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How to buy Ethereum with commsec?

Ethereum Commsec

The recommended way to buy Ethereum in Australia is: Swyftx

Average: 4.7/5

The reasons we like Swyftx:

Also recommended for buying Ethereum – Independent Reserve 

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a open source and decentralised cryptocurrency with smart contract functionality.

Ethereum is the native cryptocurrency of the platform.

ETH is the 2nd largest cryptocurrency by market cap, after BTC. Ether is the most actively used blockchain and in the community.

Buying Ethereum in Australia with Commonwealth Bank through Swyftx

Here are the simple steps to buying Bitcoin with Swyftx. The process should take no longer than a few minutes, and it will only take up to a day to process your verification request, though this can typically happen instantly.

  1. Create and Register an Account with Swyftx.com.au
  2. Set up 2FA or your Two-factor Authentication
  3. Verify All of Your Personal (or Business) Details with Swyftx
  4. Deposit an AUD Amount into Your Swyftx Account with CommBank
  5. Navigate to the Trade Page
  6. Choose ethereum
  7. Choose Your AUD Amount to Buy ethereum
  8. Confirm Your Order and Commit to Buy ethereum

With those simple steps you’ll be on your way to buying Ethereum through Commonwealth Bank in the safest and most straightforward way possible.


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