-care gift boxes by deciding to focus on the food category for your retail location.

Most people get excited about getting a gift in the mail that contains tasty treats.

Best-selling goods like afternoon tea packages, gift baskets showcasing cuisine from a particular tradition, and gift sets, including retro-style candies, are examples of these items already supplied by Etsy merchants.

Freshness may be an issue with certain meals, so plan accordingly and consider where you’ll get your supplies.

The process of bagging the produce could also take some time. Still, a culinary goodie bag is among the most significant things to offer on Etsy because people are prepared to shell out more for presents.

31. Sustainable Products

The theory of producing zero waste is making significant waves. And jumping on the craze while also contributing to protecting the environment couldn’t be a more excellent idea than now. 

The fundamental principle is to dispose of as little as possible in landfills, ideally none.  Hence, products that you can refill and do not contain any chemicals are some of the most efficient regarding both company and environmental impact.

Selling reusable throwaway mugs, reusable sanitary items and nappies, and environmentally friendly or recyclable toiletries can be profitable in this generation.  

Packaging for meals, beverages, and products used in cosmetic routines, such as wet cotton napkins, are among the essential items.

32. Vintage Items

If you own antiques or collectibles you no longer need or want, consider listing them on Etsy to generate more income. Rugs, dinnerware, and vintage t-shirts are top-rated vintage products on Etsy.

As an Etsy entrepreneur, you can recycle by selling vintage goods while also providing customers with one-of-a-kind decorative and functional pieces for their homes.

You can sell used items such as apparel, accessories, and household goods on Etsy.

Mid-century antiques are all the rage, while sales of antique gowns span multiple decades, particularly in furnishings.

Look in resale shops and furniture clearance areas for a vintage flapper outfit or an authentic Ercol piece.

33. Homeware

Home decor and furnishings are among the most popular categories on the Etsy marketplace.

With more people working from home and taking staycations, home goods sell ok on the Etsy platform.

The options include hard furniture such as pitchers and pillows and softer furnishings such as artwork, decorations, decor, wraps and cushions.

Anything that gives off a “hygge” vibe is always popular, particularly in regions and nations with severe winters and climates.

34. Candles

Lamps are one of the most profitable items to sell on Etsy, so much so that they should have their section instead of being incorporated into the homeware section.

But there are currently many of these available, so the challenge is finding something unusual or distinctive.

You can stock up your store with candles suitable for kids or pastimes or that stand out due to being rainbow stripe, iridescent, or filled with glitter.

Suppose you ask any veteran candle seller on Etsy. In that case, they will tell you that making your candles with a high concentration of essential oils results in the finest therapeutic candles available.

35. Phone Cases

One of the best ways to earn money from an online Etsy business is to sell one-of-a-kind phone cases of premium quality. Launching new phone models can increase demand since customers want to customise and safeguard their phones. 

One of the difficulties is that the manufacturing of the cases requires specialised machinery. There is also a possibility that the product could be damaged while in transit; nevertheless, if you can solve these issues and effectively differentiate your brand, you can contend in one of the most lucrative product lines in 2023.

36. Enamel Pins

If you can create enamel pins and sell them on Etsy, you may have one of the most successful product categories.

They are easy to acquire when developed and bought in approximately one hundred or more volumes. Because of their compact size, the goods you sell should be easy to find storage room for.

On Etsy, you can make a lot of fast money if you can create popular designs and sell many copies.

You can create custom pins for Etsy in a snap with the help of a network like Vivipins.

37. Baby Accessories

Baby gears are perfect items to stock in an Etsy shop, whether you prioritise style or safety first.

Everything that helps a baby feel more secure, makes it look prettier, or keeps them grinning will undoubtedly be well received.

Because these are typically sold as gifts, the photos and packaging need the highest quality.

Examples of possible items include hair ornaments, teethers, apparel, toys, and personalised gifts for significant milestones. One of the most lucrative uses for these items is as gifts; nevertheless, before you post anything for sale, you should ensure that your customers’ safety is your top priority.

38. House Plants

You may be taken aback by this one, but there is a considerable demand for indoor plants on the market.

If you can plant seeds and nurture them, you may eventually harvest their fruits.

Packaging and delivering things to customers is the step that presents the most significant challenge when selling items on Etsy in this manner.

But, there are already people selling plants on Etsy for profit, and they are having a lot of success with it.

If you’ve got a green thumb and a passion for gardening, this might be a fantastic business to run from the comfort of your home.

39. Drinkware

Customised drinkware is fantastic to offer on Etsy. Clients use them to mark special events, advertise their business, or build new ceramic mugs with relatively high components such as stainless steel or ceramic components.

