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How To Buy Bitcoin Gold Australia

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How To Buy Bitcoin Gold Australia

How To Buy Bitcoin Gold Australia

Buying Bitcoin Gold is an easy process for people based in Australia. You just have to find an online governed exchange with reasonable fees, deposit money and buy the amount you want.

The recommended way to buy bitcoin gold in Australia is: Swyftx

Before getting into the crypto market, you must research to obtain information and skills for sound financial decisions. Bitcoin Gold is one the most popular crypto in the market and has achieved a lot in devolved finance.

Bitcoin Gold’s contributions can be attributed to its use of the blockchain network. Ethereum and Bitcoin are two tokens that are actively competing against or with Bitcoin Gold.

What’s Bitcoin Gold?

How To Buy Bitcoin Gold Australia

BTG (Bitcoin Gold) asset was established in 2017 upon a fork on the Bitcoin protocol. This project aimed to modify the original SHA256 cryptographic hash algorithm by creating a democratised system and decentralised Bitcoin mining process.

The BTG protocol puts both mining-specific hardware and standard computer hardware on a level playing field to complete network affirmations. Create a free Swyftx trading account to buy Bitcoin Gold in minutes.

A Quick Step By Step Guide on How to Buy Bitcoin

How To Buy Bitcoin Gold Australia

To easily buy Bitcoin Gold, search for an exchange that accepts both fiat and cryptocurrency.

  • Create a crypto account that accepts BTG. 

Check out these options and remember that most exchanges require an email address, phone number and verify your ID.

  • Recharge your account.
    Deposit money with a bank transfer, credit or debit card or deposit cryptocurrency from a crypto wallet to purchase Bitcoin Gold.
  • Purchase Bitcoin Gold.
    Purchase Bitcoin Gold before finding the best wallet to store BTG.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bitcoin Gold

Purchasing cryptocurrency is risky. However, there are some safety measures you can take to help minimise the risks:

  • Don’t FOMO buy coins: Research a coin before investing, especially if the coin’s value is seemingly peaking for no apparent reason.
  • Trade with popular exchanges: If you’re an experienced crypto trader, stick to well-known crypto exchanges to avoid scams. If possible, keep your cryptocurrency in a hardware wallet rather than on an exchange.
  • Find out the coin founders and developers: Unknown teams are usually a red flag; therefore, consider investing in another exchange if there’s no information about the creator.

Where Should I Buy Bitcoin Gold in Australia?

How To Buy Bitcoin Gold Australia

1. Swyftx—Best for DOGE Purchase 

Swyftx is an Australian based leading cryptocurrency platform established in 2019 with over 250 000 registered users. It has gained popularity and features over 280 cryptocurrency projects—straightforward and transparent for beginners, foreigners and experienced users to operate. 

The idea behind starting Swyftx was to do away with the constant frustrations on the already existing crypto exchange platforms, such as deception, hyperinflation, among others. Today, Swyftx has grown into a reputable crypto trading platform trusted by many Aussies and crypto enthusiasts globally. 

The primary reason you should use Swyftx is it allows users to purchase Bitcoin or other crypto assets using AUD or USD. Swyftx offers several options for transferring funds. 

Customers can deposit up to $50,000 worth of AUD once through an Australian bank account using a bank transfer, OSKO, POLi payment, and PayID. Depositing and withdrawing AUD to a bank account is entirely free. Swyftx recently accepted debit and credit cards to purchase crypto.

How To Buy Bitcoin Gold Australia

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  • It is a credible Australian exchange that’s AUSTRAC regulated.
  • It offers low trading fees starting at 0.6 percent.
  • Offers over 250 various cryptocurrencies
  • Buying cryptocurrency requires instant verification 
  • Onboarding SMSF is easy


  • Depositing with a Credit Card is 2%.
  • Only instant purchasing

2. CoinSpot—The Most Straightforward to Use  

Coinspot is a cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Melbourne, Australia, safe and secure for trading cryptos. Users can easily buy, sell and trade Bitcoin instantly or trade the open market to speculate and earn potential profits. 

Coinspot is a trustworthy company that’s licensed under Casey Block Services, trading as CoinSpot. Australia’s highest controlled financial sector governs the exchange to protect investors’ money. 

In Australia, CoinSpot supports over 200 crypto exchanges like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, NEO, EOS, Stellar Lumens, Tron etc. It also supports known  DeFi tokens on its platforms such as Compound, Uniswap, Aave, Yearn Finance and Sushi. Australians interested in buying meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shibu Inu have also been listed.

How To Buy Bitcoin Gold Australia

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  • It supports direct payments with the Australian Bank Account with the POLi payment system.
  • It’s the only Australian cryptocurrency exchange that lets users buy high amounts of currency coins with AUD.
  • Chargers zero fees for checkouts.
  • Users who register for their affiliate program can earn up to 25% if they bring a new user on board. 


