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16 Early Morning Jobs for People Who Wake up With the Sun

16 Early Morning Jobs for People Who Wake up With the Sun

For many, getting out of bed in the morning is often challenging since it generally seems far more enticing to stay in bed.  


However, some individuals love to start their workday off strong by getting up early with a brisk run, a shower, and a cup of hot coffee.  


This post has listed several early-morning work opportunities for you if you gravitate toward a morning lifestyle. 

1. TSA Agent

A TSA agent career can be a good fit if you don’t mind the possibility of some drama while executing security procedures.


TSA officers search luggage, cargo, and people for harmful and forbidden goods in airports. Additionally, they maintain the movement of passengers entering terminals through the security checkpoint. To qualify as a TSA agent, you need to be a friendly, dependable, flexible, intelligent, and detail-oriented individual. 


The estimated salary range for airport TSA agents ranges from $28,000 to $42,000 annually (the d band payment scale). Furthermore, TSA workers get more money as they go up the pay scale, with the highest pay band for the highest-ranking posts topping at $172,500.


2. Baker

Working at a bakery in the early morning hours is a terrific way to start your day. You’ll need catering and baking expertise to get this job. Some bakeries will teach employees who are ready to learn the ropes. Plus, you can use YouTube channels that have baking courses. 


According to Salary.com, the estimated compensation for bakers rangers from $29,800 to $40,763 (average income of $35,200). 

Supermarket Stocker

3. Supermarket Stocker

Whenever you visit your local store early morning hours, you’ll most likely notice a stock staff hard at work replenishing shelves and preparing food ready for shoppers to grab that day.


Supermarkets usually have staff working late into the night or early hours filling the racks to keep the pathways clean for shopping surges. However, if you decide to take on this gig, prepare to undertake heavy lifting as you arrange and stock an assortment of cans and crates throughout your shift.


Salary.co estimates supermarket stockers’ earnings to be around $14 per hour, which totals to $26,930 every year. 

4. Truck Driver

Truck drivers always try not to catch up in rush hour traffic. Because of this, most drivers try to start early (about 4 a.m. or earlier) to avoid traffic and begin their days when they are already on the more clear road.


To be hired as a driver, you must possess the attention to detail and good driving skills necessary to safely operate a large vehicle in challenging conditions, including heavy traffic, inclement weather, and large cities. You must also earn a commercial truck driver permit and pass medical tests.


According to Indeed, the typical base pay for a truck driver in the United States is around $69,054.

5. Rideshare Driver

Today, over 2 million drivers work for Lyft and Uber, proving the continued viability of the ridesharing sector. One of the finest early morning gigs for you can be driving for rideshare if you’re friendly and enjoy having a flexible schedule.


Travellers attempting to beat the traffic to make it to their destinations in time may surely be advantageous to early risers who live close to their destinations. The apparent requirements are a driver’s license, your car registration, insurance documents, and your Social Security number. 


While many Lyft and Uber drivers typically work part-time when estimating their pay, full-time rideshare riders earn an average annual pay of $37,102, according to Salary.com. 

6. Freelancer

Freelancing is a terrific choice because you may work remotely and from a different time zone. You can use early hours to complete freelancing jobs before starting your day-to-day job. 

Typically, freelancers create their schedules and only write whenever they can afford the free time or the desire. Also, you must write clearly and meet deadlines to be successful in this field. And although it is not necessary to have any official training, having a portfolio of published pieces will help you acquire freelancing jobs. 


If you are a graphic designer for a freelance company, you may mainly set your working hours, except set times to meet with customers. But if you’re working at a design agency, you usually must adhere to office hours. This implies that if you like a morning routine, you may get up at four in the morning and work till noon. 


It would help if you had an excellent eye for design, and many people find that having a university degree in graphic design or a similar discipline is highly beneficial.


For part-timers, the nationwide average for freelancers is $67,169 annually or around $32 hourly. However, compensation rates in the realm of freelancing vary significantly based on your chosen sector (e.g., writer, programmer, designer, etc.) and experience. 


These are the best freelance websites for all sorts of specialties.

7. Personal Trainer

Since most customers prefer early morning sessions, the flexibility of personal trainers’ hours benefits many early risers.


You’ll probably require a personal trainer license, a first aid kit, and CPR certifications to work in this field. Even if you could spend most of your hours in the mornings, you’ll still need to be accessible at other times of the day. You have the option of working directly for a gym or working for yourself as a personal trainer.


As per PT Pioneer, personal trainer wages greatly depend on the number of hours performed and the country’s geographic location. However, the annual compensation often ranges from $23,000 to $76,000.

8. Airport Ticket Agent

Airlines ticket agents should be available to meet customers, assist with bag search, and provide aid in navigating to the gate when customers need to check in at least two hours before their morning flights.


This is one of the most acceptable early-morning occupations for those who enjoy travelling but have other responsibilities, such as picking up their children from school and other regular engagements. Many jobs at one airport allow you to maintain a reasonably consistent schedule while still enjoying a variety of travel benefits.


