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36 Best Places to Sell Sports Cards Online to Make Extra Money

36 Best Places to Sell Sports Cards Online to Make Extra Money

Did you know you can turn your love for collecting sports cards into a profitable business that can earn you a couple of dollars? Lucky for you, this trade has already gained popularity, and the market competition is quite fair. 

However, there are a couple of things you need to put into consideration before venturing into liquidating your sports cards. One of the significant things to consider is the platform used for trading sports cards. Technically, you can sell basketball, baseball, and football cards anywhere. 

Researching the best platforms to venture into will help you get the best offers for your collectables. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; that’s why we prepared the following post. Let’s dive into all you need to know about some of the best places to sell sports cards online

1. Facebook

1. Facebook

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Facebook is an excellent online platform for selling sports cards. Two places on Facebook are usually recommended. These are: 

  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is an online store where users can sell and buy various goods from other Facebook users. For instance, if you sell on the Facebook marketplace, you can directly reach various buyers looking to purchase sports trading cards.

Facebook Groups

You can join various sports groups on Facebook to connect with other sports fans looking for sports cards. Every group has its own house rules, which can be quite different. These rules may include no sealed products, razzes, Prizm cards, or graded cards. 

Read the group’s rules before making your first sale, and if you have any questions, ask the moderators. You know what they say about first impressions, so ensure you create a great first impression.

Once you’ve joined the various Facebook groups for people looking to buy and sell sports cards, interact with the group to determine if it’s the right one for you. This can also assist you in determining the group’s nature and legitimacy. 

Additionally, even though Facebook is great if you’re looking for a place to sell sports cards online, stay away from con artists by doing your homework on every prospective buyer and only sending sports cards to buyers after receiving payment.  

Another piece of advice is to use PayPal to receive payments. The platform is one of the most trusted and secure platforms to receive and send money worldwide. So ensure you secure your transactions by opting for Paypal. 

2. Beckett

2. Beckett

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Another platform to check out your sports card online sales is Beckett. This is the most popular site most sports card sellers use after Facebook. 

Click the “register” button at the top of the homepage to sign up for Beckett. You can register using a preferred email address or your Facebook account. You must be 18 years old and accept the Beckett terms of service before selling on this site. 

Click the “Organize” button to sell on the Beckett. You can organise sports cards for sale or trade in the Organize section. Ensure you visit their site today for more information on Beckett and how to list your sports trading cards.  

3. OfferUp

3. OfferUp

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Instant connections between buyers and sellers are possible on OfferUp. The app is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make sales locally. OfferUp is convenient for selling sports cards and other products, such as electronics.

Below are some of the steps you should follow to sell your sports cards on OfferUp: 

  • Start by downloading the app, signing up and registering. 
  • Next, ensure you’ve taken clear photos of your sports cards to set up your first listing.
  • Upload the photos on the app with brief descriptions.
  • Ensure you are active by communicating with buyers to get the best deals.
  • The last step is to make your sale finally.

As you can see, OfferUp is one of the most accessible online options for selling your sports cards. So why wait? Join millions of other sports card enthusiasts today.

4. Otia

If you have antique vintage sports cards (pre-1975), Otia is a great platform. They spent more than $4 million in 2018 buying classic sports collections from people worldwide. Further, they have been purchasing collections of sports cards for more than 20 years, and they have some of the greatest technology to assess the worth of each collection that customers give them to sell.

The wonderful thing about the platform is that you can choose whether to receive payment via PayPal, cash, or check when you sell your collection of antique sports cards. 

5. eBay

5. eBay

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One of the greatest websites to sell sports cards online is eBay, which has been around for a long time. A minor fee is required if your item sells through the platform. However, listing an item for sale on eBay is now free.

Moreover, remember that there is an insertion cost of $0.35 per listing, even though the initial listing of things is free if you sell more than 250 items.

Here are three steps you need to follow to make sales on eBay:

  • Check out eBay sales video tutorials to understand how things work.
  • Look for unique ways to package, label, and ship your sports cards. 
  • Pick a convenient way to receive payment from your sales on the platform. 

