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Buy Bitcoin with POLi

POLi is a widely accepted payment processor based in Australia—enhancing the transmission of money to Australian Bitcoin exchanges to purchase Bitcoin. Besides crypto platforms, POLi is also accepted by Twitch, Skype, Jetstar, AirAsia, and more.

Bitcoin Exchanges Accepting Poli

1. Swyftx  (Recommended)

Swyftx, a legal Australian private firm with the commercial trading name, Swyftx Pty Ltd, was founded in 2018. The crypto-trading platform gives users a convenient and transparent means to acquire, trade, and sell over 226 cryptocurrency projects.


The Queensland-based AUSTRAC regulates the digital currency exchange to reduce the risk of criminality or financial fraud. Additionally, Swyftx adheres to the stringent AML/KYC requirements laid forth by the Australian Government.


More than 250,000 users have enrolled on the platform since its launch. Newbie, mid, and advanced investors can now benefit from Swyftx’s convenient forum, invest and realize profits.


Swyftx, as a crypto solution in Australia, was started to deal with major problems in the Aussie crypto market, such as fraud, manipulations, rapid inflation, and huge spreads by selfish firms.


With this in mind, Swyftx has created a visually appealing and comprehensive crypto trading platform with several deposit options, competitive trading costs, graphic portfolio management features, outstanding customer service as well as AUD withdrawal fees waived.


You can make deposits into your Swyftx account fast and effortlessly with POLi. Your Swyftx AUD deposit site provides access to the POLi payment platform. You’ll be able to use this to browse the AUD deposit tab.

2. Independent Reserve

Australia’s Independent Reserve, established in 2013, is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy or sell 26 of the most prominent digital currencies on a stable and safe platform. The exchange programme now serves crypto traders in New Zealand and South-East Asian countries, including Singapore.


A total of 200,000 individuals, as well as 8,000 SMSF accounts, have trusted Independent Reserve since its establishment to purchase cryptocurrencies using Australian Dollars (AUD), New Zealand Dollars (NZD), United States Dollars (USD), and Singapore Dollars (SGD) (SGD).


Situated at Sydney, Independent Reserve (ABN 46 164 257 069) is a legal and dependable firm—operating from Level 26, 44 Market St in Sydney 2000. AUSTRAC regulates its exchange to ensure there’s proper conduct and operations with investors’ money. And finally, Independent Reserve was Australia’s first digital exchange for becoming a reporting company for AUSTRAC.

3. Coinspot

Located in Melbourne, Coinspot is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that offers a secure and safe platform for acquiring and trading cryptocurrencies. According to many, it is one of the best cryptocurrency platforms for Australians to trade cryptocurrencies. Users can purchase and sell Bitcoin quickly or trade the open market to speculate and generate possible earnings.


CoinSpot is a genuine firm, and according to Australian financial sector regulations, the exchange’s behaviour and activities with investors’ money must be lawful.


AUSTRAC enforces Australian AML/CTF laws on Coinspot to safeguard the security of user accounts. The exchange uses security methods similar to those used in a bank to protect its customers’ information and funds. Furthermore, a two-factor authentication (2FA) system is used by CoinSpot, along with other exchanges around the world.


In the three years since it was launched, Coinspot has never been compromised. This crypto exchange platform is the world’s first cryptocurrency platform in Australia to achieve the International Organization for Standardization’s globally recognised—ISO 27001 certification for information security. Consequently, personal information held on the exchange to meet KYC rules has a low risk of being compromised.



What is POLi?

POLi is a digital payment method that enables you to securely pay for goods and services using your online banking payment services in a timely and effective manner.

It doesn’t necessitate creating a separate account, but you’ll still have to create your account on a Bitcoin Exchange platform of your choice. In other words, POLi is a digital money transfer solution—enabling the transfer of money from your bank account to the Bitcoin exchange platform. 

POLi prioritizes the security of its users—neither usernames nor passwords are collected or stored. Besides, POLi conducts a regular security evaluation so they can verify your compliance with the latest security standards.

However, your bank login information will be required to complete the payment when you move money from one crypto exchange platform to another. That said, why should you choose POLi over the rest of the other online payment services in Australia? 

Why Should I Choose POLi

  • POLi allows users without credit cards to shop online without the hassle of acquiring one.
  • Due to its ability to lead customers through the payment procedure, POLi is a favorite among customers and retailers.
  • A pre-populated list of amounts, reference information, and banking information is provided.
  • Each party receives a completed payment notification after their payment is confirmed.

Which Australian Banks Use POLi?

  • ANZ
  • Bank of Melbourne
  • BOQ
  • BankSA
  • Bankwest
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Citibank
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • CUA
  • IMB Building Society
  • ME Bank
  • NAB
  • Newcastle Permanent
  • People’s Choice Credit Union
  • St. George Bank
  • Suncorp
  • Westpac



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