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Selfwealth vs CommSec: Australia’s Best Share Brokerage

SelfWealth and CommSec are Australia’s top leading share marketplaces, allowing customers to trade ASX and US equities for cheap commissions. 


The table below illustrates the summary of each platform’s essential features.


Existing Markets Australia, US and 26 other nations Australia and the US
Trading Charges in Australia $10 per trade up to $1,000.

$19.95 per trade from $1,000 to $10,000.

$29.95 per trade from $10,000 to $25,000.

0.12% over $25,000.

A fixed cost of AU $9.50.
Trading Charges in the US $19.95 per trade up to $5,000.

$29.95 per trade up to $10,000.

0.12% over $25,000.

A fixed cost of AU $9.50.
Fees For Inactivity $25 annually.
Website CommSec SelfWealth


SelfWealth vs. CommSec: Which is Better?

For Australian investors, both SelfWealth and CommSec provide extremely comparable systems. Determining the ideal brokerage depends on the customer, the marketplace they prefer to engage in, and what they expect to exchange per month. 


SelfWealth is the ideal place to go if you want to trade Australian stocks at cheap costs. On the other hand, CommSec outperforms SelfWealth if you’re dealing with more significant worldwide markets.

SelfWealth vs CommSec: Australian Shares

When you primarily want to invest in Australian (ASX-listed) stocks, CommSec and SelfWealth’s fees and levies are fair unless you trade less than $1,000. SelfWealth is notably the most excellent and most economical marketplace for more significant amounts. 


However, CommSec provides a significantly better customer experience for newcomers. If you’re a novice investor who isn’t concerned about costs, we suggest CommSec.

SelfWealth vs. CommSec: Cryptocurrencies

SelfWealth and CommSec lack native functionality for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Please check out our article on how to buy cryptocurrency in Australia if you’re interested in learning more.


When comparing the essential features of SelfWealth and CommSec, it becomes evident that SelfWealth is the ideal opportunity for Australian investors. Their costs are substantially cheaper than CommSec’s, and they provide a considerably more extensive selection of trading marketplaces.


Furthermore, SelfWealth has hinted that they would potentially include cryptocurrencies in their trading account, which is exciting news for investors.



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