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15 Genuine Product Testing Sites for Australians

15 Genuine Product Testing Sites for Australians

Introducing a new product in the market can give a company an edge over its competitors. But they must do everything necessary to ensure their newly released products perform better and can satisfy consumers’ demands. 

One of the most popular strategies businesses employ to boost the chances of their new products in the marketplace is product testing by actual customers.

And when you consider the impact of word-of-mouth, it’s easy to see why they’re willing to have many people try out the products at no cost.

The concept of product testing is straightforward: you receive the product, use it, and then give an honest opinion on whether or not the product met your expectation, recommend any adjustments and possibly share your thoughts with others. 

Most sites reward these services with free products, while others offer cash or both.

Keep reading this post to discover the top 15 Australian product testing websites where you can get free goodies and make extra cash. But first, let’s start with everything you need to know about product testing. 

What is Product Testing?

Product testing examines the concept and features of a product to learn more about how people might react to it. This is a standard practice in the industry, and many businesses rely on the results to improve their products and reach more customers.

Here the business is letting you taste their goods in the hopes that you’ll buy them and possibly even tell others about them, making it different from the concept of free samples where you aren’t required to do anything. 

 Product testers use merchandise to offer opinions on their general thought about it, its efficiency, and if they would love to buy it. This feedback is used to help firms develop the best and most practical marketing strategies for their products.       

You, as product testers, can make a difference in whether or not a commodity is launched and how the company markets it. So, It’s a crucial job!

There are different ways you can get the products you wish to test. 

First, the companies can deliver the product to your doorstep with explicit guidance on how to apply them.

Also, product testers may make an out-of-pocket purchase of a product, after which the corporation will repay them and perhaps provide some sort of bonus, but such cases are rare. 

You are, however, advised to do a background check on a company before signing up as a product tester. 

Product testing is not limited to tangible goods. Before releasing a product to the broader public, website owners, app makers, and providers of various services need user feedback to ensure it meets their standards.

Therefore, you can find testing gigs from different product and service industries.

Why Do Companies Need Product Testers?

 Getting a product to the point where you can find it on supermarket shelves involves rigorous testing and evaluation. This ensures that it will satisfy consumers’ needs to make them want to buy it. Also, several checks and balances are in place before a company may supply a new product to the general public.

Most of these operations are supervised “in-house” or by designers and marketers. At some point, though, the business must answer the most critical question: “Will the product sell in the market?.”  

Having real customers taste the product and provide input is a crucial part of the final phases of product development. The company may need a large sample size to ensure that its commodity will satisfy a broad demographic.

Therefore, the product testers must be from a standard market group in Australia, and they can answer fundamental questions like whether the product is effective, whether they would buy it, and so on without bias.

Your frequency of seeing products will depend on how well your profile matches the kind of personal view the businesses want to hear.

While companies are ready to pay for your services, testing gigs often don’t pay well, so you can make it your side hustle. 

But it’s worth it if you get your hands on freebies that will help you save money with no effort.

Getting Started With Product Tester

Large corporations often contract with reliable market research firms to help them locate consumers willing to try out new items.

These firms may offer different services to the manufacturing firm. For example, some are explicitly tailored to product testing, and others focus on market research.

It’s recommended to join as many sites as possible to boost your chances of being selected to test products. If they are genuine market research websites, they’ll likely be working with many companies, and you will suit to one, if not a couple.

Top Product Testing Websites in Australia

Now that you have an overview of product testing and how it works, it’s time to look at some of the top websites in Australia that can help you get started in this field.  

While these sites are genuine and reward product test well for their services, they have requirements you must meet. But don’t panic; they may recruit you for future projects. 

Alternatively, you can sign up with many of them instead of waiting to increase your chances of landing a gig. 

The list below has the top 15 product taste websites for Aussies as of 2022: 

1. Black Box 

15 Genuine Product Testing Sites for Australians

Image Source- Instagram

Black Box, based in Auckland- New Zealand, offers product taste services in most parts of Australia. Members must sign up and fill out their profiles to be considered for the product testing projects.

