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40+ Australia Gambling Statistics

Online gambling is placing wagers over the Internet rather than physically visiting a physical casino or racebook. Online gambling has several advantages over traditional forms because it can be done anywhere at any time using various payment methods and features like bonuses, loyalty points, free games, and global accessibility. 

The advent of novel types of internet gambling in Australia, including lottery machines, blackjack, and quick scratch bookings, has been well-received. Younger demographics and those without ready access to traditional gaming establishments are also major draws for online betting sites.

Australians share a penchant for gambling with people from other countries. Half of the adult Australian population regularly engages in gambling.

But what is the annual average profit and loss for Australians? How frequently do they gamble, and what sports do they like to play the most?

This post will examine Australian online gambling statistics to answer this question. Let’s get started!

10 Important Aspects Of Betting in Australia

  • 50 % of adults in Australia are consistent gamblers.
  • The average Australian loses roughly $1,260 a year on gambling.
  • Over 65.9% of Australian bettors made cash bets on eSports.
  • Most Australian gamblers are men.
  • Australia has over 200,000 slot machines, meaning one machine serves every 100 people.
  • In 2018-19, over 500,000 Aussies bet on sporting events.
  • In 2018-19, over 1.8 million Aussies made some bet every quarter.
  • In 2017-18, about 8.6 million lottery and scratch-off bookings were sold in Australia
  • In 2018-19, over $225 billion was made from wagering
  • The percentage of people who gambled online increased to 78.2 percent during the pandemic.

Australia’s online betting sector is mainly driven by people’s rising incomes and the growing use of smartphones in the country. Due to this, the most prominent players are putting out online betting apps that are easy to use on smartphones and tablets. The industry is also expanding because more people are going online, which has made it easier for people to use mobile betting apps and sites that are both international and domestic. 


Also, the rise of new technologies like virtual reality (VR), blockchain, and  3D animation is making the experience more exciting and fun for the player and helping to keep gambling honest.

Key Market Segmentation in Australia:

IMARC Group looks at Australia’s most important trends in each segment of the online betting industry and makes predictions for the country from 2022 to 2027. The report has put the market into groups based on different aspects:

Segmentation by Game Type:

  • Football
  • E-Sports
  • Sports Betting
  • Horse Racing


  • Casino
  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Live Casino


Segmentation by Device:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Others

General Facts About Gambling In Australia 

1. Over 50 % of the Australian Population Regularly Gamble Online

The most recent numbers show that 9.9 million Australians gamble regularly. In simpler words, half of all adults in Australia take a chance in betting options in an average qtr.


(Roy Morgan)

The Average Australian Loses About $1,260 Each Year on wagering

2. The Average Australian Loses About $1,260 Each Year on wagering


Findings show that the nation lost over $24.88 billion on betting in 2017-2018,  implying that wagering cost the average Aussies about $1,260.


Aussies lost $20 billion on card games or $1,017 for each gambler. The country also lost more than $3.5 billion in motorsport and another $1.2 billion in sports gambling.



3. About 43% of Aussies Bet on the Lottery

Recent studies show that 42.6% of Australians, or 8.4 million people, participated in the lottery or bought instant scratch cards in 2020 alone—12% of Aussies, roughly 2.4 million people, engaged in pokies in a typical quarter. Sports gambling emerged as the third-most popular way to gamble in Australia, with about 10.4% of the nation’s population, or 2.1 million, participating in it. 


(Roy Morgan)

4. Every Australian Spent $1,276 on Betting in 2019, which was a Slight Drop from the Previous Years 

Most cash was used on famous slot machines throughout 2018 and 2019: each person spent $1,048 in 2019 and  $1,043 in 2018. Furthermore, the average Aussies invested $179 in racing, less than the average total spent over 2018 ($184). The lowest amount came from sports gambling, $49 for every person throughout 2019 and $64 for every Australian in 2018.


QGSO, or Queensland Government Statistician’s Office

5. GVA (Gross Value Added) From Wagering Executed By Tourists Was Over $500 Million In 2020.

Many of the 1.8 million foreign tourists who travelled to Australia in 2020 either loved gambling or were influenced into waging by the Aussies.  In 2020, casinos and all other betting services related to tourism brought in a whopping  $590 million in value-added.



