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25 Words or Less Competitions

25 Words or Less Competitions

When it comes to competitions, there’s nothing better than the old school 25 words or less write up. They’re the best way to challenge yourself to express your love for a brand, an experience or a product in a single paragraph and there’s usually a big pay off if your 25 words or less stands out!

Here on Extras, we have a great list of all Australia’s current 25 words or less competitions, how to enter and what you’ll win!

Whether it’s a Christmas competition or just an annual contest, we have it listed.

Take a look below.

Christmas Gift Prize Pack Valued at $15,000 from Inside Out

Christmas Gift Prize Pack Valued at $15,000 from Inside Out

Answer in up to 25 words. 

As you’d agree, Christmas is a time for gifting and sharing love and happiness with the family, and in the spirit of the holidays, Inside Out is giving away a prize pack valued at a whopping $15,000 this year.

This year’s Inside Out prize pack gift guide comes with an awesome 33 prizes up for grabs that includes everything from homewares, lifestyle products, tech and a whole lot more. Whatever your gift-giving style, or whoever you’re giving a gift to, Inside Out’s prize pack has you covered.

Inside Out Says:

Try to be as creative as possible and cram your answer into a maximum of 25 words. You’ll have to answer the question; why do you find gift-giving a lot of fun? Closes 2/12/20 at 11:59 AEDST.

Win the D-Max by Isuzu and Camper Package Valued at $170,000 by Patriot Campers

Win the D-Max by Isuzu and Camper Package Valued at $170,000 by Patriot Campers


Answer in up to 150 words.

For the campers out there, this stellar prize pack is worth a massive $170,000 and at Extras we’ve got everything you need to enter. The Get Lost Package is the ultimate gift for those looking to absolutely kit-out their four wheel drive this Christmas.

You’ll find the 2021 D-MAX Automatic up for grabs as well as the Patriot Camper X1-N plus a whole boatload of accessories. In all, the prize pack is worth nearly $200k and it might make this year’s Christmas your best ever.

Patriot Campers Says:

Crusader Caravans Says

Image Source- Instagram

To enter, all you’ll have to do is hand over your details and follow Patriot’s social media accounts. Tell them in a paragraph of up to150 words how you’re looking to get lost and what you’ll be doing if you’re the lucky winner of this awesome prize pack. Per person entry is capped at one. Entries close on the 30th of June 2021 a midnight.

Win an Escape to Uluru for 2 Valued at $6,800 from Signature Luxury Travel

Win an Escape to Uluru for 2 Valued at $6,800 from Signature Luxury Travel

Answer in up to 25 words. 

For the travellers out there looking to escape their locked-down cities, the Signature Luxury Travel prize pack will take you to the Red Centre for an incredible double night’s stay at Uluru and Kata Tjuta in the NT.

At the luxury resort, you’ll experience opulence at its finest and being valued at an incredible $6,800 you’re surely going to get the experience of a lifetime if you’re the lucky winner of this competition.

Signature Luxury Travel Says:

Signature Luxury Travel Says

Image Source- Instagram

To enter, in up to 25 words outline why you would want a nice relaxing holiday at the luxurious Longitude 131°. The competition runs until 11.59pm on December 21 2021.

Win up to $5000 of Giftcards for Use at Westpoint from Three Birds Renovations

Win up to $5000 of Giftcards for Use at Westpoint from Three Birds Renovations

Image Source- Instagram

Answer in up to 25 words.

When it comes to shopping, this is the ultimate prize pack. Get out the reusables because you’ll have a set of gift cards valued at up to $5,000 to be won here.

Valid at the Shopping Centre at Westpoint, this prize pack is the shopping addict’s ultimate dream, and it’s ten $500 gift cards to use at the incredible Westpoint up for grabs. You’ll be well on the way to some new clothes, homewares or anything else when you’ve finished your shopping spree this year.

Three Birds Renovations Says:

To enter, simply outline in up to 25 words about what products are hitting your to-buy list this year for your trip to Westpoint and why. Over 18 entrants only. Entries close on the at 11.59PM on 15/11/20.

Win the MSI AEGIS Ti5 Desktop from STACK Magazine

Win the MSI AEGIS Ti5 Desktop from STACK Magazine

Image Source- Instagram

Answer in up to 25 words.