If a project comes up and you are eligible based on your details, your name will enter into a random draw alongside all other users who are also eligible.

Those picked from the draw will get a Black Box full of goodies to try out for free. Participants are expected to submit their feedback through a survey after trying out the products.

Unfortunately, the Black Box site only offers its services in Victoria, New South Wales, and Canberra, which is the biggest drawback for many Australians.

2. Home Tester Club

15 Genuine Product Testing Sites for Australians

Image Source- Instagram

The Home Tester Club is a famous market research company that works with business giants in Australia like Brand Power. With a wide choice of everyday products from major companies, this company offers Aussies great opportunities to get products and services to sample.

All you need to do is to complete your profile form before they can sign up. Participants are hand-picked from the pool of applicants and given samples of the product in question to evaluate.

After getting a product, you’ll be given enough time, depending on the product’s use, before being requested to submit your honest opinion. If lucky enough, Tester Club will provide you with additional products for your friends and family to try too.

While Tester Club offers no funds for your services, it’s a favourite option for Aussies who desire to sample freebies from big-name businesses.

3. Toluna Product Testing

15 Genuine Product Testing Sites for Australians

Image Source- Instagram

Toluna, formerly known as Toluna Product Testing,  is a great platform that gives consumers in Australia free products from reputable brands in exchange for their opinions.

This firm deals in almost every sector, from makeup and perfume to shampoo and body lotion; you can’t miss a product you would love to taste. 

Toluna focuses more on its survey services now. So it’s your best bet if you’re not interested in getting free items and would instead earn extra money. Nonetheless, it still offers review copies of products at no cost.

Once you’ve signed up for Toluna, you may apply for the available testing opportunities on the site. You might be one of the 500 lucky winners randomly selected to try out the new item.

4. Kids Business 

Moms are the focus of Kids’ Businesses because they control a billion-dollar market. Businesses are keen to collaborate with mothers to serve this sizable customer base better. Joining the Kids Business site is free, but you must be a mother to participate. 

Mothers wishing to enter this website must fill in their email addresses. After that, you’ll get questionnaires you must complete and submit before the deadline.

This company helps and connects marketers for kids-related products with their potential customers. And since mothers are the people who often make purchasing decisions for their families, totalling $132 billion, reaching out to this demographic is crucial to a company’s success.

This business also facilitates communication between companies and mothers by organising special social gatherings, focus groups, and events. Such meetings help marketers to get mothers’ thoughts on the brands’ products.

As a thank you for helping out, you’ll be given free stuff and invitations to special events.

5. Influenster

15 Genuine Product Testing Sites for Australians

Image Source- Instagram

Influenster is among the most popular destinations to get compensated to try out product lines. This company has given Australians more than 50 million merchandise, so you can be confident that you will find something you can try and give feedback on.

You’ll be able to choose from various options like supplies for babies and snacks, pets, skin care products, etc.

You can also participate in surveys and qualify for a monthly drawing for a VoxBox, a gift box of various items. This platform works with famous companies, so you could be lucky to get a premium product. 

6. Pinecone Research

15 Genuine Product Testing Sites for Australians

Image Source- Instagram

Pinecone’s website offers one of Australia’s best home-based product testing opportunities.

You can get an opportunity to be the first user of a new product by agreeing to test them for free from this platform. The process is a breeze: after receiving the goods, you’ll answer a series of questions on specific aspects of the item and give your broad perspective of the product. And that’s just about it!

You can redeem the points you get from participating on this platform for gift cards from retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, PayPal, and  Starbucks – virtually the same as receiving cash. This implies that you can test things for pay through Pinecone.

However, you must meet the requirements set by different companies before receiving items to evaluate.  Luckily, you can put that time to good use by taking surveys. Pinecone pays  $3 for a survey, a decent opportunity to make extra money in your spare time.

7. Social Soup

15 Genuine Product Testing Sites for Australians

Image Source- Instagram

The Social Soup boasts the most extensive Australian product and service influencers network. This company’s mission is to create the best consumer-brand engagement platforms.

