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Flooz Trade Is the Perfect Pancake Swap Alternative

The best substitute for Pancake Swap is Flooz.Trade. The Flooze.Trade platform offers referrals, token exchange, multichain swap, and Buzz social features. This article is a comprehensive Flooz.Trade review.  

Pancake Swap is a decentralised trading platform developed under Binance Smart Chain. This means the services offered on the platform are limited to tokens created using the Binance blockchain. The platform offers services like monetisation processes such as staking tokens and token to token transactions. 

Although Pancake Swap offers safe, cheap, and fast transactions on the Binance Smart Blockchain site, it lacks multiple blockchain support. Hence, users are being pushed to find better alternatives.

Fortunately, Flooz.Trade is a close alternative and has better functionality. There’s no need to update slippage or adjust gas, as transactions are automated—everything on the Flooz.Trade site is smooth and transparent. 

Flooz.Trade has a slider named Pwew that allows you to set the site speed to your preference. After each transaction, users receive a ticket with all the relevant details and stats about the investment. Users can then share this information instantly if they wish. 

The verified trades have a tiny badge so clients can quickly know they’re trading the correct token and access the official BSC token right from its transaction ticket. This makes the Flooz.Trade site is simpler to use in a single exchange. 

The platform also launched a multichain feature that allows users to buy ETH using Google Pay or Apple Pay and buy tokens immediately. With this feature, users can exchange tokens across the chain. The token to token feature allows users to exchange slow-performing tokens easily — something they can’t do on Pancake Swap. 

The BUZZ or social trading feature is the platform’s icing on the cake. Social trading allows users to follow successful traders. Additionally, if you exchange a token, you can comment on it and share your experience with other users. BUZZ lets traders Downvote/Upvote their favourite trades/tokens. It also has a feature that assists users to track their balance, trade history, and the capability to hide undesirable dust tokens. All these attributes facilitate trade transparency. 

Lastly, the platform has a simple referral structure that lets users earn extra money. Refer a friend to trade on the platform, and you’ll get a bonus for each trade made using your referral link. 



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