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Have you ever wished your Sunday roast chicken or family-size Red Rooster meal was just that little bit
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Red Rooster with Extras’ Coupons and Deals

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Super Red Rooster Deals
Getting a lunch snack or
dinnertime meal from Red
Rooster has never been more
affordable. Our 2019 Red
Rooster deals list is always
updated and ensures you’re
getting the most recent menu
updates and meal discounts.
Whether you’re after a family
meal, an extra side or just a
meal for yourself, we’ve got you

You’ll find the latest Red
Rooster deals below:
Chicken Sliders 2 for $5
Smokey Cheese & Bacon
Burger Meals for $5
Two Whole Roast Chickens
from $20
Sliders Family for $30
Keep a close eye on our Red
Rooster deals as they’re
constantly changing to the latest
Red Rooster Discount Codes
Aside from Red Rooster’s great
menu deals, we also have their
exclusive discount codes for
discounted delivery, family
meals and snacks. You could
save up to 50% off sides or get
two meals for the price of one,
so always be on the lookout for
Extras’ great Red Rooster deals.
Some of the latest discount
codes are listed below:
$7 for 10 Nuggets | CKNNUG
$19.95 Dinner for 2 | XZP964
$7 Gooey Chocolate Cakes for

Discount codes are for a limited
time only so be sure to check
back on Extras for the most
updated Red Rooster codes.

Menu, Delivery and Service

When Red Rooster makes
changes to their menu, delivery
service or online ordering
process you’ll be the first to
know. Extras makes sure to
keep you updated with the latest
news and menu changes so
you’re always aware of what’s
available and what’s been
removed from the menu.
The latest Red Rooster updates
are listed below:
Buttermilk Chicken Pops
Delivery Orders Now Arrive
Within 30 Minutes
Limited-time Onion Rings On
BLT and Jalapeño Wraps On
For more of the latest Red
Rooster delivery and menu
news keep up to date with the
Extras website.

Using Extras’ Red Rooster Codes and Coupons
Aside from Red Rooster’s menu deals, you’ll have to manually enter all of the discount codes you find on our
site. Either at the start of your order or before check out you can enter your discount code in the top right
pane of the Red Rooster website and it will be added to your cart.
Our Red Rooster delivery discount coupons are bundled with each meal so your meal with come paired with
free or discounted delivery. All you’ll need to do is input the code into the Red Rooster website and go from
there. Keep in mind that you may need to reach a minimum order amount for delivery.