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How to Buy Metaverse Cryptocurrency Coins in Australia

The CoinSpot Metaverse Bundle is the most basic and safest option for investing in the Metaverse. This bundle provides balanced exposure to the leading metaverse cryptos among all Layer 1 blockchain systems.

How to Buy Metaverse Cryptocurrency Coins in Australia

If you want to invest in the Ethereum-based Metaverse, CoinSpot is the best platform. Users can purchase the Metaverse Bundle, which includes the main Metaverse crypto assets, such as Gala (GALA), Axie Infinity (AXS), and Decentraland (MANA).

CoinSpot provides instant and free deposit services to those using Pay ID, Poli, or direct deposits from bank accounts. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to get started on CoinSpot:

  1. Sign up for a CoinSpot account.
  2. Make your first Australian Dollar (AUD) deposit.
  3. Go to the “Bundles” page.
  4. Pick the “Metaverse Bundle”.
  5. Add the amount of cash you want to invest.

What is the CoinSpot Metaverse Bundle?

The Metaverse bundle features 11 of the top Metaverse digital currencies available on the market. CoinSpot bundles are similar to exchange-traded funds. The assets are evenly distributed, resulting in a balanced and comprehensive exposure to this field. This is an excellent method of investing and getting updates on this constantly growing sector trend.

How to Purchase Metaverse Stocks in 2022

The eToro platform offers all Aussies the opportunity to buy cryptocurrency and Metaverse stocks. This site provides Metaverse cryptos and favourite stocks, including Meta (initially Facebook), Metaverse ETP, and Roblox. 


Their exchange, like CoinSpot, allows customers to deposit AUD safely and with low costs.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse refers to digitally native currencies protected by decentralised systems like Ethereum. Non-Fungible Tokens and crypto tokens are the most common examples of these digital assets.


Gaming assets, audio files, online wearables, movies, legal agreements, art, and others can all be deemed NFTs. Hence, they belong under the scope of the Metaverse.



How to Stake ADA on CoinSpot

Do you need to know how you can stake ADA on Coinspot? Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.  Unfortunately, the answer to this question is NO. Cardano ADA

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