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Choosing the Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Australia

Over the past few years, Australia has become a global hub for online crypto-asset exchange websites, and because of this, it has become harder than ever to choose the best one for your cryptocurrency trading needs.

Depending on your trading experience and understanding of the crypto market some exchanges can be far better than others, and so doing your research and really looking into the best cryptocurrency exchange is integral to your success.

With that in mind, Extras have taken a look at the best crypto exchanges in Australia with the ultimate goal of giving you the best of the best! We looked at everything from ease of use, fees, user interface, customer support, and more to ensure you’re getting everything you need.

Take a look at our list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges below.


If you’re just here to get the best of the best and not too keen to read up on all of the best perks of our top exchanges, then take a look below.

Best Crypto Exchange Australia Winner



With more than 260 crypto assets to choose from, and a myriad of payment options supported, Swyftx takes out the top spot for us and is certainly the best all rounder for our readers.

  • Trading Fees: 0.5 percent
  • Assets: 260+
  • Deposit Options: POLi, PayID, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency, and Debit Card
  • Supported Currencies: AUD

Our Winner for On the Go


For our traders on the go, the Coinbase exchange is our winner for you. The service offers one of the most well-rounded mobile applications out there and that means getting in on the trading scene when away from your desk and on the go is simpler here than anywhere else.


  • Trading Fees: 0.5 percent to 3.99 percent
  • Assets: 40+
  • Deposit Options: Bank Transfer, Credit and Debit Card
  • Supported Currencies: AUD

Best Crypto Exchange For the Beginner



One of the more user-friendly interfaces out there, the CoinSpot exchange is our runner-up given how simple it is to use for the newbies. All of our readers new to trading, and looking for exchange beyond Swyftx will be in good hands with CoinSpot.


  • Trading Fees: 0.1 percent to 1 percent for Instant Buys
  • Assets: 290+
  • Deposit Options: Osko, Cash, PayID, BPAY, POLi, and Credit Card
  • Supported Currencies: AUD

The Best Crypto Exchange for the Experts


For those who are looking to get the most out of their exchange and are seasoned and skilled crypto traders, then Binance is looking to be the winner for you. A myriad of expert features makes a breeze out of trading with as much detail and market insight as possible.

  • Trading Fees: 0.1 per cent
  • Assets: 250+
  • Deposit Options: Credit and Debit Card, Crypto, PayID and Bank Transfer
  • Supported Currencies: AUD

The Tried and True Exchange


When it comes to the long-lasting exchanges that have been around for more than a long while, CoinJar is our winner here. If you’re looking for the tried and true exchanges that seemingly have always been around, then CoinJar is our top pick for you.

  • Trading Fees: 0 percent to 1 percent
  • Assets: 20+
  • Deposit Options: Bank Transfer, Credit and Debit Card, PayID, and Cash
  • Supported Currencies: AUD

Best Crytpo Exchange for Trader’s


For our day traders looking to get in on the action all day every day, then eToro and its added trading platform are your winners here. Not only does the service have a well-developed and well-integrated crypto exchange, but a stock brokerage too to keep all of your trading activities on one single service.

  • Trading Fees: Spread Fees
  • Assets: 20+
  • Deposit Options: PayPal and Debit Card
  • Supported Currencies: No AUD Support

Our Best Crypto Exchanges for Australia

With our mini list above out of the way, let’s take a deeper look into all of the best exchanges to choose from in Australia. We will let you know all you need to make the choice between one or the other and also highlight some of the best features for you, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Take a look at the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia.

Swyftx — Winner

  • Trading Fees: 0.5 per cent
  • Assets: 260+
  • Deposit Options: POLi, PayID, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency and Debit Card
  • Supported Currencies: AUD

Launched just a few years ago in 2019, the Swyftx exchange is relatively new when compared to its rivals, though this gives it a major advantage. From the very start, the service has been able to watch the market and determine which features are successful and which cause confusion and easily curate these to traders.

With that in mind, Swyftx has quickly become one of the biggest and highest-rated cryptocurrency trading platforms in Australia. With reviewers touting just how simple the service’s UI is and how easy it is to get started on the platform.

One thing to note is that Swyftx has taken care of a myriad of problems when compared to a range of other trading platforms which means issues such as deceptive fee structures, confusion, high spreads and even market manipulation are all mitigated on the service for Australian crypto traders.