Mugs and water bottles are lovely Etsy shop ideas you can quickly customise with a distinctive graphic, clever quip, or motivating statement.

But drinkware is fragile, and transporting your creations securely to consumers might add costs. Managing quality assurance for handmade goods can also be challenging, and clients can be fussier when modifications reflect their brand. Working with a reprint on-request provider can also mitigate such risks.

40. Merch

Selling merchandise on Etsy can be lucrative. Shirts, sweatshirts, totes, and printables are all fair game in the merch store. Having the ability to snag purchases in certain areas is a significant perk.

It’s also simple to specialise the merchandise in your Etsy store. You may find shop concepts anywhere, so look to your favourite long-lasting fandoms, cultural touchstones, performers, or causes. Yet, if you’re not careful, copyright owners may sue your Etsy store under intellectual property guidance.

You should inform shoppers how the store’s proceeds will be used for activism. Consumers will want to ensure that not only your Etsy shop but also their preferred cause benefits from their transaction.

41. Office supplies

Shoppers on Etsy always look for one-of-a-kind home office decor, especially among entrepreneurs. Stationary, stamps, pen keepers, mouse panty liners, and calendar events are all fantastic personalised products to sell on Etsy.

Selling office supplies on Etsy can be lucrative because customers know their purchase only lasts a while (a pad of sticky notes, for example, may only go for a few months). 

Etsy store ideas that will be restocked include templates for flyers and brochures, letterheads, business cards, and attractive notebooks.

A further perk of office equipment is their low purchase price. Changing your price increases can help you start competing without losing too much money, but so much office equipment in bulk so that you may be working with a small profit margin. 

Making unique, adaptable templates and components that uphold their intended purpose can take time.

Shopify vs Etsy: What’s Better?

Over 7.5 million sellers and more than 96 million customers frequently utilise Etsy. More than $3 billion will have been invested in the site by the end of 2020. Even more astonishing is Shopify’s claim that in 2021, the platform processed $79.5 billion in sales.

They understand your desire to partake in such an endeavour.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using both systems, as there are with every online store. That’s why you put in the time and effort to gather all the relevant data for your expanding company. Let’s start the selling process by determining the best system for you to use.

Here is a comparison of the most critical aspects between Shopify and Etsy:

Trial Periods and Plans 

You can try Shopify risk-free for 14 days. The lowest monthly cost is $29; many business owners find it more than adequate. The $79/month plan could fit multi-channel merchants. Its $299 monthly subscription is ideal for shops that need sophisticated reporting. 

Shopify Lite is available for $9 monthly and is ideal for those who already have a website or blog and just need a way to accept payments with credit cards for orders.

Etsy Plus, which includes 15 posting credits and a $5 monthly ad expenditure, is free for a 30-day trial. There is a $10 monthly fee beyond the initial free trial—more banner possibilities, discounts, and client refill requests. 


Shopify charges a flat rate of 2.4% and 30 cents for each online sale, with higher rates for more basic accounts. On the other hand, Etsy doesn’t impose a recurring charge, so your rates will be higher for each transaction unless you upgrade to their Plus package. Third parties have developed tools for merchants to determine profit because of the many charges.

You’ll need to pay 20 cents for each thing you want to sell in your online shop. They charge the 20 cents again if you extend your ad after four months. If you have various amounts of a single item but only sell one, you spend 20 cents on maintaining the listing.

Etsy charges a 5% transaction fee on top of the shipping and gift-wrapping costs for each item sold. For US vendors, the payment cost is 3% and 25 cents. You will incur a charge if Etsy has to exchange a foreign currency for U.S. dollars.

Store Design

Shopify provides drag-and-drop website-building tools; however, Etsy is only a platform. Nevertheless, you can build a website that links directly to your Etsy store using Etsy Patterns.

These systems provide vendors with industry-standard policy and procedure templates. This is helpful for merchants who need help articulating shop policies or clarifying what those guidelines should be.

Customer Support 

Shopify’s chat, mail, and support number options are always available to merchants. Etsy also promotes customer care services, but the only way to receive a mobile number is to pick a phone-related issue from the customer support tree. In most cases, you’ll need to send a message and wait up to five working days for a reply.

Shopify provides drag-and-drop website-building tools; however, Etsy is only a platform. Nevertheless, you can build a website that links directly to your Etsy store using Etsy Patterns.

The following are the most common advantages and disadvantages of Etsy and Shopify: 



  • It’s a reliable platform that can attract many people interested in the goods you offer.
  • Starting on the marketplace couldn’t be simpler. You may set up a shop on Etsy in a matter of minutes.
  • Excellent for attracting reliable customers who will eventually buy your wares.


