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Buy FTM and Access The Fantom Network

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Buy FTM and Access The Fantom Network

Buy FTM and Access The Fantom Network

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The FTM network is a smart-contract site that lets developers deploy, compile, and write smart contracts like they can on ETH. FTM runs on a distributed ledger and is merged with the EVM (ETH Virtual Machine) and Web3JS stack. It uses PoS (Proof-Of-Stake) and aBFT (Byzantine Fault-Tolerant) consensus referred to as Lachesis.

Users can trade FTM on leading platforms such as: 

1. Binance

Binance allows users to trade over 600 digital assets on the platform, including BTC, FTM, ETH, and BNB. Binance has a $76 billion trading volume and over 90 million users. The fees are generally low, with the lowest charges being less than 0.01%.

Here’s what you should do to start trading on the platform:

  1. Sign up on the Binance Platform
  2. Deposit funds into your account — various payment options are available
  3. Confirm your identity — complete the verification process to secure your transactions and account
  4. Once you’ve set up your account, you can start trading digital assets — ensure you set up recurrent buys for your assets

Buy FTM and Access The Fantom Network

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There are various ways you can invest on Binance; you can hold your assets to earn cash or invest in NFTs. The platform also has Binance Pay, which allows borderless payments.

You can trade anytime regardless of your location, as Binance is available on mobile phones (both IOS and Android) and desktops.

The platform has put in place various security measures to ensure your crypto assets are safe. These measures include:

  • SAFU (Secure Asset Fund  for Users): The site stores 10% of its trading charges in a safe asset fund to secure a portion of user funds
  • Advanced information encryption: User transaction details are secured through end-to-end encryption, thus ensuring that you’re the only one who can access personal data
  • Customised access control: allows users to limit the addresses and devices that can access your account

2. Gemini

Users of this platform can trade assets such as FTM, ETH, BTC, BNB, etc. FTM controls the FTM network and is used as payment for network charges, on-chain governance, and staking. 

Gemini supports the ERC-20 (Ethereum) FTM version, a multiple-chain asset. FTM bought on this platform can be withdrawn to ETH compatible wallets and exchanged using a bridge for the native user networks; users pay transaction charges (gas fees) when interacting with the FTM networks Fantom tokens.

3. Bitfinex

This platform provides order books with high-quality liquidity, allowing users to easily trade EOS, FTM, Ripple, ETH, NEO, and many other crypto assets with limited slippage.

Liquidity suppliers can profit by offering cash to traders who want to invest with leverage — liquidity providers trade funding on an order book at various periods and rates.

Bitfinex permits up to ten times leverage trading by offering users access to the P-2-P (peer to peer) funding market. Investors can also access various order suites whenever they need them. 

Buy FTM and Access The Fantom Network

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Bitfinex is a secure platform with a customisable interface where users can set up notifications, select themes, and compose their layouts. 

The platform also has advanced features for seasoned investors. Bitfinex has partnered with Market Synergy to provide traders with the quickest trading speeds via co-location services and institutional-level connectivity.

The platform also provides a graphical trading experience with high-level charting functionality that lets investors view orders, positions, and price alerts. Users can tap on it to change order properties and assess their investment strategy.

4. Binance.US

This secure platform allows users to trade over 80 crypto assets at a low cost. Users on this site can invest in crypto with their mobile app. Creating an account takes only a few minutes. Once you set up your account, you can start buying digital assets, managing your wallet, and maintaining your portfolio. 

The platform also allows recurring purchases meaning users can trade on a scheduled basis with dollar-cost averaging. 

Binance.US has a top-tier storage technology to protect USD and crypto-assets. 

5. Crypto.com

This is the fastest-growing cryptocurrency platform with over 10 million users and 250+ digital assets. When you make purchases using the Crypto.com Visa Card, you get an 8% cashback.

Users can make deposits using their credit/debit cards or bank transfer. You can make deposits with crypto or fiat. There are no annual fees on Crypto.com. 

Buy FTM and Access The Fantom Network

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Liquidity suppliers have access to deep order book liquidity regardless of the market conditions. The platform is fast with 50 microseconds core latency and a 2.7m matching engine.

Crypto.com is among the most secure exchanges with SOCS type 1 and PCI: DSS Level 1 security compliance.

6. FTX

This is an exchange platform built for traders by traders. FTX is available on both desktops and smartphones. Therefore, users can trade anywhere, anytime. The platform has various features that make trading easier. These include:

  • Stake: Allows users to get rewards by staking crypto assets
  • FTX Pay: Lets users receive payments at a low cost

The platform allows users to make deposits using 11 fiat currencies, including EUR, AUD, GBP, and USD. 

7. Bybit

This is among the fastest-growing exchange platforms, with more than 2 million registered users. Bybit is an innovative, intuitive exchange site that offers real-time market data and competitive liquidity to assist users in staying ahead. 