6. Nearly 65.9% Of People Participated In Esports Betting

A survey by the VRGF found that betting on esports is the most popular way to take chances with real cash. Over 65% of participants bet on eSports games at least once in two weeks. Furthermore, over 90% of the individuals who placed wagers on eSports used cash (95.3%) or “skins,”  in-game tokens (91.2%).


39.8% of the individuals who placed real cash on eSports chose FIFA. Call of Duty, CS: GO, and LoL were also popular games among eSports gamblers and skin gamblers to bet on. Just 1% of people who gamble on eSports invest in games such as Minecraft and Dota 2.


Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation(VRGF)

Gambler Stats in Australia

7. Over 16% Of Australian Gamblers Started The Practice Before 18

Australian laws provide that all individuals participating in gambling should be at least 18 years old. However, more and more underage teenagers have been caught gambling over the past few years. 


Stats indicate that one in five people experiencing gambling addiction began betting before they turned 18. Also, 16% of 16- and 17-year-old youths have gambled in some way in the last year. 20% of boys and 12.5% of girls under age invested real cash in gambling.



8. People Over 50 Years Old Are The Most Likely To Gamble In Australia

A 2018 study found that just 27.5% of Australian young adults aged 18 to 24 found gambling to be the least engaging activity. Adults between the ages of 25 and 34 also gambled less often than the national average, with a rate of 37.5%.


However, the older generation is still playing: 57.8% of those aged 65 and older and almost 60% of people aged 50 to 64 reported gambling activity.


(Roy Morgan)

Men Bet More Regularly Than Women

9. Men Bet More Regularly Than Women 

According to recent studies on gambling by gender, men make up 54.2% of frequent gamblers, whereas women account for 45.8%. Given that women account for about 51% of the adult population in Australia, it is fair to assume that they gamble less often than males. 


More thorough research supports this:


  • More Australian men (52.8%) than women (47.2%) participated in the lottery.
  • Sports betting in Australia had the most significant percentage of male gamblers and the lowest percentage of female bettors. Men make up 88% of all sports wagers, compared to only 12% of women.
  • Lastly, males made up more than 80% of those who bet on racing, with women taking part at a rate of 19.1%



10. Nearly Half Of Aussies On Full-Time Jobs Are Frequent Gamblers

  • In comparison, about 16% of part-time employees often gamble
  • Over 19.8% of Australians with household incomes under $29,500 are habitual gamblers, making up 19.3% of the population.
  • Australians with annual salaries ranging from $54,000 to $73,499 constitute 20.8% of regular gamblers.
  • Also, 20.3% of habitual gamblers in Australia earn salaries above $73,500



11. Over 500,000 Australian Participated in Sports Bets in 2018-19

According to recent studies on betting, more than 620,000 individuals wager on sports in Australia. Males aged between 35 to 49 were the majority of sports bettors.


It’s also important to note that only the youngest age categories favour sports betting over race betting (18-24 years). With a meagre 1% participation in sports betting, older age categories (65+) are much more interested in betting on horse races.


(Roy Morgan)

The Gambling Sector in Australia

12. Australia’s Average Yearly Income from Gambling is roughly $5 billion

Australia poses as one of the most lucrative gambling destinations in the world. In Australia, betting on different games generates an annual average revenue of $5 billion. 


Most of the nation’s casinos are designed to attract tourists, providing the Australian gambling sector with an average of $4,900 for every visitor.


(Under Scoop Fire) 

13. Australia Has Over 20 Full-Service Casinos Across All Its States

There are extra 14 casino hotels officially registered across Australia. Also, there are four lotteries and seven bingos with licenses. 


While roughly 3,000 physical businesses accept fixed chances and tote wagers, gambling on the most well-known sports (and some less well-known ones) is permitted online. With an aggregate of 350 tracks, Australia has more licensed racetracks than any nation.


(World Casino Directory) 

14. Australia Hosted Nearly 200,000 Gaming Machines in 2018

In 2018, it was predicted that Australia would have over 194,322 EGMs spread among 2,991 hotels and about 1,800 clubs. This implied one slot machine for every one hundred Australians, based on the adult population of Australia by 2018.