Being a local exchange also means that Swyftx is certified and law-abiding when all Aussie laws are concerned. There is registration and regulation support by AUSTRAC here, and that means ID verification is required, though this is quite quick. Within just ten minutes or so you’re ready to trade.

There is a $20,000 daily trading cap coming into play here for verified accounts and this means that you’re getting the freedom to trade quite large each day.

Swyftx also boasts ultra-low trading fees, with any withdrawal over $200 being subject to no fees at all. There is support for AUD coming into play here too, which means you’re not having to deal with complicated exchange fees.

You will also find an excellent virtual demonstration account with a $20,000 virtual fund cap that you can use to practice and learn the ropes.

Coinbase — On the Go

  • Trading Fees: 0.5 percent to 3.99 percent
  • Assets: 40+
  • Deposit Options: Bank Transfer, Credit and Debit Card
  • Supported Currencies: AUD

When it comes to trading in the world of crypto you will already know that prices can jump and change in the blink of an eye. This means that keeping a close eye on pricing at all times is imperative to not missing a big trade.

With that in mind, for those looking to keep trading on the go, Coinbase might be your winner.

Launched back in 2014, Coinbase has many years in the game and offers up one of the best-developed apps out there today when it comes to reading the market and trading on the go, and this means never missing a trade.


The service is headquartered in San Francisco, however, there have been changes made to ensure all Australian regulations are met with complete compliance. This means that local Aussie traders can rely on the service to ensure there is no accidental rule-breaking coming into play here.

Our favorite part of Coinbase is just how seamless and simple the trading interface is. it’s been designed for the beginner trader, and this means there isn’t any complicated or overly-confusing spread information coming up.

There is however an excellent expert side of things too, which you can enable for advanced trading tools and information.

We’re also happy to say that Coinbase has not yet seen any sort of cyber breach either, and this means that when it comes to security and the safety of your coins you’re not going to have too much risk here.

You have access to the Coinbase mobile app on both iOS and Android as well as the company’s website for trading from a laptop or desktop computer too.

Coinspot — Locally Operated

  • Trading Fees: 0.1 percent to 1 percent for Instant Buys
  • Assets: 290+
  • Deposit Options: Osko, Cash, PayID, BPAY, POLi, and Credit Card
  • Supported Currencies: AUD

An exchanged based right here in Australia, and launched in 2013, is Coinspot.

The service is one of the longest-lasting out there today and the premise for the launch was to ensure Australians had a locally-based and simple service to make use of. This had meant that the Coinspot service had been developed from the ground up to offer simplicity and a means of trading that is carefully curated to ensure little confusion.

The Coinspot difference is in the fact it is linked directly into the Australian banking and financial system, and this means that you’re getting instant transfers, withdrawals, deposits, and more, with little wait even during peak times of the day.

There is registration and compliance with AUSTRAC as well as CTF and AML regulations too, which means you’re in the green when trading on the platform and not at risk of making any legal mistakes.

To add to the service’s already-outstanding feature offering, there is a built-in wallet, which means you’re going to have easy access to your tokens to make a quick trade, or to simply store them securely for a long period of time.

One potential downside here is the fact that there are somewhat copious amounts of ID needed to set up your account. However, this does fall in line with regulation. You’ll need to provide your residential address, an ID card, a passport-like image as well as a mobile number and more depending on your location.

Once you have your account set up and verified, you can then make use of the service. There is a $10,000 daily limit on BPAY transactions, and a $2,000 limit on bank transfers, however, there are no trading limits.

Binance — For Advanced Traders

  • Trading Fees: 0.1 percent
  • Assets: 250+
  • Deposit Options: Credit and Debit Card, Crypto, PayID, and Bank Transfer
  • Supported Currencies: AUD

There is a good chance you already know about Binance given that it is the world leader when it comes to popularity and trade volume, though unfortunately, this doesn’t make it the best of the best out there.

It is based in the United States, however, there is an Australian branch which makes sure that the service meets all local regulation and is compliant with AUSTRAC and other local laws when it comes to trading, storing and withdrawing funds from crypto assets.

