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15 Best Supermarkets in Australia

15 Best Supermarkets in Australia

Some people find solace in their monthly trip to the grocery store, while others detest the hassle of pushing a bungee-wheeled trolley through packed aisles. In any case, it can be difficult to ignore the rising total in your grocery store receipt. For the majority of us, it is an expense. 

There are about 2,186 grocery stores and supermarkets in Australia this year. Finding the top supermarket in an Australian market this congested might take a lot of work.

What do the increased competition amongst Australia’s big grocery chains and the rising cost of living imply for consumers?

This article will examine the Top 15 Supermarkets and grocery stores in Australia, including large chains and independent merchants, to show customers how to take advantage of loyalty programs to get the biggest savings and best value possible on groceries.

The Top 15 Supermarkets in Australia

1. Woolworths

15 Best Supermarkets in Australia

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In 1924, in Sydney’s Imperial Arcade, Woolworths launched to the public inside the Woolworths Stupendous Bargain Basement. Five businessmen started it in Australia:

  • Percy Christmas (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Cecil Scott Waine
  • Stanley Chatterton
  • Ernest Williams.
  • George Creed

With over 115,000 employees and approximately 900 outlets, Woolworths ranks among the most prominent grocery stores in Australia.  It has been extended internationally to places like South Africa.

Due to the large assortment of products available to customers, it is highly ranked among grocery stores in Australia. Customers love its diversity and the opportunity to select the items they prefer from the wide selection.

Even more prospects for product testing exist thanks to the Bunch club.

Moreover, Woolworth’s Everyday Rewards can be advantageous to you. Their loyalty program, Everyday Rewards, enables customers to earn ten points for each dollar they spend.

Although it’s an excellent rewards program, the key distinction between Flybuys and Woolworths is that Woolworths’ program is not quite as huge as Flybuys’.

2. Coles

15 Best Supermarkets in Australia

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Coles is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a retailer that offers your money’s worth. CJ Coles established Coles in Collingwood in 1914. The creator recognised the need for a contented, healthy domestic life even back then.

In Australia, there are roughly 833 Coles supermarkets. You can take advantage of a Coles store nearby because their brand is one of the largest chains and has convenient locations in many neighbourhoods.

Coles wants what’s best for you. Their stated goal is to consistently feed every Australian to support them in living better and happier lives; sounds admirable, doesn’t it?

More incentives are available through Coles’ Flybuys program, one of the largest reward programs in Australia.

Coles carries Australia’s favourite brands, so you don’t have to worry about the product’s genuineness.

Coles also provides young people with an excellent employment program for a first job.

3. Aldi

15 Best Supermarkets in Australia

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In 2001, Ald established its first branch in Sydney, Australia.  Theo and Karl Albrecht, two brothers, established the initial Aldi chain in Germany in 1946.

Aldi, the best-priced supermarket in Australia, operates about 570 outlets throughout the country. You read that correctly.

Aldi was about $64 cheaper than other Australian grocery stores when we compared a domestic produce basket. Perfect for assisting you with money management.

As a result of Aldi’s lower prices, they need to see the benefit of creating a reward program. You get their point, don’t you? They assert that offering you the best prices for various high-quality items helps you save money.

Aldi mostly carries their original products. Therefore, you will find few well-known Australian brands there.

4. IGA

15 Best Supermarkets in Australia

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David Holdings established IGA Australia by joining ten grocery stores to form IGA. The Australian wholesaler and retailer Metcash currently owns IGA.

IGA is an excellent choice if you’re searching for unique tastes in regional goods based on your locality since it’s a franchise with separate stores running autonomously.

They have 1455 Australian IGA stores in the country. You can take advantage of their loyalty program and the convenience of the stores’ closeness to you.

Their reward program, IGA Rewards, offers customers regular dollar-off purchases and special deals.

IGA isn’t as powerful as bigger corporations because they are independent. Your essential items might be a bit more expensive, but you will be helping a local company.

5. Drake

15 Best Supermarkets in Australia

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In 1974, Roger Drake set up the first Drake grocery store in Mitcham. He was a  Coles manager who quit and started his brand because he was fed up.

Drake Supermarket is among Australia’s most prominent independent supermarkets, employing over 5,000 people in over 60 stores in Southern Australia and Queensland.

Being the first grocery store in Australia to introduce deli layouts with orange juice machines, popcorn machines, hot food, and kombucha taps, Drake grocery stores established themselves as trendsetters in the retail industry.

Drake views you as a vital member of the company. Thus, the store will go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy the products you purchase from them. Additionally, they provide a rewards app and a loyalty program.

6. FoodWorks

15 Best Supermarkets in Australia

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AURL owns FoodWorks. The grocery store has over 700 outlets around Australia. Following the merger of the two chains in November 2004, Foodworks was created.

Foodworks is a reputable grocery store with major corporate-owned and privately operated outlets. 

You can take control of your spending, start working on your health and fitness goals, and monitor your loyalty points with FoodWorks’ rewards program.

7. Harris Farm Markets

15 Best Supermarkets in Australia

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The Harris Farm Markets was established in 1971 by Cathy and David Harris in Villawood, Australia, with a vegetable and fruit shop. Family members still manage the company.