Australian Betting Sector Invested Over $270 Million on Promotional Campaigns in 2018

15. Australian Betting Sector Invested Over $270 Million on Promotional Campaigns in 2018

In 2018, the Australian gambling business spent $273.2 million on advertisements and promotions, a significant rise from the $89.7 million the sector spent in 2011.


-Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

Sports Betting and Horse Racing

16. Over 1.8 million Australians WAger Per Yearly quarter Throughout 2018-19

Over 1.8 million Aussies over 18 made a wager over a typical three-month period in 2018–19. One and a half million of them wager on horse races. Those above 50 accounts for a significant portion of the race-betting population.


(Roy Morgan) 

17. Aussies Wagered About $21 Billion On Horse Racing In 2019-20

Horse racing betting brought in $21 billion in revenue during the 2019-2020 fiscal year. This was an increase of $143 million, or 0.7%, from the previous year. 


Sports betting revenue was roughly $10 billion over the same period, down $2.2 billion, or 18%, from the previous year.


(VRGF Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation) 

Stats and Facts on Online Betting in Australia

18. Sportsbet is the Leading Betting Site in Australia

Australians voted for the Irish-owned site Sportsbet as their preferred betting platform in 2019. In the previous 12 months, over 45% of internet gamblers confirmed to have made a wager on the site.


(Statista) (Kruzey) (Statista) 

19. Over 11% of Australians Participated in Online Betting in 2021

According to data from the previous year, online gamblers climbed from 8% to 11% in 2021. With 8% of Australians participating in races in the previous year, sports betting was also increasing.



Poker Machines and Gaming

20. Although The Winning Odds Are Still Higher, The Greatest Payout On A Pub Slot Machine Is $10,000

Hard as it may be to believe, Australia is home to 18% of all slot machines worldwide. It’s impossible to consistently win at these machines since their payout percentage averages around 90%. 


However, players continue to be drawn by the high potential payouts. Poker machines are very addicting despite their best efforts, and many Australians suffer from the severe effects.


Australian Ethical and Online pokies

21. The Number Of People Who Play Pokies Has Gone Down A Lot In The Last 20 Years

While the annual gaming expenditure keeps increasing, betting participation has steadily declined in the past two decades. The Poker game, Australia’s national pastime, is an excellent example of this incident. Australian poker machine players have decreased from 4.8 million in the last eighteen years to just 2.4 million, a 50% fall.


However, the trends in decline are different across state and territorial boundaries. For instance, 5% of people residing in Western Australia, where playing poker outside of casinos is prohibited, participated in pokies play in 2019 compared to 23.6% of inhabitants of the Northern Territory. Both are substantially below the 12.6% national average indicated in a Roy Morgan study from 2020.


(Roy Morgan) 

22. About 8.4 Million Scratch Tickets And Lotto Were Sold Across Australian States In 2017-18

The number of Aussies who bought a lotto or scratch ticket was about 8.6 million in the three years following 2018. Even though this figure has decreased to 8.4 million, it still represents 42% of Australian adults who have purchased gaming tickets.


The number of Australians purchasing lottery tickets, including Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday Powerball, Oz Lotto, and other lottery tickets, decreased to 7.7 million as of June 2018 from 7.9 million in the year before. The number of scratch-off tickets sold decreased to 3 million from 3.2 million in 2015.


(Roy Morgan) 

23. The Income From Keno In 2018-19 Was About $1.3 Billion

Keno is quite popular in Australia; Aussies lost slightly over $350 million on the game in the 2018-19 financial year. The citizens of New South Wales lost an estimated $150 million, while those of Queensland spent over $100 million.


-QGSO, Queensland Government Statistician’s Office

Social Problems and Cost of Gambling 


Over 80% of Surveyed Players are Prone to Gambling-Related Effects

24. Over 80% of Surveyed Players are Prone to Gambling-Related Effects 

The rate of participation in gambling, gambling frequency, and data on gambling losses in Australia imply that gambling is fast becoming a massive problem in the country. 


Recent data on gambling addiction in Australia show that 79% of those polled said they would experience gaming-related damage in 2020 or were already experiencing it. 19% of all respondents gambled at low risk, 31% at slightly higher risk, and 30% gambled problematically.



25. Gambling Issues Have Significant Influence On Family Relationships Across Australia

The societal toll of problem gambling is comparable to other addictions like drugs and substance addictions. Family members of addicted gamblers consistently report high stress and mental distress levels.