When it comes to the services and features you will find on Binance, we’re happy to say that the service has been designed with both beginners and experts in mind. On Binance, you will find a tonne of simplified trading features, though for those investors who need a little extra there is also a wide range of expert features and data sets on offer.

You will find everything from leveraged trading features, margin trading, and futures here too, which means the professional traders out there aren’t losing all too much.

There is also support on the platform for a number of local fiat currencies too, which means more than USD and AUD come into play here, which is a rarity for many exchanges that have made their way onto the Aussie crypto trading scene.

We’re also glad to say that creating and verifying your account on the platform is relatively simple too, and you will only need to offer up a few points of ID such as your ID card, a phone number, and your email address and you’re all good to go.

The trading limits on the platform are also quite competitive here too, which will see you limited based on a progressive model that takes into account your account’s verification level and your trading market. Keep in mind that AUD accounts are limited to $5,000 when trading in local fiat currency.

One point to make a note of is that Binance was the victim of a hack back in 2019 which means there is a history of data breaches coming into play here, though we’re fairly confident in the service’s ability to rebuild and better encrypt their features from here on out.

To end, Binance also offers an excellent crypto asset, the BNB token and there is even a Binance Visa card which you are able to use at over 60 million businesses across the world.


  • Trading Fees: 0 percent to 1 percent
  • Assets: 20+
  • Deposit Options: Bank Transfer, Credit and Debit Card, PayID, and Cash
  • Supported Currencies: AUD

Another cryptocurrency exchange with many years under its belt is Coinjar, and this has since earned it more than 400,000 users across the globe.

We’re happy to say that for the beginner and the expert trader that Coinjar is a winner in our book at Extras, and that means that there is both a UI that is simple and easy to understand, but there is plenty of information and more complex trading features on offer for the experts out there.

A big point to make is that over $1.5 billion worth of assets has been trading on the platform since its inception, and this shows that the popularity of Coinjar is not to be doubted.

Added to the fantastic trading features, there is also top-notch security on the site that ensures encryption is taken to the highest level to protect user’s privacy and their crypto assets too, and because of this, you’re able to trade freely on the platform with little worry.

When it comes to the storage of funds and assets, more than 90 percent of all these funds are located offline and within hardware storage solutions which means you will see assets entirely secure and out of reach of hackers given that they’re stored off the web.

Another way in which Coinjar ensures security remains paramount is through audits of security and the Transport Layer Security which keeps movements of assets kept safe, as well as typical data encryption.

Fees are also quite low here, and you will see a flat 1 percent fee coming into play here for all instant trades. Though quite high, 1 percent is rather typical of instant-buy trades. The typical trading fees on the platform sit around 0 percent and 0.05 percent depending on the trade, and traders will see this fee deducted from their balance.

One final point we’d like to make is that although the service is designed to be simple to use for just about all traders, you might find it difficult to navigate if you’re a beginner. There is a little learning curve here, though it isn’t all too complicated.


  • Trading Fees: Spread Fees
  • Assets: 20+
  • Deposit Options: PayPal and Debit Card
  • Supported Currencies: No AUD Support

After flooding the world wide web with advertisements over the past few months, there’s a good chance you’ve come across eToro at least a few times when visiting YouTube or just about any other website. And with that, we’re happy to say that these ads aren’t over-advertising given that the service really is a fantastic cryptocurrency trading platform.

With a launch date way back in 2006, eToro has had plenty of time in the stock market with stocks and FCDs to get it right for cryptocurrency and we’re glad to say that they have. The eToro platform is one of the more intuitive and simplistic out there, and this means that beginners will have a ball here.

However, intermediate and expert traders will also feel right at home too, given that there are plenty of advanced trading options that can be toggled to offer up information that may be more important for some than others.

A perk that beats out almost all other trading platforms is the social trading solution, which gives you the option to connect with traders on the service and also share and essentially ‘copy’ trading strategies that are working for others. This means that if you’re just starting out, you’re going to be able to kick things off in the green if you’re following someone who is making some pretty good trades.

There are stop-loss features here too, which give you the chance to minimize losses if an asset’s value plummets.

When it comes to the fees on the service, you’re going to see these vary depending on what asset you’re working to trade, and this means you can see fees from 0.5 percent all the way to 4 percent here, so make sure to do your research with regards to trades.