6. Comc

6. Comc

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Sports card buyers and sellers can transact on the Comc website, “Come Check Out My Collection.” This website is an excellent choice if you’re interested in selling your sports cards because they go out of their way to make the transaction as easy as possible by doing the legwork.

You must first sign up for a free account before sending your desired souvenirs and playing cards. Below is how the Comc platform works when you want to sell your collection of cards:

  • You should email Comc the sports card collectibles you wish to trade.
  • They then assess the cards’ condition.
  • Next, they scan the sports cards’ front and back.
  • After that, they will list a product to attract buyers.
  • Afterwards, they store and insure the antiques.
  • Lastly, pack the sports cards and send them to the customer.

The Comc firm handles all the work when you send them your sports cards to sell. They examine the cards’ quality, package them, and ship them to the customers, among other things. You will then be paid after your cards are sold. 

7. Kruk Cards

7. Kruk Cards

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Another online platform for antique lovers is Kruk Cards. This is a one-stop shop for all your collectibles. You can buy, sell, and trade sports cards. You don’t need to find buyers yourself because they usually purchase your unsold sports cards directly.

They also have a seller’s guide that you may find helpful for selling sports cards on the website.  Another piece of advice is to contact them first to determine whether they’re taking sports cards in the month you want to sell them.

8. PSA Card Forums

You may sell your unwanted sports cards online on the PSA Card Forums. Hence this is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for a location to sell sports cards online.

The website makes it simple to connect with possible customers and list the sports cards you want to sell. Create an account by signing up and registering to begin using the platform. You can check out the many forums on the website as soon as you sign up.

9. TonyeTrade

9. TonyeTrade

Image Source- Instagram

Tonye Trade is another business that will purchase sports cards straight from you. This business usually buys and sells old comic books, sports, and baseball cards. 

With the Tonye Trade website, you are in the perfect spot if you want to sell your old playing cards. The processes for selling your sports cards to Tonye Trade are listed below.

  • Inform them you have sports cards you’d want to sell by getting in contacting them.
  • Without charging you, they will assess your cards.
  • Then, you decide on your selling choices.
  • Everything else, including packaging and sending the sports cards to the buyer, will be handled by Tonye Trade.

You must contact them via their contact form to sell your sports cards on their website. 

10. StockX

To ensure the quality of every item you want to sell on the StockX website, it must undergo a multi-step verification process with its team of specialists.

After that, you can use their marketplace to sell products at their true market value, just as you would on a genuine stock exchange. This is a terrific option if you seek a legit site to sell sports cards. 

11. Instagram

11. Instagram

Image Source- Instagram

Because Instagram is similar to Facebook, it’s a perfect platform for selling goods. To get the word out. However, you must undertake most of the promotion work to sell anything on Instagram.

Use hashtags when posting your cards for sale on Instagram to broaden your audience. You should also look for others working in related fields to network and form partnerships.

Remember to use the hashtag search feature to locate additional buyers and vendors. Several widely used hashtags in the sports sector are:

  • #sportscardsforsale
  • #Sportcards

You must create an account to use Instagram to sell your sports cards and keep things professional. It’s highly advisable to use a business account. You can also set up a business email specifically for selling sports cards.

12. Blowout Forums

The Blowout Cards Forums cover every aspect of trading in sports cards. Discussions concerning baseball card collections, competitions, coupon alerts, sales, card giveaways, trading, and other topics can be found in this area. 

Go to the thread for the sports card you wish to sell when you want to sell cards on this site. For instance, you can post your advertisement in the baseball forum if you want to sell baseball cards. The site is easy to navigate and will surely bring you customers with the same striking interests.

13. Private Auction Houses

Selling at a private auction may be the best way to obtain the most money for your vintage or pre-war card if it is highly valued.

A 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card, a rookie card from the 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospectors Superfractor series of Mike Trout, and a scarce T206 Honus Wagner card are just a few of the cards that have each sold for millions of dollars at private auction.

Auction houses sell the cards. They will handle buyer acquisition, listing management, and sale completion. Sending them the card is all you are required to do.