The platform offers 24/7 multilingual support and has flexible strategies suitable for investors at any level. Their trading products include:

  • Spot trading: Users can trade digital assets smoothly at the best available rate
  • Derivatives trading: Lets users speculate, hedge, and leverage across future and perpetual contract types
  • ByBit earn: Users can make the best of their gateway to the platform’s DeFi and staking products. 

8. KuCoin 

This Hong Kong-based trading platform lets users buy digital assets using Apple Pay, bank transfers, and credit card. The platform gives users access to over 600 crypto assets, some of which aren’t available on other platforms. 

KuCoin is among the leading Altcoin trading platforms. It allows users to interact with other crypto traders and access trusted and timely cryptocurrency news. 

Buy FTM and Access The Fantom Network

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KuCoin has over 10 million traders globally and is suitable for all investor levels. The platform also offers round-the-clock customer support. Investors can trade anywhere anytime as Kucoin is available on desktops and smartphones. 

9. Uniswap

This decentralised trading platform lets users swap ERC-200 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. On Uniswap, traders, liquidity suppliers and developers work together in a financial marketplace available to all.

A global community of delegates and UNI token holders governs Uniswap. 

10. SushiSwap

This is a community-driven platform built to solve the “liquidity problem”. The liquidity problem refers to the inability of disparate liquidity forms to link with markets in a decentralised manner and vice versa. 

The site’s progress is meant to create a broader range of network effects. Instead of limiting itself to one solution, Sushi integrates many decentralised instruments and markets.

Buy FTM and Access The Fantom Network

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SushiSwap’s products are built to let the whole site maintain decentralised governance of SUSHI token holders while innovating on the collective foundations by design. 

11. OKX

Users on this platform can explore the DApps, GameFi, NFTs, and DeFi markets. You can use bank transfers or credit card payments to purchase USDT, ETH, and BTC assets. 

OKX is suitable for seasoned and beginner investors, and it comes with the most powerful trading tools and institutions. 

You can grow your portfolio by earning high yields, accessing novel tokens early, or using your digital assets to take out a low-interest advance. The platform also offers tutorials, market research and analysis to help users hone their trading skills.

Users can also trade on the go as the site is available on the desktop and mobile apps.

12. Gate.io

This is among the most popular exchange platforms that have features such as:

  • Spot /Margin /ETF: The site lets users swap EOS, ETH, and BTC with ETFs and leverage
  • Perpetual Contract: This feature supports Hedge Mode. Users can increase their income by going short or long.
  • Copy Trading: The platform offers various quantitative strategies. Users can also copy the techniques of the leading earners on the Leaderboard.
  • Buy Crypto: Let users trade digital assets securely and instantly with over 20 fiat currencies using debit/credit card or bank transfer.
  • Gate.io Earn: Has asset management services like Crypto Lending and HODL & Earn
  • News: The platform integrates various interactive features and services like chatroom and posts for users to exchange information

Gate.io uses decentralised and centralised methods to keep user funds secure. The site also has state-of-the-art tech that facilitates efficient trading and lets users make instant withdrawals and deposits.

The platform has been operational for nine years, and users can trade on the go as it is available on both desktop and mobile phones.

13. Bibox

This exchange offers exceptional web-based trading. There are two modes available; basic and full-screen. Both platforms are the same, but the layouts are different. 

Bibox doesn’t support any fiat currency. Therefore, users must get their digital assets elsewhere before trading. Digital assets traded on this platform include DAI, BTC, and USDT, among others.

Buy FTM and Access The Fantom Network

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The platform uses two-factor authentication and SSL encryption to keep user data safe.

14. MEXC

This is a reliable and secure crypto exchange platform where users can trade digital assets like XRP, ETH, FTM, BTC, and USDT. The platform is suitable for both beginners and seasoned traders and offers features such as:

  • Spot /Margin /ETF: The site lets users swap EOS, ETH, and BTC with ETFs and leverage
  • Futures Markets: Up to 125x leverage with superior spreads
  • Leveraged ETFs: Increased leverage with no liquidation risk

The platform has over 6 million users who can trade on the go as MEXC is available on both mobile phones and desktops.

15. HotBit

This is among the leading exchange platforms that support over 2,800 coins, including BTC, EOS, FTM, and USDT. 

HotBit provides round-the-clock customer support to ensure fast and readily available help when needed. The site has an in-built AI market maker that meets Wall street standards.

HotBit is stable and secure since it has a multimodular structure and front and back-end designs and thus offers better services for its users.

16. ProBit

This is a South Korean crypto-only exchange platform that was founded in 2017. Users on this platform can trade major digital assets such as BTC, ETH, and USDT. ProBit features a staking section that allows users to stake crypto asset supported projects through the platform. 

Users can trade on the go as the platform is available on desktop and mobile phone apps. However, the mobile app is only available to android users. 

17. TokoCrypto

This is the largest Indonesian crypto exchange platform. TokoCrypto offers industry-level liquidity and support for various digital assets, including USDT, ETH, FTM, LUNA, and SHIB. The platform has a user-friendly interface ideal for newbies and seasoned traders.