  • Etsy charges sellers several fees, including a 20 cents advertising fee. You’ll have to pay this cost every time someone buys your stuff or upgrade to renew your subscription. This nominal cost can mount up if your store is substantial. Etsy also deducts a percentage of your earnings and imposes transaction fees.
  • As Etsy is not a replacement for your site, you must rely on it for all your business needs. This may be a drawback because Etsy could suddenly stop functioning at anytime. I’m not suggesting they will, but knowing all the details is helpful.



  • Shopify lets you make your store look and function exactly how you want it to.
  • You can customise a webpage and the domain name to your specifications.
  • Shopify is fantastic if you want to expand your business.
  • There are no further charges above the $29 monthly cost.
  • Shopify is fantastic if you want more room to experiment with your store’s design.


  • You’ll have to attract customers to your store yourself. This means that initially, you will be responsible for all the advertising for your products.
  • The monthly cost may be prohibitive if your investment capital is limited.

What Are the Easiest Product to Sell on Etsy?

This depends on your particular set of skills, but t-shirts, stickers, and wedding-related goods are some of the most popular items on Etsy. Consider opening a dropshipping shop on Etsy if you’re just getting started.

“dropshipping” refers to a business model wherein a retailer sources inventory directly from a manufacturer or wholesaler. The supplier may also arrange to deliver the order straight to the consumer. A   store, for instance, may use Printify for t-shirt printing and fulfilment. If someone purchases a shirt from such an Etsy store, the order will be received, processed, and shipped by Printify.

Printify will handle nearly all aspects of your business. Maintaining a tab on the store, updating it with new items, and responding to all customer care inquiries are the only things you may be required to do. Consider creating a dropshipping company if you need to launch a business rapidly.

Can Etsy Be a Full-Time Post?

It is possible to make a living making and selling things on Etsy. It will require considerable effort and devotion, like every other enterprise you might establish, but it is possible. Several Etsy vendors, like “Planner Kate,” rely only on the site to support themselves.

If you’re curious about how much money people make on Etsy on the median, that number will change monthly based on what you’re offering and how much you promote it. Most people who open stores on this platform make six figures or more.

Is Selling on Etsy Hard?

Selling on Etsy might be difficult at times, just like any other type of business, but it is easy to be successful on the site if one does not surrender. If you are just getting started, it is wise to research and analyse how to expand a company on your site.

  • The Secret to Making Sales on Etsy
  • Use Pinterest to Draw Additional Visitors to Etsy; Strategies to Drive More Purchases on Etsy
  • Positioning in the Etsy system; Strategies for achieving high visibility in Etsy product searches.

Tips to Sell on Etsy

If you are considering opening a shop on Etsy, the following are three suggestions for people just getting started with the platform.

  • Set Goals: Put your retail plans on paper. Put down the annual sales and item targets you’ve set for your company on paper. According to research, writing out your objectives increases your likelihood of reaching them.
  • Create New Listings Often: Check out the Etsy shops of your rivals to find out how many items they are selling. Your visibility on Etsy increases proportionally with the number of listings you have. In addition, Etsy highlights recently added listings in daily searches, which means the more items you have for sale, the more transactions you can make.
  • Focus on SEO: Include powerful phrases in the Etsy names, summaries, and tags, just like you would on Pinterest. It covers every aspect of Etsy SEO that you should be aware of.
  • Post-High-Quality Photos: Excellent product images are among the best ways to guarantee that you sell on Etsy. You can accomplish this with a top-notch phone or a pretty good camera. It could be a great idea to employ a photographer to assist with the visuals if you need more time to take shots of your goods. It’s undeniable that a product’s pictures can decide the fate of it, therefore always take excellent images of your goods.
  • Use Pinterest: Ensure to advertise your things on Pinterest, as discussed above. Use Pinterest to increase organic advertising to your Etsy store quickly.  

What Do People Typically Sell on Etsy?

As described in this article, the finest items to sell on Etsy include printables, T-shirts, and stickers. Etsy is renowned as a marketplace for distinctive handcrafted crafts since most people who sell things there often sell items they have made themselves.

Consider what you can offer and your ability to create to start selling on Etsy. If you have a talent for art and design, making a template you can sell on Etsy is a terrific idea.

Is Etsy Profitable?

You can find success on Etsy. You can open a store and make it successful with enough effort and commitment. Providing excellent customer service is crucial if you want your Etsy business to succeed.