Do your research to choose the best auction house for your card in advance. Use auction houses that focus on selling trading cards to collectors wherever possible.

14. Dave & Adam’s Card World

14. Dave & Adam’s Card World

Image Source- Instagram

Dave & Adam’s Card World is another sports card fanatic that directly purchases sports cards, collectibles, and other valuables from you.

Contact them by phone or e-mail on their site to get started with them. There you can discuss the sports cards you are selling. You can send the card directly to them if you and the recipient agree on a fee.

Shipping can worry you if you have a sizable collection. Due to that, a  representative from Dave & Adam’s can be dispatched to you. If you accept the valuation, they will assess the collection and may take it out of your hands.

15. Just Collect

15. Just Collect

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Being able to sell baseball cards locally in person or by sending in your collection via regular mail makes Just Collect a unique business.

Just Collect is a fantastic card-selling option for you if your collection of baseball cards was started in 1979 or earlier.

By completing the form on the Just Collect website, you may immediately ask for a free appraisal of your card collection. Just Collect is the best option for individuals who possess vintage baseball card collections but need more interested buyers.

16. Reddit

16. Reddit

Image Source- Instagram

Consider using a subreddit of the well-known online forum and web community, Reddit, if you want to be a little inventive when deciding where to sell baseball cards.

This is a terrific way to make money on Reddit with your collectibles because the subreddit for baseball cards is famous for members connecting and making real-life transactions by chatting via the subreddit to find card buyers nearby.

It’s crucial to abide by the rules of any particular subreddit you join, just as you should with any online forum or group. Avoid spamming or linking your sale listings to any Reddit group that forbids sales and promotional content.

It’s recommended to contact the admins or moderator(s) of the given subreddit if you need clarification on what you can and cannot do there.

17. Dean’s Cards

For those who majorly focus on selling baseball cards online, whether you’re a collector or just have a tonne of cards you need to get rid of, Dean’s Cards is another excellent online platform in our list.

Every day, Dean’s Cards sells a whooping 1,000 vintage baseball cards. The business is accessible to direct and internet sales and is actively looking for collector cards.

You can use Dean’s Cards if your cards are dated before 1969. In rare circumstances, if all cards are in their original formats from before 1985, Dean’s Cards may also buy complete card sets.

It’s essential to remember that Dean’s Cards is clear about rarely buying cards more recent than 1980 unless they have a particular value.

If you consider using Dean’s Cards, you must ship your collection directly to the company. Thanks to the company’s bid programme, a value estimate for your card collection will be generated automatically.

Your card collection’s value is calculated automatically based on market conditions, consumer demand, and whether you sell individual cards or your complete collection.

Almost 80% of sellers who request an appraisal for the cards they ship to the company accept the offer(s) they are first given. 

18. eBid

Another great location to sell baseball cards online besides eBay is eBid, whether you’re looking for a means to reduce prices and fees while selling your baseball cards or if you want to expand your selling platforms.

In addition to being a secure substitute for eBay, eBid also enjoys a positive reputation within its community, as seen by its 4.2 Trustpilot rating.

19. Bonanza

Making it at number 19 is another online auction site, Bonanza, which has more than 25,000 merchants. Although having more than 25 million followers, some still prefer mega-giant auction sites like eBay because they offer greater visibility and a chance to engage with specific audiences.

Using Bonanza is accessible and comparable to other online forums and auction sites. One benefit of selling your baseball cards on Bonanza is that you won’t have to pay the $.30 listing fee that eBay charges.

Although a $.30 listing fee may seem like little, it might mount up if you plan to list and auction off or sell several baseball cards one at a time.

20. DA Card World

Baseball cards intact in their wrappers are a popular collectable, and DA Card World can help you easily sell your collection. DA Card World purchases only complete sports cards and sealed boxes of cards in their cases.

Depending on your kind of card(s) and the demand for the aforementioned card, DA Card World may also buy current baseball cards.

21. SportsCardPro

Consider using SportsCardPro if you want a sports-focused marketplace to list and sell your baseball cards. Baseball card collectors can offer their cards for sale on SportsCardPro for no fee, whether hobbyists or serious collectors.