Buy FTM and Access The Fantom Network

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TokoCrypto offers 24-hours customer support and allows various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and bank transfers.

18. SimpleSwap

This reliable and user-friendly crypto exchange platform supports over 300 digital assets. SimpleSwap offers round-the-clock customer support and is available on desktop and mobile phone apps. The platform doesn’t have deposit storage; it only provides coin exchange.

19. CoinEx 

This Hong Kong-based crypto exchange platform supports assets like BNB, LUNA, BTC, and ETH. The platform offers round-the-clock, multilingual support to its users. CoinEx also has features such as:

  • Futures
  • Finance services
  • Margin 
  • Spot
  • AMM

20. AscendEx

This platform lists new digital assets daily, allowing users to purchase them at the lowest price. AscendEx has a 50% interest rate meaning that any coins held won’t stop growing. You can utilise this platform for trading, earning or investing.

Buy FTM and Access The Fantom Network

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Investing involves buying coins at a low price and holding them till their price increases. Trading refers to supercharging your capital using futures or margins while earning involves holding your digital assets over a long period. 

This platform is suitable for experienced investors and beginners. 

21. Webull

Webull allows users to diversify their investment portfolio with a wide range of investment products such as:

  • EFTs
  • ADRs
  • Stocks
  • Options

There are two types of accounts IRA which allow users to save for retirement, and individual brokerage, which lets customers trade securities and assets. 

22. Voyager

This commission-free digital currency exchange platform supports over 100 assets, including BTC, ETH, and DOGE. Voyager is only available on mobile platforms, and it’s the only site where users can earn interest on their crypto investments. 

The platform has a simple and intuitive interface making it user-friendly. 

23. Transak

This site allows users to swap their digital assets for fiat currency and vice versa. Transak is available globally, and it supports over 32 fiat currencies. 

Users on this site can trade over 300 digital assets, including LTC, BTC, XRP, EOS, and BNB. Transak supports various modes of payment, such as bank transfers and credit/debit cards. 

24. IcryPex

This is Turkey’s leading crypto exchange platform that offers round-the-clock customer support. Orders on IcryPex are processed within milliseconds. 

The platform has API support; users can view instant stock market data, limit or place price orders, and viewbook and account activities.

Buy FTM and Access The Fantom Network

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25. Delta Exchange

Delta exchange has innovative products like options, interest rate exchanges on BTC, and more than 100x leverage. The platform supports over 50 altcoins.

This site has a powerful matching engine complemented by an intuitive interface, fast APIs, and advanced order types.

26. WazirX 

This is India’s leading crypto exchange platform that supports digital assets such as BTC, ETH, FTM, and DOGE. The platform is very secure as its technicians regularly conduct security audits.

WazirX also has a fast KYC identity verification system — it takes only a few hours to confirm a user’s identity. The platform offers a powerful and streamlined trading experience across mobile and web platforms. WazirX has a simple interface and rapid transaction speeds. 

27. CoinSpot

CoinSpot is a leading crypto exchange in Australia and has been operational since 2013. It has over two million Australian users. Trading assets like BTC and Fantom is easy regardless of a user’s experience. 

The platform offers 24-hour customer support and has layered security; hence security is guaranteed. Various trading options allow users to trade assets with ease conveniently. 

You can store assets using cold storage on the platform’s multi-coin wallet. 

28. Beaxy

This is an international crypto trading platform where users can trade over 30 digital assets, including FTM, BTC, and ETH. Beaxy offers round-the-clock customer support and has an easy-to-use interface that makes it user-friendly.

Users can trade on the go since the platform is available on both mobile and website platforms. Beaxy offers integrations, charting, analysis, news feeds, and crypto trading, making investing on this platform a seamless experience. 

29. ChangeNow

This is a non-custodial platform that offers fast and straightforward crypto exchanges. ChangeNow supports more than 50,000 currency pairs and provides a limitless exchange. 

The platform also provides access to decentralised PancakeSwap and UniSwap liquidity. Users can:

  • Carry out Dex-exclusive digital assets cross-chain exchange
  • Swap assets at a lower fee
  • Access simplified listings

The site accepts various payment modes, including Visa, Apple Pay, Master Card, Union Pay, and SEPA. ChangeNow is available on mobile and website platforms.

30. CoinOne

This is among the leading exchanges in South Korea. It allows the exchange of 7 crypto assets, including ETH and BTC. The platform is very secure as it has two-factor authentification, cold storage, and multi-factor signature wallets. 

Buy FTM and Access The Fantom Network

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The platform allows deposits made using bank transfers. However, the transfer is only allowed for Korean banks. CoinOne also offers margin trading with a 1:4 maximum leverage ratio. Deposits don’t attract any fees. 

31. Bitcoin Meester

This relatively new crypto exchange has risen due to its broad range of digital assets, including FTM, BTC, ETH, and XRP. This platform has over 200 crypto assets. 

Bitcoin Meester has a user-friendly interface, and users can access the platform using their phones or desktop. Assets on this platform are secure since the site has two-factor authentification.


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