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11 Cheaper Alternatives to Australia Post

11 Cheaper Alternatives to Australia Post

This article is ideal for anyone who has an online store or needs to mail something for less money.

11 Cheaper Alternatives to Australia Post

It aims to assist you in locating less expensive shipping options than Australia Post so that your cargo is delivered quickly and safely.

List of Australian Postal Services That Are Less Expensive Than Australia Post

During the epidemic, more people are opting to support neighbourhood businesses. Many Australians are seeking alternate posting providers and have resorted to Australia Post rivals due to the recent late deliveries from Australia Post.

Reputable Australian postal providers that provide parts of their services for lower service charges include:

Every posting service has a unique set of rules and values. Let’s examine the specifics to discover how they came to be rivals with Australia Post.

1. Aramex

11 Cheaper Alternatives to Australia Post

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With more than 900 partners and 29 local franchisees, Aramex — formerly known as Fastway couriers — offers domestic and international mail services. Their satchels are created from 80% recycled materials, making them ecologically beneficial.

The sender has three delivery service options: Authority to Signature, Standard, or Leave.

Delivery: typically takes 2-4 business days; for more specific information on delivery times between areas, check the table.

Weight limitation: up to 25 kg or 40 kg in cubic weight

Limitation on size: 2 meters is the maximum length

2. WizMe

Quick and secure delivery is a top focus for WizMe, a flat-rate mailing postal service.

They will assist you with every aspect of running your online store, from developing and purchasing shipping labels to scheduling a courier pickup. Thank you for being so supportive; you will receive a complimentary Business Club membership, savings, and benefits.

Delivery takes 2 to 8 days to those other states and two or three days within a single state.

Weight restriction: 25 kg

3. ParcelConnect

11 Cheaper Alternatives to Australia Post

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ParcelConnect, a division of Fastway Couriers, said it could ship your package for the same fee as Australia Post, or $13.95. Contrary to Australia Post, this service offers door-to-door delivery and weekend and after-hours pick-up at drop-off locations.

If the receiver isn’t home when the package is delivered, they can have it re-delivered on a date that works for them or pick it up from the closest pickup location.

Rural and non-central locations have few, if any, collection points. After a week, depot packages are returned to the sender.

4. Interparcel

11 Cheaper Alternatives to Australia Post

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Interparcel is a middleman for packages sent between customers and delivery services, including UPS, DHL, Startrack, and FedEx.

Interparcel is comparable with Aussie Post and Sendle for lighter packages (1 kg and less). We discovered Interparcel to have the best pricing in the 20kg category.

Before picking up your package, you lodge packages online and generate labels and customs paperwork at home. A $10 fee for inaccurate weight, a $10 fee if you are away when the driver attempts to retrieve the box, and a $10 fee for a paper copy of the proof of delivery should all be avoided.

The quote from Interparcel may change based on the carrier and level of service you select.

To the door, although depending on the supplier, there can be a redelivery cost if the receiver isn’t there to accept.

If a signature is required for delivery, coverage for damage and loss is also included and is up to $100 in value. If you want more coverage, you may purchase it for up to $2000.

5. Sendle

11 Cheaper Alternatives to Australia Post

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The carrier and level of service you choose will affect the Interparcel quotation.

Depending on the source, there may be a redelivery fee at the door if the recipient refuses to accept.

If a signature is necessary for delivery, covering for loss and damage is also provided and is worth up to $100. You may spend up to $2000 on it to get extra coverage.

6. Skippy Post

Skippy Post has informed its customers that all new shipping has been halted until further notice due to the pandemic’s continuing effects on global air traffic and freight cargo capacity. However, we initially included Skippy Post in our comparisons of international shipping prices. However, according to the company’s website, it plans to resume opening new routes to particular nations.

7. Couriers, Please

11 Cheaper Alternatives to Australia Post

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Couriers Please send packages both domestically and abroad. They provide various tools to enhance your interaction with them, including Easytone, Coupon Calculator, Ezytool, tracking, Ezytool, and Ezyfreight.

You may pick up or mail your package at the station with their cutting-edge POPStations.

Weight restriction: 40 kg cubic capacity or up to 25 kg.