For the gamers out there, there’s an awesome MSI AEGIS Ti5 Gaming Desktop up for grabs thanks to the team at STACK magazine. With an i9 processor and a robot head-shaped body, it’s the ultimate accessory for the hardcore PC gamer.

Powerful enough for just about all the top games of 2020 this PC is the ideal machine for all our gamer readers.

STACK Magazine Says:

To enter the draw let STACK know in less than 25 words which tech items you’d add to your new MSI gaming desktop and why. Ends 30/11/20.

Win an Excellent Homewares Package from Australian House and Garden

Win an Excellent Homewares Package from Australian House and Garden

Image Source- Instagram

Answer in up to 25 words. 

To give readers access to the awesome new range of towels and homewares at Myer, the Australian House & Garden team are going to give away two fantastic prize packs valued at $2,366.80.

You’ll be the lucky owner of Myer’s latest range of organic and natural fibre-focused essentials which includes everything from bedding, cushions, sheets, throws and more — perfect the modern Aussie home. There’s even an abstract landscape quilt cover that’s been hand crafted in Melbourne.

Australian House & Garden Says:

Australian House & Garden Says

Image Source- Instagram

All you need to do to enter, is pick whichever prize bundle you’re most excited to win and then outline to AH&G in up to 25 words why you need to give you home a good spring clean. Competition runs until the 6th of December 2020 at midnight AEST.

Win A Snuggle Swivel Chair or Ottoman Valued at $2498 from Plush

Win A Snuggle Swivel Chair or Ottoman Valued at $2498 from Plush

Image Source- Instagram

Answer in up to 25 words. 

For the homeowners looking to add a touch of elegance and luxury, the Plush team are giving away some incredible Snuggle Swivel Chairs & Ottomans that are valued over $2,490 each!

If you know Snuggle, you’ll be well aware of how amazing their chairs and ottomans are, and getting your hands on one of three being handed out by Plush will be an incredible Chrissy present this year. The prize pool is worth almost $7,500 and at Extras we highly suggest you enter!

Plush Says:

To win, all you’ll need to do is fill out the Plush entry for and give them a little information on the best birthday gift you’ve been given – it has to be a creative birthday gift though. Don’t go over the 25 word limit and you’re all set. Entries are open until 11:59pm on the 19/11/20.

Win a Lifechanger’s 2020 Caravan Valued at $56,048 from Crusader Caravans

Win a Lifechanger’s 2020 Caravan Valued at $56,048 from Crusader Caravans

Image Source- Instagram

Answer in up to 25 words. 

When it comes to road tripping, which a lot of us will be doing these holidays, there’s nothing better than getting a hold of an incredible kitted out caravan.

The Crusader Caravans team are offering up an awesome Lifechanger Caravan valued at a massive $56,048 for you and the family this year. It’s going to be more exciting than ever to get out on the road and travel this year.

Crusader Caravans Says:

The entry to the prize draw is easy and all you’ll need to do is let Crusader Caravans know why the LifeChanger charity is a good charity to support. All Aussie and Kiwi residents over 18 can entry the draw. Closes November 30 2020 at 23:59pm (AEST).

Win Samsung’s New Triple Laser 130-inch Smart Projector from STACK Magazine

Answer in up to 25 words. 

To the families looking to take their home theatre to a whole new level, STACK Magazine’s got you covered. The team are giving you an easy way of getting one of the worlds largest screens in the living room with the Samsung 130″ 4K Projector using Triple Laser technology.

Hitting just on 130 inches, the projector will fill even the largest cinema spaces and being 4K, the image is more realistic than just about anything else on the market today. Pair this with your Netflix or Apple TV+ 4K subscription and you have a home theatre on steroids.

STACK Magazine Says:

To enter, outline simply in just 25 words what film would you throw up on the big screen in your living room first, and why you choose that movie. Offer ends on the December 30 2020.

Win a Loaded Visa Valued up to $1,000 from Marie Claire

Answer in up to 25 words. 

When it comes to cold hard cash, Marie Claire and Stella Insurance are offering up five awesome thousand-dollar Visa pre-loaded cards this year – and you could win one effortlessly!

With a total prize pool of five thousand dollars and the chance to win $1,000 this is a great opportunity to add a little cash to your Christmas shopping budget this year.

Marie Claire Says:

For entry; outline in up to 25 words someone you believe is the definition of a woman who’s Stella plus a little bit about why you’ve chosen that specific person. They’r allowed to be anyone of your choosing. Competition closes at midnight AEST on December 10th.