  • Charges (between 2-3%) which is wrong for anything above $1000+
  • Only accepts Bitcoin deposits. You can’t sell other coins here.
  • It has got a very basic interface, which could be vulnerable to attacks 
  • It has no insurance—Not recommended for storing coins for long.

3. Digital Surge—Best for Ease of Use  

Digital Surge is a crypto trading platform that offers users a unique and fast way to buy and sell various crypto in Australia. This crypto exchange emphasises simplicity and makes cryptocurrency investing even more fun. 

Besides a simple user interface, Digital Surge also boasts of a team committed to serving its customers, thus have earned loyalty. This team has always taken part in community events to create more awareness about the crypto industry. 

Digital Surge has also risen in popularity because of the lower buying and selling fees of 0.5%. Compared to other crypto exchange giants, such as Coinspot, BTC markets, among others. 

Digital Surge emerges as the exchange platform with lower fees compared. Users can reduce the 0.5% fee to 0.1% for every transaction exceeding $1million in 30 days. The best of all is that Digital Surge spreads 0.4% for every transaction in over 270 supported coins. 

Overall, Digital Surge is the best value for money if you’re looking forward to investing your money into cryptocurrency.

How To Buy Bitcoin Gold Australia


  • It’s got a simple user interface, making it ideal for beginner crypto investors. 
  • The crypto exchange platform offers one of the lowest fees 
  • The sign-up process is pretty fast and doesn’t include complex steps 
  • Users will get various notifications, including recurring purchases, price notifications, among others
  • Customers will get a 24/7 customer support service 


  • For fiat deposits, users will have to rely on the Australian Dollars  
  • You can’t use credit cards to fund your account
  • You only have the BTC-AUD and ETH-AUD options 

4. Independent Reserve—Best for Excellent Customer Support  

If you’re looking for a crypto exchange platform where you can buy and sell over 26 digital currencies, Independent Reserve is your best option. This exchange platform was founded in 2013 and has expanded to service other countries, such as New Zealand, Singapore, among other countries. 

Since its inception, Digital Surge has risen to a reputable crypto exchange platform, boasting over 200,000 users and over 8,000 SMSF accounts. Users can obtain various digital currencies using Australian, New Zealand, United States, and Singaporean Dollars. 

Digital Surge is a licensed crypto exchange platform in various countries, including Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. In other words, users can deposit fiat currencies into their accounts and use them for trading on the platform. You can toggle each currency so that you have the flexibility to choose what currency best suits you. Besides, you can deposit funds using various deposit methods, such as SWIFT for Singapore and US Dollars.

How To Buy Bitcoin Gold Australia


  • Digital Surge is a fully compliant crypto exchange and licensed by AUSTRAC 
  • The exchange has earned the loyalty and now boasts over 200,000 customers 
  • It features a 0.5% trading fee, and the charges go down with higher volumes 
  • Straightforward interface
  • Customers get 24/7 live chat customer support 


  • Charting is a bit outdated, according to some users 
  • There are no mobile trading apps 

5. Binance—Best When Trading Volume and Liquidity 

Binance is the best crypto exchange platform you should prioritise if you want to trade liquidity and volume. Like other crypto platforms, Binance has a simple user interface, making it an excellent choice for beginners just getting started with crypto. 

Many crypto pairs users can choose from many other innovative features and products customers can take advantage of. This crypto exchange platform is spread across various countries and features the most trading assets compared to other exchange platforms. 

Creating an account on Binance is free, as well as maintaining a Binance wallet. However, you need to note that you’ll incur some fees when using your Binance account. For example, you’ll incur some costs when depositing some funds, buying and selling various assets, among others. 

Binance is available globally, so it doesn’t lock out any crypto enthusiast who’d want to trade digital currencies on the platform. The platform also provides various ways users can fund their accounts, with support for many fiat currencies. Whether you’d want to fund your Binance account using credit or debit cards, bank transfers or even wire transfers, Binance will allow you to use what’s suitable for you.

How To Buy Bitcoin Gold Australia


  • Lower buy fees 
  • You can choose from various coins 
  • There are lots of other services  
  • Users can choose from over 50 cryptocurrencies 


  • Binance features fewer crypto-to-crypto pairs
  • Binance is not available in the US 

How Should I Sell Bitcoin Gold?

How To Buy Bitcoin Gold Australia

Convert your Bitcoin Gold with the same cryptocurrency platform you bought it:

  • Log in to the platform you have Bitcoin Gold on.
    Compare cryptocurrency exchanges to trade on if you have BTG  in a digital wallet.
  • Enter the sell order.
    Pick the number of BTG you want to sell.
  • Complete transaction.
    Verify the selling price, charges, and complete your sale of BTG.

Buy Bitcoin Gold With Swyftx

How To Buy Bitcoin Gold Australia

Swyftx is the best Australian cryptocurrency exchange with an intuitive and straightforward interface that’s perfect for both new users and intermediate investors.

Overall, Swyftx is the best choice due to its support for deposit features, competitive trading fees of 0.6% per trade, a world-class mobile app, and highly responsive 24/7 customer service.


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