If you decide to list and sell baseball cards from your collection using SportsCardPro, you should be aware that you’ll be charged a 2.9% processing fee and a $.30 fee for each sale you make on the website.

SportsCardPro only uses PayPal as a method of payment. Thus you must have a PayPal account to get paid.

22. The Cardboard Connection

Baseball cards and other memorabilia have been sold for more than $1 million thanks to The Cardboard Connection, another significant site for selling cards. Baseball cards from 1974 and earlier are bought directly from owners through The Cardboard Collection.

The most valuable and sought-after baseball cards are often dated from 1974 and before, though The Cardboard Connection can also buy recent baseball cards.

Fill out the contact form on The Cardboard Connection’s official website if you’re interested in using the service to sell your collection of baseball cards. Responses usually arrive in 1-2 days, giving you time to accept or reject the offer before moving forward with your sale.

23. Craigslist

Craigslist is a well-known website for posting items for sale and connecting with potential collectors in any market or specialised business.

Although Craigslist isn’t a platform specifically designed for displaying and selling sports cards, it offers a unique chance to advertise your cards for sale globally or in a region or city you’re interested in focusing on.

24. Neighbourhood pawn shops

Consider going to a neighbourhood pawn shop if you’re interested in using local resources and places to sell and get rid of your baseball cards. It is often the greatest way to sell baseball cards nearby if you can locate a local pawn shop with an enthusiastic sports cards seller or collector owner.

Further, this is frequently the greatest choice if you’re seeking a place to sell your baseball cards for cash. You can start by looking up “pawn shops that buy sports cards nearby” and move on.

In other words, choose one that tends to focus on collections rather than one that will place your card on a random shelf among other random merchandise. You’ll frequently receive more money if you use a pawn shop that is a little more specialised.

It is advantageous to find out what kinds of products the pawn shops you are visiting are currently looking to buy or bid on.

Call or email them beforehand to ensure they are interested in specific sports cards or collections you have to offer. You can save time by avoiding the need to visit every pawn shop in your neighbourhood.

25. State and Local fairs

Try to sell your baseball cards at regional and state fairs, as this is another venue where you can do so for cash and get more publicity for your cards.

You may locate nearby baseball card buyers and have the opportunity to establish your own sale price in person by selling your baseball cards at local and state fairs. This is a terrific way to get to know people in your town.

26. Yard sales

If you can, consider selling your baseball cards at local yard sales you host. Hosting a local yard or garage sale is different from the very definition of where you can sell your baseball cards locally. Still, it also allows you to sell other items you no longer want or need around your home or life.

If you choose to host a garage or yard sale, it is important to remember that your prospective customers are interested in a bargain or a sale and may not be as open to highly-priced baseball cards.

That said, this ticks that box if you’re looking for where to sell baseball cards for cash to get some quick money for your collection. You may also try contacting nearby card purchasers to let them know in advance which baseball cards you’ll be selling.

27. Grey Flannel

Grey Flannel, founded in 1989, excels at selling sports collectibles, such as trading cards.

The auctioneers are so prosperous that they even have their popular TV programme! Check out the Discovery channel’s All-Star Dealers.

Free assessments are offered, whether it’s one sports card or a complete collection. Once you’ve received a valuation, you can sell to Grey Flannel immediately or put it on their auction list. 

28. Goldin Auctions

One of the top auction houses for sports trading cards, sports souvenirs, and other collectibles is Goldin Auctions.

The company’s founder Ken Goldin has sold sports collectibles and memorabilia worth over $1 billion—a mind-blowing amount.

Some of the most expensive sales in history have occurred thanks to Goldin Auctions. This features the most expensive trading card ever purchased, a rookie card signed by Mike Trout that sold for $3.84 million.

Goldin Auctions may be the best site to sell rare or expensive trading sports cards to obtain the most money.

29. Conventions and Hobby Shows

Visit regional hobby exhibitions and conventions to see if you can locate purchasers as another way to sell sports cards for money. Every major city hosts a sporting event where memorabilia collectors get together to trade and acquire items. 