Similar to other cryptocurrency platforms out there, eToro does offer a practice service where you’ll find $100,000 of virtual currency to play with and learn the ropes before making real trades.

What to Look for in an Exchange

When it comes to actually making the choice between one of the top exchanges on our list above the other, there are some key factors to keep in mind. One exchange may be the best of the best out there, though if it isn’t attuned to your trading style, then you’re going to be out of luck when it comes to actually making a profit.

There is nothing worse than being confused when it comes to trading, and not knowing where to look or what to do when you’re trading is one of the things you want to make absolutely certain doesn’t happen to you.

With these points in mind, we have a list of a few things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a cryptocurrency exchange.

The Supported Payment Methods

Off the top, you want to always make sure that the exchange you choose offers support for the way you like to move funds around. If you’re not able to make use of the payment methods you like, you might be waiting for hours for funds to move, or you could see high fees that cancel out any of the profits you’ve made.

With that in mind, take a look at the platforms that offer your favorite payment method and go from there and you’re all set.

The Fee Structure

One of the most important points to keep in mind for many traders is the types of fees you’re dealing with.

In most cases, an exchange will base their fees on a structure and you will need to check this structure in line with how you like to trade. If there are fees per-trade, you’re going to be slugged a lot if you trade frequently through the day. However, if there are percentage fees that are only charged once a day, for example, you might be able to save a pretty penny here.

The Supported Trading Types

As you may have guessed, or already know, crypto assets can be traded in a few different ways, and this means that you want to make sure you choose an exchange that suits your trading style the best.

For example, an AUD to Crypto exchange might be what you’re after. However, for others, there may be a desire to trade crypto with crypto and so it is important to make sure you’re choosing a service that allows this to happen.

The User Interface Complexity

Based upon your style of trading or level of expertise, this might be a big one for you.

Our beginner readers should always be on the lookout for an exchange that gives them the chance to trade without being too confused by hundreds of trade options, tools, and rather redundant features.

To add, the expert or professional traders out there should then work to find a platform with as many complex trading features as possible to improve the level of freedom they’re getting to trade with.

The Security of Funds

As we’re dealing with real money, it is imperative to do your research with regards to how a platform secures their service and your funds.

This becomes especially important if you’re storing your funds on the platform itself. You want to look for things such as 2FA or MFA where you can and go from there as there’s going to be nothing worse than running the risk of losing all of your crypto assets and fiat currency funds should there be some form of hack.

The Customer Support Levels

To end, looking for customer support services that have good reviews is also important to take a look at. You will want to make sure that should something happen, there is a team of people waiting to help you out and get you back on the right track.

Of course, it is hard to understand and vet whether an exchange has good customer support until you need to use it, however, you should always do your best to take a look online at reviews of customer support services and go from there

Different Types of Exchanges

As you might have guessed, there are always going to be different types of exchanges based on assisting those with different levels of experience.

If you’re a newbie to trading, you should always do your best to join an exchange that has been designed explicitly for you, for example. You don’t want to log in and have no idea how things work on your exchange, for example.

The Beginner Platforms

Our beginner readers should always do their best to head to broker-like exchanges which will ensure you’re getting support to buy directly from crypto sellers. This makes trading simpler, easier, and more affordable in many cases.

The Intermediate Platforms

When it comes to the intermediate traders out there, you’re always going to want to look for something right in the middle. These are the platforms which allow you to do more than just buy from sellers but also trade on the market, which allows you to ride the crypto waves and make a pretty profit, or a potential loss depending on how the day goes.


The Expert Platforms

For our experts, it is best to look to the derivative platforms. These are going to offer plenty of liquidity and trading features that give you everything you need to trade fast and trade big. There are little slowdowns and you’re on the road to making moves in the crypto world.

The Takeaway

With all of our points above, we’re confident that you have all you need to know about trading crypto here in Australia and how best to choose an exchange that is going to work best for you and your level of experience.

It is imperative to consider what type of trader you are and what types of platforms are going to work best for you, and this means looking at features, reviews, and even some images of the platform and how it works. You are going to do your best on a platform that has been designed explicitly for you and your style of trading, and so don’t try to climb the ladder faster than your ability to learn.

In all, our list of the best exchanges above is going to help you out and you can’t really go wrong with either of these regardless of your trading level. However, some are more tuned to newbies than others and that means you should always do your research.


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