 The soup platform has an application available on the Apple Store and Google Playstore. 

Its app requires users to create a profile while signing up, just like other product test platforms. If you want to increase your chances of being selected for a project, it is recommended to keep your profile up-to-date always.

Testers’ chances of being sent free samples can also increase if they connect their soupers” accounts to other social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

8. Kidspot

15 Genuine Product Testing Sites for Australians

Image Source- Instagram

Kidspot is a famous online resource for mothers seeking guidance on a wide range of topics, such as pregnancy, delivery, parenting, education, healthcare, nutrition, homemaking, and more. Although it’s not explicitly designed for product testing, samples are typically available for review.

Reviewers who are interested in contributing to Kidspot must first register as members. After that, they’ll need to create an account on Mums Say by clicking the “reviews” link.

If chosen, the members will receive free products and instructions on giving their views through email.

Keep an eye out for chances that the Kidspot’s team emails your way and offers for any accompanying surveys. One of the criteria for selection is whether or not you fit into the target audience.  

9. Mouths of Mums 

15 Genuine Product Testing Sites for Australians

Image Source- Instagram

Mouths of Mums functions much like any online forum, with users discussing and promoting various goods and services to one another. They have regular contests where participants stand a chance to win prizes, share recipes, and post blogs about timely issues. Members can submit applications to try out new goods.

However, you must sign up as a member before requesting to taste a new product. The “Reviews” section allows members to check out what’s on offer. The member will proceed with the application procedure upon determining that the product is a good fit. There may be product-specific questions on the form, but it may also inquire about your willingness to:

  • Complete two or more reviews 
  • Add hashtags and pictures to your posts
  • Send in your quick video critique

The opportunity to test products occurs frequently. Plus, you stand an excellent chance to win prizes on the site, so participating is worth your time.

Cosmetic Product Review

Most Aussies now do most of their beauty shopping online. Comprehensive feedback on items is needed more than ever in today’s online marketplace. 

Many Australian cosmetics businesses give consumers free samples in return for feedback. In addition to these free goodies and cash, you may be gifted other incentives.

Here are the top beauty product review sites for Aussies:

10. Beauty Crew

15 Genuine Product Testing Sites for Australians

Image Source- Instagram

Sign up for a free account on the beauty crew website today to begin writing reviews and discussing products with other users in the community forums.  

The more you participate, the more points you’ll accumulate and the more gifts you’ll earn. You can redeem these points for gifts from the beauty team.

Joining the Beauty Crew’s review process is another option. People get to try out full-sized goods for free in exchange for honest reviews. Companies may mail product testing opportunities to you periodically. You’ll get a notification email after your review has been accepted.

11. Beauty Heaven

15 Genuine Product Testing Sites for Australians

Image Source- Instagram

The Beauty Heaven website allows users to try different cosmetics from different brands. Posting reviews on makeup and beauty items you already use could help you earn points. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can request full-sized cosmetic goods a few times a year.

This platform also offers testing for new products at no cost. Members must submit five reviews to qualify for review chances. If you meet the requirements, you will receive an email with instructions. You must complete a questionnaire to determine your fall into that company’s target audience to receive free products.

You’ll want to move quickly, as spots for reviewing products tend to fill up quickly. This platform can give Australians access to numerous well-known cosmetics labels.

12. Try and Review

15 Genuine Product Testing Sites for Australians

Image Source- Instagram

This is another Australian online retailer where you can obtain samples for product reviews. But you must first connect your account to your media profiles to submit a review. 

After being accepted, you’ll choose the goods you’re interested in reviewing and complete the necessary tasks, including writing up your thoughts, taking pictures, and even making short films to share with the world.

To determine if you qualify for a free trial of a service, many companies ask that you take a quick survey. The company will notify you if your application goes by email. So, when signing up, ensure you add your email address. 

The company often uses social pages to notify users of upcoming testing opportunities. Following their pages will help you be among the first to see upcoming events.