Therefore, setting up a station at a convention to sell your collection of sports cards is a great method to meet potential customers in person. Contact the convention to reserve a space, and then prepare your card collection for the journey!

30. SlabStox

SlabStox is an emerging trading card marketplace, but it’s an excellent choice if you want to sell directly to the buyer. Each sports card can be listed and sold separately, and they accept all kinds of cards, from hockey cards to baseball cards.

The site itself only serves to connect buyers and sellers; you will still be responsible for handling the transaction’s specifics, such as sending the cards.

Although the overall experience is comparable to selling on eBay, it is a viable choice if you want to regard selling cards as having an online card business.

31. Card Shows

Card events are the best place to buy or sell cards from your collection. Collectors know that card shows are an excellent way to find cards by card number or purchase rarer cards. Additionally, card shows can be a wonderful place to sell sporting collectibles in addition to cards because they frequently draw other collections.

However, occasionally, receiving the greatest price for your cards at card events takes work. Due to collectors’ desire for the greatest deal and sellers wanting to sell at the highest prices, some shows may have inflated prices. Getting a decent deal can require shrewd haggling on the part of the buyer or the seller.

However, if you wish to sell baseball or vintage cards at great prices, card shows guarantee some of the best offers.

32. Private Card Auction Houses

Private card auction houses are the ideal option for expensive collections and professionals. They draw authenticators, card flippers, card shops, and other experts. This implies that sellers typically have various options and that pricing is fair to ensure their cards sell.

Prewar cards and other uncommon and priceless sports collectibles can be found in private card auction houses.

33.  PSA Card Forums

PSA Card Forums is a wonderful choice for sellers who are okay with doing a little extra work and studying. The main benefit of this situation is that PSA card forums enable collectors to post their collections and make them public.

To fill in the gaps and make a fast profit in the interim, astute dealers can approach collectors and promise to sell them the precise cards they are missing.

Since entire sets are typically worth more than partial sets, even if the collection lacks common, low-value cards, this technique is also helpful for card collectors.

34. 2nd Markets

2nd Markets is the best option for selling your favourite baseball collection, thanks to its 40 years of experience buying and selling precious metals and business cards.

The business, which has its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, has become an expert in buying and selling a sizable assortment of baseball and other sports cards. 

If you are confident that you have one of the rarest cards that will sell for a premium price, you can catch their attention to buy a rare sports card. Second Market has experience handling priceless items and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

35. Atomic Mall 

Since 2008, Atomic Mall has operated as an online store. It enables vendors to offer a variety of goods for free, including coins, rare comic books, collectibles, and baseball cards. 

Register on the website and list your cards today. 

Additionally, it spotlights various things at random, allowing you to draw in potential customers. Your rates are up to you. The Better Business Bureau and customers and sellers who have sold their cards have given the website excellent reviews. 

36. Panini 

Panini is an Italian firm that purchases and trades sports memorabilia. Even though Italian frequently purchase American sports cards to satisfy their demands. 

Please send a personal letter to them together with images of the sports cards. For Panini to contact you about selling your card, it must be extraordinarily rare or valuable. 

How To Get The Best Value For Vintage Sports Cards

Even though vintage sports cards in good condition have the most value, there are buyers for practically all vintage cards.

Keep a close eye on the markets while looking to sell old cards. Depending on market availability, certain cards’ values are relatively consistent, while others go through ups and downs. One of the finest methods to profit from a valuable card is to take advantage of a price peak.

It is also in your best advantage to hold back your cards as you wait for those swells if you have a sizable collection of vintage sports cards. Selling already rare cards in limited quantities can help sellers make more money.

It’s crucial to ensure you only list vintage cards on websites attracting collectors. Sports card enthusiasts are significantly more likely than casual consumers to understand the worth of a vintage card. In addition to certain vintage fans, you want to draw in seasoned collectors, flippers, and other buyers.

Are Sports Cards Still Valuable?

Sports cards still have value, but not instantaneously. Most of the time, you won’t be able to enter a store, hand up your collection, and leave with a large sum of money. If you wish to sell your cards, there is a procedure you must follow, and only some cards will be worthwhile.

