TheFork Discounted Menus and Promotions


If you’re in tune with Australia’s foodie culture and love to discover new restaurants, exotic foods and
desserts then Extras’ 2019 discounts and coupons from TheFork will be right up your alley. TheFork offers
fantastic discounts and often up to 50% off meals at selected restaurants from breakfast to dinner. We’ve
made it easier than ever to get your hands on discounted menus from the most popular restaurants in your
TheFork Discounts, Promotions and Offers from Extras
Take a look below at all the latest discounts, offers and news from TheFork.

American Express Offers and
Cash Credits
If you’re an American Express
cardholder we have some great
news for you. With TheForks’
AMEX partnership you can get
instant cash credits on your bill
by synching your AMEX card
with TheFork. On the Extras
website we’ll keep you up to
date with the latest restaurants
offering cash back for AMEX
The latest Amex cash back and
point offers are listed below:
Get $20 Back When You Spend
$50 at Selected Restaurants
As new AMEX discounts and
promotions become available
Extras will have you updated
right away so keep watch of this


Nationwide Restaurant
TheFork often holds nationwide
discounts for restaurants across
the entire country. If you’ve
missed the last promotion for
restaurants across Australia
then you’ll be glad to know that
Extras is here to help. We’ll
keep you notified of all
campaigns and be sure to let
you know as soon as a new
campaign begins!
The latest TheFork campaigns
are below:

Half-Price Dining at Hundreds of
Restaurants Across Australia
Cash Back in Select
Restaurants in All Capital Cities
All you’ll need to do to cash in
on these awesome discounts is
take a look at TheForks’
restaurant list or check with
Extras city-by-city list.
Updated Restaurant Lists
As you might already know,
TheFork routinely adds and
removes restaurants from their
50% off program and their ‘Set
Menus’ often change over time.
If you’re wanting to stay updated
with the latest participating cafes
and restaurants that offer 50%
off their menus then keep up to
date on the Extras website.
The most rated restaurants on
TheForks’ 50% off program are
listed below:
Fratelli Fresh on Bridge Street |
Sake Hamer Hall | Melbourne
Peasant | Brisbane
Beiyrut Lebanese Restaurant |
Check up on Extras for the
latest restaurants added to
TheForks’ 50% off program.

How to Use TheFork Discounts
To take full advantage of TheForks’ amazing 50% discounts you’ll need to head over to and
book through their service. You’ll be able to choose a booking time, whether it be for breakfast, lunch or
dinner and after doing so you’ll be told whether your booking is able to be discounted. There are also a few
restaurants on the 30% off tier.
To get your AMEX cash back you’ll need to sync your American Express credit card on TheForks’ website.
American Express outlines that you’ll be offered your credit when ‘booking a participating restaurant, dining
and paying on your synced Card.’
Always keep in mind that discounted bookings are limited to a set number of patrons so if you’re planning an
important night out with family or friends, be sure to book as soon as you can.