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Can I Stake Crypto on CoinSpot

Cryptocurrency staking is where most crypto investors stake tokens and coins in an agreement to earn a fortune. They can benefit through protocol revenues like Avalanche fees (AVAX) network dispensed to AVAX validators or stakes. 

Amalgamated cryptocurrency exchanges such as CoinSpot provide Australian investors with a great opportunity to easily get a stake and get involved in network validation using numerous coins. Even better is that you can stake and unstake anytime you wish, as there are no lockups. 

Can I Stake Crypto on Coinspot?

Yes, CoinSpot not long ago publicised that they have started providing staking for 22 distinct cryptocurrencies. What is even more interesting is that no fee is charged or required. 


Here are some of the coins CoinSpot has provided staking for: 


CoinSpot Staking Coins Annual Interest (APY)
Cardano (ADA)  5.2% APY
Algorand (ALGO)  6.1% APY
Cosmos (ATOM)  11% APY
Avalanche (AVAX)  7% APY
Axie Infinity (AXS)  75% APY
Binance Coin (BNB)  5% APY
Cronos (CRO)  12% APY
Polkadot (DOT)  4.5% APY
Elrond Gold (EGLD) 13% APY
Flow (FLOW)  6.8% APY
Fantom (FTM)  6% APY
Kava (KAVA)  23% APY
Kusama (KSM)  18% APY
Terra (LUNA)  8% APY
Polygon (MATIC)  12% APY
Harmony (ONE)  9% APY
Solana (SOL)  6.5% APY
Verasity (VRA)  19% APY
Wanchain (WAN)  6.3% APY
Tezos (XTZ)  4.1% APY
Zilliqa (ZIL)  14% APY

How to Stake Crypto in Australia Using Coinspot

Check out the guide below to know how to stake and buy crypto using CoinSpot.


  • Sign up on CoinSpot and complete  your KYC verification process.
  • Make an AUD deposit into your new account. 
  • Click on the Buy or Sell tab to select the cryptocurrency you want to buy.
  • Visit the Wallet tab and select the cryptocurrency you want to stake.

Coinspots Staking Terms & Conditions

The staking gifts are done at midnight. AEDT and are then sent to your wallet at 10 a.m. If you want to trade with your staked crypto, you’ll be required to unstake it.  Note that the annual percentage yield (APY) fluctuates at any time, depending on the market. If you want to know more about staking, visit CoinSpot to read their terms and conditions. 



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