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A South Australian-based superfund specialising in financial advice, high-growth investment options and boasting low-admin fees. 

Key points

  • Returns of up to 7.71% 
  • A range of investment options
  • A low-cost fee structure
  • Online access and management of accounts
  • Included life insurance and disability insurance

StatewideSuper’s Product Offering

There are three major superannuation fund products for potential members to choose from at StatewideSuper. These include Employer Sponsored, Personal and MySuper options, all of which feature over 7 per cent growth and low administration fees. You’ll also have a range of investment options which offer importing investment returns. 

These funds offer the following options: 

  • Financial planning services
  • Long-term financial advice
  • Investment performance monitoring
  • Low administration fees
  • Long-term income protection
  • Low switching and exit fees

StatewideSuper Personal 

  • 5-year returns of 7.71% 
  • Admin fees of $78
  • Fees calculated on 50k investment of $523

Key features

  • Financial services and advice
  • Death and disability insurance 
  • A not-for-profit fund
  • An array of investment options

StatewideSuper MySuper 

  • 5-year returns of TBD
  • Admin fees of $78
  • Fees calculated on 50k investment of $523

Key features

  • Financial advisory services 
  • Death and disability insurance 
  • A not-for-profit fund
  • An array of investment options 

Joining StatewideSuper

In order to become a member of StatewideSuper, you’ll need to ensure that you meet a range of age-related and income-related requirements. These are often a ‘minimum time worked’ requisite as well as a minimum monthly income. Remembering that these requirements may change over time, it’s always important to check with your super funds most up to date requirements and whether you’ll need to provide an ABN. 

To be eligible for StatewideSuper you must: 

Be an Australian resident

Be over the age of 18 

Be earning at mime $450 before tax from an employer

Be working at least 30 hours a week if you’re under 18 and earning $450 a month 

To join StatewideSuper all you’ll need to do is sign up on their online portal at www.statewide.com.au which will be displayed after choosing the most suitable product for you. Fill in the information outlined on the website and you’ll be provided further instructions. 

You can also set up a superannuation product by calling the StatewideSuper number 1300 651 865 where you’ll be provided with all steps required to become a StatewideSuper Member. 

StatewideSuper Investment Options

When it comes to retirement income and your investment options, you’ll want to be focused on investment options that offer the highest investment performance possible. Fortunately, StatewideSuper offers an array of investment options with varying investment returns that are all relatively high, sustained and exceed most other funds on the Superratings.

You can take a look over and compare competing super funds on Extras for more insight into investment options available. 

A few of the StatewideSuper investment option are outlined below:

High Growth Options

As expected, the fastest growing investment option offered by the Statewide superannuation trust is the high growth option. This option is diversified and exposed to a high level of risk, though often returns over 10% annually. More than 36% of funds are allocated to Australian shares and 34% to international returns. The option’s 5-year average return currently rests at 12.19%. 


A second fast-growing investment option includes the MySuper/Growth option which also diversifies assets into Australian shares and international shares primary with 28% and 27% respectively. Remaining funds are split into property, infrastructure and more. The past 5-year investment return averages 10.75%. 

Sustainable Diversified

For StatewideSuper members interested in industry fund investments in sustainable and environmentally friendly companies, the Sustainable Diversified option is going to be your top choice. All account balances are divided into stocks both locally and globally that are part of sustainable companies and provide high returns. Risk is moderate to high in this investment option and returns over the past 5 years have reached 7.71%. 

Conservative Option

The investment option with the lowest risk but a relatively high return is the Conservative Option which allocates up to 26% of assets into cash and 24% into diversified bonds. Remaining funds are allocated into Australian and international shares, property and infrastructure. Return on investment is surprisingly high for such a low-risk investment option at 6.04% over the last 5 years. 

Single Asset Class Options

For StatewideSuper members who would like to see their super funds invested into a single asset class should know that there are four options to choose from. These include intentional shares, Australian shares, diversified bonds and cash. All of which feature 5 years returns of over 2.09% and up to 11.47%. For more information on single asset investments take a look at the StatewideSuper website. 

About The Fund

The StatewideSuper fund (AFSL 243171) was founded just over 25 years ago in Adelaide and was originally designed to provide superannuation options for South Australian workers. However, although the industry super fund remains entirely South Australian owned and operates from Victoria Square, it offers its services to all Australians. 

The StatewideSuper fund is a not-for-profit fund which ensures all Statewide Superannuation Trust members can rest assured that their investment returns and retirement income will be able to grow as effectively as possible. To top this off, the StatewideSuper fund also offers a suite of financial services with low administration fees, investment fees as well as plenty of product disclosure statement documents that make certain you know exactly what to expect, in line with changes following the royal commission.

Lastly, the fund is also proudly a sustainable super investment option for those who would like to invest in an eco-friendly manner. All investment options are vetted and routinely updated to ensure that all of the socially responsible options are benefiting the economy, society as well as the planet.


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