A study found that partners (66%), especially women (89%), were the closest relatives of gamblers who experienced the side effects of gambling problems. The study determined that the average lifespan of the close relative who requested aid was 36, and 59% were younger than 35. Other family members, including parents, siblings, grandparents, and even children, may all be negatively impacted by gambling.



26.  About 1% of Australians Experience Severe Gambling Problems 

Roughly 2% of Australian individuals have moderate gambling issues. Betting addiction is a major contributor to mental and physical health problems, and it is responsible for the divorce of 4.7% of Australian marriages. Sadly, over 400 Australians lose their lives due to gambling-related events; every day, one Australian life is lost due to gambling.


  • The Cabin Sydney
  • VRGF
  • Australian Family Physician
  • Finder

Nearly 45% of Australian Gambling Online Gamblers Lost Cash from Gambling In 2019

27. Nearly 45% of Australian Gambling Online Gamblers Lost Cash from Gambling In 2019 

When talking about the bad things that can happen because of wagering, it’s critical to note that online gambling in Australia has had a significant effect. As many as 45% of Australians who bet online said they spent less or saved less money because of it.  18% regret ever participating in gambling, and over 30% confirmed that it made them feel ashamed, upset, or “like losers.”



The Term “Bet Responsibly” Doesn’t Have a Serious Impact On Most Of Australians

28. The Term “Bet Responsibly” Doesn’t Have a Serious Impact On Most Of Australians

In reality, 70% of Australians think the slogan’s usage achieves little to lessen the country’s harmful impacts of compulsive gambling. 5% of people feel the tagline has some impact, while just 3% think it works.



Revenue and Gambling Spending

29. The Australian State Receives About $6 Billion A Year From Betting

Over the last decade, gaming has made a larger overall contribution to Australia’s national budget. The overall gaming income in Australia increased from $5.9 billion to $6.2 billion in the fiscal year 2018.



30. Gambling Income in 2018-19 Was Over $225 billion  

Race betting brought in about $27 billion in 2018–19, matching the nation’s casinos’ entire revenue. While gaming machines contributed to a staggering $153 billion in turnover, sports betting generated $11 billion in turnover.


This indicates that the typical Australian made an annual gambling revenue contribution of about $11,500.



31. Casino Spending Was Over $4.8 Billion In 2018-19

According to the information currently accessible on gambling, Australians spend over $20 billion on betting annually. The entire amount spent on casinos during this period was $4.8 billion, whereas the total amount spent on gaming machines was $12.7 billion.


The aggregate expenditure on race gambling, one of Australia’s favourite forms of gambling, was $3.5 billion in the 2018–19 financial year. Sports betting, in contrast, enjoys a fairly meagre expenditure total of $0.9 billion.



NSW Enjoyed The Largest Annual Betting Turnover In The Year Ended 2018

32. NSW Enjoyed The Largest Annual Betting Turnover In The Year Ended 2018

In 2018, New South Wales received the most money from betting in Australia, costing approximately $93 billion. Over the same financial year, the amount of money made from gambling throughout Victoria was $48.8 billion, while the amount made in Queensland received $37.5 billion.



Effects of Covid-19 on Gambling in Australia  

33. The Number Of Routine Gamblers Was On The Rise During The Covid-19

Over the lockdowns, there was an increase in the percentage of people who wagered four or even more days per week: about 32% of respondents did so, an increase from 23% before the epidemic.


Gambling tendencies remain consistent during the epidemic for individuals who wager less. During the pandemic, 32% of respondents bet two to three days weekly, down from 34% prior, and 10% fewer respondents reported gambling once or twice per month.


Following the recent suspension of all non-essential services in Australia due to Covid-19, a combined investigation by the Australian credit agency million and analytics business AlphaBeta has shown a 67% surge in online betting for 30 March to 5 April 2020. That’s a massive boom for the Australian economy overall, and it’s coming from a variety of sources. 


If this tendency keeps up, it’s predicted that this market will have seen an extra investment of about $2 billion by the middle of the year. The logical follow-up issue is what proportion of previously-stored consumers who have switched to online merchandise is likely to return.



