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Digital Surge Vs Independent Reserve

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Digital Surge Vs Independent Reserve

The digital currency trading industry is growing fast and broadening its scope. And in cryptocurrency trading, there is a future trading option where users can speculate on the future digital currency prices. 

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Australia offer their users the kitchen sink to identify features that their competitors do not have. 

Digital Surge vs Independent Reserve: An Overview 

Digital Surge 

Digital Surge Vs Independent Reserve

Digital surge is a cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Brisbane whose mission is to enable digital currency in everyday life. The platform is characterised by a user interface that is easy to use and understand. 

You can use bank transfer to store funds in your account and use OSKO, POLi payments, and PayID. 

Traders can make deposits only in AUD. There are over 200 digital currencies that users can trade on the platform. 

On Digital Surge, accounts and deposits are usually verified instantly. Therefore,  new users can begin trading crypto within minutes. You can pay bills with Bitcoin on the platform. 

Digital Surge also comes with a digital wallet.

Independent Reserve

Digital Surge Vs Independent Reserve

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Independent Reserve is a digital exchange platform based in Australia, boasting hundreds of thousands of users. 

Members can trade most of the common digital currencies at fees that are competitive against the market. The overall trading experience is enhanced with analysis and TradingView charts. 

With over 200,000 users, the Independent Reserve is one of the best and most trusted exchange platforms in New Zealand and Australia.

AUD is the main fiat currency on the platform. Therefore, most of its digital currency pairs are calculated in AUD. However, users can still view all the digital currency pairs in SGD, NZD and USD. 

The platform is not ideal for new users who do not have basic knowledge of crypto trading. 

Seasoned traders will have no issue navigating and trading on the platform. However, the platform does not have many sophisticated digital currency exchange instruments. 

Digital Surge vs Independent Reserve: Pros and Cons

Digital Surge Pros Digital Surge Cons 
  • It is ideal for new users as it has an interface that is straightforward and intuitive.
  • Have a clearly defined fee structure, and the fees are low.
  • Creating an account and investing takes a few minutes.
  • You have access to repeat purchases, trigger orders and price notifications.
  • Responsive customer care support that users can access through email or live chat.
  • Have a wide range of coins you can trade with, including altcoins.
  • Fiat deposits can only be made using AUD. 
  • You cannot fund an account using credit cards.
  • Only ETH-AUD and BTC-AUD spot markets are available.
  • For trades of $250,000 and above, OTC trading is available on request.


Independent Reserve Pros Independent Reserve Cons 
  • It has high levels of transparency, making it highly trusted.
  • You can store your assets safely on cold storage wallets.
  • Filing your tax returns is easy since it has an inbuilt tax calculator.
  • You can invest in digital currency for your retirement by setting up your SMSF. 
  • Compared to other exchange platforms, it has a limited number of digital currencies.
  • Trading fees on Independent Reserve are high compared to other exchange platforms. 

Digital Surge vs Independent Reserve: Security 

Digital Surge 

Digital Surge Vs Independent Reserve

Security is a concern for most users on cryptocurrency trading platforms. Users want to be assured that their digital assets are held on a secure platform. Digital Surge has put in place various measures to ensure that your assets are safe. 

Most user assets are stored in offline storage, which is secure to protect them from hacking. The platform also has a multi-layered security system that is updated regularly. 

Making deposits and withdrawals is instant and safe as it requires two-factor authentication. Since it was established, there have been no reports of theft or hacks on the platform. 

Further, the platform is registered and regulated by AUSTRAC and ASIC. 

Independent Reserve 

Digital Surge Vs Independent Reserve

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Independent Reserve has partnered with the Airmarshal security platform to enhance security. Airmarshal platform is tasked with ensuring that the trading system is secure. Before you trade, you are required by law to confirm your ID.  

Once your details undergo verification, you can begin trading on the platform. Anonymous trading on the platform is not allowed. This is meant to improve transparency and security. However, this might turn away users who want complete anonymity when trading.