If you have to pay for shipping or consignment space, the most popular sports cards are not worth listing for sale.

Most people who wish to sell sports cards start by having a certified sports authenticator look them over. You can begin selling sports cards once your cards have been examined and authenticated.

You should grade your cards and assess their value as part of the verification procedure. The rarity and condition of a card together determine its worth. Even though a gem-mint (the highest PSA grade) rare card may be expensive, every flaw, such as corner wear, lowers its value.

If your previously graded cards should have received a higher rating, you can ask to have them reevaluated.

This does not imply that low-grade cards are useless or that a standard card from a gem mint will be precious. Everything depends on the state of the market and the most popular cards.

Which Is the Best Method to Sell Sports Cards?

Before choosing a selling strategy or market, it’s crucial to research because selling sports cards might be challenging. 

It’s worthwhile to visit your neighbourhood sports card shop to check out what they have available, find out whether they take cards on consignment, and compare your collection to what’s being offered.

You might even be shocked to discover that a certain card is significantly more valuable than you anticipated. Even after thorough research, choosing the best method for selling your sports cards might be challenging. 

Selling through consignment shops and local groups can take a long time and may provide different pricing, while factors like shipping expenses and listing fees can quickly eat into profits from online sales.

In actuality, the best way to sell your sports cards depends on the types of cards you have, the level of activity in your local sports card community, and the grade of your cards after authentication. We’ll discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of each selling strategy in the following section.

You’ll then be in a position to choose for yourself what the ideal strategy for selling your sports cards is.

Does Flipping Sports Cards Pay?

Many card collectors ponder the possibility of earning money by flipping cards rather than merely selling their collection. Learning how to flip cards can be challenging, and you probably won’t have a lot of cash to invest at first, but you can still make money.

Sports card flippers can convert the pastime into a full-time business and a steady source of revenue depending on the types of cards they choose to trade.

To succeed, you must be very knowledgeable about sports cards, spanning many different sports and eras. Sports card flipping requires much work and perseverance, and most flippers keep accounts on several buying and selling platforms.

The task may become more challenging because there are so many moving elements to keep track of and maintain. It’s challenging to handle since you might want to list some cards twice, which entails maintaining the accuracy of the listing at all times and deleting all copies of a listing immediately after the card is sold.

Many sports card flippers start by selling cards from their collections to fund their pastime. If not, it’s a good idea to set up at least a few hundred dollars for investing in flipping, even if you will see a return for a few months.

The ability to earn money validating other people’s cards and your own can benefit from becoming accredited as an authenticator.

FAQs On Selling Sports Cards Online

Which Are the Best Channels To Sell My Sports Cards?

The most effective approach to selling sports cards online is through an online marketplace or websites like Beckett or eBay. 

These online marketplaces put you in front of customers eager to purchase sports cards. However, remember that there are additional fees associated with eBay that you should consider before deciding to sell on the site. 

You may also register with websites like Dave & Adam’s Card World and Otia to sell your sports cards. 

How Do I Get Started On Sports Card Collection Trade?

If you want to sell your collection of sports cards, It’s best to start researching the worth of each card in the market. After that, sign up for services like Otia and OfferUp to sell your cards online and reach out to interested customers. 

How Do I Know If My Sports Cards Are Worth?

Use the Beckett platform to determine the value of a sports card if you’re interested. You may use the Beckett database to find out what sports cards you own.

You can access the Beckett database directly by going to their website, using the search box, and entering the data from your sports card. 

Further, you can also visit the CardMavin site to find out how much your sports cards are worth. Simply enter the details of your sports card when you arrive at the CardMarvin website to find out how much it is selling for that particular day.  

What is the highest price ever paid for a sports card?

The 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle baseball card sold for US$12.6 million on August 28, 2022, shattering all prior records.

Final Thoughts 

This post provided more than 30 ideas to help you get started if you want to sell sports cards online. This side business is ideal for those who appreciate sports and have accumulated sports cards. 

As a beginner, Facebook groups and Beckett websites are excellent options. Do you offer sports cards for sale online? If yes, which platform is your favourite?


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