34. Throughout The Pandemic, About 78% Of Gambling In Australia Were Executed Online

One-third of Australians opened one or more new internet accounts for online gambling sites during the covid-19 lockdowns, indicating a significant increase in the popularity of this kind of gambling. Online gambling’s share of the gambling market rose from 62% before the pandemic to 78% during the corona period.


Simultaneously, the popularity of traditional casinos in Australia has declined. Poker play at pubs and restaurants saw a 23% decline to 8%, while casino action was down 4% to 1%.



Other Trends Of Online Gambling In Australia 

Australia’s online gambling market is expanding as more and more individuals participate in casino games. Over the last several years, there has been significant growth in the increasing use of digital platforms, and this trend is anticipated to continue.


The finest Australian online casinos with quick payouts are growing in popularity for various reasons. Anything from new technology to increased casinos serving the Australian market might be the cause. Whatever the motivation, it is evident that many individuals are choosing online gambling to fulfil their gambling cravings.


This piece will look into some of the most recent developments in the Australian online gaming market. Let’s look at it!

35. Entertainment And New Gambling Markets And Esports Rising 

Australian bookmakers are expanding their selection of novelty and entertainment markets, providing more exotic products like betting on reality TV shows like Lego Masters Australia, the weather, including wagering on whether daily capital city temperatures will exceed or fall below predictions, Triple J’s Hottest 100 countdown, and quarterly negative and positive residential real estate market swings across Australian cities, with results to be confirmed.

36. Online Gambling Is More Appealing To The Younger Players

Players in Australia spend nearly $25 billion per year on gambling. One reason for this is the popularity of online casinos, especially among the younger demographic. Traditional wisdom held that only the elderly should partake in the thrill of a good wager. But that’s not the case any longer.


A large percentage of today’s youth participate in online gambling. Simply put, it’s an exciting and entertaining way to make extra cash. It’s also a lot more convenient than going to a physical casino. You need only access to the internet and a mobile or desktop device. You can gamble wherever you happen to be.

37. Mobile Gambling 

Mobile betting has emerged as one of Australia’s most popular forms of internet gaming. The use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to participate in online gambling is rapidly growing. This option is far more practical than visiting a physical casino.


Casino games are more accessible than ever before, thanks to the influx of mobile platforms. A mobile device and access to a reliable internet connection are all that’s required. The games are portable so you may enjoy them anywhere. With the proliferation of mobile gaming, there has been a corresponding increase in the availability of gambling sites optimised for mobile usage and specialised smartphone apps.

38. Promos And Bonuses Deals Are Incredible 

Online casinos are growing in popularity in Australia due largely to their promotions and incentives. Increase your bankroll and increase your chances of winning big with the aid of these offers and bonuses. New players may take advantage of welcome bonuses almost anywhere online, which is a better method to start playing at online casinos.


Reload bonuses, cashback offers, and VIP programs are also available. These offers and incentives may help you increase your bankroll and chances of winning significant sums of money.

39. User Experience In Most Websites Are Improving  

The improvement and user-friendliness of websites are among the most significant trends observed in the Australian online gaming market. Too many websites in the past required a lot of effort to access and browse. Luckily, this isn’t the case anymore, however.


These days, there are a lot of user-friendly online casinos available. This is thus because the player was considered when they were created. They ensure that playing online poker is a pleasant experience for you.

40. Retail Businesses Need To Future Proof

For years, public health experts in Australia and elsewhere have warned of an impending coronavirus epidemic, and they predict that yet another pandemic will occur at some point in the future; whether or not that future outbreak is as rapid and devastating as the one we’re witnessing now is uncertain.


Australian operators, especially those with retail exposure or a limited online presence, should be planning for the future of their operations. To be as robust as possible against future shocks, businesses should thoroughly examine their risk regimes, supply networks, potential new income sources, product innovation, and alternative methods of functioning. To accept innovation and be ready for what may come, it will be necessary to collaborate closely with authorities and regulators.

Bottom Line

These Australian gambling data show how the country is adopting both present and emerging international trends in gambling, such as eSports betting and the usage of VR technology.


The government must keep taking whatever measures are required to prevent problem gambling from getting out of control while the gaming industry continues to expand quickly. We can only aspire that the expression “gamble responsibly” takes on some significance soon.



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