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Sephora Coupons, Discounts and Promotions on Extras
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Limited-time Promotions
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Spend $75 or More for a
Free mini MJB Velvet Noir
Mascara | LASHAU
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Free Gifts from Brands
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Have a look at Sephora’s
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promo items below:
Free mini Kat Von D Tattoo
Liner with a Minimum $90

Free mini tarte Maracuja Oil
with Minimum $90 Spend |
Free mini Briogeo Scalp
Revival™ Charcoal +
Peppermint Oil Cooling Jelly
Conditioner with $60 Spend |
Free mini MJB Velvet Noir
Mascara with Minimum $75
Spend | LASHAU
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Using Extras’ Sephora Coupon Codes
To use all Sephora coupon codes and to collect free gifts, all you’ll have to do is copy the code
you’ve found on Extras. Open your Sephora bag and paste it into the Promo Code section. The
code you’ve chosen will automatically discount your products and add a free gift if there is one
included with the code.
During sales at Sephora, you won’t need to enter a code to receive your 10% to 50% off sale,
unless otherwise stated on the Extras website. Just add items to your cart and Sephora’s discount
will be added automatically.