This profession is definitely for an early bird because the early morning hours might start at 4 a.m. or even earlier. Naturally, some jobs go into the night as well, so before applying for any work, make careful to figure out the precise timetable.


According to ZipRecruiter, ticket agent earnings range from $17,500 to $89,000 globally. And in the US, the average yearly salary for a ticket agent is $41,484.

9. Air Traffic Controller

All those planes in the morning need to be controlled by someone. Although air traffic controllers are employed 24 hours a day, some might begin their shifts before dawn.


An air traffic controller’s duties include:

  • Controlling ground traffic on airports and taxicab runways.
  • Issuing landing and takeoff directions.
  • Transferring flying control to all towers in the area.


The Federal Aviation Administration school courses and an Air Traffic Training Initiative Program diploma are both requirements for air traffic controllers.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average earnings for air traffic controllers in 2021 ranged from $129,750 to $62.38 hourly.


Some claim that after 10 p.m., they generate their most outstanding work. And there are several job opportunities for these night owls.

10. Barista

Most workers who don’t drink coffee stop by their local cafés in the morning to have a cup of joe to get them through the day. To prepare everything, baristas and cafe workers should arrive at work as soon as possible.


Making drinks, serving customers, cleaning, and managing the cash register are all everyday work duties. Experience working in restaurants and as a barista is advantageous, but most coffee stores are ready to teach the appropriate candidate who can remain cheerful at four in the morning.


According to Salary.com, baristas generally earn hourly rates with an average of $24,514.

11. Mail Carrier

As a postal carrier, you’ll spend your working hours going from one location to the next, delivering letters and goods to people on your route. Before they head out on the road and begin delivering mail, post office employees must report for duty early in the morning to arrange and prepare the mail for the day. Early afternoon is when many shifts come to a close.


To be considered for this gig, you must be at least 18 years old, a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, have a clean driving record, and be able to pass a variety of tests.


According to ZipRecruiter, a mail carrier’s average annual salary is $36,036 in the United States, with most earning between $25,382 and $37,603.

12. Refuse and Recyclable Materials Collector

Recyclable materials and garbage Long before you notice the trucks rumbling through your neighbourhood in the morning, collectors are starting their days. Usually, there are drivers and assistants on trucks.


You need a commercial driver’s license. Drivers and assistants often pick up the specifics of their employment as they go along, such as how to operate waste trucks and side-loaders. They often pick up their employment details, such as how to operate waste trucks and side-loaders. Many of these positions also include passing a background investigation and drug test.


Like other jobs, garbage collector pay varies from state to state. However, the national average is $15 hourly or $30,000 annually.

13. Morning News Producer

Consider becoming a morning news producer if you enjoy interacting with people in a demanding setting. The producer usually oversees the program and coordinates the director, studio staff, reporters, field staff, and photographers to prepare each day’s high-quality newscast. Among the responsibilities include keeping an eye on the newswire for stories, tracking down leads, interacting with everyone, ensuring proper scheduling, and editing and planning the program to ensure a smooth flow.


For these professions, you’ll need appropriate experience in addition to strong communication and social media abilities, as well as a university degree in broadcasting.


A morning news producer’s annual compensation is estimated to be between $16,500 and $121,000. ZipRecruiter estimates that the national average is $51,172.

14. 911 Operator

You can consider working as a 911 operator if you’re searching for a stressful, high-drama morning job.


These strong people answer requests for help from the police, fire, and ambulance services while sending emergency professionals to the call’s origin. Additionally, they record their calls, monitor the progress of emergency vehicles, and offer specific details on any reports of incidents that occurred throughout their shift.


State-specific requirements may differ, but most 911 operators have a university degree in a relevant subject area, such as criminology, emergency preparedness, or communications. Operators learn various skills throughout training, such as advanced CPR and first aid, fundamental telecommunications, critical incident stress management, and more.


According to salary. co, the average 911 dispatcher earns $43,000 annually in the United States.

15. Military Member

According to Military.com, there is no such thing as falling asleep during basic military training, according to Military.com. You’ll awaken each day at five o’clock.


The military requires a significant commitment. But joining the military can be a terrific choice if you don’t mind getting up early to serve your nation. Other excellent advantages include:

  • Health care
  • Accessible housing and food
  • Paid time off
  • Financial aid for college
  • A promised retirement


Service personnel is compensated based on their rank and service history. Base pay for long-tenured military personnel may begin in the mid-twenties and eventually rise to six figures. Remember that the military also provides a housing allowance and other benefits that rise in value as your tenure lengthens.

16. Flight Attendant

Want to spend a lot of your time flying but don’t want to learn to fly? Besides delivering food and beverages, cleaning up after themselves, and helping travellers with the challenging in-flight entertainment systems, airlines require flight crew to keep everyone on board the aircraft safe.


Since flight attendants ought to arrive well before boarding time for a 7 a.m. flight, this is perfect employment for early risers. Even though every airline has its standards, you must be over 21 years and have a GED or high school certificate.


Per Salary, com, the typical annual salary is $79,869, with salaries ranging from less than $50,000 to more than $116,000 per year.



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