Maximum size is 1.8 meters.

8. E-Go  

At $13.75, e-go.com.au barely undercuts Australia Post’s, but it provides door-to-door, overnight delivery.

Recurring customers earn considerable savings, as do senders and recipients who drop off or pick up at a depot.

There are only 100 depots nationally, a small number relative to other services. Still, if the recipient needs to attend the postman the first time, they may choose to have their package redelivered on a convenient day.

A significant time frame of 28 days allows you to retain a package at a depot for no charge before sending it back to the sender.

9. Toll

If you need something moved, from a small item like a letter to an oversized item like a car, pallet, or truckload, you should contact Toll Group. They even offer the option of transporting your pets or animals in Australia and Asia.

Toll shipping durations range from 2–6 days for their cheap shipment to 1-2 days for Fast service delivery.

What days of the week does Toll deliver? Yes, if you choose their top-notch service, you may get your packages delivered on the weekends, holidays, or after business hours.

10. Pack and Send

11 Cheaper Alternatives to Australia Post

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Pack and Send strives to maintain client satisfaction while considering delivery deadlines and spending limits.

Shipping domestically and internationally is one of their offerings, along with several eCommerce solution technologies.

Delivery takes, on average, 5-7 business days; air freight might take 2–5 days, and sea freight can take months, depending on the location.

Weight restriction: 30 kg or less

11. Officeworks Mailman

11 Cheaper Alternatives to Australia Post

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Fastway Couriers handles parcel delivery for the well-known office supply corporation. Fastway is more expensive, but you must physically deliver the product to an Officeworks location.

Officeworks gave us a price of $12 and 2 – 3 working days for the delivery from Melbourne to Sydney.

Except in rural or distant regions, packages are kept in a vault at the user’s nearest Officeworks if they are not delivered. They will be returned to the sender if the receiver cannot be reached.

Australian Postal Service Cost Comparison

Let’s now examine the costs of Australia Post’s rivals in the market for posting services. Look into what could be most effective for you and your selected web market.

Let’s consider sending a letter and a 10-kg box from Melbourne to Sydney to evaluate shipping prices.

We utilised a letter with dimensions of 22x30x1cm and a maximum weight of 1kg and a box with dimensions of 30x20x15cm and a maximum weight of 10kg.

Bottom Line

11 Cheaper Alternatives to Australia Post

With all of this knowledge, we can state with certainty that there are less expensive alternatives to Australia Post that are worthwhile of consideration.

Finding the best alternative for your goods is simple now that you have a list of Australia Post’s rivals.


1. Is an Australia Post Substitute?

Yes, there are alternatives to posting in Australia. These alternatives include WizMe, Aramex, Aussie Mailman, Sendle, Couriers Please, and Pack and Send, just a few of the less expensive and more dependable delivery providers available compared to Australia Post.

2. What Are the Cheapest Ways to Send Packages in Australia?

The cheapest way to send a package in Australia is by using the Australian postal services. It is also the most straightforward way to mail an item inside the country of Australia. A table that compares shipping costs in Australia may be found in our Cheaper alternatives to Australia Post guide.

3. Who owns Sendle Australia?

James Chin Moody is Sendle’s Australian owner. Sendle creates shipping that benefits the entire planet. We are the first 100% zero carbon shipping service in Aussie and the US, and we support small businesses by making package delivery easy, dependable, and reasonable.

4. How Long Does Australian Standard Shipping Take?

11 Cheaper Alternatives to Australia Post

Standard shipping times range from four to six business days; however, deliveries might happen the following day if the recipient’s location is close to the packing office. 17 Mar 2021

5. Is Sendle better than Auspost?

Australia’s primary postal delivery service is Australia Post, which has a reputation for being more dependable. Since they only utilise their delivery drivers, it’s typically simpler to trace lost items. Although they do cost more than Sendle, some clients choose to utilise them for their added peace of mind.

6. Who Does Sendle Use In Australia?

11 Cheaper Alternatives to Australia Post

Sendle now integrates seamlessly with our store using Fastway and Couriers Please. Despite not having the scope and range of AusPost, Sendle claims to cover over 90% of Australian locations and is expanding.


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