Win an Xbox Gaming Package from JB Hi-Fi

Answer in up to 25 words.

If you know JB Hi-Fi you’ll know that they brand will take their prize pack to a whole new level, and this year it’s for the gamers. There’s a bunch of games and consoles up for grabs here with the latest Xbox included too.

Whether you’re a gamer, or have a friend who’s addicted to their console, be sure to enter to win JB Hi-Fi’s awesome gaming prize pack.

JB Hi-Fi Says:

To enter, in a paragraph of less than 25 words, tell JB the perfect Assassin for a DedSec recruit? Entries are open until 11:59pm on the 26/11/20.

Win an Eftpos Gift Card Valued at $1,000 from Allen’s

Answer in up to 25 words.

Our favourite sweet tooth enablers are offering up an awesome $1,000 EFTPOS card this year. All you’ll need to do is offer up some details on your favourite Allens lolly and why its your favourite!

Allen’s Says:

Entry to this prize draw is easy, all you’ll need to do is let Allen’s know which of their incredible lollies is your ultimate favourite. Make sure to keep your answer under 25 words and you’re all set. Entry closes 11:59pm on the 29th of November 2020.

Win Gerni’s 7000 Series Pressure Washer from BIG4 Holiday Parks

Answer in up to 25 words. 

For the dads (or mums) looking to keep the home clean this year, Big4 has an awesome range of Gerni Pressure Washers up for grabs this holiday season. You’ll be in the chance to win one of ten.

Each one of these Gernis has a powerful 2,300W brushless motor and a 10 metre long steel braided hose so you’re not going to see this machine tear or fray any time soon.

BIG4 Says:

To win this awesome pressure cleaner pack, outline what you’re looking to use your new Gerni on first and why? Be sure that it’s only up to 25 words. Closes 30/11/20 before midnight AEDT.

Win the 2020 ARIA Vinyl Pack and Pro-Ject Turntable from Mitsubishi

Answer in up to 25 words. 

For the audiophiles out there, Mitsubishi has you covered this year. The company is handing out an incredible Vinyl Pack of the ARIA Awards winners from 2020 as well as a retro-style Audio Turntable from Pro-Ject for you to play all these awesome vinyls on.

The pack is worth a massive $1,500 and you’re sure to get a tonne of use out this for years to come.

Mitsubishi Says:

Entry is easy and all you’ll need to do is let Mitsubishi know which Aussie singer you’d like to be awarded with an ARIA this year and for what? Open until 12:00am on the 24th of November 2020.

Win a $250 Sunglass Hut Gift Voucher from Pierre Fabre

In 20 words.

Keep those eyes looking youthful this summer with some UV protective sunnies from Avene. Sunglass Hut is offering up 10 awesome Sunglass Hut Vouchers this year, with a Sun Care pack included here too.

Whether you love your sunnies, want to add a bit of style or to keep your skin protected from those harmful rays, be sure to enter this competition!

Pierre Fabre Says:

In up to 20 words outline what you do to achieve the best completion possible. Entries are open until 8am on the 14/12/20.

Win One of Jim Beam’s Backyard Tiny Stillhouses from Jim Beam

Answer in up to 25 words.

Make having a few drinks in the backyard this summer a whole lot more relaxing with Jim Beam’s awesome, mini Stillhouses. There’s only three here to win, and with the prize pool hitting over $20,000 this holiday season, you’re sure getting the best of the best from Jim Beam.

Everything’s couriered to your home as well, and if you don’t win the big prizes, there are 100 incredible Tiny Stillhouse being given away by Jim Beam, and other smaller prize bundles too, so there’s certainly something for everyone.

Jim Beam Says:

Tell the Jim Beam team in up to 25 words why you want to be the proud owner of the Tiny Stillhouse by Jim Beam. You’ll only be able to enter if you’re an Aussie resident so long as you’re 18 years old or over. Open until 11:59pm Daylight Time on the 22 of November 2020.

Win Automower’s 315X Robotic Lawnmower from Husqvarna

Answer in up to 25 words. 

The guys at Husqvarna are making it effortless to leap into the future without breaking the bank and have a robot mow the lawn for you. Whether it’s a hot and sunny day or you’re just not feeling up to it, your lawn will still be perfectly trimmed.

The Automower brand is celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2020 and giving away a Husqvarna 315X Automower that has a total value of $3,299! For a gift, or for yourself, this is a winner in our book.

