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When it comes to homewares, you can’t really beat Target. Plus, with Extras, you won’t leave
Target without a saving. Whether you’re in need of free delivery or Target’s latest 2019 coupons,
we’ll have you covered. Our Target coupons and discount codes are updated as soon as we
receive a new discount and that means Extras’ readers are always up to date.
Target Coupons, Discounts and News with Extras

You’ll never miss a sale at Target again with Extras, but if you do, we have the coupons to make up

for it.

Target Delivery Coupons
We know delivery prices can
be the final decider when it
comes to buying those new
shoes, chairs or anything
else at Target. That’s why on
Extras we make sure to find
the latest free delivery
coupons for Target or notify
our readers of Target’s latest
free delivery promotions.
Take a look at our delivery
news and coupons below:
On Orders over $39 Receive
Free Delivery
We’ll routinely update our
delivery coupons and news
as Target releases the latest
delivery news and pricing.

Product Coupons and
Target loves to offer great
limited-time sales on various
brands and we make sure
you’ll always be able to take
advantage of them. Whether
you’re looking for personal
hygiene products,
homewares or cosmetics,
we’ll have the latest codes
and sales news for you.
Extras latest Target coupons
and sales are highlighted
down below:
Save 40% Off Select
Cosmetic Brands
Save 20% Off Remington
Products | Online Only
Save $50 Off Selected
Save $150 Off Selected Car


Be sure to check back on
Extras before your next trip to
Target, we could save you
some extra cash on your
online or in-store order.
Product Range Updates
and News
Ever wondered what the
latest Target products are
and when new stock arrives?
We’ll have you updated the
moment we know. Whether
it’s a new clothing range, toy
brand or furniture maker,
you’ll always be ready to go
with the latest Target product
Our hottest Target product
news highlights are listed

Target Unveils New Preview
Clothing Line
Xbox and PS4 Far Cry New
Dawn Arrives
Entire Fila Sportswear Range


Extras’ latest Target news will
keep you on top of the latest
new merchandise and tech
releases so you’ll be the first
to get your hands on new

Using Target Coupons and Discounts
Most of Target’s coupons and discount codes are restricted to online purchases only, which means
you’ll need to order your Target products through their online shopping portal at . To
enter the coupon codes you find on Extras all you’ll need to do is open your cart and add them to
the coupon field before check out.
To make things a little easier, most of the Target discounts you’ll find on Extras are already
discounted on Target’s website without needing to add a code. Just keep up to date on Extras and
we’ll direct you to the latest savings.