Besides posting beauty products, this site also occasionally features dog products, among other goods, for review.  

13. Natural Instinct

Join this review board if you adore natural “instinct.” There is no cost to joining this site; you only need to wait for a “call-up” notification in your email. However, like any other online service, you’ll have to fill out a profile. 

You can tailor the questions to your tastes in skincare and cosmetics and your personal information. You’ll get an email if you are among the selected tasters. 

The product details and instructions will be included in the packaging. There will be an online review form after receiving the product.

Supermarket Testers

Product testing is essential to the success of the product development phase for supermarkets. Putting a product on the shelves next to rival products and engaging with real consumers in their everyday buying decisions provides invaluable feedback to producers.

14. Coles flybys loyalty program

Coles’ Flybys customer loyalty program is among the most popular in the industry. Although this isn’t a formal product testing system, participants occasionally receive free samples to try out but are not obligated to give feedback. 

You need only be a registered and active user of the Flybuys club to qualify for free samples.

Active members of Flybuys are advised to use their card at checkout at Coles. When promotional freebies are ready, the sites will highlight them on your dashboard. Users can quickly and easily get what they want by using a barcode scanner at the establishment. 

Maintaining a check on your inbox for deals is a good idea, but you must be assured that you’ll start receiving them regularly.

15. Woolworths Bunch

This platform is a member of Woolworths supermarkets that tests new products. Woolworths supermarket is among the largest grocery retailer chains in Australia. 

Interested customers can sign up on Woolworths’ homepage. You will be informed as soon as a position opens for product taste.

Why are Profiles Important to Researchers 

Demographics are used to characterise a group in the marketplace. Marketing experts can narrow their focus to just the people they’re looking for using demographic data, whether that’s all women between 22 and 30 or a diverse cross-section of the population.

However, market research agencies should never reveal personal details like addresses and names to their clients. Instead, they should only share the crucial data to confirm that the submitted profiles accurately reflect the target audience.

Product testing in Australia is most successful for those who can fill up their profiles accurately. Though it may be tedious, these questions are essential for market marketers to gain insight into the demographics of the consumers who try their goods and identify those who best fit their target audience.

For instance, if a business wanted to find out if NSW’s mothers would buy a new line of pet feeds, they would take a keen interest in users whose profiles indicate they are:

  • Female
  • A mother
  • Owns a pet
  • Lives in NSW

There is no doubt that the profile part is worth your attention. Since businesses typically seek out a demographically diverse group of people from which to draw product samples, the more information you provide, the more probable it is that you’ll meet the project’s criteria.

Signing up for numerous sites at once might be time-consuming, so you may want to schedule some downtime to do it (with snacks!). Alternatively, you could sign up for one site per day to spread out the work.

How to Stay Safe on Product Tasting Sites

Websites on this list have been vetted to ensure they are authentic and risk-free. Nevertheless, those who seek out their chances should be on the lookout for online scammers.

You must take precautions to prevent the wrong persons from accessing your data. Generally speaking, there are three categories of websites:

  • Legitimate product taste websites. Because of their stringent privacy practices, you can trust that your personal information is safe on these websites
  • Fake product testing websites acquire personal information (such as contact information) and sell it to spammers and identity thieves
  • Online cons that aim to steal personal information or financial details from their victims

A simple Google search for “brand” will frequently tell you everything you need to understand. 

Is Product Testing Worth it?

Product testing offers Aussies opportunities to get free products and earn extra cash. However, it could be a letdown for those who picture themselves relaxing at home as packages of new products arrive.

Your prospects will improve if you maintain active subscriptions with as many reputable sites as possible, each with a complete and detailed profile.

If you want to be rewarded by a company, it’s a good idea to log in frequently and make reviewing a regular habit.

It’s normal to feel tired while doing domestic chores like grocery shopping. Some businesses indeed place a high value on your feedback. You can benefit from your online time if you put in the effort.

Testing items is a terrific way to get free stuff, have some action, and also have your views represented.


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