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Why is Coinspot so expensive?

Coinspot is a legacy Australian Crypto currency exchange, as one of the older exchanges they have some of the highest rates at over 1% per trade. It is advised so look for a more cost effecive option when trading.

As an example of the current fee charges between the platforms:

Swyftx – AUD – Bitcoin, Ethereum and more – Low 0.6% Fee
Independent Reserve – AUD – Low 0.5% Fee


CoinSpot – AUD – Bitcoin, Ethereum and more – 1% Fee so a bit higher if you trade a lot of crypto.

As an example if you make an order of

$10,000 in Bitcoin on Coinspot the fee will be – $100

Where on Swyftx a trade of $10,000 will only have a fee of $60

Saving you $40.

Our Recommended Alternative to Coinspot for buying bitcoin in Australia is: Swyftx