It’s also a good idea to look into the Etsy shops of competitors who are doing well. Studying the platform itself is an excellent approach to learning about it. You should research successful persons in your field to learn from their strategies.

FAQs on Etsy 

What Is the Most Popular Thing to Sell on Etsy?

Stickers are arguably the most popular products on Etsy. Discovering what’s trending at any particular time on Etsy is a breeze. The ‘Author’s Choices’ and ‘Hot Gifts Right Today’ areas of the site’s front page will lead you directly to the best current offerings.

This will provide an easy-to-understand snapshot of what customers seek on Etsy. Learn about Etsy SEO and online shopping, from party decorations and home décor to artwork and apparel.

What Is the Easiest Thing to Sell on Etsy?

Commonly used office and customised home products are the easiest to sell on Etsy. However, Etsy charges a fee for every sale. The expenses of running an online store, such as the listing fee per item, must be considered.

Etsy adds transaction and payment service charges to anything you sell.

Further payments are due if sales are generated through their off-site advertising.

Digital goods are among the most accessible on Etsy. In this manner, you can sell downloadable things to your clientele.

Be wary of the competition, and remember that you might succeed more in a different sector.

Can I Make Money on Etsy in 2023 and Beyond?

There are many moving parts, such as Etsy’s fees and the possibility that your rivals already have a dedicated consumer following.

Yet, you don’t have to break any ground-breaking ground to make your Etsy store profitable.

Consumers have shown they seek the best sellers, so if you can fill a need or provide a more affordable or superior alternative, you will do well with your Etsy store.

Professional-looking photos, utilising Pinterest and online networking to draw more traffic, and adhering to the seller instructions Etsy provides are all essential for a successful store.

Use exact terms consumers will search for rather than trying to come up with intriguing product titles for Etsy SEO.

The objective of any commercial endeavour is to make a profit. The most straightforward approach to generating significant money on Etsy is to treat your shop like a real business.

If you treat it like a hobby, it’s more likely to remain a hobby.

How Much Does It Cost to Sell on Etsy?

Etsy charges fees at different points in the buying and selling process. There is a fee for listing an item and another price for each item sold.

Although a cost is associated with listing items for sale, opening an Etsy shop is accessible. There are additional costs associated with each trade and the handling of payments.

Do Etsy Sellers Need to Pay Taxes?

Earnings from an Etsy shop are taxed.

On the other hand, you can subtract the total cost of all supplies, items, equipment, and advertising from your final profit figure before paying any taxes on the resulting sum.

You should consult the US Revenue Service (or its foreign counterpart); business registration with them is required regardless of whether you run an Etsy store.

For instance, in the United States, any endeavour undertaken with the primary purpose of generating profits is considered to be a business and is consequently liable to taxation.

Where Can I Learn More About How to Sell on Etsy?

You should check out all the Etsy courses on SkillShare.

Etsy has developed a system that has become very popular.

There are also more specialist courses, such as ones that teach you how to generate money from downloadable sales or build an Etsy shop that will bring in a steady stream of customers.

You can also find helpful information by searching YouTube for terms related to your product or service and on Etsy.

How To Make My Etsy Shop Successful?

Knowing your customer base inside and out is essential for achieving any online store, and Etsy is no exception. Do some market research to find out what people want to buy before you start making products.

After you’ve done your homework and selected the best product, it’s time to get the word outs highly recommended.

The photos of your product lines that you publish to Pinterest will be available for repinning by Pinterest users. This is monumental because it bodes well for your company’s sales prospects.  

How Do I Get Traffic to My Etsy Shop?

Putting one’s Etsy business’s wares up for sale on Pinterest is among the most effective Strategies for driving customers to that shop. People can place direct orders for the item if you post an image of it along with a link to your Etsy store from which they may buy it.

This is a significant deal because it allows you to make hands-free deals. Because of this, you should use Pinterest as the primary platform for selling things.

What Are Other Ways to Make Extra Money?

When discussing earning extra cash, consider conducting online surveys to make extra money when looking for new ways to get extra cash. One of the most effective ways to get additional money while you’re on the go is to fill out internet surveys.  

  • Swagbucks
  • Life Points
  • Inbox Dollars
  • iSurvey World 
  • Survey Junkie
  • Opinion Outpost 
  • Pinecone Research

Final Verdict 

If you have a creative streak and a knack for making things, Etsy is an excellent platform to launch a successful business. High-quality goods, compelling product descriptions, and a solid social media profile will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Excellent service will result in satisfied consumers spreading the word about your business.

The appropriate business partner can help your Etsy store succeed. Find out how Gelato may assist you in giving form to your imagination and turning it into a profitable Etsy business.


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