Apart from cold storage, data and wallet encryption, the platform also has two-factor authentication. The possibility of data loss is minimised, and personal information security is enhanced since the Independent Reserve utilises two separate data centres.  

Digital Surge vs Independent Reserve: Fees 

Digital Surge

Digital Surge Vs Independent Reserve

Digital surge is straightforward with its charges, and they have a clearly outlined fee structure that is fair. Unlike other exchange platforms, the platform does not have any hidden fees. 

Some exchange platforms claim they have zero fees or low fees but inflate their spreads which means you trade at a lower rate. 

Other platforms may have additional charges such as conversion fees, deposit/withdrawal charges and trading fees which they fail to mention beforehand.

The fee structure of Digital Surge is as follows:

  • Instant Buy and Sell: the platform charges a 0.5% fee for instant buy and sell.
  • Trading fees. The platform charges trading fees based on a rolling over 30 day period. High trade volumes attract lower costs. The trade fees are usually calculated on an hourly basis. The highest you can be charged is 0.5%.
  • Withdrawal fees: Any withdrawals you make in AUD are not charged. A standard fee transaction charge is applied any time you send coins to an external wallet. The fees applied for a coin depends on how busy the network is. The costs to be applied are usually displayed when you make withdrawals.
  • Deposit fees: Deposits made using PayID or cryptocurrency do not incur any charges. If you make any deposits using POLi, the fees range from $2 – $3.30.

Independent Reserve

Digital Surge Vs Independent Reserve 4

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Independent Reserve uses a flat fee model. Takers and makers are usually charged the same on the platform. The platform’s trading fee is 0.5%. This trading fee model is ideal for those who prefer to pick up existing orders from the book. 

Many trade exchange platforms offer incentives for people to trade high volumes. On most exchange platforms, the trade rates are usually lower for those who trade high volumes. The Independent Reserve also offers low rates for those who trade high volumes. 

Withdrawing BTC on the platform attracts a withdrawal fee of 0.0003BTC. This charge is significantly lower than the industry average worldwide. 

The global industry average is 0.000812 BTC. This means that the Independent reserve platform charges 40% less than the industry average, making it very competitive. 

Digital Surge vs Independent Reserve: Ease of Use 

Digital Surge

Digital Surge Vs Independent Reserve

Digital Surge’s user interface is straightforward. The dashboard fits perfectly with the theme as it provides extensive details for smooth trading. Clients can survey the whole portfolio laid out on the screen with prices, top gainer’s performance and rates.

You can get a detailed review, high/low volume, and live chat of any coin you tap on. It satisfies its purpose seamlessly, enabling beginner traders to finish transactions without any struggle.  

Independent Reserve

Digital Surge Vs Independent Reserve

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For you to start trading in the Independent Reserve platform, you must first deposit funds. Proceed as follows:

  1. Visit the official website, click on Accounts, select deposit, and choose the fiat currency or the cryptocurrency you want to deposit. 
  2. You will receive the suitable crypto address for depositing cryptocurrencies, or you will be required to select a payment method for depositing fiat.
  3. You can start trading once you have deposited funds in your account. To begin, click Trade, then select the cryptocurrency you want to buy and sell crypto.

Digital Surge vs Independent Reserve: Account Creation  

Digital Surge

Digital Surge Vs Independent Reserve

The creation account process is an essential part of Digital Surge because it facilitates trades and earning. 

If you also complete the instant account verification process, you get enhanced perks.

Below is a step-by-step guide to open and verify a Digital Surge account:

  1. Visit the Digital Surge official website.
  2. Select the “Get Started” option.
  3. You can use Facebook for social login or create a new account.
  4. Fill in your email address and password.
  5. Submit the affiliate code.
  6. Go through the terms and conditions.
  7. Click on “create your account”.
  8. After the loading screen ends, you will receive an email with a verification code from the Australian crypto exchange.
  9. Confirm your email to complete the process


  1. Select the “Verify Your Account” option after verifying the email address.
  2. Read the on-screen instructions.
  3. Make sure to avail your identification document (could be a Driver License or national identification card) near 
  4. Allow camera access to the website for face recognition check.
  5. The platform will assess the request upon submission of the documents.
  6. You’ll receive an email at the end of the verification process.

