Subway Deals, Coupons and Exclusives


Finding deals, discounts and exclusive Subway freebies is easy on Extras. We have a whole range of 2019
discounts, Subway news, as well as promotional deals that you’re able to use to get your hands on cheaper
subs, free cookies, free drinks or discounted meals. Remember that some deals are only available at
participating stores, so be sure to check your local Subway first.

Subway Deals, News and Coupons with Extras
Below you’ll find the latest Subway deals, coupons and news from the Subway menu nearest to you.
Subway Deals
From footlong and six-inch
discounts to cheaper delivery
through Uber Eats, you’ll find
savings just about everywhere
you look. You won’t miss routine
Value Range updates either,
where you might be able to find
your favourite sub for less.
A few of our latest Subway
deals are listed below:
$12 for Two Wraps
Sub of the Day Deals from $5
Everyday Value Range from $5
Free Cookies with Purchase
Never miss a great deal with the
Extras’ Subway vouchers and
updated deals.

Subway News and Menu
Extras have made staying on
top of Subway’s menu changes,
updates and new items a
breeze. All you’ll need to do is
visit our site and you’ll find all of
the latest Subway menu items
from seasonal cookies to new
flavoured drinks.
Some of the latest menu items
from Subway include:

The Buffalo Chicken Sub
The Smashed Falafel and
Tzatziki Sub at Selected Stores
Gluten Free Wraps at Selected
Carved Cold Meats at Selected
On Extras, you can rest assured
that you’ll be the first to know
when an exciting new menu
item is added at Subway.

Subway Freebies and
We’re always updating our
Subway coupons with 2019
deals and freebies so you can
always be sure you’re saving
the most on your Subway order.
Coupons and freebies often
include free drinks with
purchase of a sub or two wraps
for the price of one.
A few of the latest Subway
coupons and docket deals
A Free Footlong with a Drink
$13.95 for Two Footlongs
$2.50 Discounts on any
Free Six-inch Subs with a Drink
We routinely update our Subway
coupons and docket deals to
make sure all Extras readers get

the most recent deals for their
*Remember docket deals are limited to
locations and participating stores so be
sure to check your location and local
store’s terms.

Using Extras’ Subway Coupons and Deals
Just about every participating Subway restaurant won’t require voucher codes unless you’re cashing in a
docket voucher. You’ll be able to simply choose your favourite deal from our Subway coupons listed and
repeat it at your local Subway store. They’ll likely have the deal listed on their menu already so you’ll be able
to ask for it.
Don’t forget that some of our Subway deals are location dependent so be sure to contact or check with your
nearest Subway menu to make sure that the deal or offer you’ve found on Extras is available at your local