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How to buy Wink in Australia in 2021

Before we start on how to buy Wink in Australia, you’ll want to follow the same process as investing in any other digital asset.

As you’d expect, you can’t find cryptocurrencies on general exchanges, so you’ll need to find a cryptocurrency exchange that you like (we’ve chosen a good one below) and move to deposit AUD into your account for investment.

Once you deposit funds to your currency exchange you’ll be able to begin investing in Wink, along with other coins and even fiat currency depending on the exchange you’ve chosen.

In this article, we’ve chosen a crypto exchange that is ultra-simple and fast becoming a fan favourite across the globe; Swyftx. We’ll be taking a look at how to buy Wink with this exchange.

That said, continue reading for some more information on choosing a trading platform and how to trade Wink.

Getting Started with Swyftx

For all traders, beginner and expert, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard about Swyftx and all of its great features. It is one of the best trading platforms in Australia for cryptocurrency and pairs a great suite of trading tools with low fees and a buy/sell experience that’s far smoother than most other platforms. It is one of the best places to buy Wink in Australia in 2021.

There are all of the top payment providers and methods included here, except credit cards and debit cards.

In all, Swyftx is the ultimate cryptocurrency trading platform to get started with.


More about Wink Coin:

Wink is a decentralised platform that is focused on gaming, betting and casino.

Wink Coin has three key uses.

Wink is based on the Tron main net and supports various coins such as TRX, Dice and BTT.

Wink holders also receive benefits such as discounts and staking rights.

The wink team sets to host experiences such as exclusive meetings and VIP gaming events.