Independent Reserve

Digital Surge Vs Independent Reserve

Independent Reserve is a user-friendly trading platform with a quick account creation process. Follow the steps below to create an Independent Reserve account. Australian traders can only use electronic fund transfer(ETF):

Create an account: You have to register yourself before you access the perks of this trading platform. Go to the Independent Reserve official website, select “create an account, “ and enter your username and password.

Fill in Personal Details: After opening an account, the platform will direct you to enter your details and verify your email address.

Get Verified: the final step is the verification process.
You should upload identification documents that are in agreement with the personal details filled in the second step. The verification step is automatic in Australia.
Once verified, you can access your Independent Reserve account and start trading. 

Digital Surge vs Independent Reserve: Supported Currencies 

Digital Surge

The crypto exchange enables users to purchase Bitcoin and more than 200 tokens. 

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • EOS (EOS)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)  
  • Theta (THETA)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Algorand (ALGO)
  • Tezos (XTZ)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM)
  • NEO

Unfortunately, the trading platform is only supported in Australia.

Independent Reserve

Digital Surge Vs Independent Reserve

The fiat currencies supported by Independent Reserve are:

  • NZD – New Zealand dollar
  • SGD – Singapore dollar
  • AUD – Australian dollar
  • USD – American dollar

The cryptocurrencies supported by Independent Reserve are:

  • BTC – Bitcoin 
  • XRP – Ripple 
  • BCH – Bitcoin Cash
  • LTC – Litecoin 
  • ETH – Ethereum
  • USDT – Tether 
  • ZRX – 0x
  • BAT – Basic Attention Token
  • ETC – Ethereum Classic 
  • OMG – OMG Network
  • XLM – Stellar Lumens

Digital Surge vs Independent Reserve: Customer Support 

Digital Surge

Digital Surge crypto exchange has a highly responsive customised client support team. Customers can reach Digital Surge agents via live chat or email for any issue. Unfortunately has a Bitcoin PayWizard, an excellent addition that provides information about trading and getting started. 

Additionally, it has a frequently asked questions section, thus reducing congestion on live support. 

Consequently, Digital Surge has garnered positive reviews and rates. Its score in both .io and TrustPilot is four stars out of 5.

Independent Reserve

The customer support at Independent Reserve offers comprehensive services with its help section. They respond to and resolve customers’ questions and issues instantly.

You can get in touch with the support team via email or support screen to get more assistance. 

Please note that you can only access the support team if you’re logged in—connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, subreddit forum and Twitter account. 

Seek independent advice from experts if you have any queries. 

Digital Surge vs Independent Reserve: Payment Methods 

Digital Surge

Digital Surge has limited modes of payment as it doesn’t allow credit card and debit card payment alternatives. It’s not compatible with e-wallets like cash investment and PayPal. The methods used to deposit funds in this platform are:

  • Cryptocurrency deposit
  • Fiat deposits via POLi payments and PayID.

Investing funds via fiat currencies is prompt instead of bank transfer which takes 1 to 2 days to process payments.

Independent Reserve

You can deposit funds in Independent Reserve through a number of methods. A wire transfer allows users to begin trading without holding any cryptocurrency in the accounts of retail investors. 

Moreover, it enables non-Australian clients to deposit funds into their performances at the exchange via SWIFT bank transfers.

To sum up:

  • The exchange doesn’t accept any credit card payment mode.
  • Australian traders can only use electronic fund transfer(ETF).
  • The maximum daily funds that can be deposited through PayID/OSKO is $20,000.
  • Investors outside Australia interested in depositing in USD or NZD like those in the US can transfer deposits via SWIFT. This process is the same with online banking save for the use of SWIFT codes.

Users should note that fees are applied depending on the amount you’re depositing and the payment method.


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