Harris Farm Market has employed over 3,000 Australian employees and operates 27 outlets around the country. Harris Farm Markets can supply you with whatever organic farm food you need.

They are proud to be Australia’s leading independent organic food supermarket. Choose Harris Farms as a first-choice source for the fresh meat cuts, fruit, and vegetables required to make your dishes stand out.

Harris’ loyalty program, The Friend of the Farm, gives customers 5% off all vegetables and other special deals.

8. Foodland

15 Best Supermarkets in Australia

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Although Metcash purchased Foodland in 2005, Foodland outlets are still individually run and owned.

The supermarket is proud of its unquestioning support for regional products. It continuously stocks these products even when others have stopped selling them.

They also feature a Foodland branded line of 200+ products from Australian producers.

Foodland offers their customers affordable prices, special discounts, and deals since they think loyalty schemes are a waste of time. These techniques can help you save money when you are shopping.

Foodland is a fantastic grocery store to shop at to promote your neighbourhood grocery.

9. Costco

15 Best Supermarkets in Australia

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Costco was originally started in the US. It established its first Australian outlet in 2009. The supermarket has numerous locations throughout the globe, including twelve in the country.

Costco is perfect for you if you’re looking for good discounts when buying products in bulk, which is ideal for living on a budget. Costco has warehouse-like outlets worldwide that are recognised for their bulk products.

They charge a $55 registration fee to customers who want to become members. You have access to all Australian Costco locations when you become a member.

10. Friendly Grocer

15 Best Supermarkets in Australia

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Friendly Grocer, previously called Four Square, is a small chain grocery store. They started in New Zealand and joined the Australian retail sector approximately thirty years later. They have over 450 outlets in the country.

Friendly Grocer deserves its reputation because of its superb product quality and customer service standards.

Additionally, Friendly Grocer strives to satisfy you by providing deals and promotions in their Catalogue.

11. Victorian Farmers Direct

To bring farm-fresh produce to your door, Victorian Farmers Direct enthusiastically supports small producers and regional farmers.

They offer excellent customer service and a large selection of goods, such as free-range eggs, fresh Australian milk, farm-fresh meat, artisan bread, seasonal fruit and vegetables, and some specialised items.

Victorian Farmers Direct strongly emphasises assisting ethical, regional farmers and food producers. They continuously work to make sure their customers always receive a top-notch product.

12. YourGrocer

15 Best Supermarkets in Australia

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To give you an idea of the top-notch services and high-quality products this grocery store offers, here’s what YourGrocer’s customers had to say about them.

“Since we have been using them for five years, we cannot speak highly enough about them. The variety and attention of delivery personnel are astounding.”

“Ordering goods online to be delivered to a sick friend on another continent is more difficult than you might have anticipated. YourGrocer was the only grocery store I could discover that offered same-day delivery on the goods I needed, and they outdid themselves in terms of customer care.”

13. NQR Grocery Clearance Store

NQR is a discount grocery store with Australian ownership that provides discounts of up to 80% off RRP. They carry popular brands at discount pricing to help you cut your weekly food spend!

The Prospect store has excellent merchandise, well-known brands, and helpful employees. Five stars for their customer service. 

They have amazing deals, enough competent employees to assist when needed, and it is clean, airy, and well-organized. Although some things have a short “best before” date, consuming items before those dates is simple if you only purchase what you need.

There is a great selection of snacks, dairy, crafts, beer, wine, spirits, and, my favourite, ice cream. There’s something for everyone!

Here’s what a customer had to say about NQR:

“Unexpectedly for a bargain store, there is a huge variety of things offered, along with several reputable, well-known brands. 

Shopping there makes me happy and helps my extremely tight budget, too. Seniors are respected and occasionally given a discount at the register. I now look forward to my weekly grocery run because of them.”

14. Supabarn

The family-owned grocery company Supabarn is headquartered in Canberra and has locations throughout New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. It has been in business since 1991.

All Australians who live nearby a Supabarn prefer it over other grocery stores.  The store is well-organized and offers a wide variety of products, and the way it looks and its cleanliness appeal to most Australians.  

Additionally, shoppers can contact the staff members, including the manager, numerous times for assistance, and they will always be very accommodating.

They have an excellent selection of fruits and vegetables Innovative bakery with quality bread options.

15. GroceryRun

GroceryRun has your favourite grocery store brands at unbelievable rates. They have everything from packaged foods to candies and snacks to the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry supplies to vitamins, pet food, and alcohol. 

Customers can visit their website any day of the week to find top-quality groceries for up to 80% less than they would pay at other grocery stores.

Grocery Run has high-quality products and excellent customer service. Their products are always delivered quickly and in great shape, and customers get to save money too. 

The service is outstanding, especially for Australians who need to shop fast and affordably. The product selection is also very broad. 

Their healthy and gluten-free selection is fantastic. Grocery Run makes online shopping a delight, not just a convenience.

Which of Australia’s Top Grocery Stores Is Best for You?

In Australia, supermarkets always strive to outperform their rivals. However, the ones highlighted above frequently rank in the top 10. Instead of sticking with one retailer, you should mix things around.

You could visit IGA for regional products,  Costco for bulk purchases, Coles or Woolies for daily necessities, and Harris Market for fruits and veggies.


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