Husqvarna Says:

Simply let the Husqvarna team know in up to 25 words why this awesome little mower would be the ideal companion for the backyard at your place. Open until 11:59pm on December 31 2020.

Win Sileno City’s Automated Mower from Gardena

Answer in up to 25 words.

Another awesome futuristic robotic lawnmower hitting the gift giving checklist this competition season is the 250 Lawnmower that’s Robotic too. It’s the ultimate companion for anyone interested in getting the mowing done, without actually doing it!

Valued at over $1,200 the mower is the ideal solution to a perfectly trimmed yard all year round.

Gardena Says:

In up to 25 words let Gardena know what types of other gardening or outdoor landscaping tasks would you want to delegate to a machine? You’ll need to be following Gardena on Instagram as well as have liked the brands on Facebook. Open until midnight AEDT on December 31st 2020.

Win a Trip to Northern Queensland Valued at $5,000 from Holidays with Kids

Answer in up to 25 words. 

For the holidaymakers, the Holidays with Kids team are coming in clutch with a fantastic North Queensland holiday package that is sure to make everyone’s year!

Whether it’s a week at a Big4 in Cairns, or an awesome reef tour, the Holidays with Kids prize pack is for you. It’s worth over $5,000 and is going to be an absolute winner for the family this season.

Holidays with Kids Says:

For entry, outline in no more than 25 words why North Queensland is the ultimate place for your family to explore this year. Entries close on the 20th of December 2020 and 11:59pm.

Win a Year’s Supply of Power and a New Solar System Valued at $15,500 from Sunbank Solar

Answer in up to 25 words.

Designed for the homeowners who dream of a year without a power bill, the Sunbank Solar team are your saving grace.

The lucky winner will find a prize pack along with an awesome Free Battery Setup and Rooftop Solar Array waiting for them, as well as not a single energy bill for the entire year! The total value of this prize is over $15,000, a pretty penny when it comes to Christmas.

Sunbank Solar Says:

To enter just fill out Sunbank’s form and let them know in no more than 25 words how cutting down on your power and utility bills would do wonders for your family! Entries open until 5pm AEDT on the December 30th.

Win a Personalised ‘My Milo’ Tins from Nestle

Answer in up to 25 words.

We all know someone in the family that absolutely adores their Milo, and whether they agree or not, they eat it completely wrong. For scoop by scoop Milo eaters, the Nestle team have you on track to winning 1 or 100 personalised Milo tins.

These large 460g tins are the top of the ladder when it comes to Milo, and although your adored Milo eater might have the tin emptied in a few days, the prized personalised tin will still remain in a cabinet somewhere.

Nestle Says:

You’ll need to get a little creative with this one. Find someone who’s name starts with the letter M and using just 25 words you’ll need to outline why this person deserves a personalised tin of My Milo. You’ll need to be 15 years old to enter. Entries are open until  11.59pm on 15/11/20 AEDT.

Win an Xbox Pack with Beyond Light from Ziff Davis

Answer in up to 25 words.

Another stellar prize pack for the gamers, the latest Destiny game (Beyond Light) along with the latest Series X Xbox will land under the Christmas tree this year thanks to Ziff Davis.

There’s a mega prize pack here valued at more than $2,600 and comes with everything from an Xbox 2020 Edition and 4K HDTV plus a headset too. Whether for a seasoned gamer, or a newbie, this prize pack is the ultimate gift for the gamers out there.

Ziff Davis Says:

Entry is easy, and all you’ll need to do is tell Ziff Davis why you’re the biggest fan of Destiny 2 in Australia in less than 25 words. Entries open until 10am AEDT on the November 17th 2020.

Win a Hefty $5,000 Cash from Cash Converters

In less than 250 words.

The awesome Aussie Cash Converters team have a $5,000 prize pack here, and it’s all cash! Whether you’re looking for extra Chrissy money or want to take yourself on an awesome shopping spree, this is the competition for you.

Cash Converters Says:

In the form provided, outline in no more than 250 words what $5,000 cash would do for you this holiday season. Enter before the 13th of December.

Win the ATH-ANC300TW Noise Cancelling Headphones by Audio-Technica from STACK Magazine

Answer in up to 25 words. 

Coming with a tonne of competitions this year, STACK Magazine’s audiophile pack is the best option for music lovers out there.

Including an awesome set of Audio-Technica In-Ear Headphones with Noise Cancellation, this pack is the solution to anyone in the home, or in your group of friends who’s always got their tunes blasting!

STACK Magazine Says:

Let STACK know who will win the ARIAs this year according to you and after you vote, fill out the form provided. In less than 25 words let STACK know your all-time favourite Aussie artist and why. Ends November 30th 2020.

Win a New Pair of Bose’s Latest Sport Earphones from Harvey Norman

Answer in up to 25 words. 

Another great pack for the music lovers, Harvey Norman is offering up a few sets of quality Bose Sport headphones this year. Great for everything from running, HIIT workouts and basically anything else, these headphones are the ultimate workout partner!

Harvey Norman Says:

Let the Harvey Norman team know in no more than 25 words, which awesome tune you’ll have ready to play through your new Bose headphones to amp you up so you’re psyched and ready to go for the season final this year, and why? Entries close on the November 13 2020.

Win a Cordless Gardening Tool Bundle Valued at $1479 from BOSCH

Answer in up to 25 words.

For the green thumbs out there, the team at Bosch DIY are giving away three Garden Tool Bundles worth up to $1,479. If it’s time to up your game in the garden, then get to entering this prize pack this year!

Bosch DIY Says:

To win, let BOSCH know your favourite or the best gardening tip you’ve ever been told in less than 25 words. Entries remain open until 11:59pm AEST on the 15/11/20.

Win Koala’s Bedding Package Valued at $1,950!

Answer in up to 25 words.

Australia’s favourite mattress maker is coming in clutch this year offering up a Bedding Bundle worth $1,950.

If you know anything about Koala, you’ll know they’re unmatched when it comes to bedding, and this $1900 prize pack will undoubtedly get you the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a long time.

Koala Says:

Let Koala know, in 25 words of less, what your ultimate home looks like using only Aussie song lyrics — as many or as few as you’d like. Entries close at 23:59 EST on the 20/11/20.

Win a 10-Day of Camping Trip and $1,000 of Camping Accessories from BlackWolf

Answer in up to 25 words.

For the adventure lover, BlackWolf has an amazing experiential prize pack to give away this year in partnership with Southern Queensland Country.

You’ll win a tonne of camping gear valued at up to $1,000 along with an awesome 10-day camping trip along the SQC trails!

BlackWolf Says:

To enter, you have 25 words to let BlackWold know which is your ultimate camping spot in Queensland. Entries are open until 11:59pm AEDT on the 30th of November 2020.

Win Wedding Suits for Your Special Day from Institchu from Polka Dot Bride

Answer in up to 25 words.

If you’re the lucky couple getting married this year, or in early 2021, then the PDB prize pack this summer is an absolute must.

Coming from Institchu you’ll be in the running to get your hands on an incredible set of custom-tailored suits and shirts that have been valued at $4,000. Add a dash of style to the wedding, and an even bigger dash of quality.

Polka Dot Bride Says:

To enter, you’ll have to follow the PDB brand and Institchu on social media and like them on Facebook. Then in less than 25 words, outline your ultimate wedding suit and you’ll be in the running for the awesome $4,000 worth of suits. Entries close on December 7th 2020.

Win a Weekly Prize of $150 on The Host with the Most from Studio 10

Answer in up to 25 words. 

If you’re a keen Channel 10 viewer, you’ll know there’s a weekly draw of $150 on the Studio 10 time slot, and the Rumble showdown between Sarah and Tristan is your ticket to win.

All you’ll need to do is be ready to have an awesome Zoom call with the team at Studio 10 and you’re in the draw.

Studio 10 Says:

All winners will be going in the draw for an awesome prize pack and will also be able to land on the Studio 10 show, through Zoom. All you’ll need to do is outline in less than 25 words who is your ultimate Studio 10 anchor and why. You must be over 18 to enter.

Win Emirates’ Luxury Holiday Package to the One&Only Resort at Wolgan Valley from Signature Luxury Travel

Survey & in 25 words.

For holidaymakers, Signature Luxury Travel is again coming in with a great prize pack valued at up to $2,950.

You’ll be the lucky winner of a stay in a luxury heritage villa and be treated with an absolute all-inclusive experience. That includes everything from gourmet breakfasts, lunches and dinners as well as an eMagazine of SLT&S.

Signature Luxury Travel Says:

Entry to the competition is easy and in less than 25 words all you’ll have to do is outline to Signature Luxury Travel why you’d cherish an escape to the One&Only by Emirates at the Resort in the incredible Wolgan Valley. Entry closes on the 22nd of November 2020 at 11.59pm.

Win a Trip to 2021 Comic-Con in San Diego from Supanova

Answer in up to 25 words.

For the comic book lovers, the Mountain Dew team have an incredible prize pack for you this comic-con season. You’ll be in the running to win a trip to San Diego for Comic-Con 2021! The entire trip is valued at $10,000.

Supanova Says:

Simply fill in the form and tell us if you could choose anyone to take to SDCC, who would you take to Do the Dew with you and why? Closes 4/12/20.

Win Crafted’s Custom Sofa Valued at $6,000 from Complete Home

Survey & in 25 words.

The Complete Home team have you in the running for an awesome custom-made sofa that’s been designed and made by Crafted.

If you’re in need of a new addition to the living room or looking to add a little more comfort for when watching your favourite movies, then this is the prize for you! Valued at over $6,000 the sofa is the ultimate living room companion for years to come.

Complete Home Says:

Complete Home outlines that they want to know what you’ve got in mind for the next couple of years for your home. To go into the running for the awesome $6,000 sofa, fill out the brand’s survey plus let them know what’s on for your next home project — all in under 25 words. Entries remain open until April 30th 2021.

Win a Brand-new PS5 Console from Press Start

Answer in up to 25 words. 

For those champing at the bit to get their hands on the latest PlayStation 5 console, then Press Start might just be your saving grace. It’s easy to enter, and even easier to brag to your friends that you’re the proud new owner of the world’s most anticipated gaming console.

Press Start Says:

To go into the running, fill out the form. Let them know what is the most exciting part about the PS5 and why you want your very own! Outline the game you’re most excited for too, and your favourite upcoming PS5 feature. Closes 20/11/20 at 5pm.

Win $1500 from PAWternity to Stay Home with Your Pet from Pet Circle

Answer in up to 25 words. 

For the new pet owners looking to make their life with a fluffy friend a little bit easier, the Pet Circle team have an awesome PAWternity prize pack worth $1,500. Its filled with everything you need to make getting your pet warmed up to your family home a little easier.

These grants are great for those who need a few days or the week away from work to get your new pet settled into the home.

Pet Circle Says:

Simply tell us about your new pet, or plans for a new pet, in the form. Entries remain open until 5pm on the November 20th, 2020.

Win the New PlayStation 5 Valued at $750 from The Brag Media

Answer in up to 25 words.

The Brag Media bunch are handing out an awesome Sony PlayStation 5 this year to one console lover. All you’ll need to enter is put in your details and answer a few questions on the entry form and you’re in the running to win!

Brag Media Says:

Fill out the form and tell us in no more than 25 words your favourite Playstation game and why. Entries close at 12pm AEST on 30/11/20.

Win a Family Holiday to the Cook Islands from Little Urchin

Answer in up to 25 words.

If the Cook Islands are on your radar for a holiday this year, the Little Urchin has the prize pack you absolutely must enter in.

You’ll be in the running to win a return flight from all major Aussie cities toward Rarotonga for six nights of fun for families of up to four people. You’ll be shacked up in a luxury hotel room at the Rarotonga’s Pacific Resort and be provided with days of kayaking, paddleboarding and much more.

There’s even awesome restaurant days included here too.

Little Urchin Says:

Outline in less than 25 words why keeping a close eye on the reefs and preserving them is imperative for future Aussies. Enter before midnight AEDT on the 15th of December 2020.

Win the Smeg 34L Microwave or a New Mixer from Ocean Spray

Answer in up to 25 words. 

To add a little more productivity to the kitchen, Ocean Spray have you covered with an awesome Microwave, Grill and Stand Mixers this year.

Ocean Spray Says:

Outline in less than 25 words which awesome recipe of yours is helped out by Ocean Spray’s incredible Cranberry Sauce. Entries remain open until 11:59pm on the 14/11/20 AEST.

Win an Electronic 18V Mower Pack from Trusted Brands

Answer in up to 25 words.

Get on top of the mowing this year without the emissions. Trusted Brands has a fantastic mower kit up for grabs to keep you out in the sun this summer.

Enter to be in the grabs for an 18V 18inch Mower Kit worth up to $599.

Trusted Brands Says:

To go in the running, outline in no more than 25 words why Victa is a trusted brand for you. Entry closes at 12pm on the 30/11/20.

Win a $2,000 Personalised Book Bundle from Thames and Hudson

Answer in up to 25 words.

For the bookworms, Thames and Hudson have a great $2,000 prize pack up for grabs this holiday season that comes with a limited edition tote for the brand’s 50th anniversary. The winner will have their books curated to match their interested too!

Thames and Hudson Say:

All you’ll need to do to enter is outline a little bit about who your favourite creator or artist is and a bit about why. Entries are open until 5pm on the 18th of November 2020.

Win a Year’s Supply of Vanilla Fresh and $1,000 from McLintocks

Video & in no more than 25 words.

For $1,000 cash, McLintocks want an awesome video showing off you using their products, and that’s it! A few questions and a video and you’re in the running to win a thousand dollars cash.

McLintocks Says:

For this prize, you’ll have to send a video to McLintocks showing off how, why, what and where you use your McLintocks. There are a couple questions to answer too, though if you’re the more creative of all the entrants you’ll be the winner! Closes on the 30th of November at at 11:59pm AEDT.

Win a Safety-focused mCareWatch Alarm from Mouths of Mums

In 50 words or less

For the family members that keep close to your heart, the Mouth of Mums team have a mCareWatch Mobile Emergency Alarm up for grabs, worth a total of $759.

It’s the watch that comes with a 4G connection and one year worth of mobile data for a solid connection.

Mouth of Mums Says:

To enter, outline in up to 50 words which of the many features on the watch will explicitly help you out? Entries remain open until December 3rd.

Win a Cordless Vacuum Monthly from Bosch

To be in the running for this competition all you’ll need to is offer up a review of your Bosch Appliances!

Bosch Says:

All you’ll need to do to enter is offer up a great review or insight into your Bosch homewares. Enter before the 23rd of November at 11:59pm.

Win Logitech’s Minimal Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Bundle from MiNDFOOD

In 50 words or less.

This pack is here to enhance working at home a little and make you a bit more productive. The MiNDFOOD prize pack that includes some awesome, minimal Logitech mice and keyboard sets. They’re the ultimate companion for the at-home office.


In a paragraph of 50 words of less, let MiNDFOOD know why you’re looking to win the new Logitech mouse and keyboard bundle. Entries will close on the 20th of December 2020 AEST at 10pm.

Win a Motorola’s Latest G9 Play Mobile from Mouths of Mums

In 50 words or less.

When Motorola is your preferred brand of smartphone, Mouth of Mums has a great gift for you. Enter to win the latest Moto G9 this year.

Mouth of Mums Says:

Entry is simple, all you’ll have to do is outline in up to 50 words what is the most exciting thing about Motorola’s latest G9 Play device. Entries are open until the 20th of November.

Win Tefal’s New 2000W OptiGrill Elite from Taste

Answer in up to 25 words.

Make grilling all of your favourite foods a breeze with the OptiGrill Elite, and make cleanup even easier. Taste is giving away one of these awesome 2000W grills.

Taste Says:

Fill out your details on Taste and in 25 words, outline what your most essential three items are when it’s time for a picnic. Closes 11/11/20 at 23:59 AEDT.

Win the Infant-friendly Owlet Smart Sock 3 from Mouths of Mums

In 50 words or less.

For the newborns, the Owlet smart socks are the ultimate, unobtrusive way to keep a close eye on your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level. It’s the ultimate prize for parents who want to know exactly how Bub is doing at all times during the night.

Mouth of Mums Says:

In less than 50 words, outline some details about the moment you’ve been more sleep deprived than ever before. Entries close on the 20th of November 2020.

Win Beachfront Apartment Compound Valued at $8.5m from RSL Art Union

This year’s home lottery is a multi-million beachfront complex on Kirra Beach, and you could be the lucky winner for just $10. Whether it’s for a holiday home, an investment or your next new home, the RSL Art Union has you covered.

RSL Art Union Says:

All entries are done raffle-style and for just $10 you’re in the running to win. Entries close on the 16/12/20 at 8pm and the draw number is 381.

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And there you have it, all of Australia’s current 25 words of less competitions! Never miss out on the chance to win a few freebies or to get your hands on a great new product for the cost of a magazine!

Check back on Extras for our latest competition updates